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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.94
mct70 wrote on 18.02.2021:
[6.0] "Her success on the main roster is littered with caveats, but it's still nice to see her get paid off for years of hard work. I think her recent turn to comedy is kind of sad though, and her title reign, like Io's, has largely been a bunch of nothing. Such is the way for a Joshi in WWE: respected but with no real push. Hope she shakes things up again."
Kung wrote on 31.01.2021:
[10.0] "One of, if not the greatest female wrestler I've ever seen. She has an unquestioned presence, her in-ring ability is top of the line, and she's brought lesser wrestlers to fantastic matches all throughout her career. She's definitely one who I'll never forget."
pierreMinne wrote on 28.01.2021:
[10.0] "Sadly I didn't saw yet what she was capable of outside of WWE but she is currently one of the 3 bests workers in WWE right now. She is very fluide and has a science in the ring that nobody else has. Truly charismatic and great as a face like as a heel."
SammyMaya wrote on 27.01.2021:
[10.0] "Is there anything that this lady cannot do? Rules the roost in the WWE; they cannot book her properly because she's better than everyone else. Has to slow down during matches so others can keep up. Bucked the system in Japan and went her own way. I would like to believe that by standing her ground, the treatment of joshi workers in Japan has improved. She seems to be enjoying her time as a sports entertainer in WWE after the brutal years she spent in Japan and during her US crossover days with Chikara and SHIMMER; I can't say I blame her! Her personality is infectious; her skillset is tremendous; a brutal striker. At 39 years of age, she is still as fit as ever and seems to be the final arbiter on the future of her career. An AEW run after her WWE contract expires would be tremendous; would love to see her now against Shida! Heck, I would love to see her against Io, Kairi, Thunder Rosa, and Syuri!"
Brett1980 wrote on 23.01.2021:
[8.0] "Was much better in NXT. On the main roster her career kept starting and stopping and for a lot of it was nowhere. Has had success though but when shes not in the championship picture she gets misused. Has good looking kicks."
mikegoatadriano wrote on 11.01.2021:
[10.0] "We will probably never see her at her true potential in WWE, which is too sad, but we can't ignore what a great wrestler she is."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 06.12.2020:
[9.0] "Hab zwar ein wenig von ihrer Kana Zeit gesehen aber so richtig nun erst durch ihre Asuka Zeit. Ich hätte jetzt auch nicht gedacht das sie fast ein Jahr schon WWE NXT Women's Champion ist. Im Ring super, kann auch gut Englisch ich finde ihr Outfit auch klasse ist auch eine Joshi die sich immer neu erfindet. Von den Joshi die, die WWE verpflichtet ist sie eine der besten. Wenn sie in den Main Roster kommt hoffe ich das sie dann genau so stark eingesetzt wird wie bei NXT. Edit 06. 12. 2020 Ich würde mal sagen sie ist inzwischen eine WWE Legende. Sie war längste NXT Women's Champion und hat den Titel unbesiegt abgegeben, sie hat den ersten Woman Royal Rumble gewonnen und war auch die erste Japanerin der das gelang. Dritte WWE Womans Triple Crown Championesse, zweite Grand Slam Championesse. Wenn Sie klasse Gegnerin hat kommen starke Matches heraus."
WrestlingStats1 wrote on 26.10.2020:
[10.0] "Assets: Is capable of wrestling at a high level and can occasionally steal the show. Her image appeals to a wide variety of wrestling fans and promotions. Is arguably the most successful foreign-born women's wrestler in North America. - - - Flaws: Doesn't always pull off the best promos. Health concerns hindered her rise to the top. Will need to continue to find new sources of motivation now that she's seemingly done it all. - - - Career Potential: Franchise major league women's wrestler."
STARDOGCHAMP90 wrote on 21.10.2020:
[10.0] "Hands down one of the best female wrestlers currently signed with WWE. She has an interesting gimmick, good storytelling, amazing wrestling ability, great move set, and an overall stunning persona. Glad WWE capitalized on her and made her a 4 time women's champ and a former women's tag champ. Great performer in the ring and great vlogger on YouTube."
Legend003 wrote on 07.10.2020:
[9.0] "Sie gehört definitiv zu den besten Wrestlerinnen der Welt, wobei in letzter Zeit sie ein wenig abgebaut hat, liegt vielleicht auch, dass sie kein vernünftiges Programm hatte. Im Ring sehr stark und am Mic kann man sie auch anhören."
Okaro143 wrote on 02.10.2020:
[9.0] "One of the best female competitor I have seen inside the WWE ring. She is just so good and talented. Just exudes an insane charisma which was best highlighted during her undefeated run in the black and gold Brand, NXT. She is one of the best active workers in the WWE ( male&female) at the moment."
Vanstyler wrote on 16.09.2020:
[10.0] "There is no reason NOT to love this woman She is beautiful, she is bright and incredibly talented She has earned the place she is in thanks to years of effort and dedication, she is an example to follow for any woman"
Shooter wrote on 08.09.2020:
[10.0] "Die beste Wrestlerin der Welt. Während die meisten Frauen bei WWE und im Wrestling allgemein nur noch eine Choreographie abspulen können kann Asuka tatsächlich kämpfen. Egal ob sie sich ernst oder albern gibt, was sie im Ring macht ist immer glaubhaft. Intensiv, schnell, hart und gefährlich. Dazu ist sie noch ziemlich scharf."
Khalid Ace wrote on 05.09.2020:
[6.0] "My previous rating of her was actually a 10 back in NXT but I don't know what happened to her. We know she's a great worker but didn't see anything from her lately."
martizzletae wrote on 22.07.2020:
[10.0] "Entertaining, intense, cool, dope theme songs, amazing wrestler, and has a bomb YouTube channel! Asuka truly has ser herself apart from the women. If there's anyone who I could say compete with the Horsewomen in terms of full appeal, shes it. No One is Ready!"
richies88 wrote on 07.06.2020:
[10.0] "Honestly, 10 doesn't even cut it at how good she is. She is miles ahead better wrestler than Charlotte. Pitty Vince doesn't see what Triple H and wrestling fans, in general, sees in her. Her run in NXT was amazing. For nearly 2 years she dominated NXT and the mystic she had was amazing. Even with a really long title reign over 500 days not once was it dull. She has been the MVP of Coronavirus WWE days. Hopefully, she has a great run with the title and not turn into Charlotte's bitch again once she's done with NXT."
