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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.95
Frank Shooter wrote on 30.05.2023:
[10.0] "The Best Bout Machine nickname is not enough to describe how great Kenny Omega is as a performer. Everytime there is a big match, he is going to deliver a one of a kind banger, doesn't matter the opponent. Even when the match is not as important, he is nothing less than good."
WWENJPWAEWFAN wrote on 30.05.2023:
"Kenny Omega is the greatest wrestler of all time based off of his 2016-2018 alone. Nobody can tell me otherwise his aew performances just solidify his legacy"
SkipAK10 wrote on 29.05.2023:
"IMO Kenny has a case for being the most complete wrestler ever (Strong-style, American, comedy, hardcore, lucha and tag-team). He's very good in all of these different styles. GOAT level performer. IMO the greatest big match wrestler of all-time, no one throughout history has his catalogue in terms of absurd quality in main event spots."
SC316 wrote on 16.05.2023:
[10.0] "Kenny is currently my favourite wrestler active. He is top tier in everything he does. He can be in the brutal visceral matches, the technical 60 min iron man, or even a goofy comedic character. The amount of classics Kenny has produced is unmatched by anyone in history. I haven't seen a single bad let alone bland match from him. He always give it 110% and the fans can tell. Also him and Ibushi have the greatest story ever."
Vanstyler wrote on 08.05.2023:
[10.0] "Omega is the ultimate athlete, everything he touches turns to gold and everything he attempts within the matches he does in an outstanding way. It's hard to count many wrestlers within Kenny's reach."
Leo 4 King wrote on 08.05.2023:
[5.0] "Kenny Omega is a soso wrestler, able to give a good storytelling to his match but he doesn't do it very often, I don't really like that much his moveset and is selling can be good but isn't always at all."
MehdiStark wrote on 02.05.2023:
[10.0] "No one in current decade can be better & more complete than Kenny Omega. Real GOD OF PROWRESTLING. He is great at mic, in ring & created super great stories from Golden Lovers & BC civil war to hangman omega vs Bucks & vs Jon Moxley. Seriously I wasn't his fan before AEW but now I have to admit He is the best wrestler I've ever seen during my 8 years watching wrestling. Also he motivated me to watch promotions abroad United States cause I can see real pro wrestlers not just sport entertainers"
KayfabeBuster88 wrote on 02.05.2023:
[10.0] "There's a reason Kenny Omega is always billed as a "Best Bout Machine." If he's in the ring with someone who can match his skill, the 5 stars system will need extra stars added to rank it. His 4 battles with Okada are legendary and his Wrestle Kingdom match against Ospreay was definitely in the contender list for MOTY. He also did great with 3 less-known wrestlers who came to AEW and delivered to make the matches far more than passable. I can understand some people don't like him because of his arrogance, but if you pass the attitude and look at the worker, you're seeing a talent that can't be surpassed."
Shawder wrote on 01.05.2023:
"The Best wrestler in the world in my opinion. Those matches with Okada in NJPW were gold and even after all the injuries and Vertigo, he still puts on wrestling classics."
I like wrestling222 wrote on 26.04.2023:
[10.0] "The best wrestler of all time he was a key part of aew and njpw one of the most athletic wrestler and puts on the best matches"
shihab696 wrote on 24.04.2023:
"When I fell out of love with wrestling, he was the guy who pulled me back. His work between 2016-2018 with the Bullet Club and the Elite I believe is the best run I've seen from a wrestler in-ring. Every time there was a big match, you just knew he would kick it off the park. His matches with the likes of Okada, Naito, Jericho, Ishii, Ibushi, Tanahashi, Ospreay, Elgin, Cody etc were all insane. For me, the greatest to ever do it. The Best Bout Machin."
CMFunk007 wrote on 22.04.2023:
[9.0] "He's a great wrestler, no doubt. Maybe even the best. But "Twinkle Toes", as Jim Cornette likes to call him, has an aura about him that just rubs me the wrong way. I do enjoy his matches, but even when he's portrayed as a babyface, I want to see him get his ass handed to him. I'll rank him highly, but he's not perfect like Meltzer thinks he is..."
Christian 7 wrote on 20.04.2023:
[10.0] "[IN GENERAL] There's a reason he's called the "Best Bout Machine" and that's because thats what he is. He has had one of the best rivalries in wrestling history with Kazuchika Okada. He's had what is currently the only 7 star match. He is once in a lifetime. No modern wrestler can match his talent in the ring. He may not be the best on the mic, but he doesn't need to be. Almost no one matches his in-ring storytelling or his in-ring psychology. He has also held the Impact, AAA, and AEW World/Mega Championship all at once. There will never be another wrestler quite like Omega. [4/20/2023] His match against Ospreay at Wrestlekingdom 17 shows he is overdue for another single run. I understand the small trios run the ELITE had as he just came back from injury, but Omega truly excels at singles wrestling. So far in my opinion he's been doing good as IWGP US champion. I can't wait to see what is to come from this current run. [OVERALL] (*****)"
CorpusSkiptotelicum wrote on 17.04.2023:
[10.0] "If you judge Kenny on his ability to cut a promo "like a star", you could not have missed the point of who he is harder. Its fine to dislike him and his style on its own merits, but the thing is that Kenny is a Japanese type wrestler in the sense that his work is done in the ring, not outside. As corny as it may sound, he is an artist that cares and tries to push the limits of his field, and for the most part he has been successful in my opinion."
dinodyke wrote on 15.04.2023:
[10.0] "There is very little to be said about Kenny Omega that hasn't been said by hundreds of people, already. He's a generational talent in my eyes, and the fact that his style is different from what US fans might expect isn't a barrier to how mindblowingly good he is. He's the king of in-ring psychology and knows how to inject stories into his matches incredibly wellhis tag team title reign, world title reign and accompanying story with Hangman and the Young Bucks remains one of the best-told stories in AEW history. He's not a classic wrestling storyteller and promo-cutterhis character is nuanced and subtle and his promos are more soft-spoken, but it just makes him stand out more. In the ring, he's dynamic and well-paced, and always enjoyable to watch. Also, I have to tip my hat to him to committing whole-cloth to being gay in-kayfabe and taking it seriously the whole time. The storyline with the Golden Lovers is hugely important for many queer wrestling fans, such as myself, and a significant part of it is Kenny's committment and dedication to being an ally."
HumanJerky wrote on 08.04.2023:
[9.0] "I take a point for some kinda dumb gimmick matches he was in, but aside from that I very much enjoy Kenny. I do think the comedy kinda undercuts him sometimes, esp when hes wrestling in front of NA audiences, but the man is a great worker in the ring, good on the mic, has a very interesting and unique look and hes incredibly versatile. I enjoy him quite a bit, esp for modern era style guys."
Makoto92 wrote on 06.04.2023:
[3.0] "Time has passed and I began to think that Kenny is kinda overrated man. Maybe he was the best in New Japan, but it's not hard to be at the top of a promotion where there's no turnover in the main event and the booker is the same overrated person. And when Kenny moves to America, all his disadvantages are apparent: he can't cut a promo like a star, he can't make good matches like a star and he is constantly being pulled by his rivals (Match with Bryan Danielson is the perfect example of this case)."
Justt wrote on 02.04.2023:
[10.0] "I like Kenny. He did very stupid things in his career, like wrestle the 9-year-old and the s*x doll, but he had great matches too. Kenny had great years and was one of the most outstanding wrestlers back 2016-17, but I feel like he lost some of his magic since the departure from New Japan in 2019. A very controversial wrestler and I can see why people don't like him, but, in my opinion, he was one of the best wrestlers of the past decade."
brendo214 wrote on 22.03.2023:
"Upon recently getting back into wrestling after around a 10 year absence, Kenny has quickly become my favorite new wrestler that I've found. As I watch more of his matches, his spot get further cemented."
Personano wrote on 20.03.2023:
[10.0] "My personal favourite wrestler. It's pretty difficult to put into words just how great Kenny Omega is as a wrestler. He's a guy so good I struggle to bring to mind a single bad match he's ever had with anyone. That's the mark of a fantastic pro wrestler in my opinion, when a great to terrific match can be had with virtually any opponent. A lot of fans don't seem to enjoy his high-octane, somewhat dramatic style of wrestling but that's exactly what I love about him. Each time he steps into a ring you just know you're gonna see some of the fastest, most dramatic yet hard-hitting action on the planet. That breakneck style is what makes him who he is and why he's been my favourite for years at this point. 10/10."
MDavis2001 wrote on 19.03.2023:
[10.0] "(03/01/2023) Called the best bout machine for a reason. From the mid 10s to the present day so many wrestlers have tried and failed to emulate Kenny Omega. From the unabashed honesty of knowing you are the best, to the moves he does and even the way he moves and hits the ropes, Kenny Omega is the peak of modern day professional wrestling. He made himself the most sought after wrestler without the aid of the WWE machine, somehow managed to make NJPW and Bullet Club relatively mainstream and has been one of the premier wrestlers for the company who ended the monopoly WWE had on the business. Kenny is an exceptional wrestler with great technical ability, brutal strikes, impressive strength, a great look and he can work almost any style. He's one of the best of all time, end of story. (19/03/2023) After much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that Kenny is my 2nd favourite wrestler of all time, only behind Misawa."
burningflowsion wrote on 15.03.2023:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega will go down as arguably the greatest in ring talent to ever live. Personally, my vote on that would be Misawa, but Omega is the closest you could possibly get to taking that spot. There is one thing he has not done, which is go to WWE, and at this point it really doesn't matter is he never goes there, his legacy is cemented for the rest of time. Now he is not my favorite wrestler, but that is another reason these praises should not go unnoticed."
KSupreme3 wrote on 12.03.2023:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is a one in a lifetime talent that has yet to touch a WWE ring (as of the time of this writing). When it's all said and done...he will be celebrated as one the greatest wrestlers of all time. Without Omega there would be no AEW. The matches he's had in NJPW are of LEGEND, and are must watch if you haven't already. ESPECIALLY the matches he's had with Okada. the OWA is one of the most protected moves in pro wrestling, and besides a couple exceptions, nobody has ever kicked out of it. When Omega is on his maximum level, he puts on quite the spectacle and is always capable of putting on a 5+ star banger at any given moment. His style might not be everybody's cup of tea, but he's a compelling wrestler and is bound to entertain those who allow him to. 10/10, one of the GOATS."
KKeanel wrote on 12.03.2023:
[9.0] "I have some issue with his and Bucks view on understanding, managing and organizing wrestling sphere, but from his work perspective - complete genius. Numer of glorious matches with great psychology and story consistent is incredible. We will see what future will deliver, but this could be a case of greatest non-japanese wrestler ever who never stepped foot into WWE ring."
jonsnoe wrote on 10.03.2023:
[10.0] "One of the best wrestlers I've ever seen. Amazing charisma, amazing move set, incredible work rated. When I saw most of his matches, I can expect to rate at least 8 points on this site."
ZayTokyo wrote on 06.03.2023:
[10.0] "alright lets be really this is the biggest draw in modern wrestling and has made the scene outside of wwe so popular and well know to a newer audience. Constant bangers constant hits no misses and he is legit someone who both in ring and on the mic rarely ever does wrong. His storytelling is near perfect too and him having some of the best matches ever says it all. easy 10/10"
ChrisPrattAsMario wrote on 04.03.2023:
[10.0] "The main reason I got back into wrestling was because of this man and the great matches he had in NJPW during the mid to late 2010's. In AEW, he hasn't been able to do what he did in NJPW, but it hasn't stopped him from pulling out a classic when given the chance. Also is a great character on tv whether its as a comedy villain as he was in 2020 as world champ or as a lovable babyface as he's been since his return in 2022. My favorite match of his is against Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11"
Deadmagician33 wrote on 28.02.2023:
[8.0] "Very overrated in my opinion, but still an amazing wrestler.. Big fan of his work in AEW with Hangman as tag champs."
Zander Thomsen wrote on 20.02.2023:
[10.0] "A VERY viable contender for best wrestler of all time. Has had SEVERAL classic matches against Okada, Ospreay, Death Triangle, the list goes on and on. No matter where he goes, whether its New Japan, AEW or even one day WWE, hes going to have a great match."
saads97 wrote on 10.02.2023:
[10.0] "In my opinion, hes the greatest in ring performer of all time. His matches with Okada, Naito, Tanahashi and many many more are 10/10s. I dont think weve ever seen a competitor this consistently amazing."
ajsmiles wrote on 01.02.2023:
[9.0] "Amazing in-ring talent. Used to be a Young Bucks-style spotfest wrestler with constant high spots and did goofy comedy matches. However like Will Ospreay he evolved into one of the best in-ring talents of all time. People are saying he had better matches on NJPW but how the hell is he supposed to have 5-star matches every week with TV restrictions? He can do that on PPV and he does. In fact I want to have his last match with Will Ospreay on AEW. I feel like Japanese people don't care enough about them over there, they're primarily used as Westerner bait while Okada and the other Japanese guys are the main attraction for the main fan base. My favorite character of his was the heel 80s action movie villain type gimmick he used while he was AEW champion. Promos in my opinion he was never good with. You can tell he's a shy guy in real life while he's cutting them. But that doesn't take away from his greatness."
Aliquickk wrote on 01.02.2023:
[9.0] "Has gotten a lot better over the years, but you have to judge the wrestler by their entire body of work, not what's happened in the last few years. Kenny in NJPW is far better than the AEW edition, and it's hard to forget the comedy wrestling he degraded himself with earlier in his career. Is a decent promo, very good performer, one of the hottest wrestlers of the last few years."
subsoniccc wrote on 23.01.2023:
[9.0] "I don't care much for his goofy antics, but he will forever be known as one of the most vicious strikers the industry has ever seen. Watching the V-trigger gets a reaction out of me every single time I see it, such a brutal strike, and it's not even his finisher. Oh, and by the way, nobody in AEW has ever kicked out of his finisher, that tells me that he's not only protected and cemented as a top guy for years to come, but also how impactful his moves are sold to be. Incredible."
gijoe wrote on 18.01.2023:
"Hard to imagine a more consistent big match man than this guy Rather than repeat what has already been said, I'll simply admit that Wherever he wrestles he puts on a helluva show"
PhenomenalGun wrote on 15.01.2023:
[9.0] "[Update from 7 to 9] To be honest, I still dislike him as a person because of how arrogant and self-centered he comes off as, but he really is a stellar in-ring worker all around. He has this explosive style that makes a lot of his matches can't miss. To be honest, I like him better in NJPW than AEW, but I suppose that goes for a lot of wrestlers I follow, just him in particular. He doesn't really need a faction or a team surrounding him to excel, he's actually better off on his own or with Ibushi. I would love to see the old-school Kenny more often rather than the "Elite" Kenny Omega. Kenny's promos aren't the best but they're pretty good, and his character is usually entertaining and surprisingly works most of the time despite various inconsistencies. Overall, he's a fantastic wrestler and the only one like him."
benh2 wrote on 13.01.2023:
[8.0] "Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. No doubt he is one of the best wrestlers around today, he's shown that plenty of times in Japan. When he's motivated, his work is tremendous: snappy, crisp, smooth, meaningful. But too many times he falls foul of his own obsession with his gimmick or gets too tied up in nonsensical cooperation wrestling. AEW/house show Omega is absolutely dreadful; lazy, half-paced and as a result sloppy. His promos are weak and his cadence is just strange, I can't get on board with it at all. His offence has great variety and impact but again it needs him to be motivated for it to work properly. Big match Kenny is pretty untouchable for sure but unfortunately we don't see it much anymore. If injuries are catching up, he'll need to reinvent himself if he's to continue working weekly TV."
Farzady1936 wrote on 13.01.2023:
[10.0] "one of the greatest Wrestlers in history is Kenny. No one doubts on his ring skills. whens he was in NJPW, he showed many great matches with 4.75 o higher rating from dave meltzer. his Triple mathces with okada are Best NJPW matches in history and 2010s in japan Wrestling. his mik skills after his signing with AEW Improved very well and he can handle himself even whithout don callis. After All i Thing he deserves 10 with his amazing career."
kenny jakson wrote on 08.01.2023:
[6.0] "Kenny is a good wrestler but he is better comedian.i dont like his face sell.his face reactions are so so fake.his body sell is so comic.just look at his legs.when he took a big bump he always shake his leg like he have heart attack or something.most of his match is Gymnastics and Trampling.his moves are always the same.he do one move over and over and over.and he is one of those wrestler who is willing to do anything for their followers and make wrestling fake and ridiculous as possible."
Malarkian wrote on 07.01.2023:
[10.0] "NJPW Kenny is an 11/10, world-beater, one-of-the -best-to-ever-do-it. AEW Kenny has fallen off a bit. And by "fallen off" I mean to outstanding from years of frankly incredible. Part of the problem is age, part of it is the injuries, part of it is the production, part of it the Western style, and part of it is just the caliber of talent that he works with now being unable to keep up; e.g., the V-Trigger in NJPW looks like a killshot because the guys taking it know how to take it and sell it, whereas the AEW guys either don't know how, or are unwilling to take it because it's a "stiff" move and it comes off looking kinda weak. (Same problem Ospreay has w/ the Hidden Blade). AEW also kind of presents Kenny as some nerdy, goofy, cartoony, Wile E. Coyote-type villain and it takes away some of the gravitas of his work. Which is not to say that there's no room for that in his work - his moveset is littered with video game references, his whole Cleaner gimmick is goofy AF, but he's still presented as a killer. He's gotten better since he took time off to rest and heal his injuries, and I understand that he can't wrestle every match like it's Wrestle Kingdom and it's more about longevity, but I hope to see a little more NJPW Kenny in his AEW work. All this basically just to say Kenny is getting a 10/10 rating because what the hell else could I give him'"
AndreaCalo1997 wrote on 05.01.2023:
[0.0] "I gave him a 2/10 two years ago, but I guess I was in a way too generous mood back then lol. Kenny is a very good wrestler, but is also probably the most self-absorbed, arrogant, inproductive worker in the history of the business. The fact this guy and his friend were in the ear of a damn billionare and all they could produce is a scaled-up version of Pro Wrestling Guerilla (possibly even worse) is a complete travesty. There's nothing redeeming about Omega and I'm honestly baffled at how much love he gets when all he could do was waste his talent."
NoSell wrote on 05.01.2023:
[10.0] "He is the greatest wrestler ever. I don't know what really else to say. His run from 16-18 is also the greatest peak of a wrestler ever. If I zoom through the top 20 greatest matches of all time, not just by Cagematch ratings, by my own opinion too, his name probably appears about 10 times. GOAT."
BlueBrand wrote on 05.01.2023:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is known for his work in various promotions around the world, though primarily New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. He is widely considered one of the best wrestlers in the world and has won numerous championships and accolades throughout his career including Best Bout Machine and The Belt Collector Omega is known for his high-energy, athletic style and his ability to put on great matches with a variety of opponents. He is also known for his charisma and his ability to connect with fans. He has been involved in many of the most memorable matches and storylines in wrestling over the past few years, including his rivalries with Kota Ibushi, Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay and Hangman Adam Page."
RookieBoy1 wrote on 04.01.2023:
"Kenny Omega has been one of the most consistently good performers of the last decade, putting up high quality matches back and forth, as well as being an esential main event figure in every promotion he has been. Agile and flashy without being over-the-top, his style perfeclty blends in with all kinds of opponents in all weight categories. He is also an historically important person for his contribution to the creation of AEW, as well as taking New Japan to international stardom in the late 2010s."
comahan wrote on 04.01.2023:
[10.0] "One of the very best to ever do it. From his days in ROH and DDT to his rise in NJPW and being the ace of AEW, he is special, not only always putting on incredible matches, but bringing emotion and top level storytelling to almost all of his big rivalries that few can match."
migrations wrote on 23.12.2022:
[10.0] "There's a lot of Omega haters now a days, but I still remember him as a wierdo who shaved his forearms so it would get stubble and he could rub them on the opponents face. I saw his rise, and it was great. I saw Wrestle Kingdom 11 live and I'll never forget it. Kenny is objectively a great wrestler. His selling is incredible, he's very fast and he gives it his all. Look at the list of many top matches from 2017 onward and there is a reason why Kenny is in almost all those matches. He is that good."
Kenneth Amogus wrote on 23.12.2022:
"The most overrated wrestler ever. Mods need to grow up and stop removing peoples ratings just because it doesn't fit their agenda. Not everyone is going to like the same wrestlers and matches and that's fine."
SimonMatveev wrote on 05.12.2022:
[10.0] "Greatest wrestler of modern generation in my opinion - amazing in-ring work and moveset, bewitching charisma. No matter if it's Golden Lovers era Omega, or BC leader Omega, or AEW Omega - he kills it in every promotion he's in. Also he just seems like a cool guy to hang with, even despite recent All Out mess"
degaret wrote on 03.12.2022:
[6.0] "Klassischer Spot Wrestler. Seine Promos sind in Ordnung, aber nichts besonderes. Ich kann die guten Bewertungen nicht ganz nachvollziehen. Mit 9.5 sollte er von der Bewertung her ein Superstar sein wie The Rock, aber genau das ist er in meinen Augen eben nicht."
Enriquepollazzo wrote on 02.12.2022:
[9.0] "Great wrestler who can have great matches with anyone. A little too goofy sometimes. Hes too good to change anything now. But wonder what he would be like solo in WWE. Just like away from his friends and longtime coworkers. That type of thing doesn't really happen much anymore. Would be interesting. Has had a 10 career when you balance things out. They give guys like Randy Orton 10's and Kenny is way better."
amai wrote on 27.11.2022:
[10.0] "one of the best of all time, although i don? t think he? s as good as he used to be you can? t deny that 2016-2019 omega was on top of the world"
Mcbolsky wrote on 22.11.2022:
[10.0] "Probably has the best moveset in all of pro-wrestling and is up there with RVD for best moveset of all time. His selling is amazing, his athleticism is off the charts, and he is super strong for someone that isn't 6'6 260. The V-trigger is such a fun move to watch people take and once you see the OWA, you know it's over. Probably the most protected finisher in the history of the business. I personally prefer his matches with Naito rather than his matches with Okada. His run from 2016 up until when he got injured was GOAT worthy. 10/10"
MainEventMaster wrote on 20.11.2022:
[10.0] "Arguably the best wrestler of his generation, he just GETS pro wrestling, believable moves and finishers, masterful storytelling, great character, he truly makes the audience FEEL."
