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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.27
CrossedfaceWingman wrote on 08.07.2021:
[8.0] "An absolute bruiser in the ring. There is nobody out there like him really. A tuff as nails throwback wrestler that is always entertaining to watch."
huss666 wrote on 27.06.2021:
[9.0] "Shlak is the last of a dying breed, and always entertains! One of the best Death Match wrestlers of our modern time"
BloodyForeignobject wrote on 07.09.2020:
[8.0] "Shlak is legit. His matches seem like actual fights, something lost in professional wrestling these days. The guy moves like a truck covered in dents, reckless at times but that is part of his charm. Haha. He has been on a warpath recently and it has been amazing to watch."
Resident wrote on 25.02.2020:
[9.0] "Public Animal #1, No God... Only Shlak. He is one of the best deathmatch wrestlers today. He has such a charism aabout him and he has a look where he almost looks like a cartoon character. He's had great matches in GCW and Horror Slam, where he is their current Deathmatch Champion. But every match, he goes all out, willing to take crazy bumps, but he can wrestle as well and cuts great promos and has a great look too. He is one of the most over wrestlers at Horror Slam, quickly getting a huge following, the crowd goes nuts every time he comes out."
QuiffMaster wrote on 07.09.2019:
[8.0] "Super entertaining death match wrestler and super good dude outside of the ring. Its really no wonder why he was chosen to go to Japan with GCW"
brainbusterbill5150 wrote on 19.06.2019:
[8.0] "I love this guy, he is as crazy as they come. SHLAK gives zero fux almost to a fault. Intimidating, built like a tank, and respectable ringwork. If you appreciate his style or not is one thing, but his believability factor is undeniable."
Carnival Fantasm wrote on 05.05.2019:
[2.0] "SHLAK is definitely a scary looking dude, but that's about it. His promos are bad, really killing his illusion, and he isn't good at wrestling - deathmatch or otherwise. When it comes to things like taking a powerbomb or going up for a slam, it always looks like he is struggling (and not in a way that looks like selling). While he can take a ton of punishment in deathmatches, there's no real rhyme or reason to what he does, and his intensity can be lacking at times (which is odd to say for a man of his size)."
Makai Club wrote on 04.05.2019:
[2.0] "Just as people are finally accepting deathmatches for what they are, and recognising that there is, for a lack of a better word, "art" to it, you get Shlak. I don't like to take in account personality tbh, especially if it doesn't interfere with the wresting side so I won't but it's dubious. SHLAK's matches are bad and send Death matches back a long time."
respect-wres wrote on 04.05.2019:
[0.0] "I have seen a picture of him doing the nazi salute. That is more than enough for me to give him a zero. I can t understand how this man is still being booked, I guess the issue flew under the radar and that not many people remember the whole neo nazi part. Im disappointed that places like gcw still book this man..."
laldila wrote on 03.05.2019:
[0.0] "SHLAK is every popular negative aspect of deathmatch wrestling in one performer. There are so many good, charismatic and skilled performers in deathmatch wrestling so to see a slow, sloppy guy like him continually win and be pushed by places like GCW is disheartening. His "both sides are bad" bullshit response to old pictures of him with skinheads makes matters even worse. The dregs of independent wrestling."
BertPrenticesBoyToy wrote on 13.04.2019:
[1.0] "He has a cool look and aura. He looks great on a poster or match graphic and his energyband aura during his entrance. And then the bell rings. He legit may have the worst technical ability I've ever seen. Madman Pondo is a better actual wrestler than him. Despite admitting to taken steroids he struggles lifting opponents none of whom are actually that big or heavy. Also, he's a upstanding human being in and out of the ring as the boys in the back attest to."
LainIwakura wrote on 08.04.2019:
[6.0] "Shlak is very intimidating but his name makes me chuckle. Not good not bad, probably his best thing going is just the pure intimidating aura surrounding him. I feel like he'd rob me though so minus some points for that."
WackyStang wrote on 01.01.2019:
[0.0] "how in the hell is he still getting booked? He is not a very good wrestler, he is not even a very good deathmatch worker, He doesn't have any good mic skills or skills in ring, he should be a crappy backyard wrestler, rather than pollute the indys with his garbage wrestling, possibly the worst wrestler I've ever seen."
IsThisWrestling wrote on 17.10.2017:
[9.0] "SHLAK is amazing. This dude is hands down the freshest face in death match wrestling in years. The announcer reminds you during his intro that he is only "one person", he's covered in tattoos, his stomach declaring "DRUNK", missing his front teeth, jacked to the gills, bugged out crazy eyes, a sweet Mohawk/mullet combo, and fuckin' jean shorts. "No god, only SHLAK! " I agree, sir. I agree."
CJ PAYNE 17 wrote on 14.08.2017:
[9.0] "The most badass wrestler right now on the Deathmatch scene. This dude will fuck you up. Jacked? Check. Scary? Check? Awesome hair? Check. He has everything. He even sets his elbow on fire. How can you not like this guy. His TOD promo the funniest thing i've seen in a while. SHLAK is the next Brain Damage I think."
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