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killowenskill wrote on 10.08.2020:
[9.0] "Owashi very cool man. I like his story of unrequited love with Dino, which, in my opinion, is why he constantly snaps at Hirata. I watched all the DDT for 2019, I continue to watch 2020 without stopping, and every, absolutely every match of this person I like in my own way and I believe that they deserve attention. An identical scheme, an identical narrative, but one small difference in some detail changes everything. His chemistry with Kazuki Hirata is great, he wholeheartedly hates this Flex God, but every time he gives him a chance, and in 90% of cases it is not worth it, which Toru understands perfectly, and begins to swear at himself even before the final result. If we talk about "serious" wrestling, then Toru is a pretty good wrestler. I love his match with Harashima and wish to see him in serious races more often. But for now, I am completely satisfied with his current work, which is very valuable and which keeps me at the screen. Owashi is great."
AndyTNA wrote on 29.04.2009:
[7.0] "Stiff und drotzdem kein besoderer ihrgendwie kann ich mit ihm nix anfangen aber trotzdem würdige ich seine Leistungen. Edit: Leistung ist konstant und daher von 6 auf 7 Punkte bitte."
STRIGGA wrote on 19.03.2008:
[6.0] "Ich mag Owashi. Er istn solider Big Man."
Tas wrote on 19.02.2008:
[6.0] "Hätte man zu Karrierebeginn gerade mit dem für Ultimo Dragons Schule untypischen Körperbau mehr zugetraut, inzwischen hat er aber seinen verdienten Platz gefunden"
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