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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 6.14
Foxmagic37 wrote on 10.09.2023:
[5.0] "I remember following Sammy's career since he had 2k subscribers in YouTube. When he got signed with AEW I expected him to change, to improve himself and become a star with this chance. He looks the same still. He's a very talented athlete, and high flyer. But in a company where MOST are high flyers, that isn't really special. As a character, he has this arrogant character that could work if not for the fact that he is so uninteresting talking. Not really interesting, but let's hope he changes."
Ozzy wrote on 19.08.2023:
[8.0] "Easily the best in ring worker of the 4 pillers. Sammy is one of the cleanest wrestlers not just in AEW but in the entire world of wrestling. He isnt the absolute best in the world, but he has one of the brightest futures as long as he doesnt screw up. Plays a good face, makes a great heel, you cant go wrng with this guy on your rpster period."
BCWMF12 wrote on 18.08.2023:
[4.0] "He can fly, that's for sure. He can talk, that's for sure. Atleast as a heel. But Tony Khan insists on making this dick of a human being into a white-meat babyface. That's not gonna work at all Tony. And he can't sell and it seems like he doesn't even try. And his pairing with real-life girlfriend Tay Conti is god-awful."
northernheights wrote on 08.08.2023:
[5.0] "As a wrestler, he's fine. Can do some cool high flying moves. His selling is inadequate, it always feels like he's popping up a minute after nearly injuring himself on a dive. His character as of late is unlikable, his mic skills are subpar, and I only like it when he loses. EDIT: After all the backstage nonsense I feel it's only fair to tank his rating. He's got severe go-away heat with me, similar to someone like Austin Theory. EDIT 2: he seems to have cleaned up his act, thankfully. Still not too terribly high on him though."
danzitorock wrote on 23.07.2023:
[6.0] "I like Sammy, but he needs to find himself in the business. I think he has the charisma to be both a good face and a heel, and his moveset is really interesting."
CoopyHoncho wrote on 08.07.2023:
[3.0] "He's incredibly athletic but that's where it ends. I don't know why AEW keeps trying to make him a white meat babyface. He has natural, negative charisma. It's mean to say but he looks like an asshole. He really has, "please like me energy", when he's trying to be a babyface. In 2023 he does this by trying to get the crowd to make noise and slapping fan's hands on the way to the ring. All of it is met with apathy. If they had him really go 100% in the cocky, arrogant character and worked on his promos he'd be a top heel. He still needs a new finisher as the GTH not only looks awful, but he lazily slaps his thigh. It's embarrassing to watch."
Immortan Scott wrote on 03.07.2023:
[4.0] "Sammy Guevara has been in many great matches but almost none of them have been singles. His good singles matches can be counted on one hand. He's an annoying little shit, like Domink Mysterio except not as fun to boo."
crs285 wrote on 02.07.2023:
[7.0] "Sammy is a good wrestler. He is very athletic and has an impressive moveset. His biggest issues is his charisma where he can be a good heel but does not connect as a face. His booking is very inconsistent which hurts him as well."
dsmith2234 wrote on 02.06.2023:
"Sammy has improved TONS since his first title runs, when you watch him it is obvious why Cody put him over. In my opinion, he put on the best performance in the highly promoted four pillars match with his smooth aerial attacks and willingness to take big bumps for spots."
JaybirdJared wrote on 30.05.2023:
[6.0] "Honestly the BEST body control I have ever seen in wrestling, and quite a varied move set. But his lack of character was killing his career. He sometimes like pandas; he occasionally is best friends with Fuego Del Sol; he is engaged to his high school sweetheart but dating Tay Conti errr Tay Melo; and this is just gleaned from watching AEW TV. I do not care about his personal life or seek out any such thing. Rejoining Chris Jericho in his new faction after the dissolution of the Inner Circle has rectified that loophole since he was seemingly unaffected when they split up despite being their biggest advocate. As an arrogant heel, he has potential and just needs to work on his promo ability. But for the sake of his career, he needs to find his character and stick with it, and if he changes, make sure it is on screen and has a motivation."
