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312.06.2020Khalid Ace6.0He used to be great "not anymore". Side note: there's a take on him for years that he's not a a safe worker.
615.03.2020Ma Stump Puller6.0Low-Ki's always been a example of wasted potential. Amazing moveset with brutal kicks and slaps matched with a insane athleticism that made anyone he worked with usually look great. Big problem through: he has literally zero charisma and is a bad worker, always hitting stiff, usually hurting the guys he was wrestling or at best pissing them off. That, and his horrible personality and lack of professionalism meant that he never managed to get himself into any major business, always squandering his chances. Even when he got to WWE, his style was still massively hindered due to their policy against stiff strikes, so his best asset was gone. While he has good matches, his goofy facial expressions and lack of proper conduct meant his talent never went anywhere.
1207.12.2019Wrestling Forever 9.0Unfassbar stiffer und sehr starker Wrestler aber nicht mehr so fantastisch wie früher. Bei TNA wird er aktuell auch jetzt nicht sehr stark eingesetzt. Low Ki hatte meiner Meinung nach seine besten Jahre bei IWA Mid-South, ROH und PWG. Schwächen hat er am Mic er ist mehr ein Wrestler bei dem steht die Wrestlingqualität mehr im Vordergrund als die Micqualität. Edit 07. 12. 2019 Ich will nicht aufzählen wie oft er schon bei TNA war und wieder weg. Jetzt aktuell bei MLW und Freelancer. Sein Hitman Gear ist einfach nur stark.
2004.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling10.0One of my favorite people to watch work. So crisp & clean in the ring. Also insanely intense. I know he has a bad rap for taking things too seriously, but I'm under the mindset that more people should take things more seriously. Has had insanely awesome matches with just about everyone under the sun.
2117.07.2019King of Strong Style10.0
2217.07.2019LeafKing6.0Hard hitting style that I enjoy watching. But man, he lacked personality and refused to ever evolve. That said, he was believable during a time when it was really hard to be believable. For that, and for his early ROH work, it's hard for me to knock the guy.
2404.07.2019dcnaz6.0Charisma vacuum that has never had a stand out match that I've seen. He has tools to succeed but he doesn't have a personality and his psychology is severely lacking.
2609.06.2019Loki Hipster God10.0
2703.05.2019Ecstasy ov Dusk8.0
3022.03.2019zephyr7.0Maybe I'm spoiled by the modern big names of high flying wrestling; maybe Low Ki was super exciting in like 2002. But I've never found him all that great.
3102.01.2019Cibs4.0To be honest, I've never understood the appeal of Low Ki. He had the fortune of belong to the best generation of wrestlers in the history of ROH, that benefits him a lot considering that he has no charisma and is quite boring to watch. Obviously he has some talent but his macthes are never a great thing and if you hurt your rivals constantly you can hardly be considered "good".
3327.09.2018Oliver95x8.0Sein WWE Run war ja eher was für die Tonne. Was ich sonst so von ihm gesehen habe ist aber relativ gut. Charisma könnte besser sein aber im Ring sehr talentiert.
3423.09.2018RatingsMachine8.0Low-Ki was a great talent, but his total lack of interpersonal skills ensured that he'd never get the run that talent deserved.
3910.05.2018nivvad9.0I hate the fact that I want to praise Low Ki, yet he deserves a lot of shit for all the bridges he's burnt over the years. Ignoring his drama antics for a moment, if there's one thing I have to admit respect for towards him, it's his intensity and ability to make a match feel like a fight. Of course the stereotypical "hit and kick as hard as you can" gimmick wasn't anything new, especially in Japan, but Low Ki was probably the innovator of that style at least in the West. It's debatable whether or not it is a reckless or amazing style, but almost every big match of his felt explosive because of his style. In the end he's past his prime and probably won't settle down in any major promotion ever again because of his own undoings and age, but he must be remembered for being one of the men who popularized American independant wrestling in the early 2000s.
4105.03.2018cpatchj3.0There's a whole boatload of reasons why Low Ki has burned bridges with most every major promotion he's wrestled for, and why he only had a cup of coffee in WWE. Hurting people does not make a good professional wrestler.
4408.01.2018TheLoudMouth5.0Kann die hohe Bewertung hier leider kein bisschen nachvollziehen. In-Ring-Work ist zwar extrem gut, allerdings hat er wohl noch nie etwas von Charisma gehört. Am Mic ist Low-Ki leider ebenso schwach. Halte ihn aufgrunddessen für chronisch überwertetet, wenn es um das Gesamtpaket geht.
