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John Bradshaw Layfield


Also known as Bradshaw, Blackjack Bradshaw, Death Mask, Justin Bradshaw, John Hawk, Johnny Hawk, Texas Hawk, Vampiro Americano

09.03.2009 - 05.04.2009Intercontinental Champion27 daysMatches
02.04.2006 - 23.05.2006WWE United States Champion51 daysMatches
27.06.2004 - 03.04.2005WWE Heavyweight Champion280 daysMatches
10.04.2003 - xx.06.2003OVW Southern Tag Team Champion (as Bradshaw; with Faarooq as The APA)?Matches
19.08.2002 - 19.08.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (18x) (as Bradshaw)<1 dayMatches
04.08.2002 - 04.08.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (17x) (as Bradshaw)<1 dayMatches
03.08.2002 - 03.08.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (16x) (as Bradshaw)<1 dayMatches
28.07.2002 - 29.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (15x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
27.07.2002 - 28.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (14x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
26.07.2002 - 27.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (13x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
22.07.2002 - 26.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (12x) (as Bradshaw)4 daysMatches
15.07.2002 - 22.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (11x) (as Bradshaw)7 daysMatches
14.07.2002 - 15.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (10x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
13.07.2002 - 14.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (9x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
12.07.2002 - 13.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (8x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
07.07.2002 - 12.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (7x) (as Bradshaw)5 daysMatches
06.07.2002 - 07.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (6x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
30.06.2002 - 06.07.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (5x) (as Bradshaw)6 daysMatches
29.06.2002 - 30.06.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (4x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
28.06.2002 - 29.06.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (3x) (as Bradshaw)1 dayMatches
22.06.2002 - 28.06.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (2x) (as Bradshaw)6 daysMatches
03.06.2002 - 22.06.2002WWE Hardcore Champion (as Bradshaw)19 daysMatches
22.10.2001 - 30.10.2001WWF European Champion (as Bradshaw)8 daysMatches
09.07.2001 - 07.08.2001WWF World Tag Team Champion (3x) (as Bradshaw; with Faarooq as The APA)29 daysMatches
13.06.2001 - 14.06.2001MCW Southern Tag Team Champion (as Bradshaw; with Faarooq as The APA)1 dayMatches
25.07.1999 - 09.08.1999WWF World Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Bradshaw; with Faarooq as The Acolytes)15 daysMatches
25.05.1999 - 29.06.1999WWF World Tag Team Champion (as Bradshaw; with Faarooq as The Acolytes)35 daysMatches
05.11.1995 - 16.12.1995CWA Europameisterschaft im Teamkampf Champion (as John Hawk; with Cannonball Grizzly)41 daysMatches
14.01.1995 - 18.03.1995NWA North American Heavyweight Champion (as John Hawk)63 daysMatches
25.12.1993 - 03.06.1994GWF North American Tag Team Champion (2x) (as John Hawk; with Black Bart)160 daysMatches
xx.xx.xxxx - 22.08.1993FILL Heavyweight Champion (as Vampiro Americano)?Matches
27.11.1992 - 29.01.1993GWF North American Tag Team Champion (as John Hawk; with Bobby Duncum Jr. as The Texas Mustangs)63 daysMatches
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