YourKingMob wrote on 05.11.2022:
[7.0] "A sad case of "what ifs" for most fans, for Kenny's best days were before most ever saw him wrestle. Kenny was best while he was in DDT and as a junior in in New Japan, and most fans really started watching him when he was in his heavyweight run in NJPW, which is his worst work IMO, despite what uncle Dave says. As Kenny grew into his role at heavyweight in NJPW, his worst traits ever magnified: the histrionics, the boring knee spam, the illogical match pacing, the clumsiness that made him dangerous to himself and others in the ring. Watch him before he became the leader of The Bullet Club - his best days then were long past."
CutterClub wrote on 01.11.2022:
[8.0] "One of the best in the ring in this generation. One of the most mediocre on the mic and with character work. He's excellent when he keeps it in the ring, and can be a bit cringey on the mic."
Minimania wrote on 01.11.2022:
[10.0] "To me - the greatest wrestler of all time. He is perfect in every facet that I have evaluated. From an in-ring standpoint, I have seen not one person that not only does an outstanding amount of moves, but does them to perfection; his moveset is like a created wrestler you would make when you were a kid but brought to life. He also adds a little touch to everything he does to make it unique - even the way that he runs the ropes. He has even held the main title in a major promotion from the US (AEW), Japan (NJPW), and even Mexico (AAA). To start, his speed is amazing. He runs the ropes like no other. He also has amazing strength, with feats like picking Evil (around 240 lbs) up for the OWA while he was dead weight. But not only is his athleticism and move execution stellar, but also his ability to tell stories inside and outside of it. Kenny not only has mastered the art of in-ring storytelling, evident by his masterful series of matches with Kazuchika Okada, whose stories almost exclusively took place in the ring, but Kenny is also proficient in creating stories outside of the ring. Even though his feuds with Hangman Page and Kota Ibushi both have great in-ring storytelling, some of the best parts of them took place outside of the ring. Kenny, along with the Young Bucks, has also revolutionized storytelling as a whole in the world of wrestling by creating their vlog, Being The Elite. This helped them greatly on the indie scene, as it allowed them to create overarching storylines no matter what promotion they were in. While Kenny greatly shines in singles competition, he also has been part of some great tag teams throughout his career. Whether teaming with Kota Ibushi as the Golden Lovers, a tag team that blended a real-life bond and high-octane offense, or with his friend Hangman Page, whom Omega found great success with before leaving him and becoming his rival, both are iconic teams that have put on some of the greatest tag matches of all time. While those are some of the best duos Omega's been a part of, he has also been a part of some of history's greatest groups. From joining Bullet Club and rising up the ranks to become of the few people to lead the group, to breaking off and forming The Elite with the Young Bucks and various others, it seems Omega always aligned himself with the best in the business. There is not a single type of match that Omega can't excel in. He has had fantastic normal singles matches (vs Okada, Naito, Ibushi, Tanahashi, Ishii, etc.), tag team matches (Golden Lovers vs Tanahashi and Ospreay, Golden Lovers vs Young Bucks, Omega/Page vs Young Bucks), stipulation matches (deathmatches vs Mox, Ladder match vs Elgin, Stadium Stampede), and even comedy matches (various throughout DDT run). This unparalleled flexibility puts Kenny above the rest when comparing him to others. Overall, with all this combined, I believe that no one comes close to Kenny as the greatest of all time. There are no holes in his game."
mrgosciu213 wrote on 28.10.2022:
"my favourite wrestler ever. one of the greatest wrestling talents ever with fantastic in-ring abilities and a lot of great matches. good promo skills, great looks and overall good wrestler."
TheNomadMagician wrote on 27.10.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist ein absolutes Gesamtpaket, er bringt den Look, die Ausstrahlung, das Können im Ring sowie Charisma und Mic-Skills mit. Habe noch nie ein mittelmäßiges oder gar schlechtes Match von ihm gesehen."
texasyosh wrote on 16.10.2022:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is an incredibly influential and important wrestler in modern wrestling history, no matter if you like him or not. Kenny used to be one of the most dynamic athletes in pro wrestling, but today I find him being very same-y in the ring. His work in NJPW is the pinnacle, he had great matches both as a heavyweight and a junior. His work in DDT is also impressive, both in-ring and drawing wise. There are definite flaws with Omega, I think there's very wonky match structure in some of his modern matches, and as a promo he sounds very unnatural. Despite that he's overcome."
TheStarNovaKane wrote on 11.10.2022:
[10.0] "The most well-rounded wrestler of this generation without a doubt. Proves himself with doing all kinds of match types against all styles of opponents & having consistently great matches with everyone. Champion & top guy of many promotions worldwide & never has had an issue with putting others over. Anyone wrestling Omega elevates their own quality due to him making them look great in there & his opponents realizing this is a very important match for them to show off how good they can be. He's the best men's wrestler at telling a story in the ring. His timing is perfect. He's probably the biggest legend of this time period of anyone currently in their prime. The only thing he has close to a flaw is his dedication to great matches being so high that it obviously takes a toll on his body but he's in the best shape he can be in & his cardio is the highest of any wrestler I'm aware of. Maybe the best wrestler of all time? He's definitely a contender. Especially since he's the closest thing to perfection in a well-rounded wrestler as you are going to get."
aCeRi wrote on 08.10.2022:
[10.0] "In my opinion the best wrestler of all time this is the guy who brought njpw outside of japan i have infinite respect for this dude and not to ignore he's amazing in the ring too"
viperxtj61x wrote on 06.10.2022:
[8.0] "He lacks a little in psychology obviously, but he's a fantastic wrestler and puts on a lot of classics and is one of the better wrestlers in AEW."
TheOneAndOnlyCactus wrote on 29.09.2022:
[10.0] "Explosive, Dynamic, with a large arsenal of moves, impressive selling with his bumping and expressiveness. He also has played several characters that I enjoy, with a variety of promo work. Many will accuse him of being only a spot monkey, but I disagree. He is also very capable of telling great stories in the ring, and that makes him excellent"
devwil wrote on 28.09.2022:
[10.0] "He's just so explosive and dynamic, and while some of his critics might accuse him of playing things too big... this is pro wrestling, not Swedish arthouse cinema. If that's your problem with him, I hope you said the same stuff about Flair and HBK because they both also played things huge, and they're kind of unanimous legends in the ring. His expressiveness and willingness to be silly are features, not bugs. And his athleticism is pretty undeniable, and he's had all-time great matches. I can understand some quibbles about him (maybe you don't like his promos/character; I can see it), but he's a generational talent and I think refusing to acknowledge that is just willfully ignorant."
Riverman wrote on 15.09.2022:
[8.0] "Never quite understood the hype in terms of him being (one of) the best in the world. However, he's still pretty darn great with a cool moveset and amazing technical skills. Not found that emotional connection to him or his work yet but I'd like to keep trying as it'd no doubt bump this rating."
CalmestPilot21 wrote on 07.09.2022:
[10.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, not only because of his great work rate, but also because of his masterful ability to tell a story in the ring. Kenny's promos are also really entertaining and he has a great ability to naturally jump from being serious and comedic during his promos. He helped co-found AEW which has revolutionized the wrestling business and has used his position as a top guy in AEW to help get younger wrestlers like Adam Page and Alan Angels over."
Adrian Night wrote on 06.09.2022:
[10.0] "The closest thing to a God of Pro Wrestling in the last 5 years. There's no other things to say about him..."
GwenCube64 wrote on 05.09.2022:
[10.0] "Storytelling master, wrestling master, solid enough promo, an all time talent and can put on a solid match in his sleep."
humanesque wrote on 28.08.2022:
[10.0] "One of the best wrestlers of all time, not because of moves, but because of a thorough understanding of the kind of storytelling that makes the medium so satisfying. Not the best athlete in the world, but since wrestling requires two, put him in there with a fantastic athlete and you'll get absolute magic every time."
LegendePele wrote on 28.08.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist ein echtes Talent im Ring. Sowohl als Face als auch als Heel funktioniert er sehr gut. Obwohl er älter wird sehen seine Moves immer klasse aus. In Japan hatte er auch Matches die bis heute zu seinen besten gehören! Ich finde Kenny Omega überzeugt echt und man wird ihn für diese Leistung im Ring wirklich nicht vergessen. Außerdem ist er mit er Elite einer der besten Story Erzähler bei AEW. The Best Bout Machine!"
JessieTLS wrote on 26.08.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is just a perfect pro wrestler. He has won an embarassing amount of titles all over the world, and he transformed pretty everything he touched in absolute gold. He has probably the most complete and cool moveset in american wrestling, because every single manover in it is memorable. For example, he made freakin' epic the V-Trigger, a simple knee strike. He had literally 19 five-star matches, and he wrestled in the only 7 star match of all times. I saw a lot of people that criticized his acting, but in my opinion it's very entertaining and unique. He's the co-founder of All Elite Wrestling, one of the greatest promotions in the world, and his reign as AEW World Champion was great. He performed in almost every great federation: AEW, Impact, AAA, NJPW, AJPW, NWA, PWG ecc. He was elected the best wrestler of the year four times, by three different magazines. He's a 4 times world champion. He led some of the most important stables in the recent history: the Bullet Club and the Elite. I think that's enough to get a 10, isn't it?"
GutsOWA wrote on 18.08.2022:
[10.0] "Pro Wrestling doesn't feel stupid bcoz of Kenny Omega. He makes it feel like a work of art, genuinely the greatest & most important/influential pro wrestler of all time."
Benwerder wrote on 05.08.2022:
[10.0] "Einer der besten der Welt. Kaum einer hat so viele Klassiker, sei es in Japan, aber auch bei AEW. Er kommt wohl bald zurück, hoffe er kann noch ähnlich abliefern"
KELLAN wrote on 05.08.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist ein Zweischneidiges Schwert. Er hat eine unfassbare Ausstrahlung, sieht aus wie ein Athlet und hat mit die besten Matches. Einzig und alleine seine Goofy-Gimmicks finden bei mir nicht immer anklang. Da dies jedoch ziemlich Subjektiv ist, gibt es hier dennoch die 10. Potenzial: 4(+)x AEW World Champion - 1200 Tage + insgesamt. - Main Event"
Inserthere750 wrote on 04.08.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny omega was my favorite wrestler of all time. The Golden Lovers storyline was the thing that got me into NJPW and other wrestling Promotions outside the WWE."
Tyler72 wrote on 29.07.2022:
[8.0] "Kenny Omega definitely has one of the better move sets across the board. Always looks like he's going to make a hit. Lots of power he brings with him in the ring. His kicks always look startlingly real."
JamesAzucena924 wrote on 17.07.2022:
[10.0] "His NJPW run is considered the best. One of the best North American wrestlers and one of the best gaijins as well. Mr. 5-star and up pro-wrestler. His matches with Okada are considered sacred and the standard bearer of all matches. Not a fan of his but I will give this rating a 10 just because he is that damn good. Great matches with Kazuchika Okada, two 6-star matches, one 6 1/4 star match and one 7 star match (the highest rated match of all time), Tetsuya Naito, Tomohiro Ishii and many others. Although a lot of fans criticizing him of being a spot monkey sometimes, still he has the best psychological pro-wrestlers in big time feel matches. His AEW run is good, helped ushered the careers of Adam Page and Jon Moxley. No matter what you said about him, he is considered one of the greatest pro-wrestlers and deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence along with Shawn Michaels, Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi and Chris Jericho."
MediumSizedMAC wrote on 22.06.2022:
"Kenny is absolutely one of the most impressive wrestlers I have ever seen. People like to claim he has no concept of psychology or pacing, but he absolutely holds the crowd in the palm of his hands, and garners the exact reaction he's looking for. He can adapt to any style of match/opponent, and puts on a classic, even when suffering from debilitating issues like Vertigo, and certainly nagging and limiting injuries in his shoulders, neck and knees. Recommended viewing: vs Okada 1-3, Omega & Page vs Young Bucks, vs Moxley Lights Out Match, v Hangman Page @ Full Gear 2021"
mtorrealba99 wrote on 21.06.2022:
[9.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers of his generation, and he's proven that time and time again, putting on absolute classics in both NJPW and AEW. However, I've always felt an aura of goofiness around him, specially in his promos, and that's why I can't take him as seriously as I would like to. Still, an awesome performer that deserves a ton of praise."
ishimoriAkira wrote on 14.06.2022:
[10.0] "the single best professional wrestler of all time. Not only has he, in my opinion, put on the most matches considered for the greatest of all time, but also consistently puts on phenomenal matches. He has a style and attitude that makes him seem like a superstar and makes every match he's in seem incredible. Kenny Omega is the greatest of all time."
GustavoTolima wrote on 14.06.2022:
[10.0] "A living legend of the pro-wrestling. Already has his place reserved at the pantheon with other gods of this sport. Giving this man less than a 6 should be auto ban."
BadGirlRyleigh wrote on 22.05.2022:
"One of the best wrestlers in the world who receives a weird amount of hate because of one man and his podcast. Omega? s list of great matches speaks for itself. When you add in the fact that many of these matches happened while he was injured, it shows even further how good he is. Thankfully he is now taking time off the heal his body, and should stay on the sidelines as long as he truly needs and not rush back."
zags7000 wrote on 03.05.2022:
[10.0] "I don't understand why he's so polarizing but it seems that he is. To me, he's one of the best of his generation and maybe of all time. When it comes to putting on classic matches in big moments, few seem to be as reliable as Omega. His run in NJPW was one of the best and while is AEW run is slightly below that, it has still be really good. His promos might not be for everyone but I think he's underrated in that department. Maybe not consistent but I do believe he lands more than not. Among the greatest of all time overall."
Omnisplicer wrote on 02.05.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega has been alongside Kazuchika Okada as the face of the professional wrestling business since the mid-to-late 2010's. He is quite possibly the most complete wrestler in the world today, with the most protected finish in the One-Winged Angel."
AntIsSwaggy wrote on 26.04.2022:
"Omega is talented, maybe not the best with his selling and reactions. However he knows what he? s doing and his ability to stay out of scandals furthers his star power. A guy everyone should want and someone who is definitely always going to give you a show."
WrestlingFan892 wrote on 15.04.2022:
[10.0] "A wrestler who does nothing wrong and who any company wants, wrestles well, has mic-skills, charisma, a good manager, has formed good factions and even something unforgettable that is to continue wrestling for a long time being injured to give people a show. Living legend of Wrestling of course."
Brutish Dandy wrote on 12.04.2022:
[7.0] "Kenny Omega is probably the most physically gifted wrestler that I just do not like. A lot of his matches just devolve into big move spam with very little rhyme or reason. I could bear this if the man's selling wasn't so goofy. I don't like the way he hits the ropes. I don't like the way he pumps his arms up and down like a cartoon character hyping himself up. I don't like how he turtles his neck and kicks his legs out like he's doing the duck walk whenever he gets punched into a corner. It's all the little things that add to me not buying him as a tangible, serious threat. I think he missed his calling in lucha libre."
GreatAether531 wrote on 08.04.2022:
[9.0] "When he's at his peak, Kenny Omega is an all-time wrestler. His singles run from 2016-2018 is in the conversation for the greatest ever, he's an athletic freak with incredibly dynamic offense, and he's one of the best tag wrestlers of the past decade as his runs with Adam Page and Kota Ibushi made clear. Too often, though, Kenny Omega gets in his own way. His 'epic' style matches are some of the greatest ever, but his insistence on maintaining this style when the situational doesn't call for it has dragged down much of his more recent run while in AEW. His working through injuries probably hasn't helped either, but his run since winning the world title was where this was more obvious than anything else, outside of the moments of excellence such as in his match with Danielson. It also didn't help that his heel character just didn't feel true to himself. Kenny Omega attempting to come off as the Ric Flair-esque heel who only cares about money and fame always felt insincere, even with how hard him and Callis tried to make it work. He's still a generational talent, but without a more consistently good AEW run, I can't justify giving him the 10."
CTFB wrote on 11.03.2022:
[10.0] "There's always been an ongoing debate on whether pro wrestling should be treated as a legitimate contest or a form of art, and when it comes to the latter, Kenny Omega is the epitome of that. Combining puroresu stiffness with video game/anime-like storytelling makes him compelling and vastly different in the American wrestling scene, and in the best way. Many people find him hard to take seriously as he did comedy in Japan, but Omega is a big exception as I feel as a worker he's extremely versatile and able to have many different types of matches and play many different types of gimmicks. He can go from a comedy match where he wrestles an inanimate object to putting on a star rating-breaking masterclass with another high-caliber talent, it's honestly crazy how much variety Omega has in his work which leads to not one match feeling samey or similar to another match in his career. Definitely a decorated talent who has gotten the accomplishments he deserved."
Dendo wrote on 21.02.2022:
[9.0] "Kenny is a true artist in the ring and has already generated a body of work that puts him in the conversation for greatest in his generation. He falls just short of being an all-time great, and I hate to say it but his natural irrepressible goofiness is a slight detriment to his persona and occasionally his matches. Still, he is absolutely top tier in terms of dazzling offense and pure emotion when it comes to his wrestling style. His status as a leader of the new school is well-earned."
hassan01 wrote on 19.02.2022:
[9.0] "An incredible wrestler and well known not only in Japan but in the states as well. He has put up some of the best matches in this decade. A very unique move-set which will impress you for sure . After a fantastic career in Japan , wishing him luck to be the top competitor in AEW as well. He has 100 percent potential to do so. EDIT: I understand he had a injury and all but his US transition was highly average. I wont go as far as entitling it as a flop. His character was inconsistent and his mic skills very average. Regardless, there were times he hit a home-run with his character work such as portraying his persona as mentally fractured who was hell bent on proving himself as the best ever on the planet and expected others to give him the same respect. This kinda waned off as he came off as a generic cocky heel playing well below second fiddle to others having a similar role (MJF, Britt, Men of the year, Team Taz and Miro) to name those that clearly outperformed him as a villain when he was the world champion sadly and his matches just never hit the same level they did in Japan except for those against Danielson and Page. He was injured ad I get that but I make the rating on basis of what actually happened rather than what was suspected to occur."
LivingLegend wrote on 14.02.2022:
[5.0] "I respect Kenny Omega and what he's accomplished in his career. However, I am not a big fan if him as a wrestler. I will give him credit first, though. He is incredibly athletic. His movements are explosive as well as impactful. That is about all the credit I can give him. While he oozes physical charisma, he has absolutely no charisma as a promo. He comes across as a complete geek and I find it very difficult to take him seriously when he talks like a comedy act every week. He struggles to construe coherent promos that make any sort of sense, and just sounds like a mumbling mess most of the time. His facial expressions are some of the most fake and overly dramatic in the business. His selling is poor. Not Young Bucks level of poor, but definitely not good. Not holding this against him at all, nor will it impact his rating, but he has definitely slowed down in recent years. He had been suffering through a myriad of injuries that clearly held him down. I would say he should maybe do one more run in AEW and then retire, lest he become a parody of himself."
Rick Savant wrote on 12.02.2022:
[1.0] "Omega is an explosive athlete, with great cardio, who puts a lot of thought into his matches. Unfortunately, he is also a painfully awkward weeaboo, who I wouldn't find compelling in a computer lab, let alone a wrestling ring. His sense of humor is grating, and reeks of early 2000s randomness. He speaks as though his sentences are unmarred by punctuation. He is a deeply uncharming man, who's rise to fame would have been impossible if it had been attempted in front of an audience with whom he shared a native language. On top of his personality problems, he is a ham actor. Which is fine, in theory, because he's a wrestler and not an actor, but if that's the case, can we get him to stop *acting*, please? He is the anti-Minoru Suzuki in that his facial expressions are the worst in the business, and constantly take me out of his matches. He skips whenever he hits the ropes. It's a little hop. It's very distracting. Look for it. His big matches are overly long and self indulgent. His grasp of ring psychology is centered around superficially referential spots strung together, which give the impression less of a wrestling match, and more of an itemized list of things he likes, and things he's done. He is unquestionably the most over-rated wrestler of the past decade, whose acclaim has lead to his failings worsening over time, strangling any growth as a worker which could have been hoped for."
SquilliamFancyson wrote on 11.02.2022:
[10.0] "Having a place on my personal Mt. Rushmore, the greatness of Kenny Omega is best summarized by his parallels to my personal GOAT Bryan Danielson. All time great in ring workers who have had their promo skills brought into question, Kenny tells gripping stories in the ring, and his heel personas as The Cleaner & Best Bout Machine were must watch characters. He's been the final boss of NJPW & AEW, and all fear The One Winged Angel."
Nulltarif wrote on 08.02.2022:
[9.0] "Ich kenne Omega hauptsächlich aus AEW und seinen großen NJPW Matches. Im Ring zählt er zweifelsohne zu einer der besten Wrestler der Welt. Leider gefällt er mir am Mikrophone eher weniger und wirkt dabei meistens eher cringy."
rishabh wrote on 30.01.2022:
[5.0] "I remember when I first heard about Kenny Omega as a great wrestler and wanted to watch his work, but after watching quite a lot of his matches, I've yet to see a 5 star match from him which he is famous for (I've seen his matches with Okada). He is a great athlete but there's more than athleticism to be great at wrestling and that's like the only thing he is good at it. I don't like his in-ring psychology at all and I don't get invested in his work honestly. Neither do I like his goofy selling and him doing 37 V Triggers and 100 Snap dragon in a single match. I don't have change the channel heat with him but he is not someone whom I specially wanna see. His promos also come off as quite boring to me and not something I would expect from someone who is called "one of the all time greats". I'll think but I doubt I will find a more overrated wrestler than Kenny Omega."
Wright15 wrote on 28.01.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is unlike any other wrestler ever. Instead of finding his inspiration from wrestling history, he incorporates moves, looks, movements, and drama from art outside wrestling. There has probably never been a wrestler who paid so much attention to detail when telling a story within the ring. He makes both taxing power moves and difficult high-speed sequences look effortless. He is charismatic as hell, and his ability to speak off-the-cuff is matched by few others. He has also had a remarkable impact on the business. As evidenced by selling out Budokan in 2012, he and Ibushi took DDT, a company that would scarcely ever draw over 1, 000 fans, to the level of the other top promotions in Japan. In NJPW, his legendary feud with Okada drew attention from the west and will be remembered for decades. His match with Chris Jericho drew record foreign attendance in the Tokyo Dome and convinced Tony Khan that there was a market for another major American promotion. His main event at Wrestle Kingdom 13 against Tanahashi sold out the Tokyo Dome, and the very idea that he would main event MSG in 2019 for New Japan sold out that venue instantly. He has proven to be a tremendous draw in AEW, both before and during his outstanding title reign. Kenny Omega has solidified his status as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time."
