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221.05.2024Vinicius Pro10.0 
517.04.2024Wrestling Forever  Ich habe letztes Jahr meinen Kommentar und meine Bewertung zu Davey gelöscht weil ich einfach total menschlich von ihm enttäuscht war. Gestern habe ich gelesen das er im Februar dieses Jahres für ein Comeback Match in einer Indy Liga (FXE Wrestling) gebookt wurde. Ich weiß nicht ob es dieses Match gab (Man kann den Event sehen muss aber bezahlen). Er selbst hat alles auf seinem Instagram Account gelöscht, sein X Account ist nicht mehr aufrufbar.
1108.08.2023Khalid Ace9.0 
2006.12.2022American Dragon II Jr10.0 
2420.08.2022BigVan JimmyWangYang8.0 
2711.07.2022sbg202210.0Davey Richards has always been a phenomenal wrestler. Why this guy hasn't been pushed to the moon in every promotion that he's worked for (other than ROH) I'll never know. He and Bryan Danielson would have the greatest feud ever.
3518.05.2022Ma Stump Puller6.0Davey is the perfect example of a wrestling equivalent to Icarus: a individual so prone to trying to reach the highest highs of wrestling quality that he ends up doing the opposite in the end. I'm fine with saying that he's had some great matches, and he's a talented performer. That also said, he's the definition of excess, as defined by his series with Eddie Edwards, which started off good, then tittered off a cliff over time because they felt that no selling + length + shitty spot sequences all make the match better. Add this about 10x times or so and you see the dregs of indie wrestling: bullshit psychology, zero pacing, and a tendency to no sell and pretend you are Kobashi after a 50 minute match in the first 20 of yours. He's so reckless as well with a lot of it that it borders on downright dumb, hurling himself through ropes and turnbuckles with little care for how it'll play for the rest of the match. He overkilled his own style in a single year: to this day no one has soured so badly in the IWC's mind than him. Great execution but his matches aren't paced for shit. Thankfully age, wear and tear, and maturity have meant that the guy simply can't go at that pace anymore, meaning we get some far better matches out of him because he's actually remembering to sell and focus in on the smaller things. His stuff since 2021 on the indies has been mostly decent stuff, and I'd love to see the guy have a second chance, because under the bad habits is someone dedicated and talented enough to be a valuable asset. So yeah, watch his early stuff, skip most of his first outing because it's just bad, watch his 2021 comeback tour stuff as well. Davey slowing down is great, him trying to be a spotshow guy is not.
3616.04.2022adam johnson8.0 
4029.01.2022GriffinX8.0Davey is an excellent wrestler who mixed a lot of different styles and was in a lot of ways set the for many of the guys you see in wrestling today. He was never a overly great interview but was solid enough. Always seemed to gel with any tag partner he was paired with. Glade he seems to be back wrestling more as he's still got some good years ahead of him.
4212.12.2021Martin0310.0Davey ist einer meiner absoluten Lieblingswrestler. Ein richtiges Kraftpaket und der geborene Fighter, was die mangelnde Körpergröße wieder ausgleicht. Seine In-Ring Skills und Timing sind exzellent. Absoluter charismatischer Main Eventer, der eigentlich immer gute Arbeit abliefert, kann mich nicht erinnern von ihm jemals ein richtig schlechtes Match gesehen zu haben. Im Tag Team mit Eddie Edwards als American Wolves kurz vor ihrem TNA Debüt zur damaligen Zeit mit oder das beste was das US-Independent Wrestling zu bieten hatte. Bei TNA haben sie ihren Style deutlich runter geschraubt, oder bekamen Anweisung das zu machen. Die Entwicklung von Eddie Edwards seither gefällt mir persönlich weniger. Eigentlich bringt Davey alles mit für einen ordentlichen AEW Run.
4701.10.2021John Soul10.0 
4924.09.2021No One8.0 
5507.04.2021Lil Ospreay10.0I never understand why some people hate him so much, Davey Richards was definitely the best American wrestlers in the U. S. from 2009-2012, he deserves more admiration.
5630.03.2021plaguespreader8.0At his peak he was an S-tier wrestler, easy. He had an intensity that rivals the likes of Benoit and Low Ki, but is hampered by a lack of immediate or consistent selling. However, I find most of his matches a joy to watch regardless. Hope he's doing well in his life with Angelina Love.
