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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.92
twojs wrote on 30.04.2024:
[10.0] "My GOAT. The only thing keeping TNA in business is him, and Steve Maclin. I need him to get on duolingo so he can learn Japanese, and move there, because they don't book him correctly anywhere else. Him, and Chris Bey are also tearing it up as a Tag Team, currently unaware if they are still affiliated with Bullet Club, but they don't really need Bullet Club anymore."
crs285 wrote on 29.04.2024:
[8.0] "Ace Austin is a good X division star. He is capable of good technical wrestling but is best as a highflyer. Plays the heel really well. He has some charisma and mic skills that he has developed. Might lack the size to be a top star in a major promotion but still someone who does great work wherever he goes."
Chrone wrote on 08.01.2023:
[9.0] "in OSW terms my absolute Boy! His wanker Criss Angel schtick is tremendous, I've loved him in MLW and Impact and his BOSJ run and tag team with Chris Bey has been brilliant, I think he's arguably the best heel Jr heavyweight outside of Mexico today"
mlcha101 wrote on 17.12.2022:
[8.0] "He is a unique wrestler who started his career at czw, stylish, and has good tag chemistry with Chris Bay"
Mcbolsky wrote on 22.11.2022:
[8.0] "He already has a great resume despite not even being 26 and he has a great look as well. I'd like to see him in NJPW a bit more as I think he deserves a jr. heavyweight title run. His stuff in Impact has been pretty good recently since he joined the Bullet Club. Hell of an overall athlete and the sky is the limit with him."
lusterlitany wrote on 30.09.2022:
[10.0] "Ace Austin has all the potential in the world and he and Chris Bey are the only reasons I try watching Impact on occasion. His matches are always among the best I watch that week, and I really wish Impact had pulled the trigger on giving him the title after the Blanchard fiasco. Austin needs to be put in a position to really shine soon."
KELLAN wrote on 05.08.2022:
[9.0] "Dieser junge Mann hat noch sehr sehr viel Potenzial. Eigentlich ein Pflicht-Signing für jede Amerikanische Wrestling Promotion. Potenzial: 10x Impact X-Division Champion - 1000 Tage+ insgesamt - 3x Impact World Champion - 500 Tage insgesamt - Upper Midcard / Main Event"
GriffinX wrote on 04.06.2022:
[8.0] "Ace Austin is a guy I wish the site would give us .5 ratings becuase I feel like after that run in BOSJ he's earned a higher than 8 but isn't at 9 yet. He's a great heel wrestler and seems to only be getting better as he gets older"
Wrestling Forever wrote on 27.04.2022:
[8.0] "Samis Schüler ist ein weiterer Roh Diamant. Mich hat The Ace of Spades inzwischen absolut überzeugt. Top Mann. Edit 27.04.2022 Aufwertung auf 9 Punkte längst einer der Top Leute bei Impact. Darf auch sonst weiterhin in den Indies auftreten."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 22.10.2021:
[8.0] "Good at being a slimeball heel. His offense is almost all really creative, unique and complex sequences designed to be turned into Twitter gifs and I love it"
Lord Alcanazas wrote on 15.10.2021:
"Incredibly talented and agile, great and believable promo skills. Ace Austin have every tool in the world to be the next best thing in pro wrestling. With Impact continuous growth, it is not inconceivable that he would be their main man in the future to come."
Mutant34 wrote on 07.09.2021:
[9.0] "Ace is by far the best thing at IMPACT! today. It is being pushed properly and deservedly and is making its way into the main event at just 24 years old. his reigns with the title x division was really good"
Denpa Pope wrote on 09.05.2021:
[9.0] "An amazing talent. Unique look, incredible charisma and stage presence and a technically adept, as well as exciting preformer. Really interested in what the future holds for him in IMPACT and hopefully beyond it too. In a very short time I got completely sold on Ace Austin."
The A-Lister wrote on 06.05.2021:
[9.0] "One of my favourite Impact wrestlers. He's doing well in the ring and has a great character. Future Impact World Champion for sure!"
marexcel wrote on 13.04.2021:
[8.0] "Guter Typ, der für sein Alter schon sehr weit und vor allem im Gesamtpaket gut dabei ist. Im Ring fehlt mir zwar noch das Breakout One on One-Match, aber das ist wohl nur noch eine Frage der Zeiten bei seinen Einsätzen außerhalb von Impact. Funktioniert für mich als Face und (etwas besser) als Heel, aber hat Charisma und vor allem Charakter, um Interesse zu generieren."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 11.03.2021:
[7.0] "When he first showed up in Impact, I hated what he was doing by being a low rent version of X-men's Gambit. But over the years, I think he's improved greatly & started to find his true self. He's good in the ring & once he became a sleazy heel, I think he really started to show what he is capable of."
