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226.05.2020WrestlingStats17.0Assets: Is equally capable of entertaining and wrestling with aplomb, at any level. Is extremely creative, which helps both his character and allies. Has shown promise when handed booking authority for notable promotions- - - Flaws: He needed that "main event" run yesterday, regardless of how over he is. Is very undersized by major league standards. Needs to keep the comedy reigned in, as to not hurt the image of his character. - - - Career Potential: Notable league-level wrestler and matchmaker, with some upside.
1520.02.2020Neil Zest8.0
1713.01.2020Briefcase 19929.0
2805.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling8.0One of my favorite entrances in all of wrestling today. Unfortunately, after his entrance is done & he disrobes, he feels a little underwhelming. Not bad, but he wrestles like a poor man's Pete Dunne. Once his contract with ROH ends & he likely signs with AEW, it will be interesting to see if he can make a name for himself on a bigger stage.
3017.07.2019LeafKing2.0Vastly overrated and unappealing towards my taste. I've yet to see a Marty Scrull match that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I never have been a fan of his personality. He has a pathetic body for a professional wrestler as well. There's just nothing appeasing about this guy; his popularity truly baffles me.
3505.06.2019Tim Flyn8.0
3631.05.2019ElPolloLoco7.0This guy Marty Scurll is just infuriating. He is an amazing wrestler, probably the best of the present crop of British wrestlers because he's just so well rounded, being great in the ring and outside of it. His Progress run was simply amazing, especially considering how young he was back then: most wrestlers don't become so good until well into their 30's. In a way he resembled Okada for being such a precocious talent. But over last two/three years he has really gone downhill and honestly I don't understand why. He still occasionally shows flashes of the amazing talent he once was but he most of the time he seems content with his cartoonish Villain act. If he's done this because his body just cannot take it anymore and he wants to lengthen his in-ring career, God bless him, but still it doesn't explain why his character work has suffered so much.
3729.05.2019jlazaro948.0One of the best members of the new wave of British wrestlers, his style is the most rounded of them all (even though his style is much more technical than high-flyer), his "villain" personna is very well defined and his promos go toe-to-toe with some of WWE´s best speakers (Zayn, Owens and Becky Lynch when she´s focused) in the actual roster. His interaction with the fans is top notch although he abuses of them sometimes. However, he can be sloppy in the ring sometimes and he normally works at the 80% of his capability
3816.05.2019PuroresuLover6.0Marty Scurll is very good, actually. But he's not caring about his matches anymore, now is rare to se a good match involving him, and when is watchable, he got carried... I hope he stops being lazy and get back to the old Marty Scurll that was a good technician wrestler.
4704.04.2019Ecstasy ov Dusk9.0
4803.04.2019AJStylopz6.0Marty is really good when he gets serious, but most of the time he plays by the gimmick. I don't find his goofy expressions appealing and certainly his wrestling talents can't make up for them. He is just an indy guy who I never will see reach a level of epicness so soon.
4922.03.2019zephyr8.0Did Marty do something to upset people or what's up with these recent ratings? He's a very capable in-ring performer who likes to do silly over-the-top villain stuff. His look and moveset suit the character perfectly and his gear is some of the coolest in all of wrestling today.
5631.12.2018Makai Club 5.0Marty Scurll on his serious day can be absolutely fantastic as a wrestler, a masterclass technician. But unfortunately, his villainous antics do take away from his matches. I like them but they are often at the expense of his matches. Today Marty I would give and 5 but Progress Scurll I would give a 10 anyday of the week.
5808.12.2018Jasper Claret10.0
5916.11.2018Los Leones7.0I think that a Wrestler is great when he finds his zone and his promotion in which is able to create his craft. I think that Marty was really really great in Progress for example becouse the company is the perfect container for his gimmick that has something however dark and surreal. And the progress is based on characters that seems comes out of a manga with his ? punk& rock? product of wrestling. In that circumstances Scurll was great and he was able to show his ? in ring? craft however. I don? t think that NJPW is the best company for scurrl , I think that he lost much of what characterized him becouse The company is based most only on in ring product and the Japanese crowd its not so welcoming and enthusiastic as the English crowd. I love him , I loved his match against Kazuchika Okada at All In event ... but it's likely to become more and more a comic character and this is a bit reductive for scurll? s talent
6109.11.2018KING8.0A great wrestler, able to mix high flying with world class technique, he's turning into a bit of a comedy character in ROH and NJPW and I honestly prefer when he limits his shit, cause it can be too much sometimes, I feel like by getting more serious he's gonna be a World Champion in ROH, but still a great wrestler and he's just 30.
6306.11.2018MogGuy4.0I'm sorry. But this guy is way overrated. He's not terrible by any means, and he's a pretty good worker on occasion. But for his average rating to be 8..... it's laughable, it really is. Without Bullet Club this guy would be a solid mid-carder at his local fortnightly pub wrestling show. I'm just being brutally honest. I've never seen anything of worthy note in Marty ever. Sorry.
