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05.07.2021 - todayKyushu Pro Champion153 daysMatches
31.01.2021 - 29.08.20212AW Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Tatsuya Hanami)210 daysMatches
02.08.2020 - 16.10.20202AW Tag Team Champion (with Tatsuya Hanami)75 daysMatches
22.04.2018 - 29.07.2018STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (9x) (with Kunio Toshima as Magatsuki)98 daysMatches
21.05.2017 - 11.06.2017AJPW World Tag Team Champion (with KAI)21 daysMatches
20.08.2016 - 28.05.2017STRONGEST-K Champion (6x)281 daysMatches
06.09.2015 - 17.04.2016STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (8x) (with Yuki Sato as Magatsuki)224 daysMatches
24.08.2014 - 12.04.2015STRONGEST-K Champion (5x)231 daysMatches
01.09.2013 - 13.04.2014STRONGEST-K Champion (4x)224 daysMatches
16.09.2013 - 10.11.2013STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (7x) (with KAZMA SAKAMOTO)55 daysMatches
14.10.2012 - 20.04.2013STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (6x) (with Ryuichi Sekine)188 daysMatches
19.09.2012 - 14.10.2012WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion (3x) (with YOSHIYA)25 daysMatches
18.06.2011 - 22.08.2012STRONGEST-K Champion (3x)431 daysMatches
24.03.2012 - 26.05.2012Chiba Six Man Tag Team Champion (with Isami Kodaka and TAKA Michinoku)63 daysMatches
03.01.2012 - 06.05.2012STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (5x) (with TAKA Michinoku)124 daysMatches
05.05.2011 - 27.10.2011WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Ryuichi Sekine)175 daysMatches
15.08.2010 - 09.10.2011STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (4x) (with HIROKI)420 daysMatches
20.03.2011 - 01.05.2011WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion (with Ryuichi Sekine)42 daysMatches
04.05.2008 - 06.12.2010ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Champion946 daysMatches
23.12.2009 - 02.04.2010STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (3x) (with Daigoro Kashiwa)100 daysMatches
09.08.2008 - 12.04.2009STRONGEST-K Champion (2x)246 daysMatches
02.03.2008 - 13.07.2008BJW Tag Team Champion (with Madoka)133 daysMatches
09.10.2006 - 13.04.2008STRONGEST-K Champion552 daysMatches
07.10.2007 - 05.11.2007STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Madoka)29 daysMatches
27.02.2005 - 06.02.2006STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion (with KAZMA)344 daysMatches
06.03.2005 - xx.xx.2005UWA/UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Champion (2x) (with KAZMA)?Matches
27.03.2004 - 27.03.2004UWA/UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Champion (with Kunio Tojima)<1 dayMatches
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