Leth99 wrote on 17.05.2023:
[4.0] "A good in-ring worker, horrible heel and unusable babyface. Guys like MJF proved that you don't have to be annoying to be a good heel, but Sammy is straight up annoying. And all of this is 100% the fans' fault for making such a big deal of him getting with Tay. They used it to get cheap heat and it was so boring"
CoolKyle wrote on 25.04.2023:
[3.0] "Sammy has been overpushed and overhyped by the company literally since day one. He's never been over to the extent that he's been pushed, he's just not likeable, his promos suck, and there are probably literally 80 guys working for AEW that can do everything he does in the ring as good or better. I do not understand why Tony (and Excalibur) love him so much."
CMFunk007 wrote on 22.04.2023:
[6.0] "I don't get the hype with this guy. He's a decent wrestler, I'll give him that. BUt he doesn't have much charisma, at least not enough for the annoying Eddie Guerrero comparisons by Jim Ross every week. The only thing they have in common is being HIspanic wrestlers. Sammy will never be in Eddie's class, so please stop, Jim. It's never going to happen."
Paul04 wrote on 13.04.2023:
[4.0] "As of now, he is still the WORST pillar in AEW, but he is better this year than last year, but still he is so f#cking annoying, at least he is now getting heat and not go away heat"
envi wrote on 07.04.2023:
[7.0] "You can hate him as a person all you want but there's no denying that Sammy Guevara's a fantastic wrestler. His backstage antics and attitude rubbed people the wrong way but it looks as if he's finally cleaned up his act. I feel like he's stuck in a weird position where no matter how good he performs in his matches, it won't be enough for him to win over the crowd. He's had go away heat for months now and his on-screen pairing with Tay Conti has only made things worse for him. He continues to be pushed in big feuds, including the current 4 pillars storyline, but most people don't seem to care for him or see him as a legitimate threat. The guy's very talented for his age but still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to talking on the microphone."
SIRasdf23 wrote on 06.04.2023:
[6.0] "Sammy feels like someone who's been stagnating for a few years now. After the disaster that was his feud with Scorpio Sky made it so that he'd never be accepted as a baby face again, he's just kinda been costing on his "I'm Chris Jericho's annoying friend" energy ever since. This is a shame as he does have legitimate talent, I wish he'd show it off more often."
HammertonWay wrote on 31.03.2023:
[7.0] "A lot of talent, but I find a real problem with his attitude. The guy really comes off as disrespectful when he's online. I feel that if he didn't have Jericho giving him a good word, we would've likely not seem him on AEW television as much."
ExtraBacon504 wrote on 23.03.2023:
[8.0] "Tremendous wrestler and extremely talented. I just think his style and attitude rubs people the wrong way unfortunately. Having said that the Future seems very bright for Sammy and I can see him as a future world champion"
ac0293 wrote on 23.03.2023:
[8.0] "Yall don't know Talent from the back of your hand. Sammy is very technical and a good wrestler especially on the Ropes. He's still very young too with plenty of room to grow."
Cal1641 wrote on 22.03.2023:
[5.0] "Overhyped from the start. Good guy for high spots and should always have a place in the fun multi man matches, but as a singles star I just dont see it. His 3 TNT title runs were all massive flops. I'm glad hes no longer trotting his gf out with him every week because literally nobody wanted to see it. Sammy is starting to build back some good faith again, but I was never a massive fan anyway."
CSTLW wrote on 19.03.2023:
[10.0] "My personal favorite in AEW. Sammy gets too much hate. He has amazing matches every night he is on TV, and the stuff he does is mind blowing. The YouTube channel really helps him show his bright side, because he is such a great guy. That being said, even as a big fan of his, the stuff with Scorpio and Tay did not help his case at all. The only knock I have on him is his terrible mic skills. He has great charisma, but he just cannot show it on the mic, which sucks. One of the best high flyers in wrestling today, and yes, he is still one of the four pillars."
