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John Bradshaw Layfield

Also known as Bradshaw, Blackjack Bradshaw, Death Mask, Justin Bradshaw, John Hawk, Johnny Hawk, Texas Hawk, Vampiro Americano

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103.03.2024TripleCrown4.0The wish version of Stan Hansen. The only thing I'll give him credit for is reinventing his career with the JBL gimmick. Although, he was more charismatic as Bradshaw than he was as JBL. Arguably his best run was as Bradshaw in the APA, way more likeable and fun to watch during those times.
1219.01.2024MooGati5.0Unfortunately his character matches his personality of a blowhard bully. With that said, guy can cut an incendiary promo like no one else. It's not just the anti-ECW/indie stuff; if JBL was around today doing his border shit, Twitter would melt. Still, beyond boring in the ring and a real asshole backstage.
1313.01.2024JamesHarro0.0JBL is easily one of the worst people in wrestling history he practically drove Mauro Ranallo out of the WWE which is a shame for someone who was a great commentator. As for JBL he was a terrible wrestler in the 90s with the APA and then when they decided to push him as WWE Champion it was painful he was probably the worst WWE Champion until Jinder Mahal came along over a decade later to take this honour from him. His commentary work has been painful constantly shouting the same rubbish every time he is on commentary thankfully he is no longer a regular commentator, from what I've been told he's still doing the pre show from time to time but I don't care as no one watches pre shows nothing interesting ever happens on them. My hope for JBL is that he vanishes from wrestling and never returns.
1531.12.2023MaximilianBerner9.0JBL ist DER ausschlaggebende Grund dafür, dass ein damals 12 jähriger Junge beim durchzappen auf TELE5 hängen geblieben ist und zum Wrestlingfan fürs Leben wurde. Je mehr Zeit ins Land geht desto bewuster wird einem wie gut JBL sein Gimmick verkörpert hat, vermutlich auch weil sein Heel Gimmick damals eine überspitzte Form seiner real life Persona war. Ich möchte dabei stellvertretend die Promo "in his own words" erwähnen. Nahezu jeder Satz dieser Promo kam direkt aus dem Herzen und brannte ihm auf der Seele. Sein Mic Work war unschlagbar, dazu immer die passende Körpersprache & die passenden Auftritte mit und ohne sein Cabinet. Damals wie heute einfach ein unglaublich vielseitiger und glaubwürdiger Heel der immer wusste womit er das örtliche Publikum kitzeln musste um die Halle gegen sich zu bekommen. Seine 279 tägige Titelregentschaft war durchdacht, gut gebucht und immer spannend. Bei Fehden gegen jeden damaligen Top Star des Smackdown Rosters ging er stets als Aussenseiter ins Match und hatte alle Erwartungen gegen sich, von Monat zu Monat dachte man es sei Endstation und bei jedem PPV wunderte man sich am Ende wie der "Survivor" John Bradshaw Layfield es nun wieder geschafft hatte zu überleben. Spätestens ab dem Fatal 4 Way bei Armageddon gegen Booker T, Eddie Guerrero & den Undertaker waren alle Fans stets fassungslos wenn es hiess "...your winner and stiiiiiiiill WWE Champion..." Er war der perfekte Heel um John Cena over zu bringen, zur damaligen Zeit der genaue Counterpart von Cena. Ohne diesen JBL hätte die Karriere von John Cena niemals so perfekt Fahrt aufgenommen. Ein Heel Veteran als Sprungbrett für einen Rookie/Rising Star. Gegen Ende bzw nach seiner aktiven Zeit im Ring war er ein erstklassiker Kommentator, seine Stimme & Emotionen hievten manche Matches auf ein anderes Level, beispielsweiße leistete sein Kommentar einen enormen Beitrag dazu King Bookers Gimmick glaubwürdig erscheinen und funktionieren zu lassen. Wünschenswert wäre natürlich eines Tages noch ein DVD Set über eines der treuesten und unterhaltsamsten Mitgliedern der WWE Familie, mit den besten Momenten seiner Titelregentschaft, Promos und jahrzehnte langen Karriere vor und hinter den Kameras.