Ameridragon wrote on 25.01.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is the pure, distilled essence of the best of the high spot, high workrate style of the late 2000's-early 2010's. He does excellent story-telling with his facial expressions and over-the-top mannerisms, and while he does do a lot of high impact moves, they always fit into the story he's trying to tell in the match. I hope that he takes as much time off as he needs to return as good as ever, because I feel that he is still one of the pioneers of the style AEW is trying to have."
Shib Vicious wrote on 19.01.2022:
[10.0] "In my opinion Kenny Omega is currently the best wrestler in the world. He has great character work, puts on great match after great match, makes everyone he wrestles seem like a million bucks and elevates the promotions he appears in. Then when you consider the incredible past few years he's had, he's had despite being riddled with injuries, he really does stand a class above."
GriffinX wrote on 16.01.2022:
[10.0] "Still the best in the world when you look at what he did the past few years even while dealing with numerous issues physically to still put on the level of matches that he did. The man has also shown an amazing ability to work any type of style. I know his detractors will focus on his comedy stuff but like a great actor Kenny has show range over and over again."
nWo-Joshi-Guy wrote on 10.01.2022:
[10.0] "Hell, he has not even been 100% for his amazing AEW title run. One of, if not the, greatest wrestler of all time. Very few people can even compete with the number of mind-blowingly incredible matches this man has had. Perfectly combines slower more traditional pro-wrestling styles with quicker, more modern flair. All his moves look impactful (best knee in the business) and is also great at selling. Thoroughly entertaining as a heel on mic and knows exactly when to use comedy or maintain a serious character. The protection of the One Winged Angel creates mystique and adds to his legendary status. Amazing rivalries and he takes his gimmick from FFVII's Sephiroth too which is cool."
wizardspalace wrote on 09.01.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny is arguably the best wrestler of the 21st century. Kenny has shown he can carry companies. He feels like a big deal wherever he goes."
Lucilfer wrote on 08.01.2022:
[10.0] "Kenny omega is the GOAT to me, his run as the cleaner in 2016-2019 is the greatest run of matches in history period no one can top it, an ability to tell stories like no other in the ring , unmatched explosiveness in the ring, daring and creative, just an absolute joy to watch."
dillonmatthews wrote on 01.01.2022:
[10.0] "Whatever people said about Kenny not being his New Japan self is now firmly thrown in the trash. Kenny was always gonna have his moment to pull AEW forward, and 2021 provided that. Fenix, Mox, even Sami Callihan got to be a part of one of the most prestigious runs in Western wrestling in years, and still he was able to field a trememndous storyline performance alongside Hangman Page. A main event star with workhorse ability, Kenny's earned the right to take a lighter schedule going forward."
Okaro143 wrote on 22.12.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is one of the greatest professional wrestler in history. His four match series with Okada is the greatest series of matches any wrestler could have. All four matches broke Meltzer's 5 star scale ratings and are among my favourite matches in history. He has both the highest Meltzer rated singles (Highest rated Dave Meltzer match in history) and tag team match."
eltetechori wrote on 18.12.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny is pure wrestling gold, you fall in love with the sport watching him wrestle, plus the great character he can build, he has it all."
CaptainCharisma1997 wrote on 17.12.2021:
[7.0] "Great wrestler who is held back by his inability to play a serious character and his goofy unconvincing promo style. Was weird watching AEW this past year and seeing a guy simultaneously being a comedy chickenshit and trying to act like the best wrestler alive at the same time. He's even less believable as a babyface too, sadly."
kennethtron wrote on 08.12.2021:
[10.0] "one of the best in the world and has been champion in multiple continents and for multiple companies, , , record ppv buys as AEW champion, hall of famer, along with being one of the best storytellers ever, , , be it against Ibushi, Okada, Moxley & most recently Adam page, , i mean what are we doing here, , he has played a big part in the success of AEW which will get appreciated more with time"
fariashoffman wrote on 06.12.2021:
[10.0] "this man is awesome! I only started following it a final of last year, but it's already one of my favorites!"
HighFlyDeathcore wrote on 29.11.2021:
[10.0] "The greatest wrestler of our era. A man who can get a good match out of anybody in any company. I have followed his work since 2012, i discovered it through Kenny and Generico fighting the Young Bucks. And ever since that match, i have adored his work. Through his matches with Kota to beating up AJ Styles and becoming Bullet Club leader. IWGP Champion, G1 Winner, first ever IWGP US champion and now a former AEW World Heavyweight and tag champ. *hulk hogan wcw voice* I LOVE THIS MAN"
benny5bellys wrote on 17.11.2021:
[8.0] "Very few wrestlers have ever hit peaks like Omega did between 2016-2018 but there has been a noticeable drop off since. Some of that is down to not having the quality of opponent he did then. His character work is frustrating, he can't help himself in being goofy, if he held himself like a star he would come across so much better. I still look forward to his big matches but not at the level previously. In my opinion there is no greater trilogy of matches than the ones he had with Okada, every single one a masterpiece of pro wrestling."
Grechander wrote on 14.11.2021:
[10.0] "My favourite wrestler ever, and the one I consider to be the current Best In The World. His in ring skills speak for themselves, and while some people may criticise his character work, they are clearly blind to the nuances and storytelling quality of both the saga of the Golden Lovers and his multi year long story with Hangman Page. With the current state of The Elite (Post Full Gear 2021), a new amazing story seems to be on the horizon, although I hope he takes a very well deserved break until 2022."
FACEElmo295 wrote on 11.11.2021:
[6.0] "Very indie-arrific move set, but in NJPW it felt controlled and they used him well. His character work isn't exactly great, just plays a generic arrogant heel and his look isn't exactly drawing new eyes to AEW. Omega is very much unknown out of the hardcore fans, and the people that watch AEW every now and again. Omega needs the right opponent in order for it to work, and whilst his matches with Okada, Naito, Ibushi and Jericho in NJPW were great, his AEW run has been naff. His ring work is exciting, but doesn't have what it takes to be a big draw in America. He lacks psychology, and feels like a spot monkey at times."
SL 02 15 02 wrote on 10.11.2021:
[10.0] "One of the best in ring performers of the last 15 years. His matches are always so fun to watch. One of his more underrated matches that I love is against Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom."
Beneyriey wrote on 04.11.2021:
[7.0] "Kenny's style very much defines a modern era of wrestling. Versatile, dramatic, with unique intelligence within the ring. I was always incredibly critical of Kenny before I saw him on AEW. Yes, he's still prone to the odd 'goofy' segment with The Elite, though whenever he steps inside the squared circle he steals the show. I'd quit like to see Kenny step away from The Elite. The Young Bucks are fine being in the group, though Kenny's better off without being a part of any team/group."
MrIslamy wrote on 31.10.2021:
[9.0] "I think he is slightly overrated but still up there with the bests, his in-ring work is really good but at times he can be kinda awkward on the mic. I think he would benefit more in AEW if he was more serious."
Dy1789 wrote on 31.10.2021:
[6.0] "One of the most overrated wrestlers of this era. He is good in the ring but severely lacks charisma and is okay at best on the mic. He's had good matches in Japan but internet marks glamourize everything over there. In America his flaws really get exposed cause now promos and character work are important."
Apollomidnighter wrote on 13.10.2021:
"Once in forever kind of talent and truly deserving of being in GOAT conversation. A very special and unique guy, I doubt we'll see someone like that in future if ever. Incredible to be able to watch an artist like that perform at that level."
SrHunter wrote on 11.10.2021:
[10.0] "Omega is special, while his long awaited IWGP Title reign wasn't good in therms of character and builds, he never dissapointed in the ring. Every time this guys steps on a ring something special is on the way. To not acknowledge his talent you either should be blind or stupid. Omega is a guy who has literally everything a wrestler could have, look, GREAT ring work, charismatic as hell and a great talker. His comedic acts sometimes are over the top, but i will lie if i say that don't entertain me sometimes, but when it comes to WRESTLING, he is truly one of the best out there and one of my personal all-time favorites, seeing his match live with Okada at WK11 is something i will never forget in my life. Overall he is a stellar wrestler, have an arsenal of fantastic matches, with many classics and will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, whether you like it or not."
TeddySamson wrote on 11.10.2021:
[10.0] "One of the most decorated superstar and once in life time talent that step a foot in the ring , i mean the best of the bests"
IBladeDaily wrote on 07.10.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega has redefined what the trajectory for a modern wrestler can be. He has become a worldwide star outside of WWE, has drawn sold out houses on several different continents, and his match series with Kazuchika Okada is the greatest of all time, in my opinion. He has continued to reinvent himself as AEW Champion and has tirelessly dedicated himself to becoming a better character. I have no doubt that Kenny already belongs in the GOAT conversation and have a hard time imagining how he could be any less than #1 by the time he's done in the ring."
Lalo Campos wrote on 28.09.2021:
[10.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers that I have ever seen, he has legendary matches in DDT, NJPW, AJPW and AEW"
magic wrote on 28.09.2021:
[10.0] "Anyone saying that Omega isn't a top tier talent by now is simply in denial. Time after time he has proven his wrestling prowess and has put on great matches with anyone he's paired up with. His offense is brutal, he can be a bit goofy but the charisma is there and the goofiness in reality doesn't take away anything from the amazing matches he has. he is good to amazing in pretty much every field in the sport, looks like a million bucks, and is the biggest indie draw since Danielson and Styles. Say what you will about his character as I can see why it isn't some people's cup of tea, but anyone who thinks this guy isn't atleast a good worker either hasn't seen any of his matches, or is just trying to be different."
Lyno123123 wrote on 25.09.2021:
[10.0] "(10/10 In 10-15 years people will remember Tyson Smith (A. k. A Kenny Omega) as one of the greatest wrestler in the world today. A LOT of people hated his guts because of some stuff he did in the past, but i could careless about what he did back then. His series of matches against Tanahashi, Okada, Naito, and Ibushi is in the book of "The Best matches in the last 20 Years". His Best Bout Machine "Gimmick" is NOT a gimmick. that is the BEST possible way to describe Kenny. But i gotta say one thing, the only downside of his stuff is that he is not that good of a heel because his in ring skill is overshadowed his character. He is that type of guy who you love because how good he is, and the one you hated the most because how good he is. Kenny omega is an enigma that was never seen before and that is something that A LOT of people can't comprehend. He never needed anyone opinion to tell him how good he is. The only thing he needed to do is to show up, make a series of MOTY matches, and go home. Other than that love him or hate him, He already knew that he is living rent free in your cerebral. EDIT: after watching that danielson match it solidified him as the best wrestler i have seen in the last 20 years since kenta kobashi. Amazing"
CaptainCannabis wrote on 24.09.2021:
[4.0] "Massivly overrated. He is definetly a good in ring performer for big matches when someone carrys him, but hes lacking any psychology. Outside the ring he has shown that he is incapable of beeing anything but over the top and silly."
saraiva98 wrote on 24.09.2021:
[10.0] "He is maybe the best wrestler ever in terms of workrate. What a wrestler! He changed the landscape of pro wrestling with his friends creating All Elite Wrestling."
KENTAfan wrote on 24.09.2021:
[9.0] "Kenny is awesome. In terms of sheer workrate, he's one of the greatest of all time. He's had some of the greatest matches ever and has also developed his character enough over the years to tell a compelling story whenever he feels like it His only main downside is his tendency to neglect storytelling and psychology for workrate, often spamming the same moves to the point where it just becomes annoying to watch. When he's at the top of his game though, he's one of the best."
hello101 wrote on 18.09.2021:
[7.0] "His best work has undoubtedly come from his tenure in New Japan, he was a perfect 10 from 2014-2019, and he was excellent in DDT as well. However, his work in AEW and his nascent tenure in PWG have been average to good at best, in my humble opinion. He hasn't sustained a substantial feud in AEW as of yet; although I am hopeful about the culmination of his long-term angle with Adam Page in the future. His work previous to NJPW in the independent scene heavily relied on comedy and comes off as passably good. Although I am not as critical of his comedy gimmick in AEW as some others are, his faction the Elite hasn't really produced any memorable moments of legitimacy, despite them constantly touting how they are the "greatest faction in the world", which is a moniker they abuse solely for heel heat. I like his wrestling style, but since New Japan, he has delivered classic matches only a couple of times on the big stage-- his match vs PAC and the tag match vs the Young Bucks. I wish I could rate him higher, and I hope his inevitable feud with Adam Page and others is of substance, and let's say I am also hopeful there is some fantastic conclusion between Ibushi and him whenever the time permits. But until then, I have to wait and rest my rating at a solid 7."
IFeelLikeAi3 wrote on 12.09.2021:
[4.0] "Kenny Omega is a mystifying and frustrating worker to see perform. Its unfortunate. He has all the tools to be The Best In The Woorld, but for some reason he wants to be Triple H's idea of NWA heel champion and Manami Toyota at the same time, when in reality he should be trying to be The Next Ricky Steamboat! While I did not like the work he exceled at the babyface role in New Japan Pro Wrestling as The Cleaner, an Austin like presence. Unfortunately, just like Steve Austin himself, when he became heel, he took a down turn. The only difference being the work was still good. He still has all the potential in the world, but G.O.A.T.? I Just dont think so, buddy."
GabrielHorse wrote on 08.09.2021:
[10.0] "This guy is one of the best wrestlers not only of this century, but in history. He and his mates have really changed the world"
Ryanmichael25 wrote on 06.09.2021:
[4.0] "Not as bad as the young bucks, but still just so dang goofy & not in the funny ? haha he? s a heel your getting worked way? like the change the channel annoying way. I hope Danielson or Punk takes the Title off of him."
No One wrote on 01.09.2021:
[10.0] "One of the greatest pro wrestlers of the 21st Century. One of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. Put on matches that will forever withstand the "Test of Time". Popularized the V-Trigger & The One-Winged Angel. Became a worldwide superstar WITHOUT the WWE. Legendary rivalry with Kazuchika Okada. Along with The Elite, brought a whole new wave of popularity to NJPW. Helped create a brand new North American Mainstream Wrestling promotion (AEW). Is an entertaining & charismatic personality. Tag Team partnership with Kota Ibushi as "The Golden Lovers" is one of the best tag teams of the last 10-15 years. Most likely the greatest Gaijin wrestler in NJPW history. Earned the right to call himself "The Best Bout Machine". Continues to produce great work in AEW."
WrestlingStats1 wrote on 18.08.2021:
[9.0] "Assets: Is capable of putting on long, highly-athletic contests that appease workrate and traditional enthusiasts. Is good looking and has excellent conditioning. Isn't afraid to take chances creatively. - - - Flaws: Some of his creative decision making has strongly put off traditionalists. Doesn't always pull off the best promos. Can serve as the face of a franchise, but can he take smaller promotions to the next level in such a role? - - - Career Potential: Exceptional major league main eventer with some upside."
Upgrayedd wrote on 12.08.2021:
[5.0] "Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Kenny Omega used to be a tremendous athlete, arguably the best professional wrestler still fighting full time. However, from being an icon, he became a joke. After joining AEW, Omega essentially became a joke of a wrestler. His promos became so annoying Don Callis had to be called in to do the talking for the champ. Like the Young Bucks, he took on this goofy gimmick that can't make me take him seriously whatsoever."
Lukasny wrote on 10.08.2021:
[10.0] "Was soll ich sagen. Mit Okada der aktuell beste Wrestler der Welt. Seine Moves sind so stiff, sein Storytelling ist überragend und als The Cleaner/The Best Bout Machine bei NJPW weltklasse. Durch ihn und seine Matches gegen Okada hat NJPW nochmal das nächste Level erreicht. 10/10 - ohne Frage."
BadHaircut wrote on 06.08.2021:
[10.0] "Loving his new character which he's correctly calibrated to actually get boos but he's still having great matches all the same. I guess it is possible to do."
hirsty97 wrote on 02.08.2021:
[0.0] "This guy along with the Young Bucks represent everything I dislike about modern wrestling and AEW. Goofs like Kenny Omega exist to bastardise and satirise pro wrestling. No interview no promo is believable he churns out matches for an audience of : Dave Meltzer and his sycophants who ascribe value to what some unqualified dilettante says."
voltxtrean wrote on 23.07.2021:
[10.0] "Ein wahrer Innovator und zukunftsorientierter Kopf für das Wrestling, der nicht nur die Messlatte für Matches, sondern jetzt auch mit AEW für Promotionen höher gelegt hat. Niemand verbindet Drama und Action besser als er."
Kung wrote on 21.07.2021:
[9.0] "Similar to Shinsuke Nakamura, I think Kenny's best days are somewhat behind him. However, when he was at his peak, there was no one who excited me more than "The Cleaner". In time, I might raise his score up to a 10, but his run in AEW hasn't impressed me enough to justify that to me. I still love him, though."
TheBigBu wrote on 18.07.2021:
[6.0] "Kenny Omega is a welcome part at any main event. He also has a pretty good look with tons of physical charisma. Issues arise when Kenny tries to do anything else. Every match he's a part of becomes an " epic tale". He cannot have anything other than a drama-filled match. While I enjoy drama-filled matches the constant stream of this kind of match gives me burnout. However, my main reason for this rating is his promo ability. For lack of a better term, Kenny's promos are "hippo shit". I believe that Kenny might have the worst promos of any main-event talent. He's one of the only wrestlers that has looked significantly worst after speaking. Honestly, My opinion on Kenny Omega would be much higher If he was mute."
Z001A wrote on 17.07.2021:
[10.0] "Er sticht in einer Zeit heraus, in der es so viele hervorragende Wrestler gibt, das sagt viel über seine Fähigkeiten aus. In AEW macht er gerade einen großartigen Heel-Charakter, der vielleicht die beste Charakterarbeit ist, die er je gemacht hat."
Tomas Cunha wrote on 16.07.2021:
[4.0] "Terrific athlete who can do some insane stuff, but so could Rey Mysterio Jr 20 years ago and he wasn't overrated to the degree Omega ever was. I don't enjoy the psychology in his matches, or the stories he's trying to tell. The execution in his promos are really weird and distract me like The Ultimate Warrior's used to, though both in their own different ways. I'll give him the athletic part, he's spectacular and one of the best, but apart from that I can safely say he's the most overrated wrestler in the entire history of wrestling."
Hill wrote on 13.07.2021:
[10.0] "Without Kenny I wouldn't be watching today. I have fallen off of pro wrestling after Daniel Bryan got injured and when the Shield dissembled and I never thought I would be watching ever again. I t wasn't until I discovered New Japan Pro Wrestling and by extension Kenny Omega that I learned what pro wrestling really is: an art form used to tell stories."
AntiMatter wrote on 03.07.2021:
[10.0] "Sein Übergang von NJPW zu AEW war für einige Fans eine Umstellung, aber er ist immer noch ein fantastischer Performer. AEW hat einfach nicht die Leute, die so gehen können wie er, noch haben sie die Zeit, regelmäßig große Epen zu machen. Abgesehen davon genieße ich es zu sehen, wie er mit kürzeren Matches und neuen Gegnern etwas anderes macht. Er ist immer noch erstaunlich."
Fayzal wrote on 28.06.2021:
[5.0] "He does cool moves and is a great opponent to someone who is actually a ring general and I think his run in AEW has exposed that he isn't as great alot of us thought he was when he was back in NJPW. His promos are really cringe too and what kind of person in kayfabe talks about the amazing matches they have had, AEW on commentary even keeps on bringing up that he is a 7 star match machine when that should only be spoken about outside of a wrestling show. Nothing in his matches aside from interference are able to garner any heat and it has gotten extremely old. I have no idea how people place this guy in the same bracket as Daniel Bryan & AJ Styles when they can actually carry people to great matches. During Kennys time in AEW he has failed at this numerous times with decent opponents such as The Best Friends, Matt Sydal & FTR. Since early last year he hasn't been able to put a match together that comes close to anything he did in New Japan which just goes to show how Okada, Jay White & Tanahashi as ring generals let Kennys strong points shine but now as a face of a company has been exposed as an average guy with cool moves who struggles being a basic heel on a weekly wrestling television show. The pairing with Callis too is overrated as hell while Callis is good on the mic and spears us from having to hear some of the cringe which comes out of Omega's mouth, they have had no memorable moments together aside from Kenny telling Don to 69 him each other which is pretty sad considering there are people comparing this pairing to that of Heyman & Lesnar/Reigns which is a joke. Best thing for him would be to turn face and rely on coolness rather than corny promos and chase a title held by a Heel who can bring the best out of him"
plaguespreader wrote on 19.06.2021:
[8.0] "Corny as hell, has only increased his dweeb persona in the years past The Cleaner character, and I don't think he's anything above average when it comes to mic skills, but he has a great body and his in-ring skills have already been talked about as being in the top tiers (i. e. I agree with the assessments of his workrate and moveset), so I won't go into that. Sorry man, he's not Shingo Takagi, he's not Marufuji, and I probably have enjoyed a wealth of performers more than I have enjoyed Omega (2013 Bray Wyatt, 2009-2011 Davey Richards, Killshot, Mil Muertes, Necro Butcher, MASADA, Toru Yano, etc. etc. etc. ) Still, I won't deny pound for pound he is probably the most all-rounded package if we take away the traditional "coolness" that someone like WALTER or 2016-2017 AJ Styles presents"
ExcitingProWrestlin3 wrote on 18.06.2021:
[8.0] "At his best, he's easily one of the best on the planet. But New Japan had built that story with Okada which is what lead to those amazing bouts. in AEW it's just- not quite the same, even if you love his heel work, AEW's booking makes me scratch my head at Kenny Omega's abilities, his in-ring psychology just seems off, too off for a guy as highly regarded as he is. Hopefully he can bounce back with some more great matches, with proper booking force behind him."
Wrestling4Lifee wrote on 31.05.2021:
[10.0] "In my opinion, Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world today. i mean this man just cant have a bad match. he has had a great range of comedy to very serious and hard hitting matches. he has an awesome move selection that always puts people on the edge of their seat, and his finisher is devastating! Kenny can really do it all holding 3 but technically 4 belts currently. if that doesn't say how great of a wrestler Kenny is, then i dont know what will. i recommend watching his recent work with Moxley and a handful of his G1 matches. we cant forget about his showdowns with Okada of course."
