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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 6.25
MooGati wrote on 09.06.2023:
[6.0] "I really thought Samantha Heights was coming into her own until she disappeared a couple of years back."
MatZeClown wrote on 28.02.2022:
"A foolish wrestler that basically killed her career to defend Dave Crist (her boyfriend) in light of some of the SpeakingOut allegations. She has taken 0 bookings in 2020, and it's 2022 as of now. She's done."
catfights4wrestling wrote on 15.02.2022:
[6.0] "Samantha is a satisfactory wrestler and she is nice looking as well. Hopefully she will continue to improve her skills and stay in the wrestling world for years to come."
GB1975 wrote on 23.03.2019:
[7.0] "Some good heel work, have seen her several times like her best when she works with Brittany Blake. She maybe an even better wrestler than I am giving her credit as her heelish antics get her wins that she might be able to get through her wrestling ability"
Bowlen wrote on 11.08.2016:
[6.0] "Knuffiges Energiebündel, das für einen Karrieresprung aber einfach zu grün ist und vermutlich auch bleiben wird. Im Dunstkreis von CZW/WSU und den regionalen Intergender-/Hardcore-Indies wird sie wohl weiterhin ihre Regelmäßig haben, für mehr müsste sie in fast allen Bereichen doch noch ordentlich zulegen."