Brett1980 wrote on 17.01.2021:
[6.0] "Nothing special has some good moves. Seen him quite a bit in MLW and IMPACT now. Quite unremarkable."
Dnutz wrote on 14.11.2020:
[8.0] "So good and so young just keeps gettimg better. Already one of impact's best workers. A top 10 heel in all of wrestling. When I was introduced to the magician gimmick I thought he killed his career before it started. Even though I still think the Chris Angel gimmick is the shits but his work is so good that he somehow got it over. He gets better every match. Needs to booked as an upper card/Main Event player soon"
MAGICIAN wrote on 22.04.2020:
[4.0] "Ace Austin ist noch sehr jung und dementsprechend sehr grün im Ring. Er ist ein guter Athlet, muss aber noch lernen, wann er was von seiner Athletik zeigen sollte. Dennoch sehe ich etwas Potential bei ihm. Vorerst 4 Punkte."
brianpillman wrote on 31.03.2020:
[6.0] "Very good and talented worker. Impact recently also gave his character a little depth. He seems to have a natural talent for being a heel. But he still has to grow."
BDD wrote on 01.03.2020:
[7.0] "Ace Austin is a wrestler with a lot of potential, he is still a little green in the ring, but his work on his character is very good, a wrestler to keep an eye on the future."
Helor146 wrote on 30.10.2019:
[8.0] "Really good young wrestler. Moves really well in the ring and has an incredibly interesting and innovative offense. Has a good look ass well, is on the smaller side but is fit enough that he is very believable. Isn't just a flippy aerial guy either, has some pretty decent yet still growing ring psychology. Plays to the crowd really well and knows how to get himself over as a heel. Still learning on the mic but has a charisma to him that carries him even without amazing mic skills."
Darth Vader wrote on 06.05.2019:
[8.0] "Aerial: This is his top skill. Austin moves fluidly through the air and uses a variety of different aerial attacks. His originality is what sets him apart. He's not just doing the same four aerial moves everyone else is. Appearance: Ace is on the smaller side. However, he' s quite stocky and has good muscle definition. He's on the upper end of the junior heavyweight division, which I think is a good spot for him. Additionally, he has just enough unique traits in his look to make him stand out without being over the top. Charisma: While I'm not crazy about the magician gimmick, I think there's a lot that could be done with it. More importantly, Austin has good control of the crowd and something about him that draws you in. Power: Ace has good power for his size. Yet, it's still limited and could be an issue versus larger opponents. Technical: Austin seems quite comfortable on the mat. He is able to handle himself sufficiently in grappling exchanges. Also, he displays above-average striking and smooth transitions. For someone who is primarily a flyer, he has a well-rounded ground game. Overview: Ace Austin is a strong prospect with good overall skills. Above all, he has that it factor. I'm not even sure what it is or how to describe it , but Austin has it. His creativity and ingenuity in the ring are intoxicating and your eye is drawn to him. To be this far along at such a young stage in his career speaks volumes. I expect him to skyrocket in popularity very soon. Projection: Upper Mid-Card. WWE Comparison: Cedric Alexander"
JohnnyBelleville wrote on 27.09.2018:
[8.0] "My reason for watching CZW right now, Ace Austin has really came on strong this year in thanks to big performances in the trifecta series, his fatal four way at New Heights an his match with John Silver at Dark City. An exciting high flyer who can 'go' when the fight hits the mat and gets technical, Austin mixes gimmicks spots into his matches well and his a very good sell. Only 21 (as of writing), Austin could continue to develop into one of the hotter young wrestlers on the indy scene."
OutsideTrack42 wrote on 31.07.2018:
[8.0] "This guy keeps on growing as a wrestler. I remember he was just some jobber at CZW and occasionally working Dojo Wars. Now he's on Impact and 205 Live. He is slowly figuring out who he is as a character while evolving his movesets into a dynamite of excitement and aerial prowess. Still a super young kid as well. Very excited to see what he can bring to the table in near future."
HC7 wrote on 06.04.2017:
[7.0] "From what I've seen from this guy he looks pretty promising. This guy is a pretty good high flyer and can hold his own when it comes to being technical aswell and unlike a lot of modern indy wrestlers, he doesn't always rely on big spots. He sells almost every move aswell which can be hard to find in a wrestler nowadays, definitely gonna to keep an eye out for this guy, he has great potential especially for only wrestling a few years."