Daigotsu wrote on 21.05.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny's an all-time great. His in-ring ability is absolutely scale-breakingly elite. He has good charisma, although his promo skills are only "ok". But they're good enough to carry a story, and once he gets in the ring there are very, very few who are better."
BlakeFR37 wrote on 08.05.2021:
[10.0] "He's a GOAT in the GOATS. I put him in my Mount Rushmore. AEW and NJPW Hall of Famer in the future. And i will tell you that he was good in the Indy circuit too."
The A-Lister wrote on 05.05.2021:
[10.0] "When he's done, he's gonna be in a GOAT discussions. Incredibly talented wrestler with great characters. His work in NJPW is fantastic and matches against Okada are one of the best ever."
uzi wrote on 30.04.2021:
[8.0] "Unlike Tanahashi, Okada, or Miyahara (despite what some might say), his BITW status depends entirely on you connecting with his very specific style of match. If we consider that neutrally and look at the rest of the aspects of his in ring work, he's at the top tier in ring but not in strong contention for the absolute best. And as ridiculous as some of the anti-Omega backlash can be, his commitment to that style can also be considered negatively. It just doesn't work for every match. Beyond work rate, he has some drawbacks. He is charismatic and good on the mic, but not always believable and prone to very over the top mannerisms and facial expressions. And his sense of humor doesn't click for me at all."
killowenskill wrote on 28.04.2021:
[6.0] "I was one of those who first noticed Omega in PWG and sincerely cheered for him in G1 26, wishing for this unlikely, but still happened triumph. He amazed me time and time again, skillfully fitting into any match and arranging a massacre with absolutely everyone. When it came to the main events, his approach worked, the big matches were truly great and some, without shame, could be called the best in modern history, but when it came to the mid-card... The first wake-up call was during a match with Beretta, when he staged a battle with a man who had not even established himself as a single wrestler yet. Later, when he was fighting people like Sabre, Sanada, who needed a special approach, Omega's ignoring their chips and stubbornly pushing his own view of wrestling started to get very annoying. Now that I've been watching him since leaving NJPW, I can see that this has taken it to a new level and has become a problem. Omega is an actor of one role, and in the case of wrestling, a wrestler of one formula. He's only good at big fights, stubbornly refusing to practice anything else. Kenny doesn't care if the opponent is technically gifted, he will not enter his field and will be completely lazy, as was the case with the same Zack. Kenny doesn't care if the wrestler isn't good enough for the "big" fights, he'll still try to get him in there, whether it's the Beretta mentioned above, which will just lead to a weird big match, or whether it's Rich Swann, which will lead to a huge failure when the exhausted wrestler botches and stops selling. Omega is incompetent in his own way, and his incompetence lies in the fact that he overestimates himself too much and doesn't try to be simpler. From Kenny's example, I understand that simplicity is a unique talent, and showing a small but well-rounded match is a very, very underrated ability that Omega simply doesn't possess. He was never my favorite wrestler, but I respected his work, but the current "five stars bites" in matches with anyone greatly spoil the impression of him. Omega has set a new fashion after a really outstanding series of matches, and it is, in all seriousness, hindering the industry. I won't take a negative view of Kenny, because his contribution is still worthy of respect, he was very good in NJPW and made a good story with many wrestlers. The reason for the revision of the rating will be a situation when his storyline with collecting belts goes too far and he will take a swing at the big Japanese promotions (NJPW, DDT, NOAH) in order to push this nonsense there. It's easier for me to bear this nonsense while he's based in North America, but something tells me that it won't be for long."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 25.04.2021:
[9.0] "Er hat eine klasse Mischung. Er kann Comedy die sehr unterhaltsam ist, er ist ein klasse Techniker der vielleicht manchmal etwas übertreibt mit den Spots und auch sonst ist er nicht immer ernst bei der Sache. Da spielt er zu sehr mit den Gegner. Doch diese Mischung mach ich an Omega. Auch sehr sympathisch und charismatisch. Ist sehr gut das er nun fest bei NJPW zu sehen sein wird. Edit: Aufwertung von 8 auf 9 Punkte hat sich die Jahre bei NJPW als Heel sehr gemacht ist bei PWG auch nach wie vor genial sein Chainsaw Spot ist so verrückt. Auch ist er großer Street Fighter und Popkultur Fan. Omega rockt. Wenn Kenny als The Cleaner auftritt sieht man sofort die Inspiration zu Albert Wesker und Mario Cobretti aus dem Kult 80er Actionfilm Cobra. Edit 25. 04. 2021 sollte er gegen Rich bei Rebellion 2021 siegen würde er auch Impact World werden."
boraseyhan wrote on 16.04.2021:
[9.0] "People criticizing Kenny's promos are unacceptable. Yeah, maybe he's no Rock or anything but some of his promos are absolutely brutal. I don't even need to talk about his in-ring skills."
MrJabroniCamelClutch wrote on 12.04.2021:
[5.0] "An ok wrestler , but not the damn second coming of Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels for fucksake , the man his no psychology , no story telling skills , doesn't have any idea how to convey pain or sell any of his opponents offense , yeah impressive athlete as a high flyer , but the guy is utterly fucking goofy with his finger banging and his facial expressions , there's nothing to me that he's serious about wrestling or what he's doing and he's just fucking around like an idiot , sorry but not sold on this guy , the only reason he had those classics with Okada is testament to Okada's talent to carry this jabroni to any great match."
FightForever wrote on 11.04.2021:
[10.0] "Easy to argue hes the best in the world, in fact he's one of the best of all time! He's flawless in the ring, selling, spots, execution, brutality, etc. it's all perfect. His charisma is incredible and his mic skills are great as well! It's actually insane how good Omega is. He has had countless classics, Okada, Goto, Naito, Ibushi, and Tanahashi just to name a few. As the cleaner he was the best in the world in my opinion, and now he's top 5, if this heel character improves then he will be the best in the world"
Bushidospirit22 wrote on 07.04.2021:
[5.0] "Omega is an interesting person in wrestling. At his best, especially when he wrestles others that can keep up with him athletically like Naito, Ibushi, and Okada, he can put on amazing matches that are among the best in wrestling history. A good portion of his matches however, especially unimportant matches or matches against wrestlers who aren't all-time great workers, can lean in too much into either comedy or over-dramatization that completely take me out of what I'm watching. Ever since he moved over full-time to the U. S. , Kenny's most glaring flaw by far has been his character work. Although this was visible in Japan, it wasn't necessarily a major negative since more emphasis is placed on what happens in-ring. The need for a more exaggerated character to fit the U. S. style has really shone a light on how weak Kenny is at promos or effective character work, and doesn't work at all for someone who is supposed to be the world champion of a major promotion."
michmoose21 wrote on 16.02.2021:
[10.0] "Simply the best in the world. Kenny is the best in-ring performer in the world as of now. Kenny can do it all."
Golden Lover wrote on 15.02.2021:
[10.0] "One of the best in the world. One of the reasons why I got back into wrestling. Omega is phenomenal."
StrongStyle2020 wrote on 05.02.2021:
[10.0] "Love him or hate him, Kenny Omega is a generational talent. One of the top workers in North American history, and greatest gaijins of all time. He was an exciting talent working with and against Kota Ibushi in DDT, amongst some ROH, PWG in his early years, but blew up when he arrived in New Japan and joined Bullet Club. Golden Lovers remain one of the most talented tag teams of all time. His main event run in New Japan is what elevates him to a status of one of the best of all time. 2017/2018 Omega is simply as good as anyone you could compare to - character, work rate, storytelling, athleticism, explosiveness simply exemplary. His series with Kazuchika Okada is as good as any in history, including Misawa vs Kobashi/Kawada. A fantastic talent, who when all is said and done, could be one of the most important wrestlers of our time."
caleb mullings13 wrote on 03.02.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is the greatest wrestler of all time. He puts his full effort into every match and that's what makes him the best bout machine. All the dots connect with Kenny as he has the best long term storytelling of all time, everything has a purpose with him. He also is responsible for the greatest wrestling match ever (vs Okada at dominion)"
Uweuwesen wrote on 25.01.2021:
[10.0] "Im Ring ist Kenny Omega der beste Worker, den ich je gesehen habe! Seine Moves und die Chemie die er so ziemlich mit jedem Worker hat, macht ihn einfach zu einer legendären Personalie. Seine Japan Karriere habe ich nur am Rande mitbekommen. Ein paar DDT Sachen habe ich gesehen und sie waren ebenfalls hervorragend."
Brett1980 wrote on 15.01.2021:
[10.0] "Quite simply the best in the past 5 or so years everything he does is great. He not only can have excellent matches but I like it when he gets a tiny bit of comedy in (like the deodorant spot vs Jericho in 2018, or the singing Teenage Dream after beating Tanahashi in 2016 and the still selling the leg after jumping) There are other examples but these are the two that stand out. It does not matter if hes wrestling Okada at the Tokyo Dome or a blow up doll in DDT he will always try to put on the best performance possible."
AlexLennonPW wrote on 14.01.2021:
[10.0] "People who call this man overrated are either trying to be cool or have never actually seen him wrestle. See: Okada vs Omega I, II, III & IV, Omega & Page vs The Bucks, Omega vs Tanahashi. This doesn't even scrape the surface. The man can and did wrestle a 'good' match with a 9 year old girl."
notme17 wrote on 09.01.2021:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world, and has been for about 4 years. He make lack in promo ability, but his natural charisma and wrestling ability make up for it. I think when he is finally finished he will be remembered on the same tier as Jericho, Tanahashi, Okada, and the like"
comradevanz wrote on 07.01.2021:
[3.0] "Kenny Omega is the most overrated wrestler of the decade. His matches is just spamming V-Triggers 10+ times and doing moves that adds nothing to the story. He is bad on promo. His gimmick is "guys do you remember that I've been good in Japan and wrestle Okada? " Yeah I remember, and now you are slower than ever. He tries to do puro-style matches in USA and it's look like regular cheap spotfests."
Thebossofthegym04 wrote on 04.01.2021:
[10.0] "One of the best wrestlers in history. And despite the fact that many hate him due to the fact that he does not show the level that he was before, this does not cancel his merits. He can show a good match against almost anyone. You can't count how many good matches he showed. And I'm not talking about his legendary matches with Okada, Ishii, Naito, Tanahashi, Young Baksami and Ibushi. And I'm damn glad that he is back to basics again after a layoff in the command division."
RockinRobin wrote on 31.12.2020:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is one of the greatest if not the greatest active wrestler. He makes wherever he goes feel like he's the star, and his current AEW has established his ability to fight in hardcore matches, tag matches, and more. The collector storyline is just getting started, but he pulls in an audience to places like Impact. Kenny Omega is a decade defining star."
Morningsage wrote on 24.12.2020:
[10.0] "Since 2016, Kenny Omega has been Wrestling's Top Star. He delivers in every single match he competes in. Graduating from a Junior Weight to Heavyweight helped him find his stride as he took out competitor after competitor on his way to winning the G1 Climax 2016. His trilogy of matches against Kazuchika Okada will go down as some of the best in the history of professional wrestling. Stepping away from New Japan to a new promotion in All Elite Wrestling, Kenny Omega reasserted his capabilities with a lengthy tag team championship run with Hangman Adam Page followed imminently with claiming the AEW World Championship. Kenny Omega's wrestling matches are immersive spectacles and truly need to be witnessed to be appreciated."
cosmik debris wrote on 23.12.2020:
[7.0] "Omega is kind of a hit and miss to me. When he's facing the right opponents or finds himself into good storylines, he's an all-time tier wrestler. Everything he does looks really painful, and what he lacks in psychology (not that he's particularly bad at it, but I've seen better) he compensates with hard hits, crazy dives and an almost unlimited moveset. But I have to be honest and I cannot ignore all the bullshit he's been part of, from the comedy tag team matches with Nakazawa, to the ridiculous hardcore spotfests with Janela and Moxley. And that's just from his AEW run, thankfully I haven't seen much from his previous indie runs, but I doubt I would go crazy about it. He can be great in high-profile matches, and he is, but has proven to be rather mediocre in midcard or less important matches, and sometimes he goes too far for my own taste. Moreover, he's an average heel promo and a terrible babyface promo. The new heel persona he's portraying at the moment I'm writing this is much more interesting than the awkard babyface Kenny we've seen on Dynamite for the last several months, hopefully if he keeps a high level I'll return to appreciate him as much as I did during his NJPW peak"
Mhart2021 wrote on 13.12.2020:
[10.0] "Omega is absolutely at the very top of the wrestling world in terms of in ring ability and has had some of the very best performances in recent history."
Moose Nugget wrote on 09.12.2020:
[4.0] "Kenny Omega is a great athlete who is a really goofy pro wrestler. It's impossible to ignore his goofy facial expressions and his prancing around. With the ring person he can have a good match but with the wrong wrestler it can be horrid. And he's one of the most boring wrestlers on the microphone. His promos are absolutely dreadful."
Rick1P wrote on 06.12.2020:
[7.0] "Let's be honest, Omega is a good wrestler. However I always found him to be overrated, his background in Japan explains that. Meltzer's permanent outcry with insane ratings helps make Omega look better than it actually is."
Scottishwrestlingfan wrote on 16.11.2020:
[6.0] "Not seeing his work in Japan I can only comment on what I have seen on AEW the last year and a half. He is a good worker but also comes across as a total twat. Not a fan of all the pointing and punching the mat before running for a dive. His promos are just strange."
MC Stimulation wrote on 10.11.2020:
[10.0] "Easily a top 5 wrestler of the last 10 years, and is quickly on his way to becoming an all time great. Kenny Omega has a move set and knack for in-ring storytelling that is currently only matched by one Kazuchika Okada. Takes chances in the ring, and is willing to bet on himself to get a match or feud over by creative, long term storytelling. Has a 10/10 look, matched by his impressive ability to feel like the biggest deal in the room, he has superstar presence. Some may say he is overly dramatic in his promos and facial expressions to the point of being corny, but in most cases Kenny is able to masterfully get the desired reaction from the fans, and garner sympathy or heat in a way that only the top guys can. If you have never seen Kenny Omega wrestle I highly recommend checking out his singles run from January 2016 to January 2019 in NJPW that, in my opinion, may be the best "prime" or simply best run a wrestler has had in the last 20 years, challenged by maybe only Okada's Summer 2016 to Summer 2018 run as IWGP Heavyweight Champion."
TekknMikey wrote on 31.10.2020:
[10.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Kenny Omega spent plenty of time paying his dues in the independent circuit before eventually becoming a major part of the Bullet Club in NJPW, which then spawned a sub-group of sorts known as The (Golden) Elite. The rest, as they say, is history. His matches with Okada became infamous among wrestling fans due to the admittedly obnoxious 6/7 star ratings from one Dave Meltzer, but now a few years on, I can confidently say their phenomenal trilogy consists of some of the best matches the sport has ever seen. With a vast array of moves named after, and even inspired by video games, a calm demeanour which can quickly turn into frantic, unhinged charisma, Omega is a true maverick of the business. Now a core part of upstart promotion AEW, Omega has further spread his unremovable fingerprints on the history of professional wrestling."
medouse wrote on 29.10.2020:
[10.0] "This guy has the looks, charisma, skills and always does great promos. One of the best foreign wrestlers who ever worked in Japan. His matches in DDT or NJPW are legendary. Too bad he lost momentum after he left New Japan. Even though his best years are behind him, his legacy lives forever."
JBoogieRom28 wrote on 22.10.2020:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is one of the reasons I watch AEW and as soon as I saw The Cleaner, I was immediately like. "OMG He's AWESOME! " He puts on classics and is the best heel in AEW atm"
rainmakerpunk wrote on 20.10.2020:
[10.0] "He more than lives up to the name of "Best Bout Machine", this guy goes in the ring and has absolutely stunning matches and he can easily exceed even the highest expectations, he has an amazing moveset and he delivers each move with a certain fire and power that is unmatched, his V-Triggers look better than anybody's knee strikes, his finisher is arguably the best move ever, he has the best match ever, the best feud ever, the best tag team match ever, his character of the cleaner is top tier, and he's a VERY underrated mic worker, I like all his promos but his promo after beating Naito at the G1 26 is the 2nd best promo I heard behind only Punk's pipebomb, Omega's the 2nd GOAT behind Okada"
ilovewrestling1995 wrote on 18.10.2020:
[10.0] "He is the best wrestler of the world along with Aj styles, Seth rollins and Okada right now . His moveset is just pure perfection , his selling is out of this world , his matches are always fast pace and full of passion and energy and i dont even remember one bad singles match of kenny omega . They have booked his so bad on aew but i hope this is going to change because its so unfair the best wrestler of the world to be a midcarder . He should be aew world champion ASAP !"
Gathawk wrote on 15.09.2020:
[10.0] "Full package. Flashy in the ring with great moveset and great promo skills. Suitable to play both babyface and heel. Can't wait to see what AEW has planned for him after All Out."
Shutupwill wrote on 14.08.2020:
[10.0] "This man is the whole package. You don? t need me to tell you by now how incredible of a worker Omega is, his classics with Naito and Okada among others in NJPW certainly prove that. But Omega isn? t just knees and head drops, Omega inherits so much natural charisma and the ability to tell a good story, all you have to do is watch the 2018 Bullet Club implosion leading to Omega reforming his old partnership with Kota Ibushi to see that, Omega was one of the stars of some of the best wrestling storytelling we? ve seen in over a decade and he deserves to be credited for that. Omega is now home in the US with All Elite Wrestling and is showing he makes a good TV character too and can have a good match that doesn? t have to go 30+ minutes, he? s proving to be a great tag wrestler with Adam Page (as if he didn? t prove that already with Kota Ibushi) and he continues to be one of the more interesting characters on BTE and has an incredible fan following. Omega is the whole package for a 2020 wrestler. 10/10"
ilke Kurtlutepe wrote on 01.08.2020:
[10.0] "My all time favourite. The man who made me love this industry. One of the best wrestlers ever. His NJPW career from 2016 to 2019 is so freaking good. I hope he will get a singles push in AEW."
JundThemOut wrote on 29.07.2020:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist meiner Meinung nach einer der besten Wrestler zurzeit. Sein Wrestlekingdom 11 Match mit Kazuchika Okada ist mein Lieblingsmatch und auch als Team mit Hangman Adam Page bringt er grandiose Matches gegen Gegner wie die Young Bucks oder die Lucha Brothers."
jboyaquar wrote on 27.07.2020:
[9.0] "A remarkable, multi-faceted talent built with a massive internal engine that gives as good as he takes, Kenny should be an alpha. He has three drawbacks that prevent me from elevating him any higher: 1) He's catty - ie. In 2010 he wasn't pleased that fellow NJPW BOSJ competitor Davey Richards (the (supposed) new 'Dynamite') was receiving more attention than him; his interviews were tinged w/ too much believable venom. (Rationally, I was on Kenny's side here, but it was off from what fans typically got during that era from the competitors. ) Also, that shoulder G1 '18 vs Ishii & the post-match... evidence of petulance. 2) He's selfish - No matter how the history between Omega/NJPW plays out, Omega chose opportunity over brand-loyalty. Omega knew that if he were to leave, he would/should lose to his contemporary and brand figurehead, Okada. NJPW took him from DDT, the fringes, and gave him opportunities no gaikokojin were ever given. Kenny's talent/his engine & the tradition and name that is NJPW built his brand, but Kenny abruptly left that company implanting the impression that he used Japan for greener pastures elsewhere. Now, if given the same opportunity, I cannot say I would not do the same exact thing. Circumstances can and have been discussed, but to me these are facts, and in traditional Japanese mores, he was disrespectful. 3) He's juvenile - I don't mean 'Being the Elite' of which I'm mostly a fan (prefer 'baby back ribs' to the Scott Colton sketches, ) but rather his facials and spirit . Sometimes it's in the deepest of waters, sometimes the most shallow, but then, watching Omega's face is akin to watching a too spaztic junior high schooler tearing at his video joystick as he attempts to evade pain-death-etc, It's silly, exaggerated and geeky, not a man. In addition, oddly, Kenny sometimes isn't as good with portraying soul in the squared circle as he is on podcasts, etc. He often comes-off as someone performing a a stylized role he has in mind for himself. It's thoughtful and full-bodied, but not really his emotional essence. Classically, is he in-ring as strong of a babyface as Tanahashi, or was he as detestable as heel Jay White (though after his very-warm sendoff Dominion '16, I still don't know why JW became such a heel... it's cool he is, but why? ) Notwithstanding my criticisms, the wrestling world is much better with Kenny Omega and his array of incredible matches, that I memorably first experienced live at Koukigan against Kai for the AJPW Jr title, than without, though I don't really like his booking of the women's division, unless he was a guiding force in turning the physically undependable, but wily and sassy, Dr. BB heel."
lehaimkh wrote on 22.07.2020:
[10.0] "When Kenny first entered Bullet Club, I didn't understand his character because of his eccentric play-acting, but I never denied his ringside ability and charisma. After a while, I recognize his creativity. This is one of the best employees in the history of wrestling."
Hypocrisy wrote on 18.07.2020:
[8.0] "Kenny Omega ist für mich schwer zu bewerten. Omega war schon um die 2010er Jahre in Ring of Honor irgendwie anders. Nirmalerweise hilft das im Wrestling ja weiter aber über ein gewisses Standing kam er dort nie hinaus und das m. E. damals auch zurecht. Bei New Japan ist er zum absoluten Star geworden gesehen davon habe ich mangels Zeit fast nichts von. Bei AEW wrestlet er irgendwie zumeist mit angezogener Handbremse.... Hin und wieder jedoch lässt er sein riesiges Potential aufblitzen.... Ich wünsche mir einen run dort als Champion... Charisma jedoch hat man oder eben nicht. Lernen kann man das nicht und abseits des Rings ist er für mich halt wenig interessant."
