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121.02.2000World Wrestling Entertainment Dark: Barry Buchanan defeats Ruckus
WWF Jakked #27 - Dark Match @ Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
224.11.1996World Championship Wrestling World War 3 Battle Royal: The Giant defeats Alex Wright and Arn Anderson and Big Bubba Rogers and Bobby Eaton and Booker T and Bunkhouse Buck and Carl Ouellet and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and Ciclope and Dean Malenko and Diamond Dallas Page and Disco Inferno and Eddie Guerrero and Galaxy and Hugh Morrus and Ice Train and Jack Boot and Jacques Rougeau and Jeff Jarrett and Jim Duggan and Jimmy Graffiti and Jim Powers and Joe Gomez and Johnny Grunge and Juventud Guerrera and Kaos and Kevin Nash and Kevin Sullivan and Konnan and La Parka and Lex Luger and Lord Steven Regal and M. Wallstreet and Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Mark Starr and Meng and Mike Enos and Mr. JL and Pez Whatley and Prince Iaukea and Rey Misterio Jr. and Rick Steiner and Road Block and Ron Studd and Ruckus and Scott Hall and Scott Norton and Scotty Riggs and Sgt. Craig Pittman and Squire David Taylor and Steve McMichael and Stevie Ray and Syxx and The Barbarian and The Renegade and Tony Rumble and Ultimate Dragon and Villano IV (28:21)
WCW World War 3 1996 - Pay Per View @ Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, USA
303.06.1996World Championship Wrestling The Faces Of Fear (Meng & The Barbarian) defeat High Voltage (Kenny Kaos & Ruckus) (3:23)
WCW Monday NITRO #38 - TV-Show @ Asheville Civic Center in Asheville, North Carolina, USA