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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 7.3
Wrestling Forever wrote on 09.06.2021:
[9.0] "Der Bursche gefällt mir richtig gut ist auch noch sehr jung erst 21 Jahre alt und bei ROH hat er sich durch das Top Prospect Tournament sehr bemerkbar gemacht. Er könnte einer der Durchstarter 2016 werden. Wird nicht lange dauern dann wird er mal von PWG und wXw gebookt werden das wird sicher in der Zukunft kommen. Wahnsinns High Flyer, sehr beweglich, tolle Moves und Kicks und Charisma hat er auch. Edit: 09. 04. 2017 Verdiente Aufwertung von 8 auf 9 Punkte längst überfällig und bei PWG und wXw wurde er auch schon gebookt, wunderbar. Edit 13. 08. 2017 Er hatte nun sein letztes Indy Match bei MCW und kommt zu NXT. Ich freue mich für ihn hoffe das man ihn aber nicht in ein Tag Team mit seinen ehemaligen Partner Patrick Clark den heutigen Velveteen Dream steckt. Edit: 30. 04. 2019 Aktuell hat er bei der WWE keinen guten Stand soll auch im Doghouse sein. Ist Schade man weiß einfach nicht was man mit ihm machen soll. Es ist auch sehr ungewohnt ihn als Manager von Lashley zu sehen. Edit: 28. 07. 2020. Alles Neu. Gear, Look, Frisur. Er hat auch schon einige Songs herausgebracht. Edit 09. 06. 2021 Ach Mann ist das Schade. Lio hat sich schwer an der Schulter verletzt und hat entschieden das erstmal seine Karriere beendet."
WrestlingStats1 wrote on 11.02.2021:
[5.0] "Assets: Has come a relatively long way in a relatively short amount of time within his career by dedicating himself to wrestling. Has an exciting arsenal of moves to his disposal. His star is on the rise as he continues to add more accolades beyond the independent circuit. - - - Flaws: Is small by major league standards and may be limited to cruiserweight (or even manager) duties at the highest level. Hasn't always navigated political situations correctly or with maturity. Still needs to improve his mic work (though his stints as both an actor and sports entertainment-based wrestler have helped in comparison to where he was at years ago. ) - - - Career Potential: Solid league-level cruiserweight wrestler with upside."
Rocky7 wrote on 11.01.2021:
[7.0] "I do like Lio Rush and think he's extremely talented at what he does. The problem with him is what's levelled a lot at the likes of Bret Hart and Ric Flair - he's his own biggest fan. In the age of content as king, he overdoes it, and his attitude has got him into trouble quite a few times in the past. There's no problem with backing yourself, especially if others won't, but to the extent he does is pretty overbearing. Still a good score despite that though."
NovaRC99 wrote on 17.11.2020:
[7.0] "Honestly, I like Lio Rush. He's great in the ring and his promo skills are top notch. However, his ego and attitude dragged him down a peg, especially with Vince McMahon apparently being a big fan of his. If he got his ego in check, then he would have been in way bigger star in WWE. I liked his duet with Bobby Lashley as they had great chemistry together and I liked his NXT Cruiserweight Title reign, as short as it was. It seemed like his time in NXT humbled him a bit in my opinion. Now he's doing better in GCW where he had one more great match with Joey Janela. Lio is set to make his debut in MLW and NJPW soon and I wish nothing but the best for him. 7/10 seems fair in retrospect. I can't score him any higher than this."
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 24.09.2020:
[5.0] "Decent in the ring, but devoid of anything else that could make him a star. He's got no sense of ring psychology or selling, usually recovering after offence with little sense of pacing or actual impact: he recovers from anything like he just stubbed his toe, and any limb work he shrugs off and does his normal high flying moveset without any sense of trouble. Sure he's got some cool moves, but I honestly can't stand his style of working as it's unhealthy not only physically (wrecks the body, hence why guys like Ospreay, despite his young age, is ridden with surgeries and had to ground his style) but also business wise: it's not gonna take you beyond the indies. Rush's size and lack of mass means that he really doesn't realistically pose a challenge to anyone, even with his super kick spamming and weak attempts at copying Strong Style without any of the nuance or experience required to do it properly. Rush has some good matches, but they are all with people far more talented than him and who can pace around his nonsensical style. His WWE run was promising at first, but apparently his mouth and ego got him in deep water before he could start going. Apparently he's retired, but he's likely to eventually bounce back at some point: hopefully when he does he takes his time and doesn't go full steam ahead again, because it's not going to get him anywhere fast."