CatPower wrote on 01.06.2020:
[10.0] "I really love this wrestler, she is really underrated, she always did great match, would be the ace of every joshi's company, great heel, great high flyer, I hope that she will be the next SEAdLinnng Champ"
AndreaCalo1997 wrote on 22.05.2020:
[10.0] "Asuka is by far the best female wrestler currently employed by WWE, and possibly one of the greatest to ever be with the company. Her ring performances are simply golden, and her overall looks and vibe as a badass feel legitimate and authentic. It's a shame her spot has been given to frankly less talented girls, possibly because she just wasn't western."
Cibs wrote on 08.03.2020:
[10.0] "The second best female wrestler on the WWE roster. Asuka is really good, is not as charismatic as some others but manages to disguise it with a very intense and effective work in the ring"
AAA3000 wrote on 07.03.2020:
[9.0] "Immer noch richtig gut. Kann gar nicht glauben, dass sie schon fast 40 Jahre alt ist. Sieht man ihr weder äußerlich noch bezüglich ihrer Leistung innerhalb des Rings an. Neben Alexa Bliss und Becky Lynch in meiner Top 3. Asuka darf mich jeden Tag mit ihrem grünen Nebel besprühen."
YINCHAN wrote on 13.01.2020:
[9.0] "She is technically a 10, an all-time fantastic joshi who could wrestle in any era or league. But she is losing her edge. In the early to mid-2010s she was better than most men. She prolly still is, but WWE does not let her wrestle her way and she is poorly booked, and she is getting older. No one could challenge her in the WWE anymore except her fellow joshi. Excellent character work, striker, submissions, and mat work. Just don't see it as much due to WWE's insane culture."
Lord AdGnalDiv wrote on 26.11.2019:
[10.0] "Asuka ist definitiv meine absolute Lieblingswrestlerin und ich denke auch eine der besten Welt. Ihre Ausstrahlung ist einzigartig und es macht immer Spaß, sie im Ring zu sehen. Sie beweist immer wieder, dass sie unglaublich over ist, egal was WWE mit ihr anstellt."
Hongosan wrote on 30.09.2019:
[6.0] "Someone I have never rated among the pantheon of all-time significant or great women's workers, not by any criteria in-ring Kansai and Hotta will always have better looking and harder-hitting strikes and prominent people like Kandori will always have had better grappling as a hardcore style worker Kudo soundly betters her and in all-around in-ring ability she is far below most of her workmates from the golden age."
TheV2 wrote on 30.09.2019:
[8.0] "From what I've seen of Asuka and from the little bit I've seen of Kana, she is indeed one of the best female wrestlers who has a tremendous aura. Her hip attack seems like the only not extremely painful to watch move in her repertoire. And yet she doesn't injure her opponents, which leaves me questioning every time. Her charisma could help her a lot to break the language barrier in NXT, which didn't involve too much talking anyway. However in the story-entertainment intensive program of the WWE they still didn't find a good way for her and it's definitely not as easy as most fans make it look like. Hopefully opportunities will come to let her talk in Japanese without an annoying crowd. But let's be honest, she's near her 40s and in the end the WWE seems to be a fun-filled vacation for her, so I'm happy for her."
Jh22387 wrote on 23.08.2019:
[7.0] "Asuka is definitely a very good performer but recent times have exposed that she is regarded as better than she truly is. Her in ring work is certainly the best attribute she has. I guess I just feel she is missing the "it"factor. She, in my opinion, is lacking slightly on the charisma aspect of what it takes to be a great pro wrestler. She's good, even really good, but not great. Solid 7 that could become an 8 with just a little work."
VanguardWho wrote on 08.08.2019:
[10.0] "Being poorly and sparingly booked on the WWE main roster isn't enough to diminish Asuka's status as one of the best women's wrestlers of her generation, and certainly one of the best in WWE. My favourite female wrestler, and one of my favourite wrestlers regardless of gender to boot, every aspect and facet of her is world-class. An excellent and unique look, fantastic ring work, and has presence and charisma for absolute days. Even with her middling English skills there's really no excuse for her being kept off TV and pay-per-view so much at the moment, as even without putting any titles on her, the sheer quality of her in-ring performances could be doing so much to help other women on the roster improve and get over. Bonus points, as if they were necessary, for pulling off such a long undefeated streak without it really ever getting stale, even at its lowest troughs and nadirs; very few others could've done the same."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 26.07.2019:
[8.0] "A joy to watch, especially during her time in NXT. Unfortunately, she's suffered from the Vince McMahon blues since being called up to the main roster. I hope she can get back on track as a singles soon. The team with Paige & Kairi does not work for her."
PunchInTheNuts wrote on 04.07.2019:
[9.0] "Excellent striker and one of the best technical women wrestlers, has a lot of charisma as well. She has the ability to make any decent wrestler look really good. Unfortunately she barely can show her real talent in WWE where her weaknesses are way more highlighted than her qualities and where the women roster is pretty weak. But even in Japan, while her work was obviously more respected and her style didn't have any limits, she never really had the career she deserved to have due to the declined state of the joshi scene. It's kind of sad in a way but I know what she's capable, she is still one of my favorite wrestlers and her 28 minutes match against Arisa Nakajima at the Korakuen Hall is still my favorite women's wrestling match."
PuroresuLover wrote on 12.05.2019:
[10.0] "My favorite woman wrestler and the very best right now! I don't like women's wrestling that much, but Asuka is so fucking great that I needed to watch her matches. I hope WWE stops to treat her like a joke, 'cause she's really great and deserves to be the Top Star of their women's division."
zephyr wrote on 19.03.2019:
[9.0] "Technical ability, brutal strikes, great charisma - those are the main things that come to mind when I think about Asuka's positives. Huge asset to any roster."
TwistedBliss wrote on 14.03.2019:
[4.0] "Die WWE hat mittlerweile einige Damen von Japan im Roster und im direkten Vergleich zu Io Shirai und Kairi Sane ist Asuka die deutlich schlechtere Wrestlerin. Ich finde es traurig das der Smackdown Titel bei Ihr wenig Bedeutung hat. Ich freue mich darauf, wenn eine andere Dame den Titel endlich präsentieren darf. Nach Ihrer Zeit bei NXT ist einfach die Luft raus."