WhatIsLooveee wrote on 19.02.2023:
[6.0] "I learned about Sammy from his performances in Mexico, where he fit well into the local no-selling wrestling system. He's good at high-flying, but I don't think that alone is enough to become a big star. He is an acceptable mid-carder who is fine as heel, but absolutely boring as a good guy. Sammy has a perfect chemistry with Chris Jericho, he is able to show a spectacular match, but as for me he is quite average, although I think he still has everything ahead of him, and he is quite capable of becoming a bigger name in the future."
Bullshark1 wrote on 29.01.2023:
[6.0] "Sammy Guevara is an average wrestler with a decent gimmick. His ladders match with Cody was insane, but other than that, I can't really name a good match of his. All he's been in the past few years is Chris Jericho's hype man, with a little break to win the TNT Championship. He just really needs to find a way to shine, because right now, he looks like an idiot."
Al liquindoi wrote on 29.01.2023:
[7.0] "Gifted wrestler, he reminds me of the mexicans luchadores that I watched when I was a kid, not big, with an excellent technique and flying frequently, with a daring attitude inside the ring. Attractive, he plays well with it in his heel gimmick and Guevara, alone, with her wife Taynara Melo de Carvalho of as a member of JAS, kills it. I cannot give an opinion of him working as a face but as heel is detestable, therefore he does well."
AndoCommando wrote on 19.01.2023:
"Bad brain. Just a real dumb boy. Wouldn't trust him to layout a match. As a face, he's very detestable."
Daigotsu wrote on 15.01.2023:
[8.0] "I think the hate Sammy receives is way overblown. He's actually not bad as a face, but he and Tay got put into a story that was meant for Brandi and Cody with Dan Lambert and it suuuucked, which killed a promising babyface run. As a smarmy heel, he's amazing. However, he's not totally a victim of circumstance, as he does get into unforced errors backstage sometimes, although who knows if he's more prone to that than any other wrestler. One thing I will say, though, is that when the bell rings there are few other people who have his athleticism, and his matches are often must-see with how exciting they are-- even if that does mean that he doesn't always work as safely as you'd like."
benh2 wrote on 13.01.2023:
[5.0] "A good athlete but still hasn't learned how to put a match together. He seems lost when he's not doing his few moves and still needs to be hidden in tag and multi-man matches. He occasionally cuts a good promo but his real talent lies in getting heat. He's just got one of those faces. He can never be a babyface unless he evolves."
MDavis2001 wrote on 04.01.2023:
[6.0] "In my opinion, the worst of the prematurely named pillars of AEW. I do not mind Sammy and he is able to put on a good match, but he tends to do very little for me."
Minorsmile09 wrote on 30.12.2022:
[9.0] "I really like Sammy. He's EXCELLENT as a heel, though I don't think he particularly makes a good babyface. He's really bounced back from a pretty crappy run lately, he's naturally talented as hell and he deserves way more credit. He'll take any bump, he'll do tons of crazy shit, he'll sell his ass off, he can work with anyone, and he naturally gets heat. He's great!"
Lancaster12 wrote on 10.12.2022:
[8.0] "Sammy is one incredible high flyer, he can get a lot of heat and take crazy bumps, but his promos suck."
Enriquepollazzo wrote on 27.11.2022:
[8.0] "He's better than his rating. I think people are jealous that he is Tony Khan's pet project, but I have seen him get better in the ring. He needs to stay heel though because the guy under the character desperately wants to be babyface and he gets his heartbroken when the fans shit on him which they WANT to do, so stay heel. I mean look at the tk relationship, the tongue thing, the girl! YOURE A HEEL. 4 life."
TheNomadMagician wrote on 29.10.2022:
[8.0] "Gutes Gesamtpaket aus Wrestlingskill, Selling, Charisma und er hat auch den Look. Mit dem richtigen Aufbau haben wir hier einen guten Co-Maineventer."
