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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 6.67
CounterCultureCantCount wrote on 27.09.2020:
[9.0] "With his technical abilities alone he could be hired by any major company but he insists on improving and getting in better shape which is awesome. He also has that resting mean face that fits the character perfectly"
Kanwulf wrote on 13.09.2020:
[9.0] "Slowly becoming one of my favourite guys on the indies right now. He's come sooo so far and bridged the gap from MMA to Wrestling really well. His in ring presence always makes me excited to see his matches when I know he is on the card and the stuff he has been doing on ICW No Holds Barred shows recently has been nothing short of amazing. He's been proving that he's not just another MMA crossover guy, he can throw around lighttues with the rest of the deathmatch guys. Dominic has a bright future in not only normal wreslting, but also Deathmatch wreslting too. My only complaint with him is that he lacks in mic skills."
TheNewBigBlack wrote on 28.06.2020:
[10.0] "Really good at wrestling and stuff. Skewers to the ear? Oof. Ouch. Owie. I thought he was gonna get set on fire once."
BenDenV6 wrote on 01.05.2020:
[3.0] "His promos are terrible but at least he has some swagger that can get him heat now that he's a heel. His in-ring work is attrocious. He's always out of position. He can only do a handful of non-hod wrestling moves. His selling is bad and mainly consists of playing dead. In tag matches he often just stands there literally doing nothing while waiting for the other wrestlers to set up the spot. He seems extremely out of his element and being put in a stable with the even worse King Mo is a recipe for disaster. Tom Lawlor can't carry both of those guys. When he was a babyface it did seem that working with Douglas James helped him, but Tom Lawlor cares far less about him (and is far more secure in his career) and it shows."
HenrideSade wrote on 19.04.2020:
[2.0] "Wrestling is difficult and of course this dude is better than I'll ever be criticising him from my couch.... but just, like only just. His promos are appalling, he is super awkward on the mic. If your gimmick is that you are a submission ace why would you not call yourself a black belt! ? We get it, wrestling it obsessed with bringing over legit fighters at the moment but Garrini has no cache or name value. He is about as dynamic in the ring as Mabel 30-minutes into an iron man match. His movements are stilted, flatfooted and just super awkward. His selling is terrible and this is all before he starts doing moves that look like he is caressing his opponents for fear of hurting them. Other than that, he's great."
respect-wres wrote on 23.10.2019:
[8.0] "Domini Garribi is a skilled martial artist turned wrestler. As of last year he has caught my attention and I have to say, from what I have seen, his transition to pro wrestling has been quite successful. He has incorporated his grappling knowledge and experience in his style and this has resulted in an interesting style that is really hot right now. When Insay that his style is hot I mean that many other favorites also wrestle the same style, guys like Thatcher, Gresham, Makabe, A-Kid, Sabre Jr. and more. Oh what great matches he can have with all those guys (his ambition match with Makabe is must watch)."
storkyknight wrote on 09.10.2019:
"No way is this bloke only 29! He looks like Gerald Brisco dressed in judo gear. His wrestling style won't be to many people's tastes, but he is without doubt a skilled marital artist, at present those skills haven't transitioned into pretend fighting."
BertPrenticesBoyToy wrote on 29.04.2019:
[7.0] "Green but quickly improving. Used to only really be able to do the grapple style but has become pretty good at brawling and so on. Big fan of his tag team with Kevin Ku. Promos are his weakness as he has a very warm voice that doesn't help get his character across. The depletion of the Indies and his personal drive will see him get better"
Sebastian V wrote on 11.04.2018:
[5.0] "Garrini steht noch ziemlich am Anfang seiner Karriere und das merkt man auch. Er ist jetzt schon ein anständiger Wrestler mit viel natürlicher Begabung aufgrund seines Hintergrunds. Ein mattenbasierter Techniker mit ähnlichen Anlagen wie Riddle aber bei weitem noch nicht so ausgereift. Er ist noch ausschließlich auf den MMA Stil fixiert, ohne großen Wert auf Psychologie oder Ähnliches zu legen. Auch am Selling muss er noch arbeiten. Deshalb kommt bei seinen Matches noch nicht viel rüber. In Tag Matches schon absolut gut, als Singles Wrestler fehlt noch etwas, daher 5 Punkte. Für seine Ausstrahlung gilt Ähnliches. Macht schon was her als Kampfmaschine aber darüberhinaus geht es noch nicht. Hat eine gewisse Grundaggressivität aber noch keinen wirklichen Charakter, sodass er noch nicht großartig Reaktionen zieht. Zum jetzigen Stand 5 Punkte für ihn, glaube allerdings, dass es noch mehr werden können."
IsThisWrestling wrote on 15.03.2018:
[7.0] "Very capable ground-based wrestler that shows a lot of promise on an indy scene where guys like Matt Riddle, Jeff Cobb, and Tom Lawlor are thriving. Very ugly face but damn it this is wrestling, so he's perfect. He's the kind of guy I think would be perfect as NWA World Champ as a throwback to the 'shooters' of yesteryear. Billy Corgan, make it happen!"
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