Kid Rock wrote on 08.07.2020:
[7.0] "Kenny Omega ist für mich schwer zu bewerten: Auf der einen Seite ist er ein zweifellos fähiger, hart arbeitender und talentierter Worker, dessen Matches so gut wie nie langweilig, sondern sehr athletisch, explosiv und unterhaltsam zu betrachten sind. Mit den richtigen Gegnern (Okada, Jericho, Tanahashi) kann er auch psychologisch anspruchsvolle und durchaus "epische" Ringschlachten abliefern und sein Moveset ist ebenso interessant wie spektakulär. Auf der anderen Seite finde ich ihn als Charakter und Gimmick schwer zu greifen. Ich weiß nur, dass Omega eine Art exzentrischen, japanophilen und nerdigen Geek darstellen soll, aber das ist sehr oft mein Problem mit seiner Persönlichkeit: Er wirkt einfach ZU nerdig, ZU aufgesetzt und ZU sehr Geek, als dass ich ihn als "echte" Wrestling-Persönlichkeit ernst nehmen könnte. Dazu kommen seine oftmals viel zu übertriebenen Gesten und Mannerismen, wie die albernen Gesichtsausdrücke, das Mit-dem-Finger-Zeigen auf den Gegner, die allgemeine Zappeligkeit und das Rumgehüpfe während seinen Matches..... Omega ist mir einfach zu sehr Schein-als-Sein, dazu kommt, wie gesagt, die fehlende Persönlichkeit und damit die Nicht-Vorhandene emotionale Involvierung während seiner Kämpfe... Das macht für mich auch den Unterschied zwischen einem Kenny Omega und wahre Größen des Sports aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, wie bspw. Eddie Guerrero, Mick Foley, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan oder AJ Styles aus... deren Charaktere waren/sind viel ausdefinierter- und greifbarer, weswegen ich auch während ihrer Matches ehrlich mitfiebern kann/konnte. Bei Omega, trotz seiner wahnsinnigen In-Ring-Skills und seiner Athletik, fehlt mir einfach diese emotionale Verbindung und diese Authentizität (warum sieht man ihn bspw. so gut wie nie Promos halten, die seinen Charakter aufbauen könnten? .... mangelnde Skills? ) und aus diesem Grund käme ich auch nicht auf die Idee ihn als besten Wrestler der Welt zu bezeichnen."
ShooterMcShoot wrote on 02.06.2020:
[7.0] "Omega was great in New Japan, but since then, he's declined in my estimation. His main event match with Moxley at Full Gear was overbooked in a bad way, similar to the worst things that ECW would do. Also, if he's the one responsible for the AEW women's division (by far the weakest link in AEW), then his booking/agent work would earn him a 3 at best. He's still very talented in the ring when he's not phoning it in or hamming it up with all the finger pointing and silly faces, but the more he indulges in that kind of stuff, I find the less I like his work. Seems to need a very steady hand to reign in his self-indulgent tendencies."
nettcity wrote on 17.05.2020:
[10.0] "He is the guy who got me back into wrestling again. His matches with Okada live up to the hype. I was not bored even in the hour long matches. His mic skills are only above average, but his charisma, look, past characters like the cleaner and ring skills are Elite. His long term story with Ibushi is incredible. He's been pretty good in AEW. The match with Hangman against the Young Bucks was great. He's really helped Page get over. I am waiting for his big run, either as a face or comic book heel it kick in. He is a top 3 active wrestler in the world when he's on his game."
VillainClub wrote on 12.05.2020:
[6.0] "Vor zwei Jahren hätte ich ihm wohl noch 9 Punkte geben. Aber seit seinem IWGP Heavyweight Titel gewin, hab ich mich an ihm satt gesehen. Er baut mir in vielen fällen zu viel Comedy ein, allgemein nimmt er für meinen Geschmack viele Sachen nicht ernst genug. Seine Komische Gear zu den letzten beiden WK sind besonders zu den großen Matches unnötig. Edit: Seine Matches sind, im Gegensatz zu den wirklich Fantastischen Wrestlern, beim zweiten oder dritten mal schauen oftmals deutlich schwächer. Oftmals wirken seine Matches zu gewollt "Episch" und aufgesetzt."
Wrestlefan20 wrote on 11.05.2020:
[8.0] "Omega is a great wrestler. Don't find him that good on the mic. Has some natural charisma. Him wanting to have a competitive match with everybody, including jobbers detracts some of his appeal."
King of Strong Style wrote on 09.05.2020:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist aktuell einer der Besten Wrestler der Welt und gehört aktuell in die Top 5 der besten Wrestler und auch Gesamtpakete da er auch am Mic stark ist und Charisma hat. Absolut verdiente 10"
BastitheBrain wrote on 21.04.2020:
[6.0] "Die Zeit bei AEW hat viel kaputt gemacht. Dazu noch die Witzmatches gegen Puppen und Kinder und so weiter. Nicht mein Fall, es geht ja nur um subjektive Einschätzungen."
SwatchBerse wrote on 11.04.2020:
[9.0] "Hasn? t quite reached the heights of his legendary NJPW main event run aside from the Revolution tag, but still an absolutely exceptional talent."
rschmandt22 wrote on 01.04.2020:
[10.0] "One of the best wrestlers in the world. Kenny can have a good technical match, a good cruiserweight style match and a good match regardless of the nationality of his opponent. He is great at singles and tag wrestling. I think hes a future AEW World Champ."
Sabu316 wrote on 26.03.2020:
[10.0] "Vor 12 Jahren hatte ich ihm 8 Punkte gegeben. Heute gehen leider nicht mehr als die bekannten 10 Punkte!"
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 05.03.2020:
[9.0] "Omega is, simply put, a bout machine. He's a guy who can put on high quality, high stakes matches almost every night and keep going beyond that. His high flying offence mixed with unorthodox strikes makes him quite unique. Granted, when he started off he was basically a very goofy comedy character (hell, the reason he managed to break into the Japanese scene was literally a skit he filmed) and while he had potential, he was never really pushed beyond what he could do, but eventually started to show his talent by holding the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and moving up from there. I'd say his years in New Japan are his peak in terms of how consistently brilliant his matches were. It seems that in AEW they haven't quite pulled the trigger with Omega yet, but he's still having solid matches as a tag team with Hangman. Hopefully he'll eventually get to really show his talent in single competition."
Ice wrote on 26.01.2020:
[5.0] "I feel like he's overrated a lot, as he knows how to do a lot of spots and is very more is more as a wrestler and doesn't really respect the foundation of psychology. Is currently outshined by virtually every other main eventer in AEW."
Bobbythreesixteen wrote on 06.01.2020:
[8.0] "Bei New Japan war er für mich der einzige auf Augenhöhe mit Okada. Seit er bei AEW ist gefällt er mir immer noch sehr gut, in meinen Augen jedoch hat er etwas abgebaut. Dennoch ein einzigartiger Athlet und einer der besten der Welt. Ich bin sehr gespannt was die Zukunft mit ihm noch bringen wird und es ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit bis er auch bei AEW der Main Eventer wird."
Carrot Junkie wrote on 05.01.2020:
[10.0] "The epitome of modern pro wrestling as a counter culture. Omega doesn't just venture outside the norm in order to deliver the best he possibly can, he dives headlong out of it while laughing maniacally. Whether it be naming his moves after fighting game moves, glibly calling out WWE, swiping people with brooms, or doing one-legged moonsaults after his leg has been worked over, , he's completely 100% committed to his strange, off-beat character both in and out of the ring. Some people find him off-putting... and I'm glad they do, because it's about time wrestling inspired real emotions in people. Combine this with an incredible amount of raw athletic ability and Omega's maybe the most exciting wrestler outside of WWE."
Matt Macks wrote on 05.01.2020:
[10.0] "Currently my favourite wrestler in the world. While he always reminds me of Brian Pillman (probably because of the hair), there is no doubt that Kenny Omega is in a league of a very select few pro wrestlers whose matches I am looking forward to every single time. Sadly I missed his rise to stardom and his run on top of the world in New Japan, but for me this only means that I can catch up on half a decade of awesome matches with him against some of the other greatest wrestlers of this era. His run in AEW so far has been a little bit underwhelming, because other wrestlers were thrust into the spotlight, but I am hopeful that 2020 is the year of Omega in North American wrestling."
AndoCommando wrote on 03.12.2019:
[8.0] "Easily a 10 at his best, but the problem is he needs someone who's able to make his the best opponent and Best Bout Machine, whether it's a hybrid like Okada, a master of pacing and psychology like Naito, or one tough mother***er like Ishii"
jackleone wrote on 29.11.2019:
[10.0] "I respect Kenny Omega so much! I've seen him in some obscure indie match more than 10 years ago and I remember him for playing a videogamer gimmick and having a Dr. Wily Theme. It's great that even now that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world he still uses videogames music and parodies, because it shows that he is still the same guy but now he is at the top. His career in NJPW was amazing, I hope to see him having great matches in AEW because he is my favorite in their roster and he deserves a lot of good feuds. Well, I don't think he is overrated at all, he had many years to reach the IWGP Championship and he started from the beginning. Omega vs Okada series is legendary."
ale wrote on 07.11.2019:
[10.0] "Ganz ehrlich der Kerl is doch genial. Unglaublich wie der einen unterhalten kann, dazu noch richtig stark im Ring eigentlich das 'total package' sowas wird man leider nie im Main Stream der Nordamerikanischen Ligen sehen, vermute ich leider :( Edit: Tja wie man sich doch täuschen kann. :D"
Hippykillerz wrote on 26.10.2019:
[8.0] "First saw omega back in 2008 and has improved greatly since then. His work in NJPW is untouchable and his series with okada will go down in history as one of the best ever. That being said, I can't buy him as a guy to carry a company. It might be his look, his promos, his gimmick, something doesn't click for me."
Combo Broker wrote on 13.10.2019:
[8.0] "Omega's work rate is phenomenal, he has charisma and can mix things up in the ring... HOWEVER, something isn't quite clicking for me with him now in the States as art of AEW. I don't know if his style or mannerisms don't automatically translate as well to the west, too much reliance of pop culture references or that the calibre of opponents so far has been a step down, which if that is the case would make the likes of Okada, Ibushi, Jericho and Ishii better workers who carried him to a better performance that true greats shouldn't need having done to them. With that said, I cannot deny his time with NJPW, effectively helping bring more western audiences to the promotions, although my favourite run for him was actually his Junior run, which balanced high-pace and comedy used quite effectively."
laldila wrote on 13.10.2019:
[5.0] "Vastly prefer comedy Omega to the best bout stuff, which really soured me on him as a performer. There's no doubt he's a talented athlete, but its hard for me to get excited for his matches. I'm hoping his brief return to DDT will be a good fun comedy match, especially since he's getting in there with one of the funniest wrestlers in the world Antonio Honda."
Iceq wrote on 08.10.2019:
[10.0] "Ich freue mich für Omega, dass er endlich in Amerika regelmäßig arbeitet doch muss ich ehrlicherweise gestehen, dass er für mich in Japan besser funktioniert als sonst wo. Er ist natürlich noch immer Weltklasse doch ist der Omega aus 2016-2017 kaum wiederzuerkennen. Für mich kann er super Promos halten, geniale Matches zeigen und der einzige Kritikpunkt den ich habe ist sein manchmal zu over-the-top mäßiges Selling. Alles in allem einer der besten Wrestler der Welt."
Leon wrote on 15.09.2019:
[10.0] "Neben Ibushi und Okada für mich der beste Wrestler der Welt, vielleicht aller Zeiten. Seine Matchserie mit Okada zweifellos eine der besten die es je gab. Ein absoluter Gott was Storytelling betrifft. Kann ein 5 Star Match mit absolut jedem machen. Mit dem One winged Angel hat er wahrscheinlich den glaubwürdigsten Finishing Move heutzutage. Über seine Inring Skills brauchen wir uns nicht zu unterhalten, der Mann kann alles."
Coop DEtat wrote on 10.09.2019:
[8.0] "Kenny Omega is overall pretty good in the ring, but not nearly as good as many label him as. Sure, he looks good when he's powerbombing 150 lb Asian man, but his work isn't as good when he's up against someone that's his size or bigger."
TheV2 wrote on 04.09.2019:
[9.0] "Omega is surely one of the best wrestlers in today's world. Very precise and establishes a great chemistry with his opponents. His character work is great, but not at the very top in my opinion, because in my opinion it's quite unfair to compare only today's end-results of free, more independent wrestlers and by the promotion very limited wrestlers. He's very variable and this makes him an ace for every long-term wresting business. His move-set is delightful. The V-Trigger or even more precise the way he treats the V-Trigger makes it one of the best signature moves. It's simply a very precise damage dealer which combines with the rest damage. It kinda gives an early ROH feeling that winning depends more on great strategy rather than hitting the finisher as a game-ending move and makes people ask "Why didn't Big Show knock him out before? "."
taabr2 wrote on 31.08.2019:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is the best in the world today in the big match style with big moves, nearfalls and drama. One of the most explosive wrestlers there is, Kenny Omega wrestles at like 180 mph and yet amazingly is able to sustain that pacing for 30 minutes easily, he is the perfect wrestler for this generation who has become more and more desensitized to wrestling moves. Omega is probably the most well known wrestler and biggest draw outside of WWE and he will most likely be the face of the new AEW promotion. The big explosion of NJPW in the west was in large part because of Kenny Omega's run as the top gaijin in the company. Kenny Omega has already reached legend status in wrestling."
redekker wrote on 15.08.2019:
[9.0] "A spectacular wrestler who I feel is slightly overrated. Fantastic athleticism and strikes, most of his stuff looks really high impact, he is also entertaining and funny when not completely playing up the gamer stuff. Others have put it more succinctly than I can, I don't like the "V-Trigger spam" and it feels like he gets his "usual spots" in every match."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 01.08.2019:
[9.0] "I don't think he's God's gift to wrestling that so many others see him as today, but I do think Kenny Omega is very great. He picked up the pieces of the Bullet Club when AJ departed & brought that faction to another level. His story with Kota is probably my favorite thing he's been a part of. His stuff under the DDT umbrella certainly was on the silly side, but it's forgivable. I think his matches against Okada are a bit overrated & often felt like they were trying too hard to be the finisher-counter-kickout fest that is Meltzer's wet dream. I think that style of performing leave a lot to be desired. AEW running with him as a top guy is a good place for him & I think he needs to win that company's top title soon because I think he's a better option than Jericho or Page. He's been running as a face for a very long time, but I prefer him as a heel & I'd like to see him revert to that role in AEW sooner than later."
Taupy wrote on 25.07.2019:
[10.0] "I give him the perfect rating right now as he is above average in all the aspect I use to rate wrestlers. He looks like a star with his look, in the ring he can do it all and his bumping is top notch, his facials expressions are better than most, he can tell good stories within a match, his moves and striking looks devastating, he has a good delivery on the microphone, he can be entertaining in the ring while delivering in serious matches. There is not much you can ask else from a professional wrestler, Kenny Omega is the total package and is currently in his prime."
andrewmossighi wrote on 20.07.2019:
[10.0] "A once-in-a-generation kind of wrestler who could make a case as the greatest in-ring performer of all time. Damn right I said it! There is a reason why he receives high praise from the Dave Meltzers and the Stone Cold Steve Austins of the world. Kenny Omega has inspired wrestlers coming up today his approach to wrestling. In the ring, he utilizes jaw-dropping athleticism combined with Canadian-style mat wrestling/technique, Lucha-inspired high flying, and Japanese-style hard strikes. Also, his promo ability and charisma is off the charts. As a gaijin, was given a rare opportunity by New Japan to be one of the three musketeers for the brand alongside Okada and Naito, and he used that opportunity to not only catapult himself to the IGWP Championship, but also become the most influential wrestler outside the WWE. The only criticism I have against Kenny would be the comfort in which he has received in his booking. Think about it, if he had decided to join WWE and was put in the same position as someone like Seth Rollins is in a program with an underwhelming wrestler like Baron Corbin or a part-timer like Brock Lesnar, could he deliver results while fulfilling objectives as instructed from an authority figure like Vince McMahon? Yes, he is an extraordinary talent who delivered alongside the best wrestlers anywhere, but he usually has the creative control with his booking or matches. From my perspective, it's not only the matches against the great wrestlers but also the matches against the greener or underwhelming wrestlers in tougher booking situations that make a wrestler great. Other than that, I hope we see him in a Wrestling Classic against Seth Rollins somewhere down the road."
NEVERoverweightChampion wrote on 04.07.2019:
[9.0] "He is kind of a special case. A solid, entertaining guy who was either inexistent or overshadowed by Kota Ibushi during most of his career. It's only when he moved up in NJPW's heavyweight division that he began to show a true top star potential and became bigger than Ibushi. I don't know if he really can carry a company and be THE top star, it will be interesting to follow what he can do with AEW. For now I'm not convinced at all, he doesn't feel like a big deal anymore but some of that is probably due to the fact he has to build a new company. All I know is that in an environment where his potential was the most exploited, where he was in a really exciting roster, he was absolutely one of the best in his own style. An incredible performer with a deep desire to try to have really different matches on the big occasions. (wich is his greatest quality in my opinion) His selling isn't always good and sometimes he has goofy over the top facial expressions but he still improved and dropped a lot of his otaku comedy bullshit. Doesn't mean he stopped but he calmed down on that."
Jeje05 wrote on 29.06.2019:
[10.0] "Der beste Wrestler der welt. Was er im Ring leistet sieht man bei keinem zweiten. Jedoch sind seine mich Skills nur ok"
llqqbb wrote on 28.05.2019:
[7.0] "Was ranked a 10, but after double or nothing I can see the real Kenny Omega that just uses high spots with no real story telling or adaptability, during Kenny and Chris' match all I could see was how great Jericho is and how poor Omega is when trying to build. Through new Japan Kenny Omega can be a main event 10/10 but trying to build a company this dude's ability is a mid card champion hoping to be main event. Doesn't care about making anyone else look good as long as he looks ultimate."
Dooby wrote on 20.05.2019:
[10.0] "The level of being a fan of Kenny Omega ranges from worst wrestler ever to all time GOAT. In many ways I can see why you wouldn't like him, and yeah I would say he has some obvious flaws. His character work can be melodramatic, his selling can be spotty, and is more of a "spot" guy sure. But I still can't deny that he is one of my current favorite wrestlers in wrestling. His best quality that I love in wrestling is "energy" if I had to use a word. As soon as he steps into the ring he is constantly attracting your attention for better or for worse. From his career in DDT to New Japan, whenever he is in the ring you knew you were going to see something unique at the least. Even back to his PWG and ROH days you could tell there was something about this dude that you couldn't ignore. You can either take him or leave him, and right now he ticks all my boxes, so I'll continue to tune into him wherever he chooses to wrestle."
Cow Man wrote on 19.05.2019:
[8.0] "Honestly, I feel that Kenny Omega is slightly overrated. Good in-ring work, but he relies to much on "spots". His selling can also seriously lack, too. But he can talk, and can work great as both a heel or face. Overall, an 8."
PuroresuLover wrote on 13.05.2019:
[6.0] "Meh, what can I say? He's just boring right now, he was very cool in the beginning, but now, he's just the same old Kenny Omega. He doesn't take wrestling seriously and that's a shame."
Garrett wrote on 07.05.2019:
[10.0] "Around 2014 I lost interest in wrestling, all I watched was WWE and TNA so I got sick of all their shit and lost my passion for it. It wasn't till a few years later when a coworker told me "you have to check this guy out" watching his matches not only got me into New Japan, but it reminded me why I loved wrestling so much. His move set, his charisma, his mic skills, Kenny is the complete package and whats amazing is that he got so good that he became the biggest thing in wrestling and he didn't even need WWE to help him. Kenny opened my eyes to show me that there is so much better wrestling out there."
blackx18 wrote on 02.05.2019:
[10.0] "Micwork : (9/10) Wrestling : (10/10) Gimmick : (9/10) Charisma : (10/10) (38/40) = 9, 5. Meinermeinung nach auf einem Level mit Okada und somit teilen sich diese beiden den Platz als Bester Wrestler momentan. Goodbye, and Goodnight. Baam!"
The Sick Lebowski wrote on 26.04.2019:
[10.0] "In nahezu allen Situationen unterhaltsam und im Ring eine absolute Maschine. Wäre er jetzt nicht einer der Mit-Verantwortlichen für AEW hätte ich fast gesagt, dass er ein Kandidat für WWE wäre."
JustAWrestlingFan wrote on 25.04.2019:
[10.0] "He really has it all. The charisma, the ring skill and he feels like a star. His one winged angel finisher has been booked great. Kenny has done awesome things and the fact that he managed to make an match with an broom an enjoyable watch speaks for itself. Going to japan has really made him into one of wrestling biggest current stars."
Matu wrote on 07.04.2019:
[4.0] "Kenny Omega is in my opinion hugely overrated and his style is a big part of the problem I have with modern wrestling. The style he wrestles is goofy, spot orientated and the "storytelling" is contrived and lacks all believability and subtleness. He has had a few good matches but mostly with opponents who are far better at piecing together a match than what he is. Kenny Omega is still highly athletic capable of things not many are able to do and has made himself a huge star in the industry so I have to give him points and credit for that even though I find him to be pretty bad as a wrestler."
AJStylopz wrote on 06.04.2019:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is truly a mystery. He is the best wrestler in the world, I mean he is the whole package. Awesome talker, awesome in ring work, great athleticism, but sometimes he sells like shit and his facial expressions rarely are on point. I find him to be a very generic babyface as he lacks that fire. I think he works much better as a heel but overall he is fantastic. He's had some incredible bouts, some rlly overrated ones but overall a fantastic wrestler."
zephyr wrote on 19.03.2019:
[9.0] "There's a lot of positives to Kenny Omega. He can talk, he has charisma, and man, he can WRESTLE. At least he can if he cares. If he feels like the match he's in isn't that important he'll just come out wearing his merch and give you a 6/10 performance with nothing memorable. But whatever, he's had some of the best matches of all time so you really can't give him a super low rating."
fernando27 wrote on 15.03.2019:
[10.0] "Sin dudar el mejor wrestler que vi por todo su capacidad su versatilidad su angel su desempeño no guardandose nada , esta echo en y para japon ... si solo japon puede permitirnos ver lo mejor de un luchador como este , la tierra del PURORESU talvez donde se puede ver la mejor expresion del wrestling alli dio sus epicos combates que son clasicos . Ademas se gana el respeto y hara mas grande su leyenda haber rechazado a wwe eso sera iconico ahora solo queda seguir deleitandonos de esta leyenda viviente "THE CLEANER " KENNY OMEGA"
LIJ369 wrote on 19.02.2019:
[10.0] "One of the best to ever do it. Athleticism, speed, strength everything you want he? s got. Also one of the smartest and in depth thinking wrestlers in the world as well"
TheMagneticDragon wrote on 02.02.2019:
[10.0] "Simply one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots and is still going strong even as he is about to reach his prime."
