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118.09.2020CanadianBadBoy6.0Liked his work in ROH but so far he hasn't had a good match since 2019. He can be good at times using his greatest attribute but he seems limited.
216.09.2020Gathawk6.0Solid worker, has a bit of charisma, a little bland over the last years. Can't remember any 'classic' matches involving him to be perfectly honest.
805.09.2020Khalid Ace6.0When your in ring skills is your greatest attribute & I can't remember the last time you've had a great match yes you deserve a six.
1131.08.2020JustAWrestlingFan9.0Rollins is great. He has been one of my favorite for years and is constantly proving he is golden inside the ring and on the mic. Just when he is getting stale he gets the perfect gimmick change he needs.
1231.08.2020Criss Axton9.0
1331.08.2020Tyler Durden10.0
1825.08.2020Okaro1438.0He is a great in ring performer and an extremely talented and athletic wrestler but his character work is really bad. The Architect, The Messiah, The beast Slayer, the King Slayer etc. All of these gimmicks but none that truly fit him. They should have just made him heel Rollins. He has gone through a lot of gimmicks just these past 5-6 years but none lasted. A great wrestler with a bad character work.
1924.08.2020jansen ferris9.0He is good in a general way, he is now a good talker and i think that the empty arena made his promo better without idiots chanting "what" every single time. He used to be over with the fans and he was delivering a lot of great matches but now his moveset is superkicks and stomps to the head and a "suicide dive" every match, every week, every time.
2407.08.2020Ma Stump Puller7.0Rollins is a amazing wrestler with horrible booking holding him down. His stuff in the Shield was great, his heel turn worked, he was a proper main eventer until he got injured. Naturally, after almost a year out, he should have been turned babyface (much like Triple H when he returned from injury) as he had a lot of hype and sympathy going into his return. Guy was over.... but they don't pull the trigger and keep him heel. That was the start of a bad downfall of good matches but WWE just not knowing what to do with him, which was shown perfectly when he was wasted in a feud with Triple H of all people and weak feuds with mid carders. His current cult gimmick is really lame and I'm not feeling it, which sucks, because outside of booking, Rollins is a solid main eventer (maybe not the top guy, but a good contender) with a sharp moveset and good mic skills.
2631.07.2020Yumichi9510.0Un des meilleur catcheur dans le ring de la wwe il est très impressionnant surtout que on le sais tous la wwe pour le in ring est très strict.
2923.07.2020Briefcase 19929.0
3122.07.2020martizzletae9.0One of the best of this era! Seth Rollins is able to take everything given to him and make something work. Fiend at Hell in a Cell aside, the Shield breakup, Money in the Bank, cashing in at Wrestlemania, The Monday Night Messiah (lowkey my favorite of his incarnations) have been fun to watch. And he's a machine in the ring.
4209.06.2020Reo227.0I think Rollins is a good wrestler but I also think he is extremely overrated just not at that top level.
4531.05.2020Jesse Wolf9.0Sehr guter Wrestler. Leider wurde er sehr gehated wegen der Sache mit Wyatt wobei er ja nichts dafür konnte, sondern das scheiß Booking von Vince. Dennoch einer der besten Wrestler der Welt. Schon bei FCW/NXT großartig. Spielte sein Heelgimmick sehr gut und sein jetziges "Messiah" ist einfach nur großartig.
5210.05.2020Iceq9.0Hat im letzten Jahr oft viel Shitstorm einfahren müssen und das hat zuerst meine Meinung über ihn sehr beeinflusst. Kann aber total verstehen, wieso er so präsent im Main-Event steht. Er ist einfach ein sehr guter Wrestler, ein guter Talker und einen super Look hat er auch.
6021.04.2020BastitheBrain9.0Müsste eigentlich noch höher bewertet sein. Wird leider zu oft aufgrund seiner Tweets bewertet. Oder aufgrund von seltsamen Storylines in der WWE. Als Wrestler herausragend im Ring und solide am Mic.