6404.11.2018BirthofGirth273.0I just don't get it. Shoot me. He tries to be funny and it's just awful. Personally, I find that every single match (at least that I have seen) is the same tired run through of relatively boring moves in comparison to the rest of "The Elite" who have otherwise proven to be extremely exciting and genuinely entertaining performers. Yes, everyone has their go-to "spots" (hate using wrestling lingo as I am not a wrestler but I digress) but his are dull and overly repetitive and it somehow reaches a huge audience. Again, I don't get it, and I'm fine with that.
6503.11.2018RatingsMachine7.0Marty Scurll is a really good worker, but he has too many goofy mannerisms that he tries to get over at the expense of the match.
7201.10.2018dontkilldyl10.0Scurll's comedy stuff is kinda grating to me, but when he's dialled in and focused there are few better wrestlers on the planet. His style consists of the striking and grappling that is associated with the british style of wrestling coupled with flashy American style wrestling moves, and he does all of this very well. Marty's size will always handicap him but he works around his limitations well.
7514.09.2018taabr29.0The more I see of Scurll, the more I am starting to like the guy. He is a great wrestler but also infuses a lot of character work into his matches. Like the rest of the Elite however I probably would enjoy him even more if he could cut out the comedy stuff and be a more serious competitor.
7614.09.2018Khalid Ace7.0
7902.09.2018Hazem4.0Marty Scurll is a great worker and a pretty good entertainer but after joining Bullet Club he realized how popular he is and just stopped caring. He knows he can coast off being popular and do nothing in a match and his fans will call it great anyways. He can still put on great matches from time to time but he? s just off-putting to me now.
8115.08.2018Cal Vam7.0Before joining BC, this man was literally on fire, delivering some of the best matches on the indies I've ever seen. I'm positive he still has it in himself, but he's definitely lost that spark that was making him the hottest aspect of international pro wrestling.
8307.08.2018Willie Jones9.0
8620.07.2018jamzell005.0I've never turned on a wrestler more in my life. From the end of 2014 to mid 2017, he was legitimately one of my favorite workers in the world. He was a solid wrestler before but once he got his new villain gimmick it took him to another level. Great matches with Haskins, Andrews, Ospreay, End and one of the best matches on British soil with Chris Hero. The beginning of his TV title reign was so fun with the highlights being his work against KUSHIDA, Lio Rush and Dijak. I would have given him a 10 because he was that good during that stretch. It's now 2018 and anything that made him good has vanished. More often than not we get comedy matches meant to be taken as serious fights, him phoning it in on certain shows and coasting off the popularity of BC so he doesn't need to change anything in his matches. At this point the only guy who can get him to be serious is Ospreay and that's sad. Still has loads of potential but he may have peaked once he joined BC
8717.07.2018El Burrito9.0
8810.07.2018Paul Heyman Guy8.0
9421.05.2018Jazz Davies10.0
9520.05.2018Okaro1439.0One of the best in ring work and has one of the best gimmick as a heel. Marty scrull is an amazing worker and one of the best talents under 30 years of age. For the guys talking shit about him. Yeah he might not have displayed enought at BOSJ, but his match at WK 12 was one of the best match I have watched and he was the star of that match. Personally I think that match should have a 5 stars but hey everyone has a different opinion
9619.05.2018El Idolo10.0
9716.05.2018Glover8.0Back in January 2016, when Marty was really breaking out, I gave him a 10/10 and called him a blossoming talent, a total package, and the best in the UK. Here we are in May 2018, and I'm sad to say that none of those are true anymore. Now, by "anymore" I mean that I still think they were true at one point. Scurll's run at the top of PROGRESS coincided with that company's best run of shows, and I don't think that was a complete coincidence; his title reigns in PROGRESS, barring some booking foibles towards the end, were masterful heel reigns with some great-to-phenomenal matches. His matches back in January 2016 with Ospreay (fresh in my mind during my first comment) were exciting and showed a ton of chemistry (I still contend that the Chapter 25 main event is one of PROGRESS's best ever, overshadowed only just recently by WALTER vs Thatcher). However, I feel that as time went on, "The Villain" morphed from a gaudy prick persona that was caught up in his own misdeeds into a caricature and a semi-comedy act, compounded even more once he joined Bullet Club. NJPW has been a great step for his career in terms of success, but Ospreay and Sabre have both done bigger things there and honestly had better matches than he's had, and I say that as somebody that outright thought ZSJ sucked in 2016. It's like Marty's career kept rising at the pace it did in 2016, but his output plateaued and even faltered after he dropped the PROGRESS World Title to Haskins. He can still have a great match from time to time, but he's never reached the quality of that early breakout Villain run where his character work was a lot more consistent and he had modern indie classics against the likes of Ospreay, Hero, Haskins, and End. I think the talent's there, but the presentation isn't, so I'm dropping my rating to an 8, which I think is fair.
9923.04.2018King of Strong Style9.0
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