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30.08.2020 - todayWorld Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Queen Elizabeth Champion (2x)329 daysMatches
10.10.2016 - 24.08.2019World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Queen Elizabeth Champion1048 daysMatches
22.07.2018 - 06.04.2019World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Ayako Sato as CRYSIS)258 daysMatches
23.12.2014 - xx.07.2015World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Tag Team Champion (with Sareee)?Matches
21.07.2004 - xx.xx.2010AWF World Women's Champion?Matches
28.12.1997 - xx.09.1998TWF World Women's Tag Team Champion (with Yuko Kosugi)?Matches
22.10.1997 - 11.01.1998TWF World Women's Champion81 daysMatches
01.06.1983 - xx.12.1985WWWA World Champion (2x)?Matches
17.09.1984 - 14.04.1985UWA World Women's Champion209 daysMatches
25.02.1981 - 07.05.1983WWWA World Champion (as Rimi Yokota)801 daysMatches
15.12.1980 - 07.03.1981AJW Champion (as Rimi Yokota)82 daysMatches
17.12.1980 - 04.01.1981WWWA Tag Team Champion (as Rimi Yokota; with Ayumi Hori)18 daysMatches
04.01.1980 - xx.08.1980AJW Junior Champion (as Rimi Yokota)?Matches
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