Steamboat2511 wrote on 07.12.2018:
[9.0] "Asuka steht wrestlerisch über den Dingen. Ob sie nun die beste Wrestlerin der Welt ist oder nicht, sie ist in der Lage im höchsten qualitativen Bereich zu performen, Matches intelligent zu führen und hat eine feine Technik. Charisma ist auch vorhanden, die Mic-Skills sind allerdings noch verbesserbar. Was jetzt noch fehlt ist die ganz große legendäre Matchserie gegen gleichwertige Gegnerinnen wie Becky Lynch oder nochmal Ember Moon um die Spitze der Company."
The Stott One wrote on 30.11.2018:
[9.0] "Bringing some fire to the women's division, Asuka has been a major draw for the Women's Division. Her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania was one of my favorite matches of the night, maybe the year. I hope she doesn't flounder now that they ended her streak, but I am expecting a lot of great matches in the future. As of this writing, TLC might have her in the MOTN."
TylerWhite wrote on 02.11.2018:
[9.0] "Extrem gute Wrestlerin, die nicht zu unrecht oft als bestes Talent der gesamten WWE bezeichnet wird. Hab leider vor ihrem NXT-Run kaum was von ihr gesehen, aber in diesem Run hat sie mich überzeugt. Keines ihrer NXT Matches war wirklich schlecht und sie hat den Womens Title verdient gewonnen. Ich hoffe man bekommt irgendwann Dream Matches gegen Lynch oder Banks zu sehen."
RatingsMachine wrote on 17.10.2018:
[8.0] "Asuka is a great wrestler, and it's not any surprise that she had a great run in NXT but has been thoroughly misused on the main roster."
PaoloReaper wrote on 05.06.2018:
[10.0] "Almost certainly one of the top 5 female wrestlers in the world right now, Asuka is a beast in and out the ring. Holder of the longest undefeated streak in WWE recent history, Asuka has been utilized according to her actual skills, a thing that is sadly not the norm in the World Wrestling Entertainment system. With a terrifying presence, thanks to her amazing character work, entrance, lack of english skills and, of course, world-class in-ring ability, she was the most feared performer in the promotion, both men and women, until her loss at hands of Charlotte. It was not the defeat per se, but that the subsequent screen time given to Asuka has not been, in my opinion, well utilized. Despite this, Asuka is a top talent and one of the greatest, if not the greatest, female *wrestler* to ever step foot on a WWE ring (Wait for the push to Kairi Sane and the signing of Io Shirai and we could have contenders on that). I can only hope that Asuka returns to Main Event status soon, where she belongs"
Oliver95x wrote on 23.05.2018:
[9.0] "Einer der besten Damen die, die Wrestlingwelt zu bieten hat. Strahlt Karisma aus und ist gut im Ring. Gibt nichts an ihr auszusetzen außer vielleicht ihre englischsprachigen Promos. An denen könnte sie noch arbeiten."
beef wellington wrote on 02.03.2018:
[10.0] "She is perfect. She's the only wrestler in WWE for whom wins and losses matter. If she loses with an inadequate story I literally may never watch WWE again. She almost definitely will because they are impossibly bad at creating likeable babyfaces and telling compelling stories (outside NXT). For context on this comment, she pinned Nia Jax last week at Elimination Chamber and is yet to pick her opponent for WM after winning the Rumble. I don't care who she picks. The fact remains: no one is ready for Asuka. Build Ember or Kairi , or sign Io Shirai and I might be okay with it. She should dominate anyone on the roster right now. Keep Rousey far away from her for a while, that could be amazing next year if Rhonda can work and gets over like I hope she will."
LivMorgan202 wrote on 16.02.2018:
[9.0] "Very good wrestler with an amazing in-ring work and great abilities, but there's the problem with her mic skills that's so awful and bad and I know that she has that smile thing and mockery of her opponents but that's not enough because in my opinion a wrestler have to sell his character on the mic too well and I know that she will never improve on the mic but at least we have good matches with her every time she enter the ring and I can't wait to see what she does with the likes of Charlotte and Ronda Rousey. And the major problem with her is that thing with the mic skills but the rest she kills it, mainly her kicks that's awesome."
Brainbreaker wrote on 11.02.2018:
[9.0] "Wrestlerisch ganz klar auf einer Ebene mit Charlotte, wenn nicht sogar einen Tick besser: Asuka hat im Ring eine unglaubliche Präsenz, wirkt glaubwürdig in ihren Aktionen (von der Hip-Attack mal abgesehen) und man hat immer das Gefühl, dass ihre bloße Anwesenheit für ihre Gegnerinnen nicht vorteilhaft sein kann. Ihr Mic-work ist aber auch nach ein paar Jahren immernoch holprig. Das ist schade, denn somit wird sie nie komplexere Stories erzähen können und ist immer zu einem großen Teil auf ihre Kontrahentin angewiesen."
Triple H wrote on 05.02.2018:
[8.0] "Das einzigste was man Asuka ankreiden kann ist, das sie nach fast drei Jahren in der WWE immer noch kein gutes Englisch sprechen kann. Ansonsten gefiel mir ihr Run bei NXT bisher besser als im Main Roster. Trotzdem verdiente Royal Rumble Gewinnerin 2018. Das erste wirklich gute Match von ihr im Main Roster war gegen Sasha Banks. Hier hat sie auch zum ersten Mal eine ernst zu nehmende Gegenerin gehabt. Aber ihren Sieges Run sollte man endlich mal von der Storyline aufgeben, denn irgendwie wirkt das nicht mehr glaubwürdig. Schön wäre auch ein charakterlicher Wechsel ihres Gimmiks. Es wirkt zur Zeit auf mich ziemlich abgenutzt. Auch würde ich gerne von ihr und ihren Gegnerinnen mehr technisches Wrestling sehen wie teilweise bei NXT. Hier war ihr Last Women Standing Match gegen Nikki Cross das absolute Highlight von 2017. Die WWE hat wohl noch einiges mit ihr vor und mich würde alles andere wundern, wenn sie bei Wrestlemania nicht Championesse werden würde. Gerne in einem Match gegen Charlotte Flair aber was für eine Rolle wird eventuell Ronda Jean Rousey hier einnehmen ? Irgendwie wird sie in diese Fehde wohl eingebunden trotz des vermuteten Matches mit The Rock gegen Triple H und Stephanie McMahon ? Wir werden es im April sehen. Eventuell korrigiere ich meine Meinung in absehbahrer über Asuka noch auf 10 Punkte, aber hier muss sie mich noch absolut überzeugen das sie auch wandelbar sein kann vom Wrestler Charakter her."