DavidAry wrote on 21.10.2022:
[3.0] "Sammy is daring, I'll give him that. Not daring enough to maybe change it up a bit though. He can do a 630 but that doesn't matter when his wrestling is the opposite of engaging, from his horrible match structure and pacing to his X-Pac heat, I want him off my screen. He's a PR nightmare who associated with the right people (Jericho) at the right time and frankly that's the only reason he's still getting opportunities like facing the American Dragon this upcoming Wednesday. Also who complains about getting stiffed in wrestling nowadays?"
ANGELINHO18 wrote on 19.10.2022:
[7.0] "I used to really enjoy his early AEW work, however, lately I found that I cannot push through one or any of his segments/promos/ or matches. I will not blame Sammy entirely on this since it is also on part due to the entire way they are booking everything lately. I feel that Sammy in the ring can be very entertaining, his workrate and his ability are excellent, yet I cannot comprehend any appeal to his character or persona especially when he is trying to be serious."
Inserthere750 wrote on 17.10.2022:
[8.0] "I've loved him for ever. He's done great work for AAA, AEW, PGW, DDT and many more promotions. He is really fun and entertaining to watch."
LT wrote on 11.10.2022:
[7.0] "Einer meiner Favoriten bei AEW. Toller In Ring Worker mit natural Charisma und einer coolen Präsentation. Scheint auch hinter den Kulissen ein korrekter Typ zu sein, was auch gut in seinen Vlogs durchkommt. In meinen Augen recht wahrscheinlich ein future World Champ bei AEW (oder auch bei WWE möglicherweise). Sein TNT Title Run ist noch zu frisch, um ihn zu raten, aber war mit das beste was ihm passieren konnte. Edit: Einer der schlecht gealtertsten Comments aller Zeiten :D Verbaut sich leider mit seinem Verhalten grade viel. In den Shows auch bei weitem nicht mehr so unterhaltsam, was aber daran liegen könnte, dass AEW generell schlechter wird. Im Ring weiterhin stark und Charisma hat er irgendwie auch, aber Promo work hat sich somehow verschlimmert, keine Ahnung wie das passieren konnte. Von 9(? ! ) Punkten auf 7 Punkte."
DEDE wrote on 07.10.2022:
[1.0] "Zu Zeiten von PWG und auch seiner Anfangszeit bei AEW war ich durchaus ein Fan von ihm. Im Ring ein guter Highflyer der durchaus entsprechende matches worken kann. Allerdings wirkte er schon immer ziemlich kindisch und nicht gerade sympathisch. (Damit meine ich nicht das Gimmick) Seit Ende des inner circle ging es steil bergab und mittlerweile kann ich ihn nicht mehr ertragen. Seine Beziehung / Ehe sind Privatsache aber was er da auf Socialmedia und on air mit tay abfeiert ist absolut kindisch und peinlich. On air als Paar unerträglich und dabei spreche ich definitiv von "go away heat" Der Versuch die Nummer mit dem turn zur JAS zu retten ist leider ebenfalls gescheitert. (Ohne Jericho kann er anscheinend nicht funktionieren) Wirklich schade der Junge hat Potenzial aber verbaut sich durch seine Art vieles. (Siehe auch ständiges Backstage Theater) Vielleicht wird er ja irgendwann mal erwachsen und nimmt an einem Social Media Training teil."
viperxtj61x wrote on 06.10.2022:
[7.0] "If you go past the fact that the person behind the character is an asshole, Sammy is pretty good and is mostly built for spotfest matches those of which I usually enjoy."
guysquiterio wrote on 06.10.2022:
[3.0] "weak af, not charismatic, bad at promos, decent in ring and a horrible person all around. my least favorite wrestler. let's see if he improves as a person and a wrestler, cause i cant take this fuck«ng sh! t!"
CeroMiedo313 wrote on 06.10.2022:
[0.0] "thought about this for a while, but now seems like a good time. guevara is my least favorite wrestler rn, maybe of all time. from an in ring standpoint he is a 3-4/10, he can get carried to good matches but as a whole he is s just really bland in ring unless he is in spotfests. he is one of the worst promo workers in the world. cant cut a babyface or heel promo. just the drizzling shits. outside h the e ring he is a terrible person who is a man child and does not respect anyone. and now he is starting fights with everyone backstage and getting pushed even harder because of it. talentless, bitchy manchild who was a favor hire to jericho and is now stinking it up on national tv weekly. embarrassment to the sport."
