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03.09.2018 - 22.10.2018WWE RAW Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Dolph Ziggler)49 daysMatches
19.08.2017 - 18.11.2017WWE NXT Champion91 daysMatches
30.11.2016 - 29.04.2017WCPW World Champion (as Drew Galloway)150 daysMatches
07.01.2017 - 12.01.2017IMPACT Grand Champion (as Drew Galloway)5 daysMatches
16.07.2016 - 13.11.2016EVOLVE Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Drew Galloway; with DUSTIN)120 daysMatches
15.03.2016 - 12.06.2016TNA World Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)89 daysMatches
24.01.2016 - 02.04.2016EVOLVE Tag Team Champion (as Drew Galloway; with Johnny Gargano)69 daysMatches
24.04.2015 - 27.11.2015Scottish Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)217 daysMatches
02.11.2014 - 15.11.2015ICW World Heavyweight Champion (2x) (as Drew Galloway)378 daysMatches
20.12.2014 - 18.10.2015DPW Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)302 daysMatches
16.10.2015 - 18.10.2015European Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)2 daysMatches
20.03.2015 - 11.09.2015OCW Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)175 daysMatches
28.03.2015 - 10.07.2015Open The Freedom Gate Champion (as Drew Galloway)104 daysMatches
08.08.2014 - 10.07.2015EVOLVE Champion (as Drew Galloway)336 daysMatches
19.09.2010 - 24.10.2010WWE Tag Team Champion (with Cody Rhodes as The Dashing Ones)35 daysMatches
13.12.2009 - 23.05.2010WWE Intercontinental Champion161 daysMatches
19.03.2009 - 11.06.2009FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion84 daysMatches
15.07.2008 - 17.07.2008FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Stu Sanders as The Empire)2 daysMatches
07.05.2008 - 12.07.2008FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (with Stu Sanders as The Empire)66 daysMatches
08.12.2006 - 29.07.2007BCW Heavyweight Champion (2x) (as Drew Galloway)233 daysMatches
15.10.2006 - 22.07.2007ICW Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)280 daysMatches
27.08.2006 - 15.01.2007IWW International Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)141 daysMatches
05.12.2003 - 05.12.2003BCW Heavyweight Champion (as Drew Galloway)<1 dayMatches
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