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El Solitario


Also known as El Hijo del Santo, El Zica, El Zica II, Othon Banzica II

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130.11.2020SmokeyV310.0One of the best mexican luchadors of all time, his influence in mexican wrestling history is undeniable. Legends says he was on a level that could be compared with El Santo and Blue Demon, and although very few of his matches were recorded, there are a some footages that are proof of the quality of a wrestler he was.
212.09.2020ElPolloLoco9.0One of the biggest stars ever in Mexico, period. Immensely charismatic and with an inspiring real-life story, he may not have been one of the top workers (albeit he was really good in the ring before suffering a string of serious injuries which seriously slowed him down) but I'll be damned if he hadn't a truly special aura about him. Brought into the ultra-popular heel stable La Ola Blanca to replace El Enfermero, who could not keep up the insane schedule anymore due to tear and wear on his body, Soli became a mega-babyface when Dr Wagner and Angel Blanco turned on him, starting a slow burn and big money feud which ended with El Galeno del Mal finally losing his mask. In my opinion this is probably the best long term feud and storyline of lucha libre and one of the best ever: both men were so hugely charismatic and played their parts so well you just know you were watching something special. Died relatively young on the operating table after suffering yet another serious injury, thus further adding to his mystique. Undoubtedly one of the biggest ever in Mexico after the two flesh-and-blood legends El Santo and Blue Demon.
308.08.2020jajt19897.0Was a pretty decent luchador, i mean i seen this guy in the early 80s to late 70s doing stuff you would rarely see back then and the crowd bloody loved it. Put on some real good matches definitely one of the pioneers of luchador styles
403.01.2019JEK 199110.0One of the greatest luchadors of all time. Very technical in the ring and can submit opponents very well.
524.05.2016jesusvv99.0In 1969, he won the world championship NWA Middleweight by defeating El Rayo de Jalisco. A year later it would lose at the hands of Japanese Masio Koma. In 1970, El Solitario won the NWA title light heavyweight by defeating Ray Mendoza, two years later would lose to the English David Morgan. In 1972, El Solitario unmasked his arch-rival, the Angel Blanco, who turned out to be Jose Angel Sanchez Vargas. Solitaire was one of the first stars to leave the EMLL to join the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA), which was directed by Francisco Flores. In March 1977 the Lone conquers version UWA Heavyweight World title by beating veteran Ray Mendoza in October 1978 who exacts revenge and regains its title. In July 1981 Lonesome USAmericans defeats Eric Embry to take over the heavyweight world title Jr. UWA. But in the rematch in March 1981 gives the title to the US. In September of that same Solitario year returns to dethrone Embry to become biampeon however, he ends his reign after losing to the sign in June 1983. Solitario also traveled to Japan in 1972, 1979 and 1981, where he would face and form a team with renowned stars such as Tiger Mask and Tatsumi Fujinami along with other Mexican fighters such as Chavo Guerrero and Canek. In the 80s, he formed a team of short duration with Hannibal and trios Villano III, the group was known as The Three Caballeros. In 1982 he participated in the final fight of the race of El Santo, when he joined legends of El Santo, Gory Guerrero and Huracan Ramirez to defeat the Sign, Black Navarro, the Texan and Perro Aguayo. Perhaps his most important meeting was held on December 1, 1985, when he defeated and unmasked Dr. Wagner in a mask vs mask match
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