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04.04.2001 - xx.xx.xxxxGCW Tag Team Champion (with Mafia)?Matches
12.07.2018 - 02.02.2019MLW World Heavyweight Champion205 daysMatches
20.04.2017 - 30.05.2017Impact X-Division Champion (5x)40 daysMatches
08.01.2015 - 31.01.2015TNA X-Division Champion (4x)23 daysMatches
19.09.2014 - 07.01.2015TNA X-Division Champion (3x)110 daysMatches
08.10.2012 - 11.11.2012IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (3x)34 daysMatches
03.05.2012 - 29.07.2012IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (2x)87 daysMatches
15.07.2010 - 16.07.2010FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (as Kaval; with Michael McGillicutty)1 dayMatches
21.09.2008 - 04.01.2009IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion105 daysMatches
27.10.2007 - 08.03.2008JAPW Heavyweight Champion (3x)133 daysMatches
05.01.2008 - 06.02.2008PWG World Champion32 daysMatches
17.03.2007 - 27.10.2007JAPW Heavyweight Champion (2x)224 daysMatches
19.06.2006 - 22.10.2006TNA X-Division Champion (2x) (as Senshi)125 daysMatches
18.03.2006 - 15.04.2006IWC Super Indy Champion28 daysMatches
24.02.2004 - xx.xx.2004WORLD-1 Openweight Champion?Matches
19.02.2004 - 04.06.2004NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champion (with Leonardo Spanky)106 daysMatches
08.02.2004 - 24.02.2004PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion16 daysMatches
16.09.2002 - 31.08.2003ZERO1 International Junior Heavyweight Champion349 daysMatches
07.05.2003 - 25.06.2003NWA World Tag Team Champion (3x) (as Lo-Ki; with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper as Triple X)49 daysMatches
12.03.2003 - 16.04.2003NWA World Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Lo-Ki; with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper as Triple X)35 daysMatches
22.01.2003 - 05.02.2003NWA World Tag Team Champion (as Lo-Ki; with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper as Triple X)14 daysMatches
27.07.2002 - 21.09.2002ROH Champion56 daysMatches
07.08.2002 - 28.08.2002NWA TNA X Champion (as Lo-Ki)21 daysMatches
08.06.2002 - 17.08.2002USA Pro Tag Team Champion (with Xavier)70 daysMatches
30.06.2001 - 12.06.2002ICW World Champion347 daysMatches
06.04.2002 - 04.05.2002ECWA Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Xavier)28 daysMatches
07.04.2001 - 06.04.2002ECWA Tag Team Champion (with American Dragon)364 daysMatches
14.07.2001 - 29.09.2001MCW Tag Team Champion (with Airborne)77 daysMatches
07.07.2001 - 18.08.2001JAPW Heavyweight Champion42 daysMatches
07.07.2001 - 18.08.2001JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion42 daysMatches
16.06.2001 - 17.06.2001FOW World Heavyweight Champion1 dayMatches
09.01.2001 - 08.04.2001WXW Cruiserweight Champion89 daysMatches
22.04.2000 - 20.10.2000JCW Heavyweight Champion181 daysMatches
02.10.1999 - 20.11.1999FWA Heavyweight Champion49 daysMatches
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