4517.10.2017Matt4Wrestling10.0Einer der nach wie vor härtesten Striker in diesem Geschäft, auch wenn er mittlerweile was in die Jahre gekommen ist. Er braucht kein Gimmick sondern bringt seine Persona immer glaubwürdig rüber. Immer noch ein Top-Mann!
4824.08.2017BritIndy Reviews8.0
5218.06.2017Micha17049.0Wenn es ums reine In-Ring Work geht ein absolut Exzellenter Worker. Jedoch gibt mir Low Ki am Mic oder vom Charisma her absolut garnichts. Deshalb reicht es nur für die 9.
5318.05.2017Hokuto in Winter10.0Got so good so fast. Very early on when both were at the start of their careers this guy was actually a better worker than Bryan Danielson, Bryan would go on to surpass him but Low Ki has always had a brilliant understanding of how to portray his character through his in ring work. There are many theories on why he never became the massive star he seemed destined to be; from bad timing to a bad personality and everything in-between. Anyway, for a while in the first decade of this century he was top ten in the world, even today in 2017 he can still work at an elite level. Often imitated but still one of a kind.
5818.04.2017Blood Pump4.0There's nothing I hate more then a really talented guy who sabotages himself and that's exactly what Low Ki did. He might not have ever been as big as Bryan but he had a hell of a future ahead of him if his ego didn't take control of him. After all this time he still might have the stiffest kicks in the business, though that's heavily debatable. Hes reportedly not that good at improvising if something goes wrong in a match (like, say, knocking his opponent out in one move) and his psychology tends to consist of 'let me get my spots in' but he does deserve credit for being one of the guys who helped ROH in its infancy.
6710.02.2017Cheker9.0Low Ki is an incredible wrestler, striker, and he has a mean look and aura to boot. A very important staple of early 00's american indie wrestling. If only he could stop being an idiot for like 5 minutes...
6808.01.2017KO FanGirl10.0
7010.12.2016HeadCheese10.0If you were to mix consistently excellent matches, with the intensity of ECW Taz, the striking of Kenta, spasticness of Kenny Omega, and the innovation Junior American Lucharetsu Strong Style you get a ten wrestler. What holds him back is him taking himself so seriously never having a extended big run on TV. Probably one of the most influential pepole in North American wrestling in the past 20 years.
7427.09.2016NastyYaffa9.0Low Ki's early 2000's stuff in ROH & other indies absolutely rules. Stiff strikes, strong mat work & real intensity about him. It's a shame that he hasn't been wrestling in the more relevant wrestling companies as of late, but Low Ki is still a legendary figure of independent wrestling. He's great.
7812.08.2016Luv all wrestling10.0
7908.07.2016Vacant 2110.0
8001.07.2016killowenskill8.0Low Ki - a stunning performer. When it was signed by WWE, I was happy, I thought he was delayed for a long time. But alas, it was drained, he was not a status. I would like to have signed it and now, but I understand that good performers lack. Overall Kaval is not bad, though the ring is some uncertainty there. But I do not pay attention too much.
8604.05.2016JEK 19918.0Underrated wrestler BIG TIME! He was great at everything such as in-ring psychology, high flying and his moves, knew how to work with the crowd, etc. I remember first seeing him in WWE as a jobber in 2002 losing to Christian. He was great in TNA, ROH and Japan. What made him go into the WWE was the tournament he won in Japan in 2008. He was big in FCW and WWE. He did very well in the WWE in 2010 winning NXT. When I watched him his moves were excellent. One of the best high flyers all time other than Jimmy Snuka or Jeff Hardy. He had shots for the Intercontinental title. Some great matches with the Big Show, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Too bad he decided to quit the WWE because of travelling issues. It was unfortunate that he did not fight in WWE when they had the crusierweight title and had the cruiserweight divison. He would have been a cruiserweight champion. If he was Loki, Senshi or Kaval he was excellent.
9114.03.2016Tim Flyn9.0
9212.03.2016General Doom I5.0Privat wohl kein netter Zeitgenosse. Davon abgesehen ist er aber ein sehr guter und spektakulärer In Ring Worker, ohne dabei aber auch nur Ansatzweise Charisma zu haben.
9320.02.2016Fountain of Misinformation8.0
9410.02.2016NoName9.0Low Ki ist ein großartiger Wrestler, er hat schon mehrmals bewiesen, dass er bei verschiedenen Promotions ganz oben mitspielen kann.
9914.12.2015smark calaway9.0
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