6704.04.2020Oregano Jackson8.0
6925.03.2020Triple M910.0
8124.02.2020Danil Czar10.0
8215.02.2020FrankSivero9.0Das Workhorse der WWE schlechthin. Zu Beginn seiner Karriere bei Ring Of Honor lieferte er großartige Matches gegen Bryan Danielson oder Nigel McGuinness ab. Unvergessen auch im Tag Team zusammen mit Jimmy Jacobs das ich damals irrsinnig feierte, auch wenn sie nur 2-3 Jahre gemeinsam aktiv waren, passten beide großartig zueinander. Seth Rollins ist im Stande großartige Matches abzuliefern, egal ob es im Independent Bereich, oder bei WWE ist. Er ist sehr charismatisch, glänzt sowohl als Face als auch als Heel, ist am Mic top und kann gut mit der Crowd spielen.
8312.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad8.0
8411.02.2020Maxwell Delite8.0
8720.01.2020drazenolite424.0Seth Rollins is insanely overrated to be honest. Pushed extremely hard ever since debuting in WWE, he has always been a dominant force in the main event scene, being pushed over people who arguably deserve it more (eg, Cesaro, Zayn, Samoa Joe). I'm not knocking his in-ring work since that has always been quality, but his constant pushes just annoy me. He doesn't warrant it, aside from his great in-ring skills. His promos are annoying, his selling his awful (he sells an injury for like half the match then miraculously comes back) and his matches these days often just devolve into Rollins spamming the Stomp. I enjoyed his FCW and indie stuff, but in WWE he is just shoved down everyone's throats endlessly. Also, I'd like to add this isn't me jumping on the bandwagon now that many people dislike him due to the Twitter rants, I've just never been particularly been fond of him. Rollins is a good in-ring worker, great even, but he is drastically lacking in other traits, and he also seems like an asshole IRL, which further downgrades his likeability as character. No one wants to cheer a guy who seems to be company asskisser and a egomaniacal douche. Another sticking point for me is the fact that he has injured many opponents over the years, including Cena, Sting and Bálor. His match with Wyatt at HIAC also makes me like him less. I know it wasn't his fault, but he went through with the finish and even defended it after the fact. Would have been an 8 if in-ring stuff was all that was taken into account, but since he is such a blackhole of charisma and can't cut a decent promo, I'll give him a 4.
9013.01.2020JEK 19919.0
9505.12.2019HugLikeABoss8.0I like Seth Rollins. I loved The Shield's debut and their first run was really fun & exciting. Vince went back to the well too many times but that's not their fault. Rollins can be a very good wrestler, although the no-selling can be a bit annoying, that's not a problem exclusive to him, it is a plague on all of pro wrestling. Is it no selling though? If he still bumps hard and is legitimately able to stand up, why wouldn't his character be able to too? He seems like a pretty cool guy and I buy him as the locker-room leader and top babyface. But unfortunately, the vocal portion of the crowd do not. Since 2017, it seems the crowd get bored and shit on every PPV match he has. I stopped watching the men's division in 2019 after the stupid "Wild Card Rule" but from what I gather, the trend continued and the crowd continue to reject him. So turning him heel is probably the best option. Another thing I like about Rollins is that he is aware of the lunacy of Vince, an example being when his theme song was changed to add "Burn it Down" as Vince didn't like the second of silence in the original version. Seth stated something to the effect of "He's heard it a thousand times before, now he has a problem with it? ". Granted, adding "Burn it Down" was a good idea. The reason for doing so was stupid.
9704.12.2019AndoCommando7.0Now that Rollins has topped the PWI Top 500 list this year, I think we can all finally come to an agreement that he is, at least to a degree, overrated. It just so happens that in my humble opinion he is easily one of the most overrated wrestlers in WWE. I'm not just talking about his current status or his work this year, but ever since he debuted in FCW, Rollins has been seen as one of WWE's best talents, in the same league as a Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. That is outrageous. Rollins has never had the technical ability of Bryan, the mic skill of Punk or the high quality storytelling of either. Rollins is a different breed; he is the modern-day Edge, only not as good of a worker. He's more talented than Edge, more athletic and brings a more versatile moveset to his matches, yet still feels like a downgrade. Will elaborate further on this.
9828.11.2019Uweuwesen9.0MVP der WWE und hoffentlich Langzeitchampion! Hat RAW als Intercontinenal Champ quasi im Alleingang getragen! Abzug gibts für die Entwicklung in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2019
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