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Mei Suruga


Also known as Pink Menso-re, Mei Saint-Michel

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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.25
Khalid Ace wrote on 17.11.2020:
[7.0] "Mei Suruga is actually very good for a wrestler with so little experience. She needs more time & I am sure she'll get even better."
YINCHAN wrote on 30.10.2020:
[5.0] "Projects that she is a very nice, down to earth person. The best student in Gatoh. Needs bigger challenges to see if she really is good or if she just can do comedy due to her small stature."
Javichohervas wrote on 14.08.2020:
[8.0] "She's the MVP of the ChocoPro show, without a doubt. She's skillful, talented, very funny and "kawaii" af. You can clearly see the enthusiasm she has in the matches, it's even contagious, I can't see her matches without a big smile on my face. I can't wait to see her wrestling in a proper ring, and I really hope STARDOM signs her the same way as Syuri or Natsu Sumire (with some freedom to work with other companies), because she has a big STARS aura and even a hint of TCS, she could be huge for them."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 17.07.2020:
[5.0] "I see her more as an entertainer than as a wrestler right now: her youthful exuberance is contagious and she really knows how to "work a crowd", albeit a digital one. In the ring she's kinda what you'd expect from somebody so short and with just two years of experience: she still very young and has a great teacher so I am sure she will only keep getting better and better. In a few years she could well become the next Hikaru Shida, albeit her lack of height will always play against her."
Arexwrestling wrote on 02.06.2020:
[8.0] "Mei is charged with positive that without a smile you can't look at her in any way. In addition, she is very nimble in the ring and she is not afraid to look foolish in different situations. Her recent match with Asuka and last year's match with Emi Sakura prove that this apple has a very bright wrestling future.  "
HeadCheese wrote on 26.05.2020:
[9.0] "A really fun to watch wrestler. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I recommend checking her out. Good matches and knowledge of who she is"
Makai Club wrote on 23.06.2019:
[8.0] "Mei is so good at this stage of her career. Whether it's having some really good matches in Gatoh move or contributing to the ever exciting high speed division in SEAdLINNNG, she always performs. And she is only going to improve. Her character work is very good and she knows how to adapt and change it every so slightly so you don't get tired of seeing it. Huge favourite of mine."
BryanWrestling wrote on 20.05.2019:
[8.0] "Mei has only been wrestling for about a year and yet she has shown a natural talent towards, she has entertaining matches against the likes of Antonio Honda, Emi Sakura and many more. She is over with the crowd and is next in line to be the Ace of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling. While she might not have a typical "five star" match her matches are still a delight to watch and sometimes are good wrestler is someone who can put a smile on people's faces"
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