CHN325 wrote on 01.02.2018:
[10.0] "One of the best female wrestlers that I have ever seen. Booked strong, has a great look, and is great on the mic even with a language barrier. Her mannerisms in the ring might be the best part about her. She doesn't wreck the competition, but always seems to outwork them, which makes for a great show."
Leo Evans wrote on 30.01.2018:
[4.0] "Ich bin mittlerweile leider kein Fan mehr von Asuka. Ihre Matches sind meist ziemlich uninteressant, jedes Wort, dass sie sagt ist eines zu viel und sie scheint in ihrer gesamten Entwicklung zu stagnieren. Wird dringend Zeit, dass ihr Titelrun endet und sie in den Mainshows neue (bessere) Gegnerinnen und Fehden bekommt. EDIT: Wie naiv zu glauben, dass die im Main Roster besser eingesetzt wird. Die Matches sind noch langweiliger, die Einsetzung eine Katastrophe. Spaßfaktor ist sehr gering."
TheLoudMouth wrote on 18.01.2018:
[10.0] "Vollkommen zurecht so hoch bewertet. Bin generell kein großer Fan von Damen-Wrestling, aber Asuka bringt alle nötigen Fähigkeiten mit. Nahezu unschlagbares Komplettpaket."
MitsuharuMisawa wrote on 06.12.2017:
"She was part of good matches with opponents like Asuka, Mickie James and Ember Moon. Also, I like her mask."
Vancouver Victinis wrote on 22.11.2017:
[10.0] "Nobody is Ready for asuka. this fact is plain, she doesn't really try fully on the main roster yet. She has beaten Punks Record for most days with a title in WWE and Goldbergs 173-0 Streak. She has done all the big WWE Records already before she set foot on the main roster. She still has her biggest test to get over with MR writing that may expose her weaknesses. Best of Luck."
ElSagacious wrote on 09.11.2017:
[10.0] "She fought like a killer in NXT, not sure if WWE will book her like that again, but she's good at both selling and attacking, love her."
Dragon fighter 1997 wrote on 08.11.2017:
[10.0] "Don't let wwe brainwash or make you look like stupid idiots. Asuka is definitely the best women wrestler in wwe for sure. Yeah, her debut with emma wasn't much impressive, but not her fault when she sold most of the match. Her nxt run was fantastic with killer matches with emma, bayley, nikki cross, ember moon and some other decent stuff. The lack of english is her only problem, but with proper booking , it can be hided. I am not 100% confident that wwe won't fuck her up. Hope she will have a good career on main roster."
taabr2 wrote on 11.09.2017:
[9.0] "Asuka's NXT Women's title run was fantastic. She is the best women worker in WWE today. I would like to point out though that I thought the same of Charlotte, Banks and Bayley when they were NXT women champions but while they all got exposed once they moved up to the main roster I would hope Asuka's experience in Japan would help her adjust better. Of course I haven't seen her pre-WWE work so we will just have to wait and see."
CaptainT wrote on 03.09.2017:
[9.0] "Asuka hat einfach alles was man braucht, außer vielleicht gutes Englisch. ;) Das macht aber nichts finde ich, da sie mit ihrer Mimik und ihrem Charisma im Prinzip genug erzählt."
PrinceJr wrote on 02.09.2017:
[10.0] "Das Beste, was WWE zu bieten hat im Damenbereich. Absolut geiles Wrestling, optisch top, sehr charismatisch und auch die beste NXT Women's Champion mit so vielen tollen Matches, besonders ihr letztes Match mit Ember Moon bei Takeover Brooklyn 3. Klar, sie ist japanisch und hat nicht die besten Mic-Skills, aber dafür was sie kann, werde ich ihr nix von meiner 10er Bewertung abziehen. Gucken, wie es im Main Roster, hoffentlich positiv, weitergeht."
Vylkhin wrote on 01.09.2017:
[6.0] "I just don't see the thing in her. She obviously has to improve her english, in Japan it wouldn't take points away but in WWE you need to speak english or you just look like you have zero mic skills. I think she's boring in the ring too, I just can't watch most of her matches without falling asleep. The only thing I can't take away from her is her character, she really looks like a major threat to every female wrestler. Anyway, about her in ring, I may not like it, but I know a lot of people thinks she's great so I can't really say it's bad, everyone likes different wrestling styles."
Micha1704 wrote on 26.08.2017:
[10.0] "Sie ist einfach Gold wert. Sie besitzt soviel Charisma das sie nicht ein Wort am Mikrofon sagen muss und hat einen einzigartigen In-Ring stil. Sie ist In-Ring mit Abstand die beste im Ring bei der WWE/NXT und wohl auch die Charismatischste. Für mich einer der stärksten All around Perfomer der Welt."
SNK wrote on 11.08.2017:
[9.0] "Excellent talent that consistently delivers high quality performances. Great ring work and very charismatic. Weak mic skills due to her poor English is Asuka's only noteworthy flaw, but due to that I can't give her a 10."
aguilarje411 wrote on 20.07.2017:
[9.0] "Asuka in NXT is incredible! Along with Sasha Banks, she is the best women's wrestler in the United States. While her arsenal relies on a lot of strikes, some of which can seem a bit reductive, it works for her and she elicits attention and carries herself like a star. If I had one qualm about her it's of course her mic skills and while understandable still seem to come off a bit sluggish at times but being a dangerous force she is, this sort of works to her advantage actually. The only reason I can't rate her a 10 is because while she's great in NXT, she also doesn't have too much competition there. Bayely and Ember Moon are the only opponents she's ever faced that can come close to her and those have been too few matches considering how long she's been champion. Nikki Cross was another one where the wrestling was good but she's also not on her level. I might have to change my rating when Asuka comes to the main roster. What works in NXT does NOT always work on TV. That's a fact. Especially with the way she handles an environment that has better women's wrestlers than she's used to 90% of the time in NXT (not necessarily better than her) as well in a much more promo and segment heavy show like SD and especially RAW than NXT is. But as it stands, she's the most dominant woman, really in history that I can recall."
PathosLogosEthos wrote on 05.06.2017:
[10.0] "She's the best. I mean, just, what is there to say about her. Sadly, her English still isn't good enough to give a real well developed promo, but that being said, she at least knows how to make something good with the little English she knows. As far as her in ring work? She's stellar. She just has no weaknesses as an in ring performer."
jtsilver101 wrote on 06.04.2017:
[7.0] "Very compelling when it comes to her storytelling. I have been able to get invested in her work based off facial expressions alone. My only problem with Asuka comes from the fact she's a babyface. The stiff kicks, the submissions, he body language all comes off very heelish. Once that problem is fixed, I will enjoy her work even more."
