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717.01.2021NighthawkN9.0I saw Mao wrestling in London and was impressed with his athleticism and all-round ability. He combined the Japanese style with a more European one very well, and is clearly a star of the future.
816.12.2020Black Liger8.0
1017.11.2020Khalid Ace7.0
1115.07.2020Crippler Crossface9.0
1514.04.2020boymeetsworld7.0MAO is an example where an excursion did more harm than good. Before his trip to England he had good momentum, but since he returned, it felt like he made steps backwards and regressed. His new theme song is much worse than previous one, if that matters for some reason lol.
1630.03.2020Black Mass With Love10.0
1729.03.2020killowenskill10.0I think Mao is a great wrestler. He is young, he has been in wrestling for only a few years, but has already managed to excel in this field, having established himself as a first-class performer, a good entertainer and an interesting character. His matches with Takagi are great. His performances on street shows deserve respect. I am sure that he has a great future and he deserves it.
2517.04.2019Makai Club 9.0Easily one of my favourite wrestlers in DDT today. Stunning to hear that he came from training himself in his back garden. He is a great mix of wacky and serious to connect with the DDT audience. His tag team with Mike Bailey is always guaranteed good matches and he always shines in a singles role. He is definitely a future KO-D Champion, perhaps a future Ace of the company. And of course, Mao has this gem under him:"Fucked Up Wrestling For A Fucked Up DDT"
2606.12.2018HeadCheese8.0MAO is a really good up and coming wrestler. In alot match I have seen it has good or very good. He is also growing into quite the plunder wrestler. If you want to know more about him there matches I recommend his match DDT/BJW Toshikoshi Pro-Wrestling 2017 and his matches with Sanshiro Takagi (specifically the Peter Pan one I have it 10/10 on here).
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