RU5II wrote on 01.11.2019:
[6.0] "Well, he is so overrated. His work on mic and ring isn't that impressive how people talk about him. His is just an average wrestler with just an average skills."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 25.07.2019:
[6.0] "There is something there with Lio, but I don't think he's ever been used correctly. More often than not he has the video game-style matches that I'm not very fond of. If he toned it down a notch or two & learned how to sell, I think he'd be a much better performer."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 28.06.2019:
[6.0] "Lio Rush könnte in Zukunft einer der größten Wrestler des Planeten werden, denn gut ist er mit seinen knapp 22 allemal. Er weiß wie man einen Underdog spielt, wie man das Work from Underneath ansetzt aber auch wie man so Hope Spots und brillante Offensive anlagert. Ich müsste lügen, wenn ich nicht enttäuscht wäre, wenn der Typ die Jahre keine großen Indy Titel gewinnt. Belasse es mal auf Bewährung mit 8, weil da noch mehr kommen kann. ---EDIT--- Irgendwie total langweilig geworden."
HammertonWay wrote on 17.05.2019:
[7.0] "This guy is incredibly talented for someone his age, but his attitude and the way he presents himself is seriously damaging his career. Unless Lio himself realises this, the best years will have already been behind him."
bdupuis36 wrote on 14.03.2019:
[10.0] "Lio Rush, the Man of the Hour, brought Bobby Lashley's career back from the DEAD! Absolute gold on the mic and solid in the ring, would love to see him compete more though, because his match against Balor a couple of weeks ago was really fun. Rating: 12 but I can only go up to 10 sooooo"
ReedPryorNY wrote on 17.01.2019:
[9.0] "This guy is becoming one of the most interesting on television to me. His quick-wittedness on the microphone is great and he has done wonders for Bobby Lashley if you ask me. He needs to ascend the ranks in 205 Live now that he has proven his worth at Lashley's side. If he does not become the next champion, he should most definitely beat the guy who dethrones Buddy Murphy."
WackyStang wrote on 31.12.2018:
[10.0] "Always an excellent watch on 205 Live, and a great heel manager, He's one the fastest workers they have, and I've grown on him recently on his mic skills."
Triple H wrote on 30.12.2018:
"Ich registriere diesen Typ erst richtig, seit dem er bei der WWE unter Vertrag steht. Finde ihn aber als Mentor von Lashley ziemlich fehl am Platze. Das was ich bisher wrestlerisch von ihm sehen durfte, sah nicht schlecht aus, aber überzeugen wird mich Leo erst, wenn er sich noch ein paar Jahre weiter entwickelt hat. Das Mic Work ist mir momentan zu Gangstamäßig, aber das scheint dem Gimmick geschuldet das er spielt. Potenzial ist auf jedenfall mehr wie nur vorhanden, aber er soll erstmal richtig gepusht werden, damit er zeigen kann ob er was drauf hat. Deswegen gebe ich auch noch keine Endnote für ihn ab."
MrFridayNight wrote on 20.10.2018:
[6.0] "He's quick and has some charisma but his mic work still needs a lot of polishing and his in ring ability still needs tuning. He's young though, so 205 Live should be the perfect place for him to hone his skills."
nintendo64 wrote on 16.08.2018:
[9.0] "lio rush was my favorite Ring of honor wrestler back in the day and I'm very happy to se him in wwe on 205 live He is a very fun wrestler to watch in the ring I really recommend to watch Lio rush if you have not seen him yet."
jamzell00 wrote on 28.06.2018:
[9.0] "Talented kid with many matches I consider classics on his plate. Time will tell if his wwe run is a success but from what I've heard on the largo loop, the sky is the limit for him"
Doshin92 wrote on 09.06.2018:
[6.0] "Für mich ziemlich unsympathisch und charismalos, da hilft seine athletische Art bei mir nicht wirklich weiter. Mal schauen wie er sich entwickelt."
