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John Bradshaw Layfield


Also known as Bradshaw, Blackjack Bradshaw, Death Mask, Justin Bradshaw, John Hawk, Texas Hawk, Vampiro Americano

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231.08.2020Criss Axton8.0
328.08.2020King of Strong Style8.0
1106.07.2020Ma Stump Puller7.0The JBL gimmick is quite divisive: some see it as a great gimmick that bumped up a low card tag specialist to the top, others seen it as a way to get cheap heat using racial stereotypes. For myself, I thought he was pretty good, always getting the crowd involved with his promos, and he could do some solid comedy skits as well and wasn't afraid to make a fool of himself. In terms of wrestling yes, he wasn't exactly the most technical guy around and some of his matches were stinkers (like with Undertaker, Big Show, etc) but with the right babyface against him, he could put on some pretty good showcases. His heat was huge, and anyone who fought against him was automatically a babyface. I'd rather watch a JBL promo than a Triple H one, that's for sure. Overhated as a whole.
1429.06.2020JuWFEAE8.0Ein guter Hell der seinen Job auf jeden Fall gemacht hat. Er hätte einen besseren Finisher als eine Clothesline verdient aber ich hätte ihn mir später in seiner Karriere nicht ohne diesen Finisher vorstellen können.
1523.06.2020Jesse Wolf6.0
1812.06.2020Khalid Ace5.0To be fair he performed his jerk business man gimmick very well & he was a good tag team partner but nothing spectacular in his in ring work & he was a terrible champion.
3115.02.2020HugLikeABoss5.0As a wrestler, he was a decent brawler. He was lucky enough to have two good gimmicks. The APA was a pretty good idea. Their office-set is very iconic and provided some comedy. He played the JBL character perfectly, a loud-mouth business tycoon, but then again, it wasn't so much as playing a character than it was being himself. While the JBL character was good, it could also be boring when he'd give the same long speech every week, a la Triple H. As a commentator I think he's the worst. He does have a good voice but he's usually too busy joking with Michael Cole to contribute anything of substance. He'd get up for a big men's title match but he absolutely hated calling women's matches. He'd always look for an out, to talk about something else. If a man was involved, like Ellsworth for example, he'd do nothing but talk about him the entire time to avoid commenting on the women in any way. Unfortunately, he was a garbage human backstage, bullying The Miz, Palmer Canon, Justin Roberts and several others, going as far as to tell them to kill themselves. He is of that old-school mentality of "hazing" the rookies. Mainly out of fear and jealously, that younger, more talented and better looking people will take "his" spot. Outside of wrestling, he's a lot better. Climbing mountains for charities that benefit children. A lot of wrestlers are like that though. They'll be nice to the average person, but if you're a fellow wrestler they'll look to destroy you.
3212.02.2020Mahmoud Elsayad7.0
3311.02.2020rainmakerpunk4.0Not a bad promo guy, awful champ though, nothing interesting about him and he's below average in the ring, he has a good clothesline though
3520.01.2020drazenolite427.0Decent wrestler and very captivating speaker who was able to stay relevant due to his constant character evolutions. His world title reign was also a lot of fun, a lot of his matches with Angle, Booker, Guerrero and Taker etc. were bangers. His clothesline was sick as well. Many may not like him because of his backstage antics, but I'd argue that it worked in his favour to make him a more unlikeable villain. Still though, he does seem like a bit of an arse IRL. So overall, a very nice overall package as a wrestler, but a bit questionable as a person.
3630.12.2019Cow Man8.0
4324.08.2019Pm Frank6.0
4519.08.2019CodySquared8.0Every match with Bradshaw was hard hitting and had you ooing and aweing in pain with his opponent. He had a pretty decent move set, and the most brutal Clothesline in WWE by far and the most painful to watch powerbomb. He moved well enough for a man of his size and all of his gimmicks were gold, and helped define separate eras. I wish his WWE Championship reign went longer and because of his bruising and mic work I feel like a more versatile moveset wouldn? t suit him and he did very well with his branding. One of the few times ever that not diversifying your moveset is a very good thing. I was initially going to rate a 7 but I think that? s too harsh for his accolades and effort.
4607.08.2019MJFJUNE7.0JBL was a midcarder who found his way into main event scene. He had a good look and played the rich snob heel well. He could put on some good stuff. Outside of the ring he is allegedly a walking pile of garbage but I haven't seen anything concrete on that
4701.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling7.0JBL had an interesting arc. I remember first seeing him show up as Justin Hawk Bradshaw & thinking he had a good look. From the New Blackjacks, to the Acolytes, to the APA; Bradshaw had varying levels of success. Then you woke up one day & instead of a long haired Texan tough guy, he was a New York businessman. A bit of a shocking character change, to say the least. As a top guy on Smackdown, I was always pretty negative with what I saw. Pretty poor in the ring & I really never liked the Clothesline from Hell. His matches got old very quickly. Once he went away from the main event & was more of an upper mid card, I found JBL much more tolerable. I like a lot of his work as an announcer & I think he's mostly underrated in that role. He had a phenomenal grasp on history & tied in a lot of it, which I really found interesting. His run was certainly drama filled, from his prominence with wrestler's court, to his issues with Meanie, Joey Styles, Mauro, Miz & more. But I'm trying not to look at most of the behind-the-scenes escapades & focusing on his in-front-of-camera work.
