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204.01.2023cryllo8.0Ben-K's title win at Kobe World in 2019 marked the start of the generational change we're currently witnessing. His character and style were (and still is) an interesting contrast to what Dragongate wrestlers usually are, and hopes were high for Dragongate's future leader. His title run was satisfactory, but ever since he lost the title he had found himself in an awkward position on the card. After his concussion sustained at Final Gate 2020, all momentum Ben-K had stopped up completely, and I was even doubting that Ben-K would ever be considered a contender for the Dream Gate championship again. Thankfully ever since he's been spouting out chiki-chiki's on the mic he found a new himself. The silent powerhouse that he once suddenly turned into one of the best talkers in DG, and his run in Gold Class has been nothing but great. And considering the fact that he's only 31, we still have a lot to see from this revitalized Ben-K, and I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up the Dream Gate at least once more before his wrestling days come to an end.
817.06.2022Red Mage Riot10.0 
1325.09.2021No One8.0 
2316.03.2021Bushidospirit229.0Still early in his career, but Ben-K's powerhouse style is a fun contrast to most of the wrestlers in DG, similar to how Shingo was before him. He's not a finished article imo since he's still like five years in to his career, but he has all the potential to be among the world's best wrestlers once he puts it all together.
2510.01.2021arrancar8.0Ben-K is a beast. The dude is only 5ft9 but still an absolute powerhouse. Not only is his offence fantastically explosive, but his selling and bumping are great too. He was great as a cocky but entertainingly aggressive heel, and he now excels as a hype babyface monster. I was honestly a bit disappointed in his first Dream Gate run, since I thought his defences ranged from good to very good but were never great or outstanding. I figured he was still just getting used to playing the top guy, but then DG shocked us by having Ben-K put Doi over, and Ben-K ended up being on the backburner for the whole of 2020. He admittedly got his redemption chance at Final Gate against Skywalker, and that's when Ben-K's years of great selling came back to bite him (though obviously through no fault of his own), as Skywalker ended up IRL knocking him out and no-one realised because they all figured that was just Ben-K's natural awesome selling. Now it's unknown when Ben-K will return, but he wasn't meant to have been hurt too significantly from the match with Skywalker, so I hope he can return and once again become a prominent member of the DG roster. I don't know if Ben-K can ever reach the heights I hope for him to achieve, since I really only think he's had a handful of great matches, but he's also had many, many very good performances in matches that were otherwise merely "decent" or "just good", so I definitely see potential in him one day becoming someone I can truly consider a top guy. He showed sparks of it when he was Dream Gate champion, and maybe he'll show even more by the time he finally recaptures the title.
2815.12.2020Strong Zero Machine9.0 
3303.04.2020Crippler Crossface10.0 
3501.03.2020BDD9.0Ben-K is a wrestler with a lot of potential, he manages to combine his strength and speed in a very good way, his matches are always good, and he is always evolving, and he still has a very good Spear, he is the future of Dragon Gate along with Kzy and Skywalker.
3925.12.2019Rudakov8.0So, here he is - the new face of Dragon Gate. Is he deserve this spot? Is he good enough? Absolutely yes! I kinda grow on him for last half-year, so now I actualy see a top star in Ben-K. He is your classic cool-looking hard-hitting silent samurai dude. Yes, he is not a great speaker, but his amotions during matches... they are not great either, but he still fit his samurai gimmick pretty well. For me Ben-K is not modern day Mochi, Yoshino, Yamato, Doi or any other DG main-event-player, but more like modern day Hirooki Goto. Is it good or bad? For me - good, cuz Ben has way more talent, than Goto in my eyes. Like this guy
4505.06.2019Tim Flyn9.0 
4613.05.2019PuroresuLover9.0Very good worker, Ben-K has a good look, good mic-skills and great ring-skills. He trully is one of the future stars that Dragon Gate has to offer, I can see him replacing Shingo Takagi and being one of the Aces of Dragon Gate.
5215.02.2018Headlock9.0Wow! Dieser Kerl ist eine Bestie! Für ein Wrestler der gerade mal Zweiundzwanzig Monate aktiv ist, ist Ben-K wirklich unglaublich gut. Er ist charismatish, sehr gut im Ring und sein Power Style passt sehr gut in Dragon Gate. Mahl sehen was die Zukunft für ihn bereit hält. Ich erwarte großes von ihm.
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