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131.12.2022Conquistador373.0I think he was the first example I had seen of: Big, tall, wide, brawny, giant of a man who can't do jack crap in the ring and would be better serviced at just unloading the equipment or something. Not the worst but, sheesh.
227.09.2023Giantfan19803.0Early 80's WWF jobber. Going back in time and watching WWF stuff from 1983-1985 and Shaw was a staple of the B house shows and C house shows, usually losing matches to up and comers or pulling double duty as battle royal filler. His biggest win from that era was the phantom submission on David Sammartino who wanted to get fired.
319.11.2019krukster3.0Thought he could be more in the WWF in the early-mid 80's with his size. Had some nice power moves, but was pretty much known for the infamous David Samartino match. Mostly a jobber, but could go 8-10 minutes in an opening house show match
402.11.2023MattHall4.0Big dude of Ron Shaw, he was bigger than most other jobbers, he would be considered a giant in today's 5'7 150 pound wrestling world. He was used as an enhancement talent for the WWF from 1979 to 1986. His whole role was to lose against the babyfaces and would also eat losses from other enhancement talent journeymen. His biggest highlight was when he beat David Sammartino in the phantom submission match at the Philly Spectrum back in 1985.