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07.06.2021 - todayIWGP World Heavyweight Champion112 daysMatches
07.11.2020 - 30.01.2021NEVER Openweight Champion (2x)84 daysMatches
01.02.2020 - 29.08.2020NEVER Openweight Champion210 daysMatches
05.01.2020 - 12.07.2020NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champion (with BUSHI and EVIL as Los Ingobernables de Japon)189 daysMatches
04.01.2019 - 06.03.2019IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (with BUSHI as Los Ingobernables de Japon)61 daysMatches
06.03.2018 - 06.05.2018Open The Owarai Gate Champion61 daysMatches
01.07.2017 - 03.11.2017Open The Triangle Gate Champion (7x) (with Takashi Yoshida and El Lindaman as VerserK)125 daysMatches
04.03.2017 - 20.03.2017Open The Triangle Gate Champion (6x) (with Cyber Kong and T-Hawk as VerserK)16 daysMatches
06.03.2016 - 24.07.2016Open The Dream Gate Champion (4x)140 daysMatches
16.08.2015 - 14.02.2016Open The Dream Gate Champion (3x)182 daysMatches
22.12.2013 - 20.07.2014Open The Twin Gate Champion (5x) (with Akira Tozawa as Monster Express)210 daysMatches
21.07.2013 - 23.08.2013Open The Dream Gate Champion (2x)33 daysMatches
05.05.2013 - 15.06.2013Open The Twin Gate Champion (4x) (with YAMATO as TakaYAMA)41 daysMatches
22.07.2012 - 23.09.2012Open The Twin Gate Champion (3x) (with YAMATO as TakaYAMA)63 daysMatches
22.03.2010 - 13.05.2010Open The Twin Gate Champion (2x) (with Cyber Kong as KAMIKAZE)52 daysMatches
17.09.2009 - 27.12.2009Open The Twin Gate Champion (with YAMATO as TakaYAMA)101 daysMatches
15.02.2009 - 15.04.2009Open The Triangle Gate Champion (5x) (with Dragon Kid and Taku Iwasa as KAMIKAZE)59 daysMatches
27.07.2008 - 28.12.2008Open The Dream Gate Champion154 daysMatches
14.05.2008 - 28.06.2008Open The Triangle Gate Champion (4x) (with Gamma and YAMATO as Real Hazard)45 daysMatches
24.02.2008 - 14.05.2008Open The Triangle Gate Champion (3x) (with BxB Hulk and Cyber Kong as New Hazard)80 daysMatches
15.01.2008 - 20.03.2008GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (with BxB Hulk)65 daysMatches
10.05.2007 - 11.07.2007Open The Triangle Gate Champion (2x) (with BxB Hulk and Cyber Kong as New Hazard)62 daysMatches
03.03.2007 - 30.03.2007ROH World Tag Team Champion (as SHINGO; with Naruki Doi)27 daysMatches
06.03.2005 - 06.03.2005Open The Triangle Gate Champion (with CIMA and Naruki Doi as Blood Generation)<1 dayMatches
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