1619.12.2023Herr Kritiker6.0 
1718.12.2023Peeranha John9.0Let me preface this by saying: Yes. I agree, John Layfield the person is horrible. What he did behind closed doors to his coworkers was awful, and never would I ever dream of condoning something like that. However, strictly speaking as an in-ring talent, he might be one of my favorites of all time. Hard-hitting, no-nonsense, and able to roll with the comedy if need be; JBL is one of my favorite bastard heels with one of my favorite finishers ever. The Clothesline from Hell was a marvel, because he could make it look good against anyone, regardless of if they were 150 pounds, or 500.
2004.12.2023crs2855.0JBL is an interesting person in pro wrestling. He had a up and down career from great things like his world title run and the APA to times when he was just a jobber. He was a good brawler in the ring and could play a character well. Didn't like him as a commentator. He also was apparently a horrible person backstage with his bully running rampant.
2217.11.2023JediSaiyanMaster12038.0Whether he's a member of APA or being the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history (at least, at the time, assuming he's been surpassed), I've always liked Bradshaw. While he may not be perfect, I've always enjoyed his tag team days with Faarooq in APA and his heel work in the Ruthless Aggression Era, really love his "Clothesline" from Hell finisher, I even enjoyed his commentary work. His stuff in the 2000s was his best, while his stuff in the 2010s is in the "so bad, it's good" category for me. Overall, a good worker who got more than most people would have expected, but no doubt that he was a good hand.
2727.10.2023benny5bellys6.0Was he a piece of shit backstage? Absolutely but unfortunately half of my faves are wankers. Pre APA, Bradshaw is a whole load of nothing but the skits as part of the APA were very fun for their time and got them over big. The JBL stuff was fine and he had a few good bloodbaths but him being on top really just showed how few stars that the WWF had in the period.
2821.10.2023yvonnelikeswrestling6.0amazing gimmicks and finishers. he is a perfect heel but he is just a bully. He would stiffen up and genuinely try to hurt people he didnt like and the whole fiasco with the miz and benoit. I like what he did with the APA. I like what he did with the cowboy gimmick. But he is just a bully plain and simple. The clothesline from hell tho. really good
4110.09.2023GoldLiger3.0One good run on top with a great gimmick that was mostly good for the promos and not the matches doesn't mean his career wasn't mostly trash. In the APA he made a living out of stiffing people, as JBL the WWE Champion he had some great heel promos but only ever backed it up with good matches twice (vs Eddie & vs Cena, both times having the babyface bleed a gallon just to get it over), as a commentator he was obnoxious 9 times out of 10, and I don't think I've heard a positive thing about him as a person behind the character. The only good thing you can really say about him in retrospect is that he was the guy who first put over Cena as a main event guy during a time where WWE had very few real main event guys around.
4319.08.2023Alons8hasaBrokenBack5.0JBL, Bradshaw, whatever You want to call him. He Is the definition of a weird career. He has charisma , he was not good backstage, and his in-ring work isn't bad. But damn, he was pushed too much. Gimnicks super weird, but not outrageous. As a Color-Com, he Is mediocre with some decent work if he Is paired with Someone good. He just confuses me.
4811.07.2023BigDave1239.0Brawler Bradshaw was average in WWE but once the JBL character was born he was one of the best heels in the business. Knew how to be a heel and generate heat without it being "go away heat" and it's a lost art in modern wrestling where heels are more focused on being "cool"
4906.07.2023bigredtalk896.0An average brawler who benefitted from sticking around long enough to get a shot at being a main eventer during a down time in the WWE, he did make the most of his character work and, for the most part, did well with a lengthy title reign. There were better people for the job, but I can't say he shit the bed.
5126.06.2023Jersey Jimmy6.0 
5221.05.2023Mister Cute Face6.0Loved APA. Didn't really care for his run at the top of the card, but there were worse people to have been the top heel. He was trying to pull off a Stan Hansen thing for awhile which could have worked if it weren't so obvious.
6310.04.20235GumGuy JBL is without a doubt one of the greatest heels in not just WWE history, but professional-wrestling history. He is the definition of an old school heel because he plays his role to a tee. On top of being a terrific promo and being one of the greatest powerhouses ever, this man has also had a great run with the WWE Championship. Before all of that, he had a great run in the Acolytes Protection Agency (APA) w/ Faarooq, in which their segments in the Attitude Era were classics almost every week. He also had some great matches with the likes of Eddie Guerrero and John Cena, which are some of the best matches in not only JBL's career but in the WWE as well. Overall, John "Bradshaw" Layfield is a terrific worker and should be an example of how to be a real deal heel, because he's done it better than most.