Changeling45 wrote on 21.02.2017:
[9.0] "I've seen nothing but great things from Asuka. She carries herself like a complete badass. She's very charismatic, and has a terrific sense of urgency that makes her ring-work seem absolutely legitimate."
rjsbx11 wrote on 06.01.2017:
[8.0] "Something about Asuka compels you to watch her. Her colorful outfit, her appearance, her sinister smirk and her striking ability makes her standout among her NXT contemporaries. She's not as stiff as she was in Japan, as the talent pool in NXT is filled with many greener workers, but she still able to fire off convincing offense. The issues seem to be surrounding her character, she bodes well as tweener or heel, rather than a face. She's going always face trouble with a mic, but being miscasted as face, and the lack of skilled competition might stall her in the long run."
molemaster43 wrote on 05.01.2017:
[9.0] "Asuka is a force to be reckoned with; with a brilliant character, brilliant facial expressions and great wrestling, Asuka is one of the best women's wrestlers out there, and I cannot wait to see her dominate the main roster soon enough."
NastyYaffa wrote on 01.01.2017:
[9.0] "One of the best women's wrestlers WWE has ever had - Asuka just gets it. Her charisma, facial expressions, body language are just on point, and she does some little things that add to her matches - and then you get her beast in ring work - her offense is just fantastic."
Rog Fulace wrote on 26.12.2016:
[6.0] "Pretty lame striking ability if you put her in her actual joshi environment, but she of course seems "amazing" when put alongside people who are actively learning wrestling or were there for modeling purposes/signal boost rather than actual wrestling talent. Besides that, her matches were rather average and her look is rather wacky."
Sora wrote on 17.12.2016:
[10.0] "Asuka ist wirklich eine wahnsinns Wrestlerin... Sie ist umwerfend im Ring, das Gimmick passt... Das Problem ist: nachdem die Four Horsewommen aus NXT zum Main Roster gekommen sind, fehlt es ihr sehr an ernsthafter Konkurenz... Also WWE: Asuka ins Main Roster & den NXT Womens Titel an jemanden der nicht so... sagen wir überqualifiziert ist."
johnnywrestlingDIY wrote on 13.12.2016:
[10.0] "Just another level. Incredibly crisp, smooth and fluid. Shows incredible emotion and story with the littliest of gestures. Rightfully so at the top of the mountain right now for womens wrestling."
AtticusFinch wrote on 25.11.2016:
[9.0] "Without a doubt, the best female wrestler in the WWE. She can carry just about anyone to an entertaining match. Only knock on her at the moment is that they don't quite seem to know what her character is yet in NXT. As a face, she's running the risk of becoming stale, but a heel run seems like it should free her up a bit since it always felt like she was one or a tweener at the very least. Promo skills are whatever, but she works well as a silent or "woman of few words" wrestler."
arrancar wrote on 21.11.2016:
[7.0] "Asuka is definitely a notch above all the other female wrestlers in WWE. She's good, but I'd be lying if I said she was one of the best wrestlers in the world as her current 9. 39 rating suggests. I never saw Asuka in Japan, which is a shame because I bet she had some great hard hitting matches over there. On what I've seen of her in America it feels like WWE wanted a female 'strong styler', but didn't want to have Asuka injuring all their other female talent (who are newbies and/or possess very limited skills), so they just got her to do moves with a big performance to them but with little actual impact. That's what it feels like with Asuka. She is all talk. Her offence, which everyone gushes about, seems rather tame compared to many other wrestlers, even some in WWE. She has that 'delights in evil' nature going on, as she seems to love both giving and receiving pain. This is meant to play into the whole 'mysterious foreigner' gimmick WWE always does with non-westerners, and is meant to make her look badass. However, Asuka is not a great actor, and whenever she fires up or no sells her injuries it just comes off as cringeworthy because her facials/vocals are far too exaggerated. Ignoring her gimmick (despite how it annoys me), her wrestling skill really is quite good. She has had quite a few good matches and could probably hold her own with plenty of WWE's male wrestlers. She still hasn't had any match I'd consider 'great', but her foundations are at least set for that."
mdbnase wrote on 20.11.2016:
[9.0] "Sehr gute Ausstrahlung, zudem eine ausgezeichnete Technikerin mit tollen Submission-Moves und einem hohen Tempo. Kommt mir manchmal aber etwas zu arrogant rüber. Ändert aber nichts daran, dass sie im Ring sehr viel drauf hat. Benötigt allerdings Gegnerinnen die mithalten können, da sie sich manchmal etwas schwer tut, unfähige Wrestlerinnen zu einem guten Match zu ziehen. Darum einen Punkt abzug."
shosa94 wrote on 12.10.2016:
[10.0] "The best female wrestler in the world, full stop. Puts on awesome matches, oozes both charisma and intimidation (could believably kick most of the male wrestlers' asses), has a great look, and may be the only wrestler to EVER pull off a monster baby-face run successfully. Ladies, this is the bar, get up on your tippytoes."
Saphir wrote on 21.08.2016:
[10.0] "Kana ist und bleibt eine Marke für sich. Jetzt bei NXT hat sie verdienterweise einen größeren Zuschauerkreis. Wenn die Gegner stark bleiben, kann man sich auf sehr gute Matches freuen."
SweetestThing2 wrote on 11.08.2016:
[8.0] "Asuka is not only the best Women's wrestler in NXT but she is the best women's wrestler in all of wwe currently. Her in ring skills are magnificent and she is one of the stiffest Women's wrestlers i have ever seen. I love the Gimmick, she is just a bad ass Japanese girl who is so eccentric and a little scary at times. I also am in love with her attire. Not only the coolest Women's attire i think i have ever seen but also one of the coolest ever and she is a beauty. I think her mic skills are what brings my rating down a bit considering they are very underwhelming."
Hypocrisy wrote on 06.08.2016:
[9.0] "Leider kenne ich kein Material aus Japan, sodass ich hier nur ihre Zeit bei NXT bewerten kann. Grandiose Technik verbunden mit einer Aura der Gefahr macht sie zu einer äußerst lieb gewordenen Athletin innerhalb der Women's Division. Das Mic Work ist aufgrund der traditionellen Sprachschwierigkeiten mutmaßlich nie groß vorhanden; dies ist bei einer solchen Workerin aber auch einfach egal."
