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105.01.2023Wrestling Forever 8.0Für alle die sich fragten warum hat er nach Juni 2022 kein Match mehr' Eine traurige Nachricht er hat seit 2022 Krebs und war auch geschockt als er es in seinem Alter erfuhr. Bis zu seiner schweren Krebserkrankung einfach ein Top Heel Wrestler.
216.12.2022PavelDragunov5.0The result of 2022 for Richard Holliday: well, for me personally this year, his confrontation with A. Hammerstone was a disappointment and I did not get the charge of emotions that could have turned out. It feels like a fighter who can speak beautifully, looks confident could not surprise everyone and show that MLW has a new candidate for the title of world champion. It's definitely not his year and the whole alliance with the MLW power and his unexpected attacks are not compatible with his failures and weak positioning in the ring.
415.07.2022Lukasny7.0Großer Name für MLW mittlerweile. Hat einen guten Look und ist ein überragender Heel. Im Ring jetzt nicht der, der herausragt. Aber doch sehr solide. Für mich einer der Top Indie Stars.
1007.02.2022GriffinX7.0Holliday has some talent a decent look and gimmick. He's just not I think it's worth going out of the way to see. He's a a guy you might watch if he's in there with a good opponent but not the guy you expect to carry. Nor does he ever really hook a viewer.
1120.06.2021Crippler Crossface7.0 
1607.03.2021jchiofal6.0Holliday is a great promo, and has a great look. He's a stellar heel, and is skilled as a character. I'm the ring, he's a solid hand but nothing about his matches stand out for me
1722.01.2021jdawg9.0great promos and capable in the ring. Thankful he's on MLW as he adds a lot to the show. Sophisti-heel work is on point:)
1809.12.2020Moose Nugget7.0He's a good wrestler while being very charismatic. I certainly look forward to what he's going to do in the future.
1923.10.2020SkylerLovefist9.0One of those guys where they're not bad in ring, but their in ring work isn't the crux of their gimmick, it's the character work. When he first showed up in MLW, Richard Holliday seemed to be one of those very generic snotty heel types. After joining Dynasty and showing exceptional chemistry with Alex Hammerstone, the Air Pod God has proven himself to be one of the best characters in MLW.
2023.08.2020WhatIsLooveee7.0Very charismatic wrestler with a good gimmick and skills on the mic at a decent level. He definitely has a great future
2226.05.2020Eddie Grant10.0Just an amazing charismatic character, shown he can handle himself on the mic and in the ring, even without MJF.
2415.03.2020HenrideSade8.0MLW has had to constantly deal with losing top talent. Performers like Hammerstone, De La Renta, Pillman and Holiday have kept the company ticking. Holiday is fantastic. Comedy heel, sneering heel, great promos, good character work, can go in the ring when given the chance (see his Opera Cup match with Timothy Thatcher). The Dynasty hasn't missed a beat since MJF left and I can't think of a better compliment to give Holiday than that.
2504.03.2020RYVNAYouTube8.0I discover Richard Holliday in MLW and Chaotic Wrestling and as a fan of MJF, I looked him very closely in The Dynasty and he was without a doubt the better partner for MJF ! I really want Holliday to sign with AEW and joined MJF and Wardlow as a "Dynasty" 2. 0 ! I remember a lot of matches of this two like the fight against the Von Erichs at SuperFight or the Ladder Match against The New Hart Foundation. The decision that Holliday will make in a near future for his signature in a promotion is going to be REALLY important for him and for indy wrestling fans like me !
2626.10.2019storkyknight No seen enough for a rating yet, but definitely one to watch. Promos are great and his chemistry with MJF is really fun to watch. In the ring, as a team, he technically outshines MJF. Definitely one to watch.
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