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107.09.2020CanadianBadBoy7.0Alex Shelley will always be part of some great tag teams for his entire career. As a singles performer I would say he's underrated but he is not a World title material. Always a midcarder during his best day and his team with Chris Sabin as the MTMG were full of spot monkeys.
419.08.2020CounterCultureCantCount8.0Even though most people will remember him as a great tag team wrestler, Alex Shelley will never get the credit he should as a singles competitor. What a phenomenal technical wrestler !
727.07.2020ElPolloLoco7.0The very definition of a great tag team wrestler who lacked that final tiny bit to become an equally great singles wrestler. I don't think it's his in-ring skills because Alex Shelley has never so much put a foot wrong in the ring but his personality and charisma, or lack of, that held him back in the singles scene.
1302.06.2020joshjackal9.0Shelley is an excellent worker with tons of charisma and interview skills. Definitely more of a natural heel, and he excels in that role. He's also a great tag team wrestler along with Chris Sabin as the Motor City Machine Guns. The only reason I have him as a 9 rather than a 10 is because he never got the opportunity to prove himself at the main event level.
1405.04.2020James Row9.0
2129.12.2019Brutish Dandy7.0An above average junior style wrestler who did his best work as part of a tandem, either with KUSHIDA or Sabin. Not a bad wrestler by and stretch, but hardly the kind who sets the world on fire.
2416.12.2019JEK 19919.0
2626.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0He was a good hand throughout his run in TNA. I think he's a victim of poor booking at the time from the TNA offices. Maybe he could have been more of a player... or maybe he just didn't have the personality. Frankly, I find it difficult to tell. The MCM was a good team for the time they were together, but never broke through to the levels of a team such as LAX were able to reach.
2817.07.2019LeafKing7.0Great tag team wrestler who never got a true shot as a singles competitor. I remember when Chris Sabin got the big TNA World TItle push years back, how I was baffled it wasn't Alex Shelly on the receiving end of that. He has way more personality and promo skills than Sabin could ever dream of. That said, Shelly still managed to have a very good career being a part of some of the best tag teams of the 21st Century. I'll always like him.
2912.07.2019Wrestling Forever 10.0Ist schon stark wie sich Shelley immer weiterentwickelt hat. Gefiel mir schon bei Generation Next und The Embassy war fantastisch mit Sabin als Motor City Machine Guns und nun ist er auch so klasse mit KUSHIDA als Time Splitters. Shelley sollte echt mal einen festen Vertag bei NJPW bekommen wenn schon AJ einen hat warum nicht auch mal Shelley. Edit 12:07. 2019. Er ist wieder im Ring zurück und einer seits freut mich das aber er ist schon sehr verletzungsanfällig und man weiß auch nicht wie fit ist er.
3010.06.2019Loki Hipster God9.0
3219.03.2019zephyr8.0It seems like many people perceived Shelley as the better wrestler of MCM but I've always felt they were pretty equally great wrestlers.
3601.11.2018RatingsMachine9.0Alex Shelley is one of those wrestlers who gets greatly underrated because he doesn't have anything overly flashy in his repertoire, at least not in comparison to some of his contemporaries. Shelley was crisp, smooth, and never put a foot wrong.
3713.09.2018Khalid Ace7.0Shelley is a good wrestler but for me he always gonna be a part of a midcard tag team that I won't care if I watched their stuff or not.
3826.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk10.0
4031.05.2018InactiveGuru8.0An incredible tag wrestler as part of the Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley is quite surprising as he's almost as good as a singles star having a great technical wrestling game. he didn't stop there he also went to Japan and formed the Time Splitters which truth be told were another good tag team for a team. A lot of respect for Shelley.
4105.03.2018cpatchj7.0Alex Shelley is a fun spot guy who works well in a tag team. He's also got good technical skills when necessary.