Kyle Fisher wrote on 31.01.2019:
[6.0] "Kenny Omega is extremely athletically superior to many of his peers. However, Kenny lacks any sense of a character and his goofy expressions damage his in-ring work, which while impressive from an athletic perspective does not tell a story."
Saphir wrote on 30.01.2019:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega hat eine sehr gute Ausstrahlung und kann im Ring so gut wie alles, was ein Top Wrestler braucht. Vielleicht kickt er ja mal Lesnar o. ä. gepushte Übergrößen mal in gewohnter Manier ins Genick. Bei Omega sind alle Siege und Niederlagen, die ich gesehen habe überzeugend gewesen und bei ihm ist einfach alles möglich, unterhaltsam ist er auch. 10/10 Great Champion, Great Worker, Great Entertainer!"
LunarGrey1 wrote on 29.01.2019:
[10.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, devastating finisher (The one winged angel) and devastating V-Trigger , he's changing the face of professional wrestling as we know it! Goodbye and goodnight *BANG*!"
JEK 1991 wrote on 29.01.2019:
[10.0] "Excellent wrestler. He is the NJPW champion and is one of the best wrestlers of this modern day. Has so many signature moves. impressive wrestler."
TylerWhite wrote on 13.01.2019:
[10.0] "Der vielleicht beste Wrestler aktuell überhaupt. Was er in den letzten Jahren abgeliefert hat ist einfach unglaublich. Seine Matchserie mit Okada steht auf einer ganz anderen Stufe als alle anderen Matchserien jemals und daneben hat er auch so viele großartige Matches geworkt. Er schafft es einfach immer Big Time Feeling zu kreieren, weil er einfach unglaublich charismatisch ist. Auch am Mic ist er großartig und hält großartige Promos, sogar auf japanisch. Im Ring ist er unbestritten einer der größten Wrestler aller Zeiten, der natürlich für NJPW wie gemacht ist und dort einfach welche der besten Matche überhaupt worken konnte."
Cibs wrote on 01.01.2019:
[9.0] "One of the best wrestlers in the world without a doubt. Some of his matches are a bit overrated but in general he is an incredible wrestler who has evolved over the years and that's always good. I do not give him 10 because he needs to solve a particular problem: make the first 20/25 minutes of his long matches not so boring."
liveru wrote on 08.12.2018:
[9.0] "I first heard of Kenny Omega when he wrestled that little girl. After reading about that, I thought there was no way he'd ever amount to anything. Then when he joined Bullet Club, I still wasn't impressed. However, since moving up to the Heavyweight Division, he has pretty much been involved in every top match of the year. He has a tenancy to spam the V-Trigger (seriously, if he was a fighting game character, I'd get so pissed at such a cheap move) but I can't let that take away my enjoyment of watching his matches. I just hope The Elite's popularity in 2018 doesn't ruin his momentum in 2019."
SuperJrFanBoy wrote on 17.11.2018:
[6.0] "Now, kenny Omega is a great wrestler, and that is undeniable. However, I find him to be extremely overrated. He is great, but not one of the all-time or even current greats. Kenny's Modus Operandi for big matches make them quite repetitive sometimes. He also has a bad knack for overdoing his spots and forgetting the storytelling or even forgetting to sell his knees doing dives and big strikes even when his opponents spend minutes with limb work. Speaking of the knee strikes, he also needs a new "transitional" move because as great as the V-Trigger looks and sounds it is extremely overused in every match and that takes away from the move's "mystique", for a lack of a better term. Placing him above guys like Marufuji, Miyahara, Sugiura, Okada, et al is a mistake. Omega has, however, all the makings of being an all time great and some of his matches are a testament to that. He does need to find something to make him stand out because, right now, as I see it, he is just a good ring worker with good spots, but who normally cannot make them work together in a cohesive way. When compared to more complete guys like Okada or specialists like Tanahashi, he is far from being New Japan's #1 ring worker. Not to mention that I see him as having a bad run with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship mostly due to having Cody meddling with the main events and overall treating the title as an afterthought, altought it is understandable that this is not entirely his fault."
KING wrote on 09.11.2018:
[10.0] "What can you say to Kenny Omega? You could see his talent already when he was a top guy in PWG and DDT, he was destined for greatness, but quite frankly I never expected him to get so big, so huge. He debuted in NJPW as the second guy of the Golden Lovers, he was taking the pinfalls for Ibushi and he was at Kota's side when the Golden Star was dominating the Junior division. However, the company saw thur his talent and after Balor left he was given a chance as the Bullet Club's Junior Heavyweight: he dominated the division for the whole 2015 and his feud with Kushida was great, Kenny is one helluva patient man, he left the WWE's developmental and made a name for himself. A real wrestling lover, he saw Kota's greatness and working with Ibushi brought him to Japan, where magic happened. As soon as AJ left as well, NJPW just pushed Kenny, who had a solid IC Title run and won the G1 becoming a top guy in about 5 months, the rest is history, he's the best wrestler in the world right now, capable to be a face and a heel (althrough born to be a babyface but solidified thru his heel run, like the real legends), he's constantly putting on amazing matches and he became the biggest non WWE draw since the good WCW days."
MogGuy wrote on 06.11.2018:
[10.0] "I'm sensing by other comments some bandwagon jumping going on here. Let me bring some honesty and bluntness into this. Kenny Omega was nothing before Japan. Nothing. Anyone who claims otherwise is either lying or is not a very good pro wrestling critic. When one of your big breaks in pro wrestling is a viral video of you wrestling a young girl who was like 12 year old or something at the time, that's not cool and unique, its weird and dangerous and she could have gotten seriously hurt. What 12 year old can learn how to correctly take a bump, let alone get an explanation that pro wrestlings not real? Come on now. Next, Kenny and Kota meet in DDT by pure chance. Had they not met, Kenny may very well have been rotting away in DDT to this day because of their tag team not taking off. So Kenny eventually gets to NJPW and gets lucky that he is selected to join Bullet Club, and the rest is history. This mans entire career has been about fate, luck and at one point being a dangerous worker (the 12 year old girl), yet the IWC bows down to him like he is the King of Gaijins or something. This man is not special, this man got lucky long ago, and with that luck he has gained notoriety and has been given tips and tricks by all the Japanese greats to improve his in-ring ability over the years. In closing, Omega is a lucky hack who was never supposed to amount to anything in professional wrestling. That's my view and this is the moment where I reveal that I meant none of what I just said (SWERVE! ) and Kenny Omega is actually one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the modern age and will no doubt go down as one of the greatest of all time when all is said and done. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read and I hope you got a few laughs out of the material I just provided during my unhealthy and completely not recommended spare time. Have a great day!"
RatingsMachine wrote on 15.10.2018:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega seems to engender a passionate response from people, whether it's a positive or negative response. Kenny can obviously have some incredible matches, and to suggest it's all or mostly down to the other guy is absurd. Yet Kenny is not without his flaws; he seems to have no sense of excess, of knowing that he's going overboard with certain moves or spots. And his interviews are Rock-like in that they almost always seem so cornball, like they're a caricature of a wrestling interview. Kenny Omega is great, yes, but he's not quite the world class wrestler that a lot of people think he is."
Aurtletheturtle wrote on 15.10.2018:
[10.0] "The once comedy character of Kenny Omega was never thought to reach the heights that he has today. But in the last few years Omega has managed to transform himself from a undercard comedy wrestler to the pinnacle of professional wrestling today. Using some of the most innovative and brutal offence ever before seen, Omega has built an empire for wrestling outside of the WWE and brought new eyes to companies all around the world. Officially ascending to superstardom off the back of his legendary G1 Climax victory and subsequent Wrestle Kingdom 11 challenge against Kazuchika Okada, Omega has transformed into one of the most popular and beloved wrestlers on the planet and a true defined "draw" by selling out any show he is announced on near instantly. Kenny Omega will continue to grow regardless of the stage he is on and regardless of what his naysayers try and throw against him. The Cleaner has made way for the Best Bout Machine and a new era of Professional Wrestling."
richeyedwards wrote on 11.10.2018:
[0.0] "He is really not very good. I will start off with the good stuff, he is one hell of an athlete able to go at very high pace for long periods of time, and that is where the positives end. Everything he does is at a very high pace and he never slows down to give anything room to breathe. His big matches consist of him just throwing out moves when he is not being controlled by a much better talent such as tanahashi. Nothing he does tells me that he is in a wrestling match. It is all just a procession of stuff that means nothing. It can be one hell of a show or spectacle but not ever a great match usually it ends up being boring due to the matches being endless dull crap. Like a highly practiced gymnastics or dance routine not a wrestling match. His comedy is really goofy and works but only when he is not trying to be a top guy at the same time. To me his ceiling is as a undercard comedy wrestler and his progression up the cards is depressing as NJPW moves from top guys of tana, nagata to the dross of omega and okada who are much lower end talents. But people seem to love him and i cannot understand it the same way i cannot understand why people love Shawn Michaels or Kurt angle so much. Probably the worst wrestler i have ever seen along with mid 80s Swede Hanson"
MaskedGaijin wrote on 08.10.2018:
[8.0] "Ich fand Omega noch vor kurzem eher langweilig... Wie ich mich doch getäuscht habe! Momentan einer der besten der Welt. Egal in welcher Liga. Einfach Top der "Cleaner"."
jamzell00 wrote on 18.09.2018:
[6.0] "He's fantastic when matched with guys who can layout matches well. His stuff with Naito, Ishii, Tana etc are incredible matches. When he's expected to lead the match however it gets bad. Kenny excels at sprints and when he isn't working them he looks like shit. I want to like him a lot but the guy is a geek in and out of the ring. He can have one of my fav series of matches ever with Naito then put on dogshit performances with Goto, Cody, Page, and even his recent Ishii title match"
Tomlou12 wrote on 17.09.2018:
[9.0] "One of the best wrestlers in the world today. He always puts on exciting matches each time out, His feud with Okada was excellent, full of emotion and it had me invested. I am excited to see what he will do in years to come."
Oliver95x wrote on 12.09.2018:
[10.0] "Einer der besten Wrestler aller Zeiten wie ich finde. Er hat Charisma und im Ring weiß er zu überzeugen. Ein gutes Move Set und er kann mit jedem ein gutes Match hinlegen. Seine Kniestöße sehen einfach nur unglaublich aus."
JessePinkman1998 wrote on 02.09.2018:
[10.0] "Für mich zurzeit der beste Wrestler überhaupt. Jedes Match ist stark. Er hat einen so Variablen und spannenden In-Ring Stil. Und seine Matches gegen Okada Vorallem Nr. 4 gehören zu den besten Matches die ich je gesehen habe. Und er hat ein unfassbares Charisma. Ganz klar 10 von 10."
Robert Taylor wrote on 29.08.2018:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega hat schon ein tolle Geschichte und Entwicklung hinter sich. Gehört aktuell zur absoluten Weltspitze und hat sich vom whacky-Wrestler, der Spots wie "Stop" oder den "Hadouken" zeigte zu einem absolut erntzunehmenden Wrestler entwickelt, der völlig verdient an der Spitze von New Japan angekommen ist. Ich habe ihne das erste Mal bei ROH im Jahr 2008 gesehen und hätte ihm diese Entwicklung damals nicht unbedingt zugetraut. Klar, er war damals schon talentiert und hatte auch gute Matches bei PWG aber er war halt auch ziemlich Indy. Habe ihn dann während seiner Zeit bei DDT leider aus den Augen verloren und erst wieder bei All Japan gesehen, wo er einen echt starken Run als Jr. Heavyweight Champion hingelegt hat. Auch in den Anfängen als Jr. bei New Japan konnte ich noch nicht erahnen, wohin es mal gehen wird aber man merkte dort schon, dass er sich entwickelt hat. Hat mit seinem Sieg im G1, den ich damals fieberhaft verfolgt habe, vermutlich jedem die Augen geöffnet, wie gut er überhaupt ist. Hut ab Kenny, eine tolle Geschichte und ein verdienter Platz an der Spitze des Wrestlings!"
SED12345 wrote on 23.07.2018:
[10.0] "He? s just the best wrestler today. This man is a real wrestling god that will be treasured forever. His promos are incredible, especially when they are immediately after a 5 Star match. This man has had 10 five star (or above) matches from Dave Meltzer from the past two years. 2! He? s had classics with Kazuchika Okada, The Young Bucks, Chris Jericho, Tetsuya Naito, Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii, and plenty more. He is the current IWGP World Heavyweight Champion with one of the best stories going on today with the Bullet Club Civil War. He? s also really good at Street Fighter! What a legend! And here is the scariest part of all: He? s only just begun. Goodbye and goodnight; bang!"
sign squad wrote on 21.07.2018:
[10.0] "Oh wie schön, dass er nicht mehr bei DDT mit Puppen und Leitern und irgendwelchen Dödelgimmicks arbeiten muss sondern Geld verdient mit ehrlicher, harter und herausragender Arbeit. Manchmal ist es erstaunlich, was Fans so antreibt. Aber egal, ich lass mich schon wieder von ehemaligen Teammitglieder triggern. Geiler Macker einfach der Typ."
Headlock wrote on 21.07.2018:
[4.0] "Kenny Omega ist besser als sein Tag Team Partner, vor NJ in DDT Hätte er 9 Punkte bekommen, In All Japan wäre es ne glatte 10! Selbst als Junior in NJ wären es 7 aber wenn er als Heavyweight seine Komedie mit der Elite zeigt, kommt mir das kotzen, um es mal Diplomatisch auszudrücken, ich bin kein Fan von T-Shirt Omega und das ist leider der Omega der öfter auftritt als der ernste Omega und selbst Big Match Kenny ist ermüdent. Sein Mic Work ist auch absolut grässlich. Ich geh ich auf 4 Punkte, da ich einfach keinen Spaß mehr an Omega hab"
Cameron621129 wrote on 18.07.2018:
[10.0] "One of the best in the world in ring. Unarguably a superstar wrestler who can do anything and is a great storyteller. Just look at the Okada fued."
Vylkhin wrote on 17.06.2018:
[10.0] "The. single. best. wrestler. in. the. fucking. world. Charismatic, amazing in the ring, great mic skills both in japanese AND english, puts on classic over classic, he can do absolutely everything. This man is the definition of wrestling."
jpmoore0416 wrote on 16.06.2018:
[10.0] "best wrestler/performer i've seen in the 30 years I've watched... Ric Flair and Okada are close but Omega has more Charisma than anybody, unreal athlete, great promo and ring psychology ... He can tell a story in the ring that creates emotion... Heel or Baby his versatility is what really sets him apart from the others... #14 on this list is an insult"
memebigboi wrote on 15.06.2018:
[10.0] "Best fucking wrestler in the world. If you rate him below 9 I just assume you are cheeto eatin, mountain dew drinking fat fuck who is still crying about HBK vs Taker getting 4. 75 or watching your no name promotions with "excelent" matches."
Makai Club wrote on 27.05.2018:
[7.0] "Edit: My impression of Omega has completely changed over the past year. Maybe that's due to different tastes or Omega just getting worse but Omgea is getting less and less appealing to me by the day. His big matches for the most part of fine but Omega is often the most annoying parts of the match due to his awful facial expressions, along with little nuances that make him frustrated to watch. He tries way too hard to get an epic, so many big moves all the fucking time. The spamming of his V-Trigger, so much fake drama in his matches. It's frustrating at times because he isn't bad and can have great matches but he isn't consistent at those great performances."
lew kazama wrote on 02.05.2018:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is a viciously entertaining worker with a fun moveset and bizarre, villainous persona. His English promos always communicate effectively to the Japanese crowds and he has proven himself to be one of the most consistent workers on the planet today."
rjsbx11 wrote on 11.02.2018:
[10.0] "With some wrestlers, you truly have to watch them on a loop to fully appreciate them. Kenny Omega is one such wrestler. Omega is a perfect blend of silly, goofy, referential while also being having outstanding ring presence, his incredible wrestling ability and his undying love for Japanese culture or wrestling. Something about Omega compels you to pay attention to him, whether it's his unparalleled selling, his ability to build drama for a match or his character work --- Omega is a must-see wrestler. While many clamor for a WWE run, he is one of those wrestlers whose impact and reach in the industry would do fine without the casual exposure of the WWE."
Sebastian V wrote on 06.01.2018:
[10.0] "Es ist in meinen Augen unmöglich ihm keine 10 zu geben. Im Ring ganz klar 10/10. Kaum einer hat so viele so außergewöhnlich gute Matches in der Geschichte geworked wie er. Sauberkeit der Moves, Psychologie, Breite des Movesets, Finisher.. es stimmt einfach alles bei ihm. Ausstrahlung auch ganz klar 10/10. Er kann Reaktionen ziehen wie kaum ein zweiter. Micwork würde ich 9/10 sagen, da ich noch nicht so viele Promos von ihm gesehen habe ( weil das nun mal in Japan nicht so bedeutend ist wie anderswo) um ihm 10 Punkte zu geben, aber die die ich gesehen habe wie die nach dem G1 Final waren absolut klasse. Alles in Allem einfach der beste Wrestler, den es im Moment gibt."
TheLoudMouth wrote on 05.01.2018:
[10.0] "Das aktuell heißeste Eisen im Wrestling-Business. Bei seinen Top-Leistungen wären alles andere als zehn Punkte tatsächlich pure Blasphemie."
Rattlesnake3-16 wrote on 21.12.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is simply the most famous gaijin nowadays and he deserves it. His character is charismatic, talentious and a little bit enigmatic. Furthermore, his love and respect for Japanese culture (he speaks fluently Japanese), all the references he put on his moves and character show that he is very implicated, maybe more than other gaijin. His in ring is just incredible, mixing a lot a style and influence. He also gives very good promo in his career. So I hope he will continue his ascension and become the best"
PrinceJr wrote on 30.11.2017:
[10.0] "Sein Match gegen Kazuchika Okada bei Wrestle Kingdom 11 hat mich dazu gebracht mich mehr mit New Japan Pro Wrestling zu befassen. Ich kannte die Promotion zwar vorher schon, aber durch WWE Propaganda habe ich nur WWE geguckt. Dieses Match war wahrscheinlich eines der besten Dinge, die dem Wrestling widerfahren konnte, da ich es so empfinde, dass der Hype für New Japan so groß ist wie schon lange nicht mehr nach diesem Match. Meiner Meinung nach ist Kenny die Stütze, um international durchzubrechen. Überbewertet wird er sowieso nur von den Leuten genannt, die nix anderes außer Raw und SmackDown gucken und sich schon an den Dünnschiss, der ihnen jede Woche vorgesetzt wird, gewöhnt haben. Hoffentlich entscheidet sich Kenny weiterhin noch viele Jahre bei New Japan zu bleiben, wo er auch seinen Ansprüchen eines Topstars gerecht wird."
benYo wrote on 21.11.2017:
[10.0] "Für mich ist K. Omega ein wahres Wunder an Wrestlingkunst. Jede seiner Aktion sitzt auf den Punkt und er transportiert dabei auch noch so viele Emotionen dass man formlich eingefangen wird von der Story im Ring. Seine Ausstrahlung rund um den Charakter K. Omega ist einfach unglaublich und wird auf der ganzen Welt geliebt. Ich bin mir sicher, dass er mit genügend Freiheiten jede Wrestling-Liga auf ein neues Niveau heben würde. Ich hoffe jedoch das er noch lange bei NJPW bleiben wird. Das einzige was ich noch mehr feiern würde, wäre ein Kampf K. Omega vs. AJ Styles."
Toothless192 wrote on 15.11.2017:
[10.0] "He is the best wrestler in the business today. He also has three 6 star matches all of them taking place this year and another near 6 star match. The man is unstoppable."
Dragon Fighter wrote on 14.11.2017:
[10.0] "A tremendous, fantastic overall performer today. I understand someone dislike him because he is sometimes goofy or does little too much comedy, but I like everything he is doing now. Great in ring work, very good psychology. On mic, he is also phenomenal as well, I love how he put over his opponents so much before or after the match. He is really special, can make anything around him look so important, feel like a big deal. A proven big draw with the western audience and Japanese audience and he definitely has huge impact on the company's western expansion. Hopefully, he will stay in NJPW to become a legend there. To me, he is really a joy, an entertainment to watch. A 10 for sure."
TheRainmaker28 wrote on 25.10.2017:
[10.0] "One of the most entertaining wrestlers of this century. I can see why some people hate him, but they just can't deny his amazing talent. Amazing offensive, atletic and a very versatile wrestler. And one of the most impressive things on Kenny, was his facility to adapt his style from a Junior to a Heavyweight, just like AJ. Kenny probably will go down as one of the greatest if he keeps this rhythm over the next years. Amazing talent."
Solidsnake888 wrote on 10.10.2017:
[10.0] "Ich verfolge nicht viel Njpw, aber dieser Kerl ist einfach awesome. Ein absoluter garant für gute Matches. Vielleicht sehen wir ihn mal bei WWE"
The Big Blue Machine wrote on 02.10.2017:
[10.0] "One of the best at the moment, Kenny Omega is charismatic, athletic and entertaining to watch. A bridge between American and Japanese wrestling, Kenny is basically son of two worlds. He can also work a good competitive match and then have a incredibly funny comedy match. It's a shame he hasn't still won the IWGP Heavwyweight Championship."
Yukinoark wrote on 04.09.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny is a genius wrestler, every match he's done never looks boring to me. Though his opponent is an amateur, he knows the advantages of his opponent and he tries to show it so that the opponent has a chance to shine."
