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05.08.2017 - 01.09.2018SWE Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Joseph Conners as The Joseph Conners Experience Feat. Ligs)392 daysMatches
10.08.2018 - 10.08.2018HOPE Kings Of Flight Champion (3x) (as El Ligero)<1 dayMatches
09.02.2018 - 20.07.2018HOPE Kings Of Flight Champion (2x) (as El Ligero)161 daysMatches
04.08.2017 - 10.11.2017HOPE Kings Of Flight Champion (as El Ligero)98 daysMatches
08.07.2017 - 28.10.2017Knights Of Chaos Champion (as El Ligero; with Martin Kirby as Project Lucha)112 daysMatches
08.04.2017 - 17.06.2017International Cult Cup Champion (as El Ligero)70 daysMatches
29.10.2016 - 06.05.2017SWE Heavyweight Champion (as El Ligero)189 daysMatches
06.10.2016 - 30.11.2016WCPW Internet Champion (as El Ligero)55 daysMatches
13.12.2015 - 24.07.2016TCW Champion (2x) (as El Ligero)224 daysMatches
29.11.2015 - 29.05.2016PROGRESS Tag Team Champion (2x) (as El Ligero; with Nathan Cruz as The Origin)182 daysMatches
07.05.2016 - 14.05.2016FCW Champion (as El Ligero)7 daysMatches
31.10.2015 - 27.11.2015PCW Cruiserweight Champion (as El Ligero)27 daysMatches
05.04.2014 - 19.09.2015Infinite Promotions Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Bubblegum as Hubba Bubba Lucha)532 daysMatches
02.05.2014 - 15.09.2015PBW Heavyweight Champion (as El Ligero)501 daysMatches
30.05.2015 - 08.08.2015SWE Speed King Champion (as El Ligero)70 daysMatches
04.04.2014 - 19.06.2015GPW British Champion (as El Ligero)441 daysMatches
24.05.2015 - 25.05.2015PROGRESS Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Nathan Cruz as The Origin)1 dayMatches
17.10.2014 - 06.12.2014SWE Champion (as El Ligero)50 daysMatches
10.11.2013 - 05.12.2014NGW Undisputed Champion (as El Ligero)390 daysMatches
13.04.2014 - 08.06.2014TCW Champion (as El Ligero)56 daysMatches
25.11.2012 - 28.07.2013PROGRESS Champion (as El Ligero)245 daysMatches
27.05.2011 - 23.11.2012NEWS British Champion (as El Ligero)546 daysMatches
04.12.2011 - 06.10.2012NGW Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Dara Diablo as Los Amigos)307 daysMatches
13.05.2011 - 14.09.2012PPW Champion (as El Ligero)490 daysMatches
17.07.2010 - 04.02.2012XWA Flyweight Champion (3x) (as El Ligero)567 daysMatches
25.09.2009 - 20.05.20113CW Triple Crown Champion (2x) (as El Ligero; with Darkside)602 daysMatches
21.11.2009 - 24.07.2010RDW European Champion (as El Ligero)245 daysMatches
30.01.2010 - 03.04.2010XWA Flyweight Champion (2x) (as El Ligero)63 daysMatches
14.03.2009 - xx.xx.2009PTW Heavyweight Champion (as El Ligero)?Matches
10.04.2009 - 29.05.20093CW Heavyweight Champion (as El Ligero)49 daysMatches
24.08.2008 - 08.05.2009RDW Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Martin Kirby)257 daysMatches
16.08.2008 - 22.11.2008SAS Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Bubblegum as Hubba Bubba Lucha)98 daysMatches
24.11.2007 - 05.07.2008XWA Flyweight Champion (as El Ligero)224 daysMatches
16.03.2008 - 24.05.20081PW Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Bubblegum as Hubba Bubba Lucha)69 daysMatches
16.02.2008 - 03.05.2008NWL Elite Tag Team Champion (as El Ligero; with Bubblegum as Hubba Bubba Lucha)77 daysMatches
02.12.2007 - 02.12.2007TXW Ax Champion (as El Ligero)<1 dayMatches
11.02.2007 - 08.04.2007TXW Crush Champion (as El Ligero)56 daysMatches
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