6506.04.2023winston4.0A decent worker with a hard-hitting style who only realised his full potential right at the very end of his career. His dedication to his craft, both in keeping himself fit, and committing to reinventing himself deserve credit, and he earned his rewards through a lengthy championship run. Unfortunately he was equally dedicated to being a trash human being who spread misery and fear amongst his co-workers. Based on numerous accounts, any company or locker room that had John Layfield as a part of it was a worse place because of his prescence. He's supposed to be somewhat of a reformed character now, but I've yet to see him own up to, acknowledge or apologise for the widespread allegations of abusive behaviour.
6703.03.2023greaterdale3.0I think JBL is just dreadful. Besides being a terrible person and a shoot bully I honestly think his matches were really bad, his clothes line from hell that so many people like is just clobbering his opponent so it looks "better" like jesus christ is it really worth it? and most of heat from his JBL gimmick was just him saying racist fucked up shit for problematic heat that he probably actually believes in real life. As an announcer is a straight 0/10. he gets a 3 for the APA stuff and somehow getting a world title run.
7031.01.2023la isla bonita0.0A decent wrestler, but without much revelation - just a typical guy from Texas. Unfortunately, JBL behaved in the back like a complete idiot, for whom bullying others was a kind of entertainment. Because of him, Mauro Ranallo gave up his further career in the WWE. I think his last match of his career against Rey Mysterio at WM25 was the perfect culmination of his wrestling adventure - a quick, embarrassing defeat.
7409.01.2023GM56 Champion10.0Absolutely one of the best heels in pro wrestling history. His rise to the top was incredibly rushed, but eventually it worked out. His 2004 - 2006 run was terrific. He didn't have classic matches week after week, his only all time classics are probably with Eddie and Cena, but if we talk about his Top 3 mic talker in WWE history in my book.
8506.10.2022Reinhard Lohengramm6.0 
8716.09.2022Flame2338.0This guy is perhaps the greatest heel in WWE history. He does not look like a wrestler, and that is what made him so special. I cannot possibly imagine a guy running a gimmick similar to his today, and getting the Main Gold, and yet he did and it was great. That being said I really don't think he is/was a great comentator, and I heard some bad things about his behaviour backstage, although I try to take those rummors with a pinch of salt. Hope to see him as a manager someday, I think he would be great in that role.
9007.09.2022MMSuperBoyo7.0One of the best heels ever. Always knew how to piss the fans off, no matter what he was doing. Average ring skills but his heel work was amazing. Very good mic skills too. Not a good human in real life though. A very hard hitter.
9226.08.2022Conquistador374.0His career up to a certain point is mildly enjoyable. I feel he was the right man in the right place at the right time for Global, I appreciated his early WWF run because he was less cartoony than most at the time. The Blackjacks were a good team and it's a bummer the pairing did not last (it worked for me more than most haha). His career peak was unquestionably the team with Ron Simmons. This has EVERYTHING to do with my endless adoration for all things Ron Simmons. As obvious, I had no real problems with his whole career ...uuuntil that singles heel push, which gets a giant NO from me. Deeply dreadful and off putting. I am not a fan of some jerk goose stomping in Germany, beyond stupid and just the worst damn thing to even think to do and...sorry, trying to stay on the rails here. His garbage personality began to leak into his professional career enough to affect a huge chunk of his work I feel. But the good is inoffensive enough for me to give him a less scathing review that what was here before. 4.25 rounded down.
9814.07.2022OnlyHalfTheEffinShow7.0Say what you will about Bradshaw as a human being, and there is certainly a lot you could say, but as a worker and a character I will always defend him. Some say the JBL gimmick was antiquated or passé by the time of the Ruthless Aggression era; I call it a throwback. His greatest matches were like throwbacks to the wild, bloody brawls of the territory days with a hard hitting, stiff working style to go with it. God help you if you were an enhancement talent and found yourself on the wrong end of a clothesline from hell.