JordanACE wrote on 24.07.2016:
[8.0] "In ring she's probably the best female wrestler in the world (alongside Sasha Banks). She's so quick and basically just a total badass!"
KevinZayn wrote on 26.06.2016:
[10.0] "Asuka ist eine grandiose InRing Performerin, die dazu noch ein unglaubliches Charisma besitzt. Micwork braucht sie dadurch eigentlich gar nicht. Weniger als 10 kann ich ihr einfach nicht geben."
gaidenphoenix wrote on 21.06.2016:
[10.0] "Even in an era when mainstream American wrestling fans are beginning to take women’s grappling more seriously than ever, Kana stands out as an exceptionally fast, brutal and efficient competitor. Though her microphone skills aren’t quite yet up to par – likely a result of English not being her first language – Kana communicates everything she needs to between the ropes."
SMKVB wrote on 09.06.2016:
[7.0] "Arguably the best female worker on the planet. Offense comes swift and hard and she'll snatch any limb that comes near her. What she's missing that you see in some of the horse women is their exceptional in-ring story telling through selling and psychology. She just has to get used to the more American style of sports entertainment rather than just depending on her bad ass offense. Obviously promos are a no go, but she's still managed to get over so I can't really knock her for that. Thought her match with Emma stole that Takeover and was even more entertaining than her title match with Bayley."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 05.06.2016:
[10.0] "ASUKA brings a culture shock of joshi to WWE, up until signing she had done it all, modeling, hair designing, professional graphic designer, professional gamer, worked in almost all the joshi promotions, ran her own shows, worked for AJPW on there playboy sponsered show, worked in NOAH. can not wait to see her dominate the male roster"
Alex Maeda wrote on 23.05.2016:
[10.0] "Ich kenne keine Frau im Mainstream-Wrestling, die in Sachen Ausstrahlung auch nur ansatzweise an Asuka herankommt. Sie ist over wie Sau, hoffe das wird sich übertragen, wenn sie ins Main Roster wechselt. Über ihre In Ring Skills ist auch alles gesagt worden. Asuka ist absolut Gold wert."
Mizzle Assault Ant wrote on 09.05.2016:
[10.0] "Loved Kana even before she came to WWE and started doing great work there. Brutal offense and very charismatic, even through a language barrier. I hope she will go as far as possible in WWE, I prefer her even to the "Four Horsewomen" on NXT."
KingChrizzly619 wrote on 16.04.2016:
[9.0] "Nach Paige mittlerweile zu meiner zweitliebsten Wrestling-Dame geworden... Sie hat wirklich das perfekte etwas, hoffe die WWE macht bei ihr alles richtig. Persönliche Ausstrahlung: Ich stehe ja eigtl mehr auf den Typ Paige, aber irgendwas hat sie verdammt nochmal an sich (10/10 Punkte), das Gimmick ist bisher echt gut, ihr Auftreten samt Kleidungsstil und Gesichtsbemalung top (10/10), eine der besten Moves die ich je bei einer Frau gesehen hab (9/10). Micwork, schwierig zu beurteilen (6/10). Gibt bei mir einen Gesamtwert von 9/10 Punkten."
Baschtey wrote on 07.04.2016:
[8.0] "Asuka. Meiner Meinung die zweitbeste Womens Wrestlerin auf dem Planeten. (Auf dem ersten Platz ist Sasha Banks. ) Sie ist die Queen of Strong Style. Ihre Moves sind extrem sauber und extrem gut, sie hat ein unglaubliches Charisma und eine tolle Ausstrahlung. Es ist zum einen cool dass sie jetzt NXT Womens Champion ist. Zum Anderen ist es doof, da sie deswegen erstmal nicht ins Main Roster kommt. Ich will sie dort definitiv sehen. Wenn sie Ende diesen Jahres ins Main Roster kommt, wäre ein tolle und lange Fehde gegen Paige ein Traum. Man könnte auch Becky Lynch gut dort einbinden. Das sind einfach die drei Frauen mit der längsten und besten Erfahrung. Perfekte Traum Matches. Die 3 komplett verschiedenen Wrestling Styles (Nein nicht AJ ;)) würden sich super ergänzen. Please WWE, do it, do it now and do it right! Abzug gibt es nur durch ihre schlechten Mic Skills. Das ist aber bei Japanern immer ein etwas spezielles Thema. :D"
nitrop199 wrote on 06.04.2016:
[10.0] "Asuka/Kana is a fantastic technical and very stiff wrestler. If you add to that a unique look/gear and a huge charisma, you have one of the best worker in the world, regardless of the gender."
Klabauter wrote on 03.04.2016:
[10.0] ""The greatest competitor that ever signed here" - William Regal über Asuka. Er hatte recht! Asuka/Kana ist eine der besten Wrestlerin der Welt und verdient nicht weniger als 10 Punkte!"
AnarchyFall wrote on 29.03.2016:
[8.0] "Asuka is really great. No suprise there, for most people, but she is. She has a lot of charisma, is a really, and I mean really great performer who is very smooth in the ring. She was adapted well to the enviroment of WWE and I really hope Vince doesn't ruin her when she steps over."
RWIceWolfie wrote on 25.03.2016:
[9.0] "Her work that she has done before signing with WWE should stand on its own. She is a firecracker! Sure, it always helps if you have mic skills but I honestly don't ever see her being much of a talker & personally I prefer her to tell her story in the ring & with those chilling facial expressions. Keeping her in NXT is a good choice right now for a few reasons, one, it allows her to become comfortable with how everything is done here in America. The way they train, the language, the culture, everything is new & I've seen plenty of great wrestlers get called up too quick & not be able to adjust. Two, this gives the "main" roster time to try to get some divas up to her level. There are some ... mostly the "diva revolution" that could face her but I question if they could keep up after awhile. They will need more then Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, & Paige. That round up would get tired of watching after a few months. I just hope WWE doesn't make a joke out of these girls, unlike many from the past these ladies know how to throw down."
Danc3r wrote on 04.03.2016:
[9.0] "asuka is the best wrestler on the nxt roster in my opinion. she has not had many classic matches because she has yet to work with anyone as seasoned as her. We all saw the classic match she had with emma. we also get to see her with bailey. they need to bring in santana garrett full time as well as a few more experienced performers so they can get all they can out of this talent."