Blood Pump wrote on 01.09.2017:
[9.0] "Say what you will about his garbage run in DDT (I whole heartedly agree with Cornette as far as considering Omegas stunt with the blow up doll and little girl not only being unfunny but just plain terrible), the man has improved by leaps and bounds. Since early 2016 Kenny has seemingly made it a point to become one of the best hardest workers, and I believe hes accomplished the feat. Sure he has that DDT blemish on his record and yeah he sometimes goes from spot to spot pretty fast but as far as the latter is concerned I think that speed tends to serve his matches well. While I'm not as high on him now as I once was (hes third behind Naito and Okada in my eyes, fourth if/when Shibata returns), there's no denying his mind for a good spot is above and beyond anyone else's right now. Hes been a direct part of some of the greatest matches in history with both Okada and Naito, and has been a very steady hand otherwise. I only knock a point off because I do feel he could work on his pacing when going from spot to spot. As cool as his explosiveness is I do think he isn't exactly great at letting a big spot breathe, though hes gotten better at that."
tykechandler wrote on 16.08.2017:
[10.0] "He can be off-putting at times with his persona and in-ring histrionics (gesturing, hand movements, etc), but there is absolutely no denying he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. He can do it all, and he does it incredibly well. One of the best ever."
xPETERx wrote on 14.08.2017:
[10.0] "Weniger als 10 Punkte für den aktuellen Omega, der in Regelmäßigkeit 5* Matches raushaut wären wohl Blasphemie. Es gibt einfach zu vieles was gut an ihm ist. Der Bullet Club, The Elite, das Theme, V-Trigger, SnapSuplexes, der Finisher etc. Die Gesichtsausdrücke - selbst bei sowas wie der G1-Pressekonferenz (als Ibushi nach vorne tritt, oder Suzuki an ihm vorbei läuft, oder er EVIL nachäfft). Alles unter 7 sind Hate-Bewertungen, die bloss den Durchschnitt senken sollen."
arrancar wrote on 14.08.2017:
[10.0] "I quite frequently have issues with Omega. As many people have mentioned, his facial expressions, gestures, posture, and general bumps can be very overdramatic to fit his video game inspired character. It can easily come off as cheesy and even laughable, and can detract from matches that are of a high importance level. Yet somehow this guy manages to make it all feel natural by the end of the match. Omega IS the super villain. He's over the top and goofy, yet knows when to tone down his pace and be more methodical and precise with his actions. This creates a character that takes great delight in being dastardly, and is clearly in love with his own ego, but not to the point that it clouds his judgement enough to stop him from properly attempting to obtain his goals. So, while Omega can be goofy, it fits his character perfectly. There's no one else quite like him, and when he goes into serious mode he turns into a FULL-ON killer. This isn't even to mention his incredible athleticism and physicality, pulling off all sorts of crazy high-flying, technical, and power moves, all with perfect timing and technique. During the big finishing stretch of a match it's incredibly hype seeing Omega put on that big cheesy grin as he attempts to kill his opponent and put them down for the 3 count, because he really comes across being as crazy as his ridiculous grin implies. Omega is a madman that's having some of the best matches I've ever seen. One of the best in the world currently."
Efanga80 wrote on 13.08.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny isn't my favourite but he doesn't need to be my favourite for me to know he is one of if not the best pro wrestler right now. Every match is talked about and endless classics"
RazorHawK wrote on 08.08.2017:
[10.0] "Actions surely speak louder than words, to anyone who doesn't know this man, the Cleaner, you need to see his matches if you're really a fan of wrestling, look no further than his two matches against Kazuchika Okada, absolute masterpieces, and Kenny, in my opinion is the star that shines brighter in this "tango". He's really at the top of the world of wrestling and I think it's just getting started"
Telecine wrote on 04.08.2017:
[9.0] "Ich muss sagen, ich bin echt beeindruckt von Kenny Omega. Als ich ihn vor vielleicht sieben Jahren das erste Mal bei ROH sah, hielt ich ihn für talentiert, aber nicht für jemanden, der das Potenzial hätte, irgendwann einer der Topstars des internationalen Wrestlings zu sein. Doch genau das ist er mittlerweile bei NJPW geworden. Als einer der wenigen hat er es auch geschafft, seiner komödiantischen Herkunft irgendwo treu zu bleiben und sie dennoch zu einem Stück weit hinter sich zu lassen. Mittlerweile beherrscht er ein psychlogisch durchgestyltes Match wie beispielsweise im G1 genauso perfekt wie ein Comedy Match gegen Toru Yano und das alles, ohne aufgesetzt zu wirken. Erstaunlich, was aus ihm über die Jahre geworden ist."
ChristianMB1 wrote on 27.07.2017:
[10.0] "Excellent blend of athleticism and psychology. Quite possibly the best wrestler of all time, and his brilliance is enhanced by the fact he works for a company that legitimately appreciates his talent and doesn't change him."
The Phenomenal 1551 wrote on 03.07.2017:
[10.0] "Meiner Meinung nach das beste Gesamtpaket im Wrestling außerhalb von WWE. Gerade was er in den letzten eineinhalb Jahren im Ring abliefert ist gefühlt oft nicht von diesem Planeten. Vor allem die großen Matches gegen Okada sprechen für sich. Auch beim G1 US Special hat er wieder abgeliefert und ist zurecht erster NJPW US Champion."
Lee Vilenski wrote on 20.06.2017:
[10.0] "I'm not exactly sure how you can rate Kenny badly. Able to work year long, doing incredible matches on que, with phenominal mic skills, and gets over in Japan despite being Canadian. Legit nice guy who just wants New Japan to be the business. Fantastic Wrestler to boot."
ParisTheSpider wrote on 19.06.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist momentan der heißeste Star der ProWrestling Szene. Im Ring ist er sehr gut und hat ein tolles Moveset. Bei New japan Pro Wrestling ist er grandios. Habe schon dutzende 5 Sterne + Matches von ihm gesehen. 10 von 10."
PistolPeteMatty wrote on 31.05.2017:
[10.0] "Probably the best wrestler in the world today that was born in North America. He's got charisma for days, impeccable in ring ability, can cut a great promo, and has an excellent look. Omega is amazing."
LordGabriel wrote on 28.05.2017:
[10.0] "One of the most spectacular wrestlers nowadays. I really enjoyed his matches vs. Tetsuya Naito and Kazuchika Okada (WK 11). He is an attraction for everyone and a great leader for the Bullet Club/"
J D wrote on 19.05.2017:
[10.0] "Der beste Wrestler den es zurzeit gibt. Hat das beste Wrestlingmatch allerzeiten gegen Okada geworkt. Einer meiner absoluten favourite Wrestler und auch der Grund warum ich NJPW so liebe!"
Demusa wrote on 13.05.2017:
[10.0] "Einer der komplettesten Wrestler die ich je gesehen habe. Wenn er keine 10er Bewertung verdient hat, dann hat sie keiner verdient!"
Richie wrote on 06.05.2017:
[10.0] "Wie er ist, wie er sich gibt, was er macht... er ist das beste, was ich wahrscheinlich jemals gesehen habe! 10 Punkte und besser!"
ErycK24 wrote on 02.05.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is the bar for wrestlers in the modern era, he is one of the best in the world both in the ring and on the mic."
Leo Evans wrote on 28.04.2017:
[10.0] "Im letzten Jahr sollten jegliche Zweifel verschwunden sein - Kenny Omega ist nicht nur einer der besten Worker dieses Planeten, sondern "the hottest thing going on", die Boxoffice-Attraction, die die WWE so gerne hätte. Er bringt mich dazu, jedes mal bei NJPW (und natürlich auch regelmäßig bei diversen Indies) einzuschalten"
SteveTheBeast wrote on 21.04.2017:
[10.0] "Meiner Meinung nach der beste Wrestler außerhalb der WWE Momentan, und vielleicht auch generell. Spätestens ab seinem 6-Sterne (! ) Match bei WK 11 sollte man ihn auf dem Schirm haben. Absolut großartiger Wrestler."
hasanakbaba68 wrote on 08.04.2017:
[9.0] "Einfach nur ein Gott! Hat bis jetzt das Beste match seines Lebens Gehabt gegen Kazuchika Okada (IWGP World Champion) 6Sterne Match Bei Wrestle Kingdom 11 Im Main Event Einfach nur Pures Gold Kann man sich immer Geben"
TheCleaner wrote on 29.03.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny f'n Omega is the man. His Transition from Junior Heavyweight to Heavyweight Division was awesome and he made it worth by giving a great performance against Tanahashi and winning the IC Title. His Match against Elgin was awesome at Dominion and His G1 Performances were what made him a Star after giving breathtaking Performance against Naito and got an outstanding match out of Goto, thats how good he really is. And then The Ultimate match at WK11 vs Okada. MAN OH MAN! WHAT A MATCH! Outstanding performance by Omega and Okada too. I hope he wins the title asap because he has so much momentum and so many fans in his corner and i know he will become THE CHAMPION because he has the IT factor that nobody has."
ezuvgu wrote on 25.03.2017:
[5.0] "Omega can be good with the right opponent, but his matches tend to go on longer than they need to. When he's actually serious in the ring and the matches are not packed with filler such as gratuitous finisher kickouts, he's every bit as good as the other New Japan heavyweights. When he does the self-indulgent stuff, it gets tiresome very quickly."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 09.03.2017:
[10.0] "Im Ring einfach Weltklasse, kann wunderbare Matches aufstellen wie gegen Okada/Naito, verfügt über mehrere Stile, High Flying, Stiff und Technical und kann tolle Story's aufziehen. Dazu ein magnifikantes Move Set mit einem der besten Finisher überhaupt. Sein Charakter gefällt mir auch, zwar kann er zum ultimativen BadAss werden wenn's nötig ist, aber auch zum Comedy Faktor werden, mit bsp. Chainsaws. Obwohl das in PWG schon überspitzt wird, ich meine sein Match gegen Ospreay hat mich zum Wegschmeißen vor'm Lachen gebracht. Mikrofon ist zwar im Indy Bereich nicht immer gefragt, aber bei ihm definitiv eine besondere Gabe. Bringt einen insgesamt auf die Höchstpunktzahl. The Legend is about to clean !"
Changeling45 wrote on 02.03.2017:
[10.0] "This guy has all the tools in the world to be something truly special. He has a great physique and can work way faster than his size should allow due to his awesome intensity and work ethic. Awesome moveset and willingness to do whatever to put a match over. Definitely a top performer in the world today."
Cheker wrote on 23.02.2017:
[10.0] "I knew Kenny Omega was money the moment I laid eyes on him, but the rate at which he's improving, even this late into his career, is impressing even me. He casually has the match of the night on any card he's in, regardless of opponent, he mastered simple heel mannerisms completely (you don't see them that much now, I still have in mind his Cleaner character before he became the de facto leader of the BC), and he has a great look (again, I liked his "junior" look better, but still). Absolutely one of the best wrestlers in the world, and he's not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon."
One Winged Angel wrote on 10.02.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny, Okada and Tanahashi are the top 3 wrestlers on the planet. IMO, he has surpassed both of them in the last 12 months to become the undisputed best wrestler on the planet. Incredible in the ring, great on the mic and charismatic. A fantastic all round pro wrestler."
sakuraba3891 wrote on 08.02.2017:
[10.0] "Best wrestler in the world right now. So happy he stayed with NJPW and didnt go to WWE a promotion that simply has no clue how to book great wrestlers."
JubileuFish wrote on 07.02.2017:
[10.0] "Overral, the best in the world right now. Impecable in the ring, has a lot of charisma, and a really good mic-skill. A ten on everything."
csp6713 wrote on 23.01.2017:
[9.0] "To put it shortly, Omega has IT. Something that's rare in today's wrestling. Wherever he goes, he'll be one of if not the best at what he does. Can't wait to see what happens next."
JokeyZockey wrote on 10.01.2017:
[10.0] "The Cleaner! Einer der besten Wrestler der Welt aktuell und das vielleicht beste Gesamtpaket ohne Stil oder Region-Beschränkung! Im Ring nach AJ Styles der für mich zweitbeste westliche Worker der Welt, unfassbar charismatisch, so gut wie auf demselben Level wie Nakamura und trotzdem irgendwie besser über den Körper verteilt bzw. er macht mehr draus, am Mic ein Gott, er shootet gegen alles und jeden mit einer unfassbaren Intensität, sowohl auf japanisch als auch auf englisch, was ihm bei NJPW unfassbar hilft, und eine Ausstrahlung, die ihresgleichen sucht, dieser Mann verkörpert sein Gimmick mit Leib und Seele und das merkt man von der ersten Sekunde an, er lebt es förmlich! Zudem kann man sich erstens super mit ihm, der außerhalb des Rings ein ''Nerd'' in Bezug auf Videospiele, Animes, etc. ist, identifizieren und zweitens ist er einfach krass unterhaltsam, die YouTube-Videos auf dem Kanal von The Elite sprechen Bände. Zu guter Letzt hat er nun bei Wrestle Kingdom 11 das beste Wrestling-Match, das ich bisher in meinem Leben sehen durfte, geworkt, wen das nicht überzeugt, dem kann ich auch nicht helfen! Kenny ist ein Mega-Star, das ist ein Fakt!"
Titansrevenger wrote on 10.01.2017:
[7.0] "Alright, i'll admit Omega is one very talented individual and may very well be ahead of his time. Which is saying a lot because there is a lot of innovation in the wrestling game today. Omega seems very Pillman like with a dash of Lawler. I can't explain it but he is an outlandish character who really self aggrandizes himself. He definitely knows how to get over. I would love to see how he goes over in the States."
Glover wrote on 10.01.2017:
[10.0] "An incredibly charismatic, affable, and creative professional wrestler that has made the slow climb up through the Japanese scene. From sending in tryout video to DDT from his residence in Canada to becoming one of the company's top foreign stars after forming a rivalry/partnership with Kota Ibushi to branching out to other Japanese companies and western indies like ROH and PWG to joining NJPW full time and becoming the company's top gaijin after the exodus at the beginning of 2016. He's gone from giving Zangief's Ultra Combo to a dummy to main eventing the Tokyo Dome in one of the most highly-lauded matches of this decade. I support Kenny no matter what he does, because he gives it his all."
Gravelord wrote on 08.01.2017:
[10.0] "One of the best professional wrestling performers of the generation. Some guys have great ring skills, others have superb mic skills, and even fewer have both. Well, Kenny Omega is one of those few and, to cap it off, has an incredible amount of both physical and verbal charisma. Furthermore, he has a defined character and plays it to perfection. Kenny is incredibly versatile with the characters he can play as well, exceeding at comedy in DDT and PWG as well as the hard-hitting real sports presentation NJPW employs. Now there are still a couple of big match performers that can claim most of these things, such as AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, but what sets Kenny apart from those guys is his ability to PROMOTE. This is an ability that gets foolishly overlooked both on this site and pretty much every corner of the IWC; Omega is able to seamlessly project his character into real-life interviews and regularly switches up between Kenny Omega the character and Kenny Omega the person, constantly stirring up interest about not just himself, but also the promotion he is working for and matches he is wrestling in, as seen recently with WK11 and its aftermath. Kenny Omega is pretty much everything you could want in professional wrestler and mark my words by the end of his already fantastic career The Cleaner will go down as one of pro wrestling's all-time greatest."
TrevPuroFan wrote on 07.01.2017:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is a incredible big match performer. When he's serious and wants to deliver, he can put on incredible matches as he's proven against Naito, Goto etc. Only reason I won't give him a 10 is because sometimes he can be goofy and not care about his matches, which leads to him underperforming vs. KUSHIDA, Shelley etc."
BrokenBrotherNero wrote on 06.01.2017:
[10.0] "Eines der wohl besten Gesamtpakete dieser Welt! In-Ring 10/10 Charisma 9/10... ! Ich liebe seine Entrance Musik und somit auch seinen kompletten Einzug! Hat natürlich sehr profitiert das Aj Styles zur WWE wechselte, somit konnte Kenny als neuer Bullet Club Anführer fungieren! Mit "The Elite" hat er die Young Bucks stets an seiner Seite, was ich mega nice finde! Absolute Empfehlung das Match gegen Okada bei WK11, Kandidat für Match of the Year 2017! =)"
Brainbreaker wrote on 05.01.2017:
[10.0] "Ist laut CM-Datenbank unfassbarerweise schon fast genauso lange dabei wie AJ Styles und gerade einmal 33. War lange Zeit der übersehene Star der Indy-Szene und kam trotz toller Segmente zunächst (siehe the greatest match opening in history) nicht aus dem Schatten von Leuten wie Danielson oder Tyler Black heraus. Nach seinem Sprung nach Japan wendete sich das Blatt langsam. Tollen Matches folgten, und nach dem Rauswurf von AJ Styles aus dem Bullet Club ergriff der Cleaner die Gelegenheit, um zu NJPWs größten Gaijin aufzusteigen. Ihn als talentiert zu bezeichnen wird seine gegenwärtigen Größe nicht gerecht: Er bumpt, mimt, wrestlet wie ein junger Gott. Ist immer präzise, hat eine wahnsinnige psychologische Komponente, die einfach in den Bann zieht und jedem Match eine natürliche Story zu geben scheint. Omega, in der Summe seiner In-Ring-Skills, ist ein Almagam der Stars mit denen er über die Jahre im Ring gestanden ist. Und in ihm findet sich nur das beste dieser Leute wieder. Dabei waren Danielson, Styles, Black, und viele seiner japanischen Kollegen bereits absolute Meister ihrer Zunft, doch hat Omega diese Fertigkeiten aufgesaugt und purifiziert."
ApexOfEvolution wrote on 05.01.2017:
[10.0] "Neben Tetsuya Naito hat er einfach das derzeit beste Heel-Playing der Welt. Egal, ob es seine Austtrahlung, seine Promos oder auch sein Verhalten im Ring betrifft. Dazu ist er technisch einfach perfekt ausgebildet und arbeitet in einer Promotion, in der er sich perfekt entfalten kann. Hoffentlich bleibt er weiterhin bei NJPW und wird nicht irgendwann von der WWE abgeworben."
umarthegreat15 wrote on 05.01.2017:
[10.0] "If there is one guy who has stepped up his game big time in the last year, it is this guy. What a wrestler he's morphed into. His G1 bout with Naito and now the WK11 match vs Okada speak without needing any further explanation. One of the best around today."
Mr Lightning wrote on 05.01.2017:
[10.0] "Kenny Freaking Omega! He might be the very best in the world today, alongside Kazuchika Okada and AJ Styles. His matches with Naito, Okada are the very best matches we could imagine. Still can't believe how good Omega really is!"
SamuelElJaxon wrote on 04.12.2016:
[10.0] "One of my favourite independent wrestlers right now, and totally deserving of the opportunities he's been given by NJPW."
Undisputed wrote on 17.11.2016:
[9.0] "This is very good wrestler, with nice ring skill, with charisma but he is in NJPW where serious Omega is better Omega. This is not DDT, if he can be IWGP Heavyweight Champion, he must to behave like main event wrestler in NJPW."
CelticFC wrote on 09.11.2016:
[7.0] "He's a reasonably good wrestler. That said, he's done some absolute garbage in his career and I don't get the major omg Kenny Omega is the best thing ever. He's a good wrestler but I find his character a bit cringe worthy especially when a babyface but as a heel his promos are slightly more cringe worthy."
KondziuuSR wrote on 30.10.2016:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is without a doubt the best wrestler in the world right now. His in ring skill is just incredible from selling to storytelling. He's also very charismatic and amazing on mic. He might easily become the greatest ever and I hope this is how it will be."
1893 wrote on 27.10.2016:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega ist ein absolutes Komplettpaket und sicherlich einer der besten Wrestler der Welt. Er haut immer wieder sehr starke Matches raus und ist einer der besten Talker im Geschäft. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit bis es endgültig ins Mainevent bei NJPW vordringt."
shosa94 wrote on 18.10.2016:
[10.0] "At this point, it should be safe to say that Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world. The capability he's shown this year has been hinted at forever, but this year he's made good on his potential. Best on the mic, top 5 in ring, first gaijin to ever win the G1 and damn well earned it with the two best matches of the year and arguably the best match of all time with Naito. A sure-fire Hall of Famer right now, even just based on this year's work."
akm0 wrote on 17.10.2016:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is one of a kind. He has the look, he has a ton of charisma, he has a freakin' cool moveset, the agility, the selling, the character, the mic skills and he's scary strong. The Cleaner has it all, including the ability to give to the fans 5* matches - his match with Kota Ibushi at DDT Budokan is one of my favourite ever - given him the chance. Since becaming a hvt. in Japan he stepped his game up, showing his incredible selling - moonsault with one leg, powerbomb with one arm just to sell the opponen'ts work - outstanding in-ring psychology and sheningans for ages (just look at the G1 final with Goto). What I honestly think he lacks, is the ability to be a true heel. Kenny is a lovable good guy at his core, he has that mannerism that takes from pop culture (from quoting Bison from the Street Fighter movie, to Terminator 2 references, Final Fantasy inspired finishers and singing Katy Perry) that just makes him impossible to truly hate. He's a cool heel, a bad guy you like to love. I'm waiting for his 3rd match with Kota Ibushi which it could be one of the best matches of the decade given the level of those two right now."
CulletBlub wrote on 29.09.2016:
[10.0] "Zu Kenny Omega gibt es nicht viel zu sagen. Er hat den Look, ist ein sehr guter Wrestler und er hat auch gutes Micwork und Charisma, dazu kommt ein epischer Entrance, ein starkes Moveset und ich finde es gut, dass er trotz seines Erfolges so auf dem Boden geblieben ist. Außerdem ist er mit 32 Jahren noch nicht so alt und kann sich immer noch verbessern. Charisma 10/10; In-Ring 10/10; Micwork 9/10, er ist das komplette Paket und zählt für mich zu den besten der Welt."
JordanACE wrote on 11.09.2016:
[9.0] "The Cleaner, Kenny Omega! He is just too awesome. He can talk, he can wrestle, he can tell a story. What more can you ask from a wrestler? Many people call him a "spot monkey" for some weird reason.. probably his friendship with The Young Bucks (The Elite), but I don't see that. I think that he is simply amazing."
ThePhenomenal1 wrote on 04.09.2016:
[10.0] "Der Typ ist richtig gut im Ring und es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit bis er zum Topstar in Japan wird. Seine Moves sind genial und er führt die so präzise aus wie kein anderer, vor allem der croyt's wrath ist mega. Volle Punktzahl"
Jobbs wrote on 02.09.2016:
[10.0] "This man is currently in the talks of being the Best in the World and for good reason too. His performance in the G1 Climax in 2016 was just amazing and one of the best as well. His psychology and storytelling are on point but what impresses me the most about him is his selling as I love his selling in his matches. Truly going to be destined for greatness going forward."