Kingoftheringdude wrote on 04.10.2022:
[5.0] "Würde ihm gerne mehr Punkte geben aber seit er mit seiner jetzigen Frau so rumknutscht was auf die sozial Media Aufmerksamkeit zurück geht nervt er einfach nur unglaublich"
marexcel wrote on 04.10.2022:
[3.0] "Ich vergesse gerne, dass Guevara schon über zehn Jahre dabei ist. Denn er ist in Teilen noch so roh/ungeschliffen in seinen Aktionen, dass es eher grün aussieht. Die Big Spots sitzen gut und er geht da teilweise ein Risiko, welches schon speziell ist, aber in all seinen Bewegungen zwischen und auch bei den Basics ist es oft einfach wild und immer noch sehr grün. Sein Face-Charisma ist so sperrig, dass er als glücklich vergebener Mann automatisch heel turned. Nachvollziehbar. Er hat keine Promo-Fähigkeiten und weiß nicht, wie er mit Mimik und Körpersprache im Ring arbeiten kann. Schwach und mit einer stabilen Portion Go Away-Heat mittlerweile."
No One wrote on 23.09.2022:
[6.0] "Extremely talented high flying wrestler. Seems to have a serious problem with selling during his matches. Better suited to be a heel because of his natural cockiness. Not a very good promo. His cue card gimmick is meant to cover up his promo weakness, and it also seems like something that a heel would do for attention. Is he really one of the "Pillars" that AEW thinks that he is? as he does not seem like a leader type, and obviously has maturity issues. Did well as a member of Chris Jericho's "Inner Circle" faction. Has proven to be an excellent TNT Champion in the past, and it seems like that is meant to become "His belt", meaning that no matter what, it ends up back around his waist. Is unfortunately involved in a candidate for 2022 Worst Feud of the Year: Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti vs. American Top Team & Men of the Year. His on-screen pairing with his real life girlfriend, Tay Conti, has received negative reception from many as they are seen as obnoxious, unbearable, not cute, and has them both on verge of receiving "Go Away" Heat. UPDATED: I have just realized that Sammy Guevara reminds me of The Annoying Orange."
Okaro143 wrote on 19.09.2022:
[6.0] "Sammy is my least favorite of the 4 AEW Pillars(MJF, Darby and Jungle Boy); It doesn't mean he's bad, he is a decent wrestler but O think he is a bit overrated. He is an athletic in ring worker but his moves look very clumsy and sloppy and his matches tend to bore me many times. However, he is a versatile wrestler with an arsenal of cool moves and perhaps he is able to fix his little screwups both in ring as well as promo work. He is gonna be one of the leading wrestlers of AEW so hopefully I grow on him."
jamzell00 wrote on 15.09.2022:
[2.0] "You know he was still doing good stuff in ring even as he got more annoying but now its to the point I'm finding other shit to do if he's on my screen. It's not booking or anything that fumbled no no no that shit is completely on him. He's always been a hot head but it's been showing more and more in ring and in promos and its not the good kind either. Not all heat is good heat when it hinders every single thing you do. It's an absolute shame given we've seen how talented he is."
KELLAN wrote on 03.09.2022:
[8.0] "Nun, Sammy Guevara ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Einerseits ist er extrem Athletisch und hat ein solides Moveset, andererseits lässt seine Match-Psychologie bisher zu Wünschen übrig. Sammy Guevara ist bei vielen Leuten wegen seinem Cocky-Character sehr unbeliebt. Genau das aber schätze ich an ihn. Er ist einer der wenigen im aktuellen Wrestler, der wirklich Heat zieht. Viele würden jetzt mit dem Argument "Go-Away-Heat" kommen, jedoch sprechen die Ratings bei Sammy Matches / Segmenten einfach eine andere Sprache. Sammy muss sich definitiv in Sachen Ringpsychologie verbessern. Sein konsequentes Spot-Only Wrestling und Non-Selling lässt seine Matches z.T sehr unglaubwürdig wirken, jedoch ist er ein Klasse Athlet mit sehr viel Charisma. Potenzial: 3x AEW World Champion - 400 Tage insgesamt - 10(+)x TNT Champion - 450 Tage insgesamt"
njpwawwe wrote on 13.08.2022:
[4.0] "I've been watching his matches since he first came to AEW, with a fine rhythm and a few big spots giving the illusion that he's very skilled, with average character and average ability."
