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104.09.2020jajt19896.0Don't know how this guy has such a low rating, he was a great member of the freebirds and how could anyone say he was the worst member when garvin couldn't wrestle for shit, Roberts is ten times better then garvin ever was
203.09.2020vSelfless4.0The worst wrestler of the Freebirds, his mic skills were not as great as Michael Hayes and his technical work is not as good as Terry Gordy's. He was not good overall.
304.12.2019krukster4.0My least favorite of the Freebirds. (pretty much the jobber of the group) Mic skills were not the best, and wrestling skills average. If he wasn't part of the birds would rate a little bit lower.
429.05.2019JEK 19913.0Not much of a great wrestler. He was best only remembered with the Hollywood Blondes and the Fabulous Freebirds.
604.01.2017SpruseJohnson7.0The bump man for the Freebirds but he was more than that. He could work with the best of them & deserved oh so much more.
705.01.2016mdkarl8.0History teaches us that Roberts was a very important part of the Freebirds. Origionally assigned to the team as a glorified babysitter... the thought was Hayes/Gordy couldn't work enough so Roberts was going to take their bumps for them in the ring as well as keep them out of trouble outside the ring. Then a funny thing happened and Hayes/Gordy liked Roberts and he became like a brother to them. Roberts was already nearing the end of the line when he met Hayes/Gordy and they never were able to replace him. Of course Gordy would eventually find success in Japan with another gimmick, but Hayes/Jimmy Garvin never connected like Hayes/Roberts did. Personally I was a little too immature at the time Roberts was wrestling to really appreciate him. He certainly didn't appear to be a great wrestler at first glance. But once I learnt that good wrestling is about drawing money and connecting to the crowd, I learnt the value of a guy like Roberts. He was very over when he got the ball and had a chance to run with it.
811.11.2015Crippler Crossface5.0
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