5828.02.2021Belka 01710.0 
6016.12.2020Strong Zero Machine8.0 
6416.07.2020Loki Hipster God10.0Davey Richards was the best wrestler in the U. S. from 2009-2011 and his intensity was off the charts. The guy went all-out in every single match, which was evident by him skyrocketing in popularity and getting the loudest pops of the night. Watch any ROH show from 2010 and it's undeniable who had the best pure wrestling matches on each show. I've always described his style as a cross between Dynamite Kid and Low Ki, and I loved how he took on an ultra-serious MMA-influenced gimmick when it seemed like everyone else on the indies was becoming as goofy as possible. Unfortunately, I do think Davey's style became excessive when he won the ROH World title in 2011. It became trendy to bash him during this era because he was constantly trying to top himself to the point where he was doing too much. His match against Eddie Edwards at Final Battle 2011 was evident of that. It went way too long, they no-sold a ton of stuff, they kicked out of every move under the sun, and the crowd wasn't into it. It was a textbook example of overkill, and the match most Richards detractors point to when bashing him. Fortunately, he reigned it in after losing the ROH title and his matches became consistently great again. I also find it odd that he got criticized for his Japanese-influenced style when it's literally what ROH was founded on, and ROH luminaries like Joe and Ki never received such backlash. I mean, Richards actually trained intensively in the NOAH dojo and worked for three major Japanese wrestling promotions, so I'm not sure how it's considered cosplay at that point. Lastly, I want to point to Davey's match with Elgin as a particular highlight. The crowd were booing and shitting on the match at the start, but they were coming unglued at the end. Everyone was standing on their feet going nuts and cheering like crazy. Richards took a crowd that was ready to crap on his match, and found a way to make them explode in cheers by the end. That's a sign of a good worker.
6514.07.2020EdwardsAJX10.0I never understood why some fans hated him so much. But I truly felt he was the best wrestler in the world in 2009-2011, his intensity was off the charts and he had a good short run in TNA. I miss Davey Richards.
6818.03.2020BDD6.0Davey Richards was a very inconsistent wrestler, at the same time that he played incredible matches, he also played very bad matches, his psychology in the ring was not good, and his selling was inconsistent, and he was also not very charismatic.
6913.03.2020laldila5.0Moreso than probably any of his peers, I've never been excited to see a Davey Richards match. He can certainly go and has a resume that any independent wrestler would be jealous of, but he also has a severe lack of charisma and an attitude towards jsut about everything that makes him very unlikable.
7230.10.2019Helor1464.0One of the most overrated indie wrestlers of all time. Never had much in the way of charisma or mic skills and had negative psychology in the ring. I never understood how some people thought that he was the better of the two Wolves when Edwards always was far better in the ring, on the mic, and in terms of charisma. Only gets 4 points because his negatives are mitigated in a tag team setting, which is what he worked in a lot of the time.
7310.09.2019Shoot Headbutt Lover10.0 
7417.07.2019LeafKing6.0Very good but never quite reached great. I thought he was fun to watch in the ring and carried himself well, like a true bad ass you wouldn't want to mess with. He was definitely best suited in a tag team.
7605.07.2019DanTalksRasslin7.0Certainly a skilled technical wrestler, and mixes that style with some impressive high-flying and MMA-style striking. As a single, his propensity for working too fast from move to move at the expense of selling and psychology - that "super indy" style - often drove me nuts, but that was often less of an issue in his tag team work alongside Eddie Edwards (and when he did sell, he was actually quite good at it). His lack of charisma and reported backstage attitude issues seemed the most major marks against him.
7902.01.2019Cibs4.0I have always thought that Davey Richards is an overrated wrestler and one of the first cases in which the internet is is responsible for exalting someone just for being anti WWE (as it happens with The Elite). He is terrible to sell, his offense is very limited and much of what he does in the ring does not make much sense most of the time.
8101.08.2018jamzell005.0Ohhhh boy you wanna talk about hit or miss. Sometimes he's shown to be a very capable singles wrestler with unmatched intensity and striking. His mma style on the indies was before it's time and got him pretty over. Other times he becomes a parody of wrestling and comes off as a Kawada/ajpw fanboy. Prefer him more as a tag guy because at least there he doesn't take himself too seriously.
8430.04.2018Kas8.0Very capable of putting on great matches, has great intensity and striking along with a large moveset, however he unfortunately has a tendency to forego some essential things in the name of getting his shit in which can really bring a match down. Hugely talented, just needs to show some restraint.
8516.04.2018Makai Club 5.0I'm fan of Davey's striking and suplexs when kept to a minimum. But he rarely does and he is very indy with his offence, spamming his moves and doing stuff in times of a match where they make no sense, context wise. His selling is awful. His psychology (as sort of touched on already) isn't great and he wrestles too much like a video game player and I don't like using that analogy. He is a great tag team wrestler though.
9118.06.2017Viper999.0Er und sein Tag Partner unterhalten mich bei jeder Show! Egal in Ring oder am Mic! (er ist aber ganz klar im Ring besser). Außerdem ist er ein grund Warum ich überhaupt TNA schaue....
9523.02.2017NastyYaffa1.0Davey Richards is a lot like Kurt Angle - a guy who is capable of putting on good-to-great matches, but often fails to impress me because of his in ring style. He does too much, his 90's AJPW fighting spirit cosplay was embarrassing to watch during his ROH main event run, his selling is bad for most of the time & his offense isn't too interesting. For 99% of the time, I am not a fan of his, but he has had some great matches vs. the likes of Bryan Danielson, Kota Ibushi & most recently Bobby Lashley.
9707.01.2017TrevPuroFan6.0Davey is a guy who has had many great matches in his career vs. Strong, Danielson, Black etc. But most of his matches his selling was non existent and really annoying. He also tried too much to make his matches epic by performing big move after big move. He is definitely not bad, but not fantastic either.