DevilsSky wrote on 31.08.2016:
[10.0] "One of the better wrestlers of this generation, and the G1 Climax truly showed off his skills. He's got solid charisma, amazing ability and athleticism and very good selling (his leg selling during the G1 was definitely something to admire). As he said himself, he's the type of wrestler who those in NXT should learn from, because he's got a lot to offer to the wrestling business. His character work is occasionally a little inconstant, however, he is a heel, and if people don't like it then it's a pretty good way to get heat. I just can't wait to see his match against Okada at Wrestle Kingdom, no doubt it will steal the show."
mrmctommy wrote on 23.08.2016:
[10.0] "A franchise guy. An endless moveset, unparalleled in-ring storytelling, and a great mix of modern douchey heel and golden age cartoony bad guy."
fleysch wrote on 16.08.2016:
[10.0] "Spätestens mit seinen überragenden Darbietungen während dem diesjährigen G1 Climax hat mich Kenny Omega davon überzeugt, dass er aktuell einer der absoluten Top-Worker weltweit ist. Micwork, Charisma, Erscheinungsbild und selbstverständlich (für mich persönlich noch immer am wichtigsten) In-Ring-Fähigkeiten sind allesamt spitze. Der Turniersieg war mehr als verdient und Omega zukunftig irgendwo anders als im Main Event zu booken, wäre schändlich. Eigentlich sollte es nur mehr eine Frage der Zeit sein, bis die WWE sich ihn holt. Auch dort hat er definitiv das Zeug zum Topstar - sowohl als Face, vorallem aber als Heel."
KASH wrote on 16.08.2016:
[10.0] "Meine letztes 10 Punkte Kommentar zu Omega ist 5 bzw vor Edit 6 1/2 Jahre alt. Wird Zeit einen neuen Text zu ihm zu verfassen. Damals war er noch bei DDT als Semi-Komedieperformer unterwegs und hatte einen ziemlich verpöhnten Ruf unter den Indywrestlern. Heute ist er anerkanntes Heavyweight bei NJPW und sicherlich einer der schillernsten Wrestler, die nicht im Titanenland in Stamford unter Vertrag stehen. Für mich hat Omega schon immer den perfekten Wrestler verkörpert. Er hat eine sehr gesunde Einstellung zum Business, zum Publikum und zu seinen Pflichten gegenüber Fans und Zuschauern. Diese Work ethic hat ihn jetzt an die absolute Spitze von NJPW katapuliert. Er mag nicht der beste Techniker aller Zeiten sein, aber das muss und will er auch gar nicht, eben weil er weiß wie er die Massen unterhalten kann und dies tut er auch aus vollem Herzen auf seine ganz eigene weise. Die Matches, die er im letzten halben Jahr abgeliefert hat, beweisen außerdem das er doch weiß wie man Topmatches zu worken hat. Dazu kommen ausgezeichnete Fähigkeiten am Mic, sowie seine vorbildliche Präsenz in den sozialen Medien oder allgemein in der Öffentlichkeit. Das macht ihn zu einem total package. Ich denke wir werden ihn niemals bei der WWE sehen. Beweisstück Nummer 1 ist für mich seine Siegespromo nach dem Climax Erfolg. Er ist für NJPW das perfekte Bindeglied zwischen Westen und Osten, weil er beide Sprachen und beide Wrestlingfanmentalitäten berühren kann. Seine Karierre wird von hier an in Japan nur noch steiler bergauf gehen. Er liebt Japan, Japan liebt ihn und wir alle lieben Kenny Omega. Er soll weitermachen wie bisher, sein Pfad ist definitiv der richtige."
Viper99 wrote on 15.08.2016:
[10.0] "Wertung bleibt bei 10 jedoch update ich meinen Kommentar: Omega ist einfach in allem was er macht unglaublich gut. Jahrelanger Junior Wrestler in Japan und Spotmonkey in den Staaten. Dort bot er schon großartige Leistungen. Nun wurde er zum Leader vom Bullet Club gepusht und sollte AJ Styles vertreten. Ich wusste Omega sei großartiger, aber ich hatte dies immer belächelt da ich nie gedacht hätte er wäre so gut wie AJ. Aber im Jahre 2016 bewies er mir das gegenteil. Er ist ohne Probleme von der Junior in die Heavyweight Division aufgestiegen und hat mit seinem Charisma und Charakter einfach so einen frischen wind in die Division gebracht. Dazu hat er ohne Probleme seine großartigen Matches in der Heavyweight Division gezeigt. Es starte mit seinem Cleanen Sieg über Tanahashi, bis er etwas auf der stelle blieb und in einem Großartigen Match seinen Titel an Elgin verlor, bis er im G1 Total auftrat, MVP des Turniers wurde und in innerhalb von 1 Tag 2 5* Matches hatte. Omega beerbt AJ super. Wrestlerisch ist AJ wohl ein ticken stärker, aber Omega macht dies mit seinem Charakter und Crowdwork weg. Einer meiner Absoluten Favorites!"
Ulisepp wrote on 14.08.2016:
[10.0] "Ich bin schon etwas länger Fan von Kenny Omega, aber nun muss ich hier auch mal meine Wertung abgeben und passend dazu gewinnt er parallel dazu den G1 Climax. Das heißt Kenny Omege ist nun endgültig im MainEvent angekommen. Und das hat er sich auch total verdient. 10 Punkte zu geben ist vollkommen legitim, denn Kenny Omega ist im Ring eine glatte 10, er kann einfach alles im Ring. Dazu hat er ein einzigartiges Charisma, er ist nämlich total unterhaltsam und gleichzeitg eine coole Sau(Was er mit der Position als Leader vom Bullet CLub bestätigt). Omega als Bullet Club Leader passt auch total, denn er ist nicht wie ein AJ oder ein Devitt, sondern er ist auf seine Art ein super Leader für dieses Staple. Zum Mic Work: Also seine Promos sind der absolute Hammer. Er kann singen, er kann japanische Promos halten und dabei trotzdem cooler rüberkommen als manch "Ami" der eine englische Promo hält. Fazit: Kenny Omega ist ein fantastisches Gesamtpaket(nicht nur im Ring^^). Er kann wrestlen wie ein Gott, er kann Promos halten wie ein Gott und er hat Charisma on Top. PS: In der WWE sollte eine MainEvent Postion ein MUSS sein, da er einfach dafür der perfekte Wrestler ist. Aber in Japan als MainEventer darf er jetzt erstmal "säubern" zurecht!"
Hunter Dunn wrote on 14.08.2016:
[10.0] "I gave him a 10 a while back and didn't comment but now I need to comment. This man will go down as possibly the greatest in ring performer of all time. His ring work, selling, timing, execution, psychology is all done perfect and makes every match special. After G1 26, if you arr giving this man under an 8 you need to reevaluate your decision to be a wrestling fan. I don't see him as any less than a 10"
Mathieu Virtuoso wrote on 14.08.2016:
[10.0] "G1 solidified him as not only one of the best workers in the entire world, but also one of the best story-tellers."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 07.08.2016:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega is very talented and entertaining, he can consistently have great matches, but his character work is too cartoony to warrant the perfect score as it makes it so he will never look like a serious opponet, and this has also hurt bullet clubls value a lot."
Randomuser12345 wrote on 28.06.2016:
[8.0] "Kenny Omega might be a bit over the top with his idea of a bad guy, but holy shit can he go in the ring. Incredible athletic, incredible strong, he can put on an excellent match with any style of wrestler in the world. He really is the complete package, and never fails to entertain. He makes wrestling fun, which is what it's all about."
Mirajane Strauss Fan wrote on 15.05.2016:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is an eminent entity in modern Professional Wrestling. After voluntarily cessating his relationship with the World Wrestling Entertainment automaton, Omega made himself known to Millennials around the world with an outrageous Youtube video cum audition for Dramatic Dream Team in Japan. Since then, 'Omegaman' has corralled the accolades readily: engaging in a fun and acclaimed feud with Kota Ibushi, changing his character radically to dominate the New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Division and finally besting Shinsuke Nakamura and Hiroshi Tanahashi in a one-way journey to the upper echelon. With frequent references to video games and even Katy Perry, Omega might seem to be a true-blue comedic performer at face-value. In reality, he is a wonderful wrestling psychologist and is versatile enough to portray a plethora of roles. "Bullet Club is 4-4-4-4 Life, except for AJ Styles, " - that proclamation is far from ostentatious thanks to one Kenny Omega."
Mizzle Assault Ant wrote on 14.05.2016:
[6.0] "Omega is very hit or miss for me. Sometimes his weirdness is appealing but sometimes it doesn't come across very well for me. I also find his matches to be a mixed bag. I will give him some credit but I think he is being overrated at the moment by many."
Alex Maeda wrote on 01.05.2016:
[10.0] "Der schönste aktive Wrestler der Welt ist ein Kanadier! Aber das nur am Rande, Kenny Omega hat sich seinen Spot absolut verdient, er ist sehr charismatisch, weiß mit der Crowd zu spielen und kann gute bis sehr gute Matches abliefern. Er ist also ein gutes Gesamtpaket und hat trotzdem noch Raum zur Weiterentwicklung und mit seinen 30 Jahren hat er sicherlich noch das ein oder andere vor sich. UPDATE: Ganz vergessen, Kenny endlich aufzuwerten. Unglaublich vielseitig im Ring, kann jeden Stil mitgehen, vom Comedy Wrestler bis zum Leader des Top-Heel-Stables in einfach jeder Rolle überzeugend. Für mich neben Shinsuke Nakamura der derzeit charismatischte Worker der Welt."
BrentDelivine wrote on 12.03.2016:
[10.0] "Spacemountain, if you're comparing Kenny Omega to Tama Tonga, you're doing something very wrong with your life and i advise you to stop it, there are people who love you and wish you'd make some right choices."
PuroFan wrote on 22.02.2016:
[8.0] "A more entertainer and comedy wrestler, hope he get a more serious now with the IWGP Intercontinental title."
Zed wrote on 19.02.2016:
[9.0] "Ein Mann der eine ganze Menge kann, nicht nur im Ring. Skills sind vorhanden, Charisma auch. Und seine Comedyeinlagen unterhalten immer gut, aber auch die Ernsthaftigkeit fehlt ihm nicht. Er erinnert mich etwas an einen jüngeren Chris Jericho, der auch sehr Vielseitig zu gebrauchen war. Aufjedenfall wäre Kenny mal in der Zukunft ein guter mann für den US Mainstream."
Antimaster wrote on 16.02.2016:
[10.0] "Hat sich mit dem Sieg gegen Tanahashi endgültig zu einem absoluten Top Star und Wachablöse von AJ Styles gemausert, und steht vollkommen zurecht im Main Event. Seine In-Ring Fähigkeiten sind großartig, egal ob High Flying, hammer Suplessen, brachiale Knee Strikes und Chops, verrückte Innovation (Hadouken, Chainsaw), starkes Selling urkomische Comedy (Overselling, Yoshihiko, STone Cold-Rock mit ACH, Matrix Spot mit Bryan Danielson, einfach nur göttlich). Dazu überquellendes Charisma und obendrein ein super sympathsicher und authentischer Typ. Kenny gehört im Moment in meine Top 10 der besten Worker überhaupt, und bekommt die völlig verdiente Höchstwertung."
JuliTheCage87 wrote on 19.01.2016:
[10.0] "Zusammen mit Chuck Taylor und Colt Cabana wohl der größte Comedy-Wrestler aller Zeiten. Er hat den anderen beiden jedoch noch voraus, dass er ein besserer Wrestler mit herausragender Athletik ist. Vor allem in den letzten zwei Jahren hat er mir bei NJPW und PWG sehr gut gefallen und bei ihm muss man zugeben, dass er auch Mainstream-Potenzial hätte. UPDATE: Ein Jahr später, selbe Wertung. Ich kann gar nicht aufhören mit "fanboyen" bei ihm. Auch als ernstzunehmender Heel einer der besten seines Fachs. Wow."
Delirious434 wrote on 19.01.2016:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is THE Total Package of New Japan Pro Wrestlling, he's an Awesome Wrestler, very talented, his Charisma is huge, his Mic Skills are amazing, and he's also a fun Face and a great Heel, I hope he wins the Intercontinental Championship, even tho is not against Nakamura which could be a 5 Star Match without a doubt, I still looking forward for him becoming not only the IC Champ, but the new leader of Bullet Club?"
RainmakerF7 wrote on 02.10.2015:
[9.0] "Kenny is the man! Seriously, this guy is absolutely amazing and probably one of the best Jr. Heavyweights in the world right now."
dchockeygoali07 wrote on 09.08.2015:
[10.0] "The guy is one of the top 3 Jr. Heavyweights in the world, without a shadow of a doubt. His much deserved run as IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion (punctuated by a dominant performance at Wrestle Kingdom 9) is a huge breath of fresh air in the division. He continues to improve each and every year (he's only 31 years old! ) and hopefully in the future, will be given a more main event-style of treatment (a la Prince Devitt, Kota Ibushi, etc. )"
eldenaaaaa wrote on 23.03.2015:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega should be honorary Japanese by now. He’s been focused there for nearly six years, and in 2013-14, he has had held the following titles for DDT: KO-D Openweight Championship, DDT Extreme Division Championship, KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Championship, KO-D Tag Team Championship."
GoToSleep wrote on 11.01.2015:
[8.0] "Ein klasse Entertainer, der sowohl den Heel als auch den Face stark spielen kann. Allerdings finde ich das er manchmal ein bisschen zu viel macht und es dann übertreibt mit seiner Art. Im Ring gehört Omega zu den besten Technikern der Welt, was man vor allem beim PWG BOLA Event sehen konnte. Mal schauen ob er in Japan auch soviel zeigen kann und ob er irgendwann mal in die Heavyweight Division geht. Zu wünschen wäre es ihm."
Balls Balogna wrote on 05.12.2014:
[10.0] "Possibly the most entertaining wrestler of all time. This guy has it all... And enough personality for any major company's entire roster. Kenny Omega IS WRESTLING!"
ThySmithy wrote on 19.10.2014:
[9.0] "First time watching Kenny wrestle was for PWG BOLA 2014 and I can't believe I have never seen this guy before properly! He is an amazing Wrestler and the dude fucking kills it , Also His move Croyt's Wrath is my new favorite move. OMEGA! OMEGA! OMEGA!"
bryan316 wrote on 11.10.2014:
[10.0] "The dude had a 5 star match with a blow up doll that alone is why Kenny Omega is a brillaint wrestler. He has great charisma, he's entertaining and he can literally have a great match with anyone or anything."
apc24 wrote on 17.12.2013:
[9.0] "Very fun to watch and a very explosive wrestler. His time in Japan had made him one of my most favorite Gaijin wrestlers. He can be a little whacky or gimmicky at times though. HADOUKEN!"
3Mendous wrote on 14.07.2013:
[10.0] "A true total package: great on the microphone, great in the ring and every crowd around the world loves him."
Erico Moraes wrote on 01.07.2013:
[9.0] "Awesome wrestler, sells every move really well and is a great entertainer. I wish he had more chances in the US."
Kenshin Uesugi wrote on 07.02.2013:
[8.0] "Mir fällt es schwer Omega nicht zu mögen den sein Charakter ist wahrlich unterhaltsam und seine Ausstrahlung überlebensgroß. Beherrscht mehr als man ihm zu traut und ist sogar noch sauberer als sein Kumpel Ibushi, ist aber zum Teil auch selber „Schuld“ das man ihm auf seine Comedy reduziert. Doch wie er bewiesen hat kann er auch anders und ist nicht nur gut darin, sondern begeistert das Publikum damit, siehe sein Run bei AJPW. Sollte man es ihm nun positiv anrechen das er deutlich vielseitiger ist und er „besser“ ist als er sich selbst präsentiert? Oder ist das gerade das Schlimme an ihm das er sich zu fest gefahren hat in seiner Ecke und sie bis zum Nerven töten abspult? Seinen Charme kann man sich schlecht entziehen, daher tendiere ich eher zum ersten Punkt."
Alex Riley 4 wwe champion wrote on 01.01.2013:
[10.0] "Oh, ich hab selten so einen unterhaltsamen und talentierten Performer in der Wrestling Unterhaltung gesehen! Sein Kame-hame-ha ist einfach nur die Krönung eines echt starken Movesets. Ich hoffe er macht weiter, wie bisher. Er ist echt ein Großer!"
OmegaIbushi wrote on 29.10.2012:
[10.0] "Kenny Omega is a genius. He has a great technique and all his match are high quality and never boring."
Johnny Divine wrote on 24.01.2012:
[9.0] "Au mann, den würde ich ja echt mal gerne in der WWE sehen. Ich weiß zwar nicht wie er sich da schlagen würde, aber ich gönne ihm allein schon, dass er einen fetten Vertrag bekommt. Können und Austrahlung hat er, originell ist er auch. Ich sehe eigentlich gute Chancen für ihn. Vielleicht wird das ja was mit der WWE, mit neunjährigen Kids kann er ja umgehen ;-)"
ShakDragoon wrote on 04.10.2011:
[8.0] "Richtig guter Techniker, der in der USA, wie auch in Japan immer überzeugen konnte. Ich freue mich, dass die internationale Wrestlingwelt dies auch anerkennt und bin gespannt, was bei ihm noch drin ist. Besonders bei NJPW würde ich ihn gern noch häufiger sehen. Gerne auch im Team mit Kota Ibushi."
Sandmann wrote on 26.08.2011:
[7.0] "Kenny Omega ist sicherlich recht talentiert im Ring. Für meinen Geschmack hat der gute Kenny aber einen sehr gewöhnungsbedürftigen Stil drauf. Sein High Flying Repertoire kominiert mit den Videospiel-Moves ist irgendwie so gar nicht mein Fall. Aber der Mann ist over und wie gesagt auch nicht wirklich schlecht im Ring. Von daher ist ne gute 3 wohl ok."
Phoenix Down wrote on 18.07.2011:
[7.0] "Ganz eigener Wrestling Typ der manchmal mit seinen Hadouken Moves an der Grenze zu Nervtöterei ist mich aber fast immer überzeugt und unterhält. Stark im Team mit Ibushi."
Damon Striker wrote on 16.11.2010:
[9.0] "Hebt sich mit seinem Look und Stil positiv von der Masse ab und ist dabei auch noch ein äußerst talentierter und spektakulärer Wrestler! Einzel als auch im Team mit Ibushi. Wird mal ein ganz Großer!"
MaKno wrote on 21.08.2010:
[6.0] "Als ich ihn anfangs bei DDT gesehen habe, hat er mich noch sehr überzeugt. Mittlerweile langweilt er mich allerdings ein wenig und vor allem die Comedyelemente in seinen Kämpfen nerven irgendwann nur noch. Ich werde ihn trotzdem weiter im Auge behalten und bin gespannt, wie er sich noch in den kommenden Jahren entwickelt."
The Crown Jewel wrote on 11.08.2010:
[8.0] "Hat eine Ausstrahlung wie man sie nur selten im Indybereich findet. Im Ring ist er auch mit dem nötigen Talent ausgestattet, so dass man in Zukunft wohl noch viel von ihm hören wird."
RickRoll wrote on 14.04.2010:
[8.0] "Extrem Unterhaltsamer Wrestler, von dem man sich eine scheibe abschneiden kann. Manchmal ZU VIEL Comedy in eher nicht sehr comedylastigen Ligen, jedoch auch im Ring gut. Wer weiß, evtl nach den Match gegen YOSHIHIKO wirds hier ne 9 geben."
Obermacker wrote on 11.01.2010:
[6.0] "Zwar sehr bemüht, erzeugt überhaupt keine Reaktionen beim Publikum."
downtown2 wrote on 16.12.2009:
[5.0] "Der Hype um seine Person nimmt Formen an, die ich als nüchterner Betrachter nicht mehr unterstützen kann. Er ist eine besondere Erscheinung im Ring, aber auch sehr klein und wirkt dadurch einfach etwas dürr. Seine Interviews sind oft eher peinlich oder unbeholfen. Da kann noch sehr viel draus werden, aber meine Meinung wird sich vorerst nicht überschlagen."
Mick Funk wrote on 07.12.2009:
[6.0] "Zuviel Comedy und zuviel Nonsens. Im Grunde gar nicht mein Fall, objektiv muss man aber sagen, dass er schon einiges drauf hat im Ring und auch die nötige Portion Ausstrahlung für eine Mainstreamkarriere mitbringt. Abwarten..."
DJ MaSch wrote on 26.11.2009:
[7.0] "Omega ist ein Mann mit großen Potenzial. Charima hat er alle mal und auch im Ring ist er kein schlechter, doch der letzte Funke will bei mir noch nicht überspringen. Vielleicht tut er das ja jetzt bei seinem PWG World Title Run."
Eddie wrote on 24.11.2009:
[7.0] "Jetzt da er einen "großen" Titel hat, ist es für mich Zeit, Stellung zu beziehen. Er ist einer derjenigen, die bei ROH on HDNet immer überzeugen, und den ich wirklich gerne im Ring sehe, aber ich hab eben leider zu wenig gesehen, bis dato 7 Punkte."
T-Wayne wrote on 14.07.2009:
[9.0] "Zeigt vorallem im Team mit Ibushi eine gute bis sehr gute Leistung."
darksaber999 wrote on 07.10.2008:
[10.0] "Rüttelt stark an Sitocis Status als mein Lieblingswrestler! Im Ring wirklich gut, toller athletischer Stil. Neigt zum non-sense, was ich aber idR mag. Und außerhalb des Ringes unglaublich sympatisch!"
A-mar wrote on 04.10.2008:
[9.0] "Super Wrestler, mit super Techniken. Den Namen King of Fallls......... Trägt er zurecht!"
STRIGGA wrote on 04.10.2008:
[8.0] "Kenny Omega hat vieles. Er hat Charisma, er hat Können und er hat das gewisse etwas, was ihn aus der Masse der Independent Wrestler herausragen lässt. Ein Mann, von dem man definitiv noch mehr hören wird."
Tomko wrote on 04.10.2008:
[8.0] "Ich habe ihn gestern schon Live gesehen, wo er schöne Aktionen gebracht hat, aber mich nicht vollkommen überzeugt hat. Die Sachen, die ich bis jetzt auf Videos gesehen habe, waren schon klasse und ich hoffe, dass ich ihn demnächst nochmal live erleben darf!"
ecw forever wrote on 18.09.2008:
[7.0] "Verdammt talentiert, ausserhalb des Rings ein Gott."
BenZen wrote on 17.09.2008:
[9.0] "Kenny Omega ist mein neuer Held. Absolut charismatisch, technisch versiert und dazu noch in Matches außerhalb des Rings sowas von unterhaltsam. Der Junge hat noch einiges vor sich und auch seine ersten Auftritte bei Ring Of Honor werden sicherlich nicht die letzten sein. Ich freue mich auf jedes weitere Match mit ihm."
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