4306.10.2017El Burrito9.0
4412.09.2017taabr26.0Not really a big fan of the Motor City Machine guns. They have always been just another high-flying tag team to me. Also between Shelley and Sabin, I definitely preffer Sabin.
4523.08.2017JxhDel7.0Acrobatic and smooth for sure, technically gifted also but his frenetic style and flimsy offensive are not what I desire above the rest.
5315.11.2016jcb910.0One of the very best in the business. Great in the ring as a solo wrestler or as a tag team specialist. Has TONS of charisma and is great on the mic. His stuff with Kevin Nash in TNA was some of the funniest stuff EVER in wrestling. The fact that TNA never made him world champ is a huge condemnation of the company.
5525.10.2016Mr Lightning10.0One of the most underated wrestler on the planet. Alex Shelley have everything : a great look, he can talk, he's charismatic and he's an outstanding technician. He's also a amazing tag team specialist, The MCMG and Time Splitters are 2 amazing teams. Im surprised that he only won the TNA tag title and X Division title once, and he never won a title at ROH.
5712.09.2016Devitciiu9.0TNA missed the boat on this guy. The Guns where over, and the company could have gradually spun both guys off and made two incredible stars. He should have been fighting AJ at the top of the card.
5810.09.2016Micha17049.0Alex Shelley ist einfach Gold! Im Team mit Sabin und im Team mit Kushida (Motor City Machine guns/Time Splitter) einfach grandios und im Singles bereich kann er natürlich auch was! Meiner Ansicht nach ziemlich Underrated!
6118.08.2016Luv all wrestling8.0Alex Shelly is a stylish, charismatic all rounder who has excelled in every role except for the main event, which he has never been in. At his worst Shelly is a great tag team partner.
6211.08.2016smark calaway8.0
6310.08.2016Strezemann7.0Shelley continued to evolve as a worker following his time as a big-time player in ROH, but I never felt like he reached that aura of can't-miss singles prospect again. At the time, it really seemed like he would become a star. Still, while he for whatever reason never got a significant singles push, I find it commendable just how much of a partnership his teams with Sabin and Kushida have been. They looked like teams, wrestled like teams, had a lot of success as teams, and they both provided a lot of value to the shows they were on, even if their brand of highly acrobatic, very elaborately staged spots grew a bit stale for me over time. Unfortunately, while Shelley's charismatic, pretty good on the mic (though, again, I feel like he peaked early on and somehow settled for being just a bit player), and capable of some extremely complicated in-ring sequences, the prime years of his career have seen him plagued with injuries, causing a lot of stop-start stuff to be going on.
6702.07.2016Legendkiller968.0Für mich der bessere von den beiden MCMG. EIn guter Wrestler mit viel Charisma, aber durch seine Größe kommt er irgendiwe nicht höher als in die Midcard, das ist Schade aaber das ist ja vielen Wrestlern der Fall.
6908.06.2016Hunter Dunn9.0
7715.04.2016NastyYaffa1.0Never really seen the hype & appeal of Alex Shelley. His charisma has never really shined for me, and his in-ring work has always been average at best. He doesn't really deliver great matches unless he is in the ring w/ an all-time great like Bryan Danielson. His tag team w/ Sabin is also OK, but I have never viewed MCMG as a great tag team.
7902.04.2016lucifer lords8.0
8916.08.2015Kushed God9.0
9224.07.2015the greyspace10.0
9628.06.2015DanTalksRasslin9.0An artist on the mat who can also pull off lots of exciting high-flying maneuvers, Shelley is an excellent junior heavyweight talent by any account. Though more than capable of good singles matches, he has had his greatest success as a tag team wrestler and has been a part of two fantastic teams, Motor City Machine Guns with Chris Sabin and Time Splitters with KUSHIDA, both of which are a joy to watch for fans of tag team wrestling. Is doing well in Japan since departing TNA and has also appeared several times with KUSHIDA in ROH, but I'd like to see him work more regularly stateside in the future.
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