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105.05.2005NEO Women's Pro Wrestling 55 Man Battle Royal: Kyoko Inoue defeats Amazing Kong and Apple Miyuki and Azumi Hyuga and Benki Woman and Bison Kimura #2 and Black Bullfight Sora and Bolshoi Kid and Bullfight Sora and Chiharu and Chiharu Moe Moe and Convini Goto 2005 and Devil and DJ Mima and DJ Nira and Emi Sakura and Erika Watanabe and Etsuko Mita and Generalissimo Tanny Mouse and Hustle M and Kaori Yoneyama and Kayoko Haruyama and Kitty-chan and Kyoko Inoue #4 and Kyoko Inoue #5 and Kyoko Inoue #6 and Kyoko Inoue-chu and Kyoko Inoue-sho and Mai Ichii and Maya Hashimoto and Mima Shimoda and Misae Moe Moe and Moeka Haruhi and Nakamura Moe Moe and Nara no Soon Babaa and Nise Azumi Hyuga and Ofune and Policewoman and Reina Pandita #1 and Reina Pandita #2 and Reina Pandita #3 and Round Girl and Sarubobo and Satan and Tanny Mouse and Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Tsubasa Kuragaki and Tsubo Genjin and Yone Genjin and Yuiga and Yuka Nakamura and Yuka Nakamura in Kendo Clothes and Yuka Shiina and Yuki Miyazaki and Yuki Of Joytoy (75:00)
NEO 5th Anniversary Show GO, NEO, GO, GO! GO, NEO, GO! - TV-Show @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
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