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208.01.2021TeenageDirt10.0Every time AZM is in a match, i know she is going to entertain me and its going to be a good match. The thing is, it's always better than i was expected. She's gold.
527.12.2020inauric9.0Very, very good for a rookie. Way ahead in skill for her age and has a clear, unignorable presence. Destined for good things.
816.12.2020Black Liger8.0
910.12.2020medouse9.0She has a potential to become the biggest wrestling star in the near future. AZM is doing so much progress in such a short time, it's just amazing. She's got a great look and an awesome attire. Her wrestling style is a perfect combination of grappling, striking, throwing and highflying. Her matches are always fast paced and very exciting. I don't remember as skilled wrestler at such a young age - nor woman, nor man.
1119.11.2020nWo-Joshi-Guy10.0I really like AZM; she seems to almost always do something new in a match that I have not seen her do (or even anyone do) before. She is ridiculously good; having been wrestling for years even though she has only just turned 18. I see her becoming one of the greatest of all time. She consistently has awesome looking ring gear. She is pretty charismatic and fits into Queen's Quest well; I am happy that she is the current High-Speed champion.
1230.10.2020YINCHAN7.0One of my favorite wrestlers, but she is currently ranked too high here. The best is yet to come. Still in the lower card, she will mature and could be a huge star. Very competitive.
1323.10.2020ElPolloLoco6.0Big edit and my apologies to Azumi. Ever since Stardom decided to stop making Azumi a pure high flyer at all costs and allowed her to concentrate on a more ground and hold based offense she has improved enormously in the ring, to the point her style has become barely recognizable (for the better) in under a year. She may not be as natural as Hanan but she's also a decent talker and she's small (surely smaller than Momo Watanabe, who isn't exactly a giant) but with a good look. From what I understand she's presently completing her education and should be finished some time next year after which she should be able to focus entirely on wrestling: at this rate she deserves a push right away.
2629.06.2020CatPower8.0AZM is a good wrestler, she is still a rookie but she has a great future, she is currently in the Midcard, she is good in the ring and she is also charismatic, she need to exit this role like Momo did in the past
2813.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0
3215.03.2020Crippler Crossface8.0
3424.02.2020Riggs9.0She is really good for her age. However, she is not fully grown and therefore she can't do her full move-set against most of the people she faces and often is the one pinned in tag matches. In 5 years, I think she will be looked at as one of the best. Edited for time: I wrote that in 2017. Now in 2020, she has grown and has become a very solid wrestler. She can be a little sloppy as she attempts to increase her move-set. She had some outstanding matches in the 5* Grand Prix and really showed that she is no longer one of the young girls, but can stand with anyone. She isn't as flashy as some, but she is has really good technique, unless trying new moves, and has become a very good striker.
3706.01.2020Edward Kozinski8.0
4608.06.2019AJ Seven9.0
5030.03.2019Black Mass With Love9.0When I first saw AZM in 2016, she was only 14 years old. And I didn't believe that. She was good, really good for her age. And now, in her 16 years, she is the best young talent in Stardom and one of the best performers in principle. She's a great in-ring worker, she is very charismatic and good talking. And AZM doesn't stop on the attained and in her self-development, she continues to progress, and this little girl will be one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world.
5122.02.201920SaiDa198.0Despite being just 16 years of age, AZM is one of the smoothest in-ring workers on the Stardom roster. She is also very charismatic and plays the bully role well. However her age is also her main hindrance, as because she is still at school, she isn't given a major role within the company and doesn't have many big singles matches.
5211.02.2019outomas9.0At her age she's already doing many of the performers skill and has vast experience of not even being an adult. I'm afraid to imagine how great a performer she will be by the age of 20. Watching her progress from her first watched episode in 2015 and hoping she won't stop.
5410.10.2018NickFlippingGage9.0She loves this shit, she'd rather die than not do this shit! 16 years old yet a 30 year veteran she was smack talking 28 year olds whilst you were still watching Gaea. You look back to where Stardom started? You look at Mayu Iwatani? You think long and god damn hard about why AZM was Fuka's favourite. And you want to even try and suggest any of Utami "4 moves" Hayashishita's 5 star matches were better than AZM vs Mayu or AZM vs Kid in 2018 then you best wake the fuck up! AZM was the past when she was verbally decimating her opponents at the age of 11, she's the present in being the number one high speed worker in Stardom, and she's the god damn future when she shows that she's Io's one true protege. AZM is MDK motherflipper!
5501.10.2018dontkilldyl9.0AZM is as crisp and technically proficient a rookie as you'll find in Stardom, and though she is frequently the fall girl of her unit, she is often a highlight of any undercard she works in, and its clear that Stardom is starting to take notice. Her draw against Starlight Kid in June, her future challenge against Mayu Iwatani and her feud with Natsu Sumire are all good starting points to get a feel of what AZM is all about.
5709.06.2018ChrisR9.0AZM is a solid wrestler and very well spoken. She has grown a lot in her skills and continues to amaze and surprise the audience each match. One thing that hooks you right away is her in ring skills. She is so fast and will pull a move out of the air. She is the future of Stardom and one day will be a top champion. Also her mic kills are great and I hope she never quits calling others Grandmas, Fat Ones and Little turds. If you are looking for someone to else to keep your eyes on in Stardom keep them locked on AZM. She will amaze and make you a fan automatically.
6014.01.2018Faelthas7.0AZM is finally starting to come into her own. Her selling has always been great and her bumping has improved , her wrestling and timing have increased dramatically in the last few months though. 2018 will be a big year for her. Bow Down to the Queens.
6102.10.2017changingfmh7.0AZM is one of, if not the youngest wrestler in Stardom. When she debuted, she was greener than grass and not particularly exciting in the ring. As she has gotten older and wrestled more matches, she has really grown into her own, and I am starting to become a fan. I don't think she will a star anytime soon, she is developing into a wrestler I actively want to see win. I could see her holding a big singles title by the end of 2018.
6204.07.2017Kase O0.0Greener than Piccolo. Algo normal teniendo en cuenta que tiene 14 años, pero a día de hoy no está para competir a buen nivel.
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