Benwerder wrote on 13.08.2022:
[7.0] "Seine Matches machen Spaß. Nur sein Heel work gefällt mir einfach nicht. Das wirkt teilweise zu übertrieben und zu sehr aufdrücken wie fies Tay und er ja nun sind. Trodzdem 7/10 alleine für seine In-Ring Leistungen auch wenn er manchmal da auch übertreibt, zeigt er oft tolle Matches."
majorasmask12 wrote on 26.07.2022:
[1.0] "I've been watching Sammy since his PWG days and he hasn't improved a bit. His ladder match with Cody earlier this year is one of the worst "5 Star" matches I ever seen. He demonstrates some impressive high-fly stuff but his selling is lackluster and there is nothing about in-ring psychology. Among so called "Pillars of AEW" he is by far the worst one."
hoangminecraft6969 wrote on 22.07.2022:
[9.0] "I still can't understand why this man gets so much hate from AEW fans? He has performed some of the best matches in AEW history so far and should be rated way more higher."
JoshuaWrestling63 wrote on 13.07.2022:
[5.0] "Er ist ein guter highflyer aber das war es dann auch wieder... Ich find ihn ein bisschen überbewertet.. oft vergisst er einfach Sachen zu sellen. Dann nimmt er noch irgendwelche harten bumbs und 3min später hüpft er wieder durch den Ring als wäre nichts passiert... Und das ist gefühlt in jedem Match von ihm so und das regt einen einfach irgendwann auf deswegen 5 von 10"
Uncle Paddy wrote on 02.07.2022:
[8.0] "Extremely talented wrestler capable of putting on amazing matches, but is really struggling at the moment with his charachter work given, their emphasis on his relationship with his girlfriend Tay Conti emits heel energy which itself is not something the company should be striving towards. Edit: As of recently, Sammy and Tay have turned heel making their obnoxious relationship all the more fitting."
BradJohnson34 wrote on 30.06.2022:
[10.0] "Extremely creative, athletic, and willing to do anything in the ring. Distinctive move-set and good character work as a heel."
CutterClub wrote on 24.06.2022:
[4.0] "Not a fan of the character, person (still can't get over him saying he wanted to rape Sasha Banks on an interview), or his selling. I've enjoyed a good bit of his matches and spots but he mostly evokes feelings of cringe outside of flashes of greatness in the ring. The tongue schtick and his inability to cut a decent babyface promo don't help either."
PhenomenalGun wrote on 13.06.2022:
[3.0] "[Update from 7.0 to 3.0] This guy and that schmuck single handedly destroyed any credibility the TNT title had with great champions like Miro and Darby. What a waste of a roster spot, his go-away heat is real as it gets, this guy is one of the worst faces I've seen in this business. His 3 points are for his in-ring skills. [Old Review]: His character seems genuine since he does come off as a bad person in real life, but I don't know if it has longevity. If he can figure out how to keep his character fresh, he can go a long way, but for now he'll become stale and turned on real quick. In-ring skills are great and rarely botches, I'd say Guevara can primarily work on his rather boring look and develop his character further. Other than that, good stuff."
lindercrest wrote on 02.06.2022:
[2.0] "Sammy can be great in the ring but he no-sells way more than anyone can really tolerate. I didn't even really like him when he was a babyface so I was confused as to why so many people liked him. His whole "crazy" hand motion with his dreadful tongue sticking out and then proceeding to do a highly dangerous spot never did it for me either. He's always generated go-away heat from me in the most genuine way possible."