4814.07.2019ParisTheSpider7.0Einer der besten Heels aller Zeiten innerhalb der WWE, am Mic und auch im Ring. Klasse Matches gegen Cena und Eddie Guerrero.
4927.04.2019Carnival Fantasm7.0Regardless of his real-life qualities, JBL/Bradshaw was a good hoss mean-guy wrestler in WWE. Aside from being a bruiser in the ring, he had a versatile personality, ranging from bounty hunter to wall street mogul. Although his WWE title reign may not be the most notable despite its length, he became a heel staple in WWE after spending nearly a decade coming up from dead-on-arrival tag teams through the midcard.
5022.04.2019TheDoubleDarkness5.0His upsides are that he's a good Tag Team wrestler, decent talker, has a great Lariat, and is very memeable. With that out of the way, he is an average singles wrestler at best, an asshole, and a knock off Stan Hansen.
5221.03.2019TheGorgis3096.0JBL seems like a bit of douche in real life, but in the wrestling world, he served his role well. His character evolved greatly, and his WWE title reign was really good, but outside of those accolades, his career isn' t really Hall of Fame worthy or anything. But I gotta hand to the guy, he was an absolute heat magnet and was awesome on the mic, which is pretty sweet.
5502.01.2019Micha17048.0JBL ist meiner Ansicht nach ziemlich Underrated. Wahrlich kein Technischer Gott im Ring, aber vom Storytelling und den Emotionen her war er einfach Fantastisch! Als Heel hat er schon so viele Leute Over gebracht wie kaum ein anderer und war immer wieder für großartige Promos und grenzwertige Segmente (im Positiven Sinne) zu gebrauchen. Zurecht einer der längsten WWE Champions off all time und definitiv ein Zukünftiger Hall of Famer.
5729.11.2018Steamboat25117.0JBL wusste mich auf seine Weise immer zu unterhalten, sei es in der APA, als Börsenguru John Layfield oder als Kommentator. Technisch war er freilich ein wenig limitiert und er konnte durchaus langweilige Matches worken. Charismatisch ist er auf jeden Fall, gerade als Heel hat er mich wirklich überzeugt. Am Mic gehört er für mich zu den großen Könnern, was er in zahlreichen Promos, aber auch als Kommentator und Laudator in der Hall of Fame (z. B. für die Briscos) bewiesen hat. Er konnte sich sogar erstaunlich lange als Maineventer halten, auch wenn er in meinen Augen dort nicht unbedingt hingehörte.
5920.10.2018MrFridayNight8.0No, his in-ring skills were not the greatest and yes, he was a predominantly midcard talent who suddenly became the WWE champion out of the blue. But this man was one of the greatest heels of the modern era. I grew up watching WWE in the Ruthless Aggression era and JBL was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid. I can remember the chorus of boos that would rain down on JBL and whether or not it was real heat or X-Pac heat, it doesn't matter. His promos were strong and he was one of the few wrestlers in the modern era to truly perfect the cowardly heel trait.
6128.09.2018RatingsMachine4.0Bradshaw was capable in the ring, and he could talk, but he was a terrible draw, . And whilst JBL eventually grew into his push, his run on top was, for the most part, counter-productive.
6402.09.2018pappahouse5.0Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass er ein sehr unangenehmer Mensch zu sein scheint, war er für mich auch immer nur ein Brawler. Das einzige wo das wirklich für mich gepasst hat, ist zur APA Zeit. Ekelhafte Fehde gegen Eddie Guerrero, dümmlich als Kommentator, die fünf Punkte gibts nur für die APA-Zeit.
