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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.43
Animago wrote on 23.08.2023:
[6.0] "She has improved quite abit recently. While she is fairly slow and lack smoothness in her transitions, she has acquired a fairly intimidating presence with good power and an organic viciousness. Her delivery on promos has also improved. Now she just needs to be more consistent in her work."
NEVERoverweightChampion wrote on 29.06.2023:
[5.0] "Overall it doesn't feel like she improved a lot and she seems okay with her position in the company right now. Once in a while she can have a good showing but otherwise she is pretty bland and not charismatic."
Daigotsu wrote on 30.01.2023:
[5.0] "She's young and, I think, still needs to improve a lot. At this point she's fairly slow, but without a clear power moveset that would allow her to really shine in Stardom."
teenagehonvedfan wrote on 21.01.2023:
[5.0] "Yes, she's young and has time to improve, but at the moment Ruaka is just a Tora clone with less talent and even less charisma. She's probably the weakest link in the Stardom roster."
Anarchkitty wrote on 20.12.2022:
[8.0] "This recent tag league was a big coming out party for Ruaka. She has really been proving herself to be an underrated young wrestler who is only going to get better as she enters her twenties."
vel wrote on 06.05.2022:
[6.0] "She's not good at all at the moment. She lacks charisma and her performances are unconvincing. But she's only 17 and she's definitely progressing. UPD: She made quite a progress in the first half of 2022."
nWo-Joshi-Guy wrote on 11.02.2022:
[7.0] "People are way too harsh on Ruaka! She is only a kid after all. She has improved massively over the last couple of years and has warranted her slight push up the card for me. I like her focus towards power-moves. She could do with a better look though."
Riverman wrote on 13.11.2021:
[4.0] "She's not great to be honest. Arguably the weakest of the Stardom roster because at least the ones who are worse in ring (which isn't many), have some personality and charisma to them. Beyond a decent look and a bit of power, Ruaka doesn't bring much to the table. Still young though so sure she can improve once she learns how to work to her strengths a bit more. Definitely potential there. I've watched back some of her older matches when she was even younger and she was arguably better than she is now. I don't think it's a case of having regressed skill wise though. She's a lot more impressive physically now and I just think she hasn't adapted and adjusted to that yet. Once she gets to grips with working a powerhouse style and improves at selling, she'll be perfectly decent."
Kung wrote on 11.08.2021:
[5.0] "Although she's particularly good right now, I still think Ruaka has a pretty high ceiling. Give her a few more years, and she could possibly become the muscle of Stardom, similar to someone like a Mirai Maiumi over at TJPW."
medouse wrote on 19.05.2021:
[4.0] "At the current moment she is the least skilled wrestler in stardom, although she's not the least experienced. I really hope she will get better with age, but comparing to at her age AZM, she could be much better at the age of 16 now."
EdgeGF wrote on 14.05.2021:
[5.0] "Ruaka ist eine durchschnittliche Wrestlerin, die vor ihrem Wechsel zu Oedo Tai relativ blass wirkte, seitdem aber ihren Charakter entwickeln konnte und eine ordentliche Supporter Rolle einnimmt. Sie ist noch jung und kann sich entwickeln, was auf jeden Fall auch in ihren In-Ring Skills erforderlich ist."
Suzukigun wrote on 13.04.2021:
[6.0] "She keeps improving and is only 16. She's starting to have good matches and I feel like in a few years, she's got the potential to be a powerhouse. Fully expect this rating to change in the coming years."
ProWrestlingGuy316 wrote on 08.04.2021:
[3.0] "Leider nicht gut. Zeigt gelegentlich Ansätze, die Hoffnung auf mehr machen können, allerdings kommt im Endeffekt nicht viel bei ihr herum. Agiert sehr hölzern und eintönig im Ring und habe auch relativ wenig Zuversicht, dass sie sich noch bedeutend verbessern wird."
PathosLogosEthos wrote on 29.06.2020:
[7.0] "Stardom has a decent sized roster of really young women wrestling for them. But of them, the only one who like, really shows me much is Ruaka. She's got clean moves, and an actual style of selling. Most of the younger women just sort of sell very much as if they very taking their first bumps (some of them might be, honestly), but Ruaka looks like an actual wrestler when she sells. She has a handful of high impact moves, which a lot of the young women appear to lack. She's not bad at all, considering she's 15. I think by the time she's 22 she'll be one of the stronger Stardom competitors, if she keeps improving at her current rate."