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310.09.2023SelujGold9.0He is the perfect partner for Nick Wayne, Great abilities and prospect as hot as his partner. He just suffer from a lack of charisma. Extremely impressive for his young age and will certainly grew as one of the indys must see in the future. (PS. I'll like to see him tag with Nick Wayne in the AEW Tag division or maybe trios if we're putting Darby in the mix.)
506.07.2023Narfmonster8.0Fantastic for his age. I'm surprised that AEW aren't picking him up alongside Nick Wayne, he's just as talented, if not more.
605.06.2023CoopyHoncho5.0He's too young to rate lower or higher for me. I'll say that I'm not really into much of what he's done. So many of these indie guys are indistinguishable from each other. The matches hit the all the same beats.
720.05.2023Crippler Crossface6.0 
820.04.2023Wrestling Forever 9.0Hat sich die Jahre zu einem Top Indy Wrestler entwickelt. Sehe ich auch in vielen Matches. Harmoniert auch mit Nick Wayne als Tag Team.
1003.04.2023burningflowsion8.0I have liked Jordan Oliver since the first moment I saw him in MLW. While he wasn't nearly as good in ring then as he is now, he has always been able to fall back on a really really good heel persona, and lately he has been killing it as a face. Since MLW though? His stock has only skyrocketed for me. The kid is solid in all aspects, and honestly is underrated. It is surprising I don't see him in more places getting more opportunities but hopefully they will come soon with the combination of him and Nick Wayne. No other 17 and 23 year olds could have put on that great of a match with MCMG and kept up with them. Jordan has all the potential in the world to be a star and make it far in a major company.
1305.03.2023Trey9.0Jordan Oliver has improved greatly from his MLW days and has become a genuinely really good wrestler. His J-Cup run recently was really great and showcased his great in ring work.
1422.02.2023AlbertoSnchez98 Tiene un gran talento y una cara muy peculiar. De los pocos wrestlers que hacen que saque tiempo para ver sus combates. Me encantaría verlo en AEW con el tiempo y ver como desarrolla su personaje. Hizo una gran Jersey J-Cup y su reinado con el título JCW apunta alto.
1717.02.2023Bandid09.0He is very impressive and fun to watch. Has done more at age 23 in his carreer than many have done in their 40's
2012.02.2023No One6.0 
2104.01.2023Resident9.0He's great in the ring. Deceptively tall. Can do the technical style and the high flying style ss well. Fun to watch in the ring.
2221.11.2022BPH03 He is incredible for how young he is and in my opinion has no limit to how good he can be. In 10 years I suspect we? ll be talking about this kid a whole lot more
2901.04.2022Tyler Catalyst4.0 
3128.01.2022GriffinX6.0I feel like in a different era Oliver would been of been one of those indie guys who would get brought up slower get a feud with a really good vet/stand out some where. Yet in the post WWE signs everyone and AEW getting started era a number of promotions are trying to rush him into the role of "breakout star" there is talent but he doesn't feel ready. Again I think he would be better if he was in more matches with guys that could carry and get the best out of him
3308.01.2022Cakeboyo9.0Jordan Oliver is really a legend in the making. Coming from the CZW academy. He really grew into his own when wrestling. Sure he doesn't have the look of a wrestling legend in the making, but his in ring work, his promo skills and everything in between seems really amazing. Here's hoping to see another amazing title run from this star and his buddies in Young, broke and dumb!
3608.10.2021ecwfan1978.0I am honestly shocked to see his average rating so low and so many people seem to not like him. In the past year & half or so he has become one of my favorite indy guys! He reminds me a lot of Trent Acid which is a huge complement. He's also so young which means he has time to get even better which is a scary prospect!
3703.10.2021Luv all wrestling3.0After the two hour long match he had vs Deppen I never wanna see him again. Feels like he brings nothing to the table and the more he gets bigger spots, the worse the holes in his game feel
3926.07.2021Shoot Headbutt Lover4.0 
4113.04.2021AngryBeaver11278.0I've watched Jordan for about 3 years now and I very much like how he has grown/evolved. As many have mentioned, he is very young, and is pretty green, but he clearly has passion and is committed to getting better. He's a student of the game who will be a star at some point. I will be shocked if he's not in AEW/WWE by the end of 2023. He's put on some good weight in the pandemic to fill out his young frame.
4517.02.2021Kanwulf7.0Young and very green - It really showed through in his trios match with Injustice against Myzteziz, Octagon Jr. & Vikingo at MLW/AAA card. Having said that, he is still young and I can see plenty of potential in him, and I think MLW is probably the best place for him. His mic skills could definitely use some work though. I'm rating him a 5 for now, but I will come back to this and change when I think he has improved, which I'm sure he will. EDIT: Since coming back from Indie Wrestling closing down due to the pandemic, he has bulked up and has actually gotten much much better, so I am increasing him to a 7.
4630.01.2021laldila8.0He's young but very good. He's got a character down already and uses it to get great reactions wherever he goes, and he's obviously athletic. Admittedly it might be hard for some people to get over his size, but if he can put on some muscle mass and keep improving I think he's a potential future star.
4722.01.2021Brett19805.0He sort of looks out of place in the ring. I think it's his physique that needs improving. Hes never bad but not great either.
4812.01.2021RYVNAYouTube4.0I've never been interested by Jordan Oliver despite the fact that I know him since his CZW main roster's debuts. OK he's pretty good in the ring and even more at his really young age, but he has a lack of charisma, he's out of shape for a "spotty guy" since the covid (before that he was to skinny) and I found each members of the Young Dumb N Broke better talented that him, who's the leader.
4917.11.2020Khalid Ace5.0 
5018.09.2020SkylerLovefist4.0He's not a bad wrestler for his age, but everything about him smacks of "cringey wigger. " Yeah, it's the point of his gimmick, but one gets the vibe from his social media accounts it's not just a gimmick. Factor in a voice which sounds like a teenage boy BEFORE puberty and he's annoying and not in a good heel way, but in a legitimately annoying way. Since he's with Myron Reed who's another godawful wrestler on the mic, and you get a whole lot of muting on my end. Dude also needs to learn dropping F Bombs doesn't make a promo good. As the comment below states as well, the trios match between Injustice and the Luchadores from AAA exposed him greatly as far as being green in the ring goes.
5116.07.2020joshjackal4.0Oliver's a bit of a spot monkey at this point but his athleticism gives him potential as he matures. He needs to work on his look and persona though. Right now he kind of looks and sounds like an unusually tall 12-year old, which doesn't help.
5215.03.2020HenrideSade7.0Injustice are a fun heel faction. Oliver has such a punchable face which is exactly how you are supposed to feel! His whiney promos fit the bill completely, your meant to want this fool to get obliterated and he takes bumps in a way that reminds me of Tony Mamaluke back in ECW - all legs and arms flailing like he has literally just been killed! That his match structure needs work, as many suggest, is a fair criticism. The spots are great but building of matches needs work.
5328.02.2020hfield073.0Unbearable on the mic. Like a whiny child going through puberty. The worst member of injustice. Illogical matches, more worried about cool spots than stories. Has potential in the ring, but is definitely not there yet.
5515.12.2019respect-wres8.0A very young wrestler with a ton of potential, a good look and an impressive athletic ability. When you are all over the indies at the age of twenty, then you probably are destined to become a name of some significance in the industry.