6630.08.2018Ecstasy ov Dusk6.0
6805.08.2018Sheep9.0Sicher nicht unter den objektiv besten Wrestlern aller Zeiten, aber einer meiner persönlichen Top-Favoriten. Warum? Ich habe eine Schwäche für gnadenlose Brutalität. Nichts gegen die genialen Techniker und Strategen, aber einen rücksichtslosen Schlägertypen zu sehen macht mir einfach immer am meisten Spaß. Und JBL bot genau das. Seine In-Ring-Performance basierte, wenn er nicht gerade mal wieder unbedingt als Bösewicht vom Dienst irgendwas rummogeln oder den Feigling geben musste, zum größten Teil aus wuchtigen Faustschlägen und Tritten, die für mich - pardon - außergewöhnlich authentisch wirkten, wodurch ich das Selling des jeweiligen Gegners umstandslos glauben konnte. Und ich glaube gern was beim Wrestling, es kommt nämlich nicht mehr oft vor. Entsprechend seines Profils als skrupelloser Haudrauf war er dann auch immer am besten, wenn es blutig wurde: sein Match gegen Eddie Guerrero bei Judgment Day 2004 bleibt mir (und sicher auch jedem anderen, der es gesehen hat) auf ewig unvergessen. Ein Jahr später lieferte er gegen John Cena ähnlich grandios ab. Auch nach seinem Comeback konnte er mich noch regelmäßig begeistern, vor allem mit dem Parking Lot Brawl beim Bash 2008 (wieder gegen Cena), dem kleinen aber seeeehr feinen WM-XXIV-Opener gegen Finlay und der kurzen und trotzdem so aufregenden und originellen Fehde mit Shawn Michaels als seinen Angestellten im Frühjahr 2009. JBLs Kritiker hacken immer wieder gern auf seinem Run als Champion herum, vergessen aber irgendwie immer, dass er den großen Auftritt schon damals kaum bekam und hinterher so gut wie gar nicht mehr. Immer wieder musste er den goofy Heel geben, der sich feige verpissen will und zur Belustigung der Massen vom Babyface gedemütigt wird. Seine Karriere endete mit einem 10-Sekunden-Squash durch Rey Mysterio. Glückwunsch. Ja, da bin ich salty. Er hätte nochmal Champ werden sollen. Dafür ist es zu spät. Für ein Umdenken beim WWE-Universum aber noch nicht. Hört auf, ihn zu unterschätzen. Er war legit.
6910.07.2018Paul Heyman Guy6.0
7205.06.2018hirsty979.0One of the greatest heels in wrestling history. Perhaps the best lariat of all time coupled with dark charisma with a storied career which reached its apex in 2004. Also a great commentator too but not to everyone's taste.
7305.06.2018Solidsnake88810.0Ich gebe JBL 10 Punkte, weil er damals so um 2004/2005 gut als Heel funktioniert hat. Man hat es einfach geliebt ihn zu hassen und der Hass wurde immer größer, weil er in den Titelmatches sich irgendwie durchmogeln konnte. Natürlich mag er Backstage ein bully sein, aber ich denke das macht den Mann aus. Jedenfalls hat er mich damals unterhalten und nur das Zählt
7516.04.2018Okaro1434.0As a wrestler I would give him a 5 or something but as a commentator I would give him a zero. Absolutely hate how biased he is in the booth. But hey it's not his fault itz WWE' s fault.
7823.03.2018Oliver95x6.0Ich finde er wie nie im Ring so gut wie andere. Jedoch finde ich seinen World Titel Run ziemlich gut. Er hatte unterhaltsame Matches auch wenn die meisten eine Sonderregel hatten. Im großen und Ganzen ist er nie besser als durchschnitt gewesen.
8331.01.2018CHN3254.0Bradshaw was a tag team novelty act when he started out and somehow managed to reinvent himself into a main event player towards the end. The APA was fun, but that was about it. Can't ignore the fact he was an asshole backstage and represents everything wrong with the WWE culture.
8419.01.2018The Old School7.0
8507.01.2018Devitciiu4.0Bradshaw never entertained me. The Acolytes were a cool concept but poorly delivered. APA was better, but whenever Bradshaw was given the mic, things went south. JBL was a good idea for a midcard heel but he never should have been in the main event, let alone on top of the card for months.
8815.12.2017Summerslam Fan 016.0Als Person abstoßend und ein wie man hört ein ziemliches Arschloch. Als Kommentator garnicht mal so schlecht gewesen wie er gemacht wurde, zumindest kann er was wenn er es sagen darf . Als Wrestler naja, starker und glaubwürdiger Heel. Er ist schon Jahrzehnte in der Company ist in meinen Augen aber kein Zukünftiger Hall of Famer
8904.11.2017Dragon fighter 19972.0Well, a 2 because he had great gimmicks, good heel promos, drew heat. Other than that, he sucks. Smackdown was at its bottom when he was on top, holding the wwe title. His title reign stunk, too. A complete flop. So dull and boring in the ring. His wwe title reign produced a lot of awful matches ( with taker, batista, booker t, etc ). Don't forget that he was an asshole, bully in the backstage. On commentary. he isn't good, either. Vince's main voice. Burying many wrestlers and kiss cena, reigns'asses. I am glad now i don't have to hear him on commentary anymore
9303.10.2017The Big Blue Machine5.0It's kind of difficult to judge him. JBL was terrible in the ring. Yes, he was a brawler, but Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose too are brawler, and they aren't sloppy as he was. But he was indeed a heel heat magnet, and people still hate him today for his heel antics (and also, for many things about the man behind the gimmick). Let's say 5 points.
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