Newsted Head wrote on 06.05.2022:
[8.0] "Another poor victim of the "We decided to hate you for no reason" internet wrestling club along with Seth rollins, britt baker and cody rhodes before he signed with WWE and people forgot to hate him. Sammy is a great high flyer, I didn't like him at all in PWG/ indy days but boy did he change my mind when he signed to AEW and put some banger of a match after banger. Decent on the mic, great on the ring he is probably one of the four pillars of AEW with MJF, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy"
JonahBlack wrote on 28.04.2022:
[7.0] "Heel Sammy has the potential to be an 8, or even a 9, but the dude needs to stop taking needless risks, and start selling his opponents offense (yes, I'm writing this in the aftermath of the Sky/Guevara ladder match). As for face Sammy, there is no face Sammy."
Kick2Kill23 wrote on 25.04.2022:
[7.0] "Incredibly athletic, can work crowds well and has a great high flying moveset. Currently miscast as a babyface, as his run with Tay at his side (not dissing their relationship, just the cringiness of their on screen personas) and his nonstop TNT Title wins have unfortunately tainted the title and the fan? s perception of him as a face. He needs to be cooled off for a bit, and then they can go for his big face push again because right now, that X-Pac heat is very obvious, and it? s not going away anytime soon."
TheDeviantPro wrote on 24.04.2022:
[3.0] "The guy is overrated, his promos are boring to watch and his matches are the same-y spotfest no selling matches. How he acts on social media and TV gets him go away heat making him unwatchable at most times."
OnlyHalfTheEffinShow wrote on 19.04.2022:
[6.0] "Sammy is a good worker but good God man can he be fucking annoying outside of that. Thats stupid tongue gimmick he keeps working is just cringy to look at. He was on top of the world when he was feuding with Cody because Cody by default was the most hated man in AEW, now that he's moved on from that I'm getting sick of seeing him with no real character evolution. Not to know Sammy, but he looks like a complete douche. Definitely not a babyface."
The Phenomenal Demon wrote on 19.04.2022:
[0.0] ""Sammy Guevara a talented young fighter with good fights but a bad person. He proposed to his girlfriend in the ring only to cheat on us with another woman apart who was already suspended from aew for inappropriate behavior" Although he is a 3-time TNT champion, his segments and promos are currently the worst in AEW And it seems that he only thinks about having sex with Tay Conti."
texasyosh wrote on 17.04.2022:
[4.0] "Sammy can pull off impressive spots but besides that I don't see much worth in his working capabilities. There's a reason all of his promos were literal cue cards for a while too. but he seems to be a consistent problem backstage, with the things that he has said and actions he's done throughout his career. Out of the (very stupid) 'four pillars' he is by far the weakest."
vinnyv91 wrote on 17.04.2022:
[0.0] "Honestly I cannot stand this guy, the cue card BS is unbearable, his promos suck, and his moveset is mediocre. His version of the GTS is probably the worst one I've seen. And for god's sake fucking sell a move. At this point I will either change the channel if he's on or skip ahead if its recorded, definition of go away heat for me"
adam johnson wrote on 16.04.2022:
[7.0] "he was pretty alright with me until he got with tay then he just became cringe and very average at best in ring liked him in the inner cricle thats about it"
LivingLegend wrote on 16.04.2022:
[0.0] "I have NEVER liked Sammy Guevara, for numerous reasons. I don't like his wrestling style at all, too much high flying. Doesn't help that his selling is so inconsistent and some of the worst in the business today. Someone targets his leg? I'm going to kip up and hit a springboard moonsault with absolutely no issue. It's bullshit and makes wrestling look so unbelievably fake. His persona is obnoxious, and he is completely miscast as a babyface. Of AEW's "four pillars", he has received the biggest spotlight, and has become extremely overexposed. His push feels like it's actively sabotaging everybody else. Doesn't help that he said he wanted to r*pe Sasha Banks. Fuck this guy, man. Push MJF and