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116.06.2021Undisputed Kieran8.0
207.06.2021Crippler Crossface7.0
704.05.2021Hawksrule9967.0One of the best young wrestlers in joshi today she has a really quick style to her wrestling and is already really smooth and polished for someone so new in wrestling her future is really exciting she will be a champion soon
827.04.2021Grissom7.0Von den neuen Talenten bei TJPW ist Suzume für mich momentan die am meisten Potenzial mitbringt. Sie verbessert sich stetig und kommt sehr sympathisch daher, wie eigentlich alle im TJPW Roster. Ihr Jumping Cutter ist eine Augenweide. Ich hoffe sie bekommt demnächst auch längere Singles Matches gegen die erfahrenen aus dem Roster, wo sie weiter daran wachsen kann um auf ein höheres Level zu kommen.
918.04.2021Kung7.0It's kind of mindblowing how even though Suzume has only wrestled a year, she's already one of the better in-ring performers in TJPW. Also, she think she's a bee, and that's just lovely.
1028.03.2021nWo-Joshi-Guy8.0I think Suzume is really good. Her move-set seems inspired by a more Western/WWE style which makes her different to other Joshi wrestlers. She just seems very good at everything she does and I love the way she uses her speed to her advantage. I like her ring gear even if it seems like an incomplete costume and her 'bee girl' gimmick is pretty great. Her voice is great as well. On the negative side her crossbody does not always look perfect but other than that I really like her.
1119.03.2021adam johnson7.0decent in ring unique attire decent theme i think suzume can be very good for tjpw in the future decent gimmick i just all around love her she is just good at what she does and more people defiantly need to check her out
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