Thakrien wrote on 22.05.2018:
[6.0] "He is athletic and can if led by the right (capable) person do a quality match. Has some problems if the match is not led or not a spotfest, his weaknesses become more visible then. He has without doubt significant talent, if he can set his mind right he can likely make it to the main roster."
Efanga80 wrote on 25.12.2017:
[9.0] "To all the people giving Lio a bad rating for A TWEET! You people don't have a clue what ratings are about. As a performer he is a solid high flyer & is one of the most agile workers today. He is only 23 and will only get better from here"
Dragon fighter 1997 wrote on 07.11.2017:
[5.0] "Now, i can rate this guy after watching him for enough time. I admit i am not much impressed even when he was on the indies. He shows that he is not much but a spot monkey. A typical indy movefest. I agree that he has some really good matches ( with ricochet, keith lee, trevor lee for instance ), but i can't connect fully to him. Sometimes, he tries to cosplay japanese strong style by no selling or kicking out at 1, which is pretty annoying. Additionally, he just made jokes about emma's release, which does not help much. My rating will rise and i give him a chance."
strongstyle77 wrote on 12.01.2017:
[7.0] "Für sein Alter super talentiert. Erschreck mich auch ein bisschen wie charismatisch & diszipliniert er ist. Ein Riesen Talent, hoffe er wird mal ganz groß..."
Weavillain wrote on 06.01.2017:
[7.0] "Well, it's been a while since I graded Lio Rush and I think it's safe to say, he deserves to be bumped up to a 7 from my initial 6. Like I said before, he wrestles like a pro and has adapted to the main stage tremendously. However, the difference between about a year ago and now is that he's trying to make a name for himself in CZW with a unique character, which is something that wrestling sorely needs more of. It's in its infancy stage right now but I'm intrigued with what he has to offer."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 11.09.2016:
[8.0] "Lio Rush is very young, yet already capable of main eventing major shows, he works well with a lot of people, his matches and charisma are great, and Lio Rush is setting himself up as the future of wrestling."
LoadedGamer20 wrote on 05.07.2016:
[7.0] "This worker is very great and can work a good match, and he can sell a move when he's matched up with powerhouses like Matt Riddle and Ethan Page! I'm surprised that the wwe hasn't called him up to be in the cruiserweight Classic!"
NoName wrote on 03.04.2016:
[9.0] "Großartiger Wrestler, zeigt trotz seines jungen Alters sehr sehr viele sauber ausgeführte Moves, bin gespannt was er in der Zukunft noch erreichen kann, bin mir aber aufjedenfall sicher, dass er einer der Top-Stars der nächsten Generation werden kann!"
smark calaway wrote on 05.03.2016:
[7.0] "Lio Rush is a fresh-faced up and coming highflyer who has already had some impressive showings in his short career (only three years in currently) in CZW, EVOLVE and now ROH with a deserving win of the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament. I'm definitely interested to see what a few more years of experience does for him."
LawDog89 wrote on 10.02.2016:
[8.0] "Everyone on this site rating him so low... is quite unfair. Rush is far from a complete package. But what people see in Rush is great potential. Dude's been wrestling for about 3 years. He's no Will Ospreay, not that level of prodigy. But he's got great potential, that much is obvious. He's gotten exposure before he's ready and so people are punishing him for that on this site. I expect a bunch of these rating to be edited in 3-4 years."
Nic316 wrote on 23.12.2015:
[7.0] "Sehr guter high flyer mit tollen Moves und Kicks. Er hat Charisma und ein gutes Micwork. Erst ca ein Jahr dabei. Ist halt ein kleiner Wrestler, aber für die Zeit die er dabei ist absolut gut und ich erwarte noch einiges mehr von ihm. Freut mich, dass er bei Cage of Death den CZW Wired TV Title gewonnen hat. Hoffe mehr von ihm sehen zu können."
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