Rjdshawn wrote on 22.02.2016:
[10.0] "The only issue I have with Asuka is my worries about her mic ability. And even if she was horrid on the mic, I'd still rate her a 9, because she's that freakin good in the ring. She a badass in the ring with a badass theme song. If she got some character development, I'm sure she'll be a champion soon."
Jaxx wrote on 13.02.2016:
[10.0] "10 Punkte. Alles andere wäre einfach nur lächerlich. Über die In-Ring-Skills braucht man eigentlich gar nicht zu reden. Asuka im Vergleich zu dem anderen NXT-Diven Gewächs... das ist wie ein Student in der Sonderschule. Die Frau hat ne richtig krasse Ausstrahlung. Dieses durchgeknallte Lächeln gepaart mit der Silent Killer Attitüde, wozu brauch die denn noch Mic-Skills? ! Richtig gut könnte ich mir auch ne Managerin für sie vorstellen, im ähnlichen Stil wie Heyman/Lesnar. Eigentlich muss sie schnell ins Main Roster, weil ihr bei NXT einfach niemand das Wasser reichen kann und Matches gegen Banks, Lynch oder Paige wären zumindest mal interessant und würden dann auch zeigen, zu was Asuka fähig ist. Bis dahin kickt sie halt weiterhin Gurken wie Dana Brooke oder Eva Marie durch den Ring."
Wrestlingfan96 wrote on 11.02.2016:
[7.0] "Kannte sie vor WWe nicht. Gute Wrestlerin! Wertung wäre vielleicht etwas höher ausgefallen, aber ich mag dieses Arsch-Wrestling einfach nicht. Ich mein, das kann man mal machen, aber es sollte sich nicht durchs Match ziehen"
Phenomenal91 wrote on 07.02.2016:
[10.0] "Of course her work in the ring is a 10. That has been indisputably proven. But some folks on here are wondering whether she'll display any skill on the mic. I say, there have been tons of Divas with absolutely no mic skills who have risen to the top on ability alone (Gail Kim, for instance). Asuka just projects a badass aura. She's a sweetheart to the fans, giving them ample more reason to love her, but when she's in the ring... you just get the feeling you're about to watch the girlfight of a lifetime. No other woman (and not very many men) in the WWE right now project that aura. So we needn't worry about mic skills. One thing I WOULD like to address that nobody else has is that the rest of the Divas in the WWE are going to have to seriously step up their games to hang with Asuka. She's no dainty little model or dancer or cheerleader or Hooters waitress, the type of Diva WWE usually goes for. She's vicious and powerful. It's going to take someone just as vicious and powerful (maybe Paige? ) to match her skill. Here's to a bright future, with a shining legacy already built in."
SapolBlack wrote on 03.02.2016:
[9.0] "Eine Japanerin die nicht gut Ausschaut, sondern noch einen extreme Strong & Style Stil in NXT bringt. Wrestling Technisch kann, ihr zu Zeit im NXT Roster niemand was vormachen, die Frage ist leider nur. Sogut wie sie auch ist, wird sie es im Main Roster überleben. 9 Punkte, weil sie noch sich am Mikrofon beweisen muss. Aber ansonnsten Top!"
Naruedyoh wrote on 28.01.2016:
[10.0] "A excellent wrestler, for male or female. He has the looks of a devastating beast, moves extremely well and can make interesting even the lamest wrestler she fights. There are two things to solve: she doesn't know english and she's reaching old age for a wrestler and is still in NXT. Get her a japanese looking english speaking manager and get her to the main roster ASAP."
Harlequin wrote on 11.01.2016:
[7.0] "I'm really liking this NXT prospect. Exceptional in-ring ability with a good character of her own. Hoping to see more from Asuka as time goes on!"
mdkarl wrote on 02.01.2016:
[10.0] "Plays the gimmick wonderfully... as a woman puts on matches I always enjoy watching her matches. Her unique look really helps get her over. Sadly I didn't see very much of her Japanese stuff and can't grade her work rate in that environment but as an American performer she's been great and I'm still feeling the best is yet to come."
HouseWhiteWillRise wrote on 27.12.2015:
[6.0] "Now this girl is very overrated in ring and she is just terrible on the mic the reason i give her a six is because she is pretty good in ring and i would give her a eight if she was in japan but now she is in wwe and just being good in ring doesn't cut it you have to be good on the mic have charisma and connect she does connect with the nxt crowd and she does deliver in ring but man she is horrible on the mic and here character is so cringe worthy i hope she improves or i dont think she will ever be divas champion or even make it to the main roster"
Desaster1978 wrote on 20.12.2015:
[7.0] "Hervorragende Wrestlerin die es auch versteht, schwächere Gegnerinnen mitzuziehen. Ihre Promoqualitäten kann man natürlich noch nicht bewerten aber alleine mit Ihrem durchdringenten Blick weiß sie ihre Gegnerinnen zu beeindrucken."
Play2X wrote on 17.12.2015:
[8.0] "Vorneweg: Lasst euch von der WWE nicht verarschen. Asuka bedeutet nur SEHR frei übersetzt Zukunft (Shorai/Mirai wäre eine genaue Übersetzung für Zukunft nahdistant und ferndistant, respektive). Asuka setzt sich zusammen aus den Kanji für 'morgieger Tag/morgen' und 'Blume', welches auch in ihrem alten Ringnamen enthalten war (Kana = 'berühmte Blume'). Nach dem kleinen Japanisch-Unterricht: Kana ist eine extrem aggressive und körperliche Wrestlerin, welche aufgrund ihrer Statur auch über gute Technik verfügt. Vorallem ihr weites Arsenal an Submissions kann dabei überzeugen. Dazu verfügt sie über realativ glaubhaftes Selling und In-Ring Psychologie. Ihr Manko liegt meiner Meinung nach in ihrer Ausstrahlung - ich nehme ihr ihr Auftreten und Gesichtsbemalung nicht groß ab, auch Interaktionen mit dem Publikum fehlen zugunsten von Realismus. Dadurch allerdings wirkt sie fokussierter auf das Match. Insgesamt natürlich eine formidable Wrestlerin, auf deren weiteren Weg in der WWE ich mich freue. Das einzige, was noch offen ist, sind ihre Promos: Ich habe ein paar ihrer japansichen Promos gesehen, in welchen sie sehr sicher wirkt, und das Publikum in ihrer Hand hat. Ob sie das auch in den USA kann, wird sich zeigen. Allerdings sollte das für sie zu schaffen sein."
Alo67 wrote on 09.12.2015:
[10.0] "Also ich kannte Asuka vorher nicht aber als ich sie in NXT gesehen habe hat sie mich sehr stark beindruckt . Sie ist echte erste Sahne im Ring , das Match bei NXT Takeover Respect muss man gesehen haben sie ist so schnell hat Submissions gezeigt die ich bis jetzt sehr selten gesehen habe , Das StrongStyle hat sie auch drauf . Ihr Gimmick stellt sie als ein Japanisches Zerstörerin dar , was mir sehr gut gefällt , sie kann es gut verkörpern . Ich glaub sie kann noch sehr viel erreichen . Klasse diese Frau"
MoonsaultsEdgecution wrote on 28.11.2015:
[8.0] "Asuka ist zweifelsohne stark im Ring, besitzt eine Menge Charisma und ist eine gute Wahl von WWE gewesen. Aber Leute, hier von der derzeit besten Wrestlerin der Welt zu sprechen halte ich bei aller Fairness für weit übertrieben. In meinen Augen kann sie weder Io Shirai noch Kairi Hojo das Wasser reichen, weder hinsichtlich der Ausstrahlung und erst recht nicht wrestlerisch. Mir persönlich gefällt selbst Mayu Iwatani noch besser, wenngleich Asuka hier in der Tat etwas mehr Charisma an den Tag legt. ;-)"
MusSan wrote on 23.11.2015:
[10.0] "Ich muss zugeben, dass ich sie nicht kannte. Ich gucke normaler Weise keinen japanischen Promotionen wie NJPW oder NOAH, aber diese Asuka ist eine Granate im Ring. Sie hat sehr viel Charisma. Schade, dass die WWE sie nicht ins Main Roster holen will. Sie würde im Main Roster einschalgen wie eine Bombe, da bin ich mir sicher."
La Trina wrote on 10.11.2015:
[10.0] "Not really sure what to write about Asuka that someone else hasn't already pointed out. Fantastic all around wrestler, always exciting to watch."
Obermacker wrote on 09.11.2015:
[10.0] "Erfahrene japanische Wrestlerin, die zur Abwechslung auch mal ne entsprechende Oberweite besitzt. Absolut verdiente erste SMASH-Championess. UPDATE: Topwahl der WWE, die wohl beste Damenwrestlerin der Welt momentan!"
Navid wrote on 06.11.2015:
[10.0] "Ich sah zwar nur 2 Matches von ihr aber diese waren schon sehr beeindruckend. Kana besitzt tolle und vor allem realistische Aufgabegriffe und Bodenkombinationen. Dazu hat sie Kicks die an Geschwindigkeit und Präzision einigen Männern zum Vorbild reichen. Das mir ihr Kleidungsstil gefällt kann ich erwähnen während Aussehen natürlich keine Bedeutung haben sollte. Update: Ihr 3 Minuten Match gegen Cameron vom 4. 11. 2015 zwingt mich die Wertung auf 10 zu erhöhen. Sowas stiffes hab ich nochnie gesehen. Bereits legendär ist die Szene in der sie, statt wie jeder andere einer Ohrfeige auszuweichen, diese nichtnur einsteckt sondern sogar entgegen geht um Cameron in den Armbar zu bekommen. Da bleiben nur 10 Punkte als Bewertung!"
JuliTheCage87 wrote on 22.10.2015:
[10.0] "Alter Falter, was ist das denn für eine. Ich bin echt sprachlos. Hab mich vorher noch nie so für japanisches Damenwrestling interessiert (abgesehen von dem einen oder anderen Youtube-Clip), aber sie scheint echt das non-plus-ultra zu sein. Wahnsinnig charismatisch, der wohl beste Theme Song aller Zeiten, eine fantastische Wrestlerin - Gänsehaut! Da wird wohl auch ihre Sprachbarriere kein Hindernis für den Sprung an die Spitze sein. Und die ist verdammt nochmal 34? Die sieht aus wie 20, damn!"
Kevin434 wrote on 18.10.2015:
[10.0] "Der Typ hier der ihr 6 Punkte gegeben hat hat offenbar keine Ahnung von wrestling und In-Ring Psychologie ist anscheinend ein Fremdwort für ihn. Falls du das liest: Bitte lösche deinen acc, danke. Diese Frau ist so unfassbar gut im Ring sie besitzt nicht nur wahnsinns submission Moves, nein, sie kann ihre Gegnerin wunderbar durchs Match ziehen, ihre Gegnerin unfassbar gut stark darstellen, hat eine fantastische ring-psychologie, besitzt ein geniales Storytelling und ist kurz gesagt einfach nur grandios. Diese Frau ist aktuell die beste Wrestlerin der Welt, sorry Sasha Banks."
Sascha Legendkiller wrote on 16.10.2015:
[6.0] "Asuka(toller Name ohne Scherz) ist als Wrestlerin okay, mehr nicht ich kann solche Überbewertungen nicht verstehen."
Macho Madness wrote on 10.10.2015:
[10.0] "DAS ist eine Wrestlerin. Klasse Technik, dabei genügend kräftig um auch mal kraftvollere Aktionen zu zeigen. Bin total begeistert. Dazu eine total natürliche Ausstrahlung (wenn man mal von den vielen Farben absieht), kein Solariumsixpacksilikonblondchen, eine "richtige Frau". Da können die ganzen Daily Soap Diven im NXT/WWE Roster einpacken. Scheut sich auch nicht mal richtig in die Seile zu gehen. Ich will mich nicht zu weit aus dem Fenster lehnen, aber es würde mich nicht überraschen, wenn ihr eine goldene Zukunft bevorsteht. Allerdings.. Vince und seine Schreiber werden es schon versauen ;)"
13goingondaniel wrote on 07.07.2015:
[10.0] "One of, if not THE best Joshi wrestler in the world today. After witnessing her matches against Meiko Satomura and Sara Del Rey it was very clear to me that Kana is not only one of the best wrestlers in Japan, but just one of the better and definitely one of the most unappreciated wrestlers in the world."
AlwaysAngry wrote on 29.01.2014:
[10.0] "One of the greatest women wrestlers in the world right now."
joshimania wrote on 23.06.2013:
[8.0] "Very intense and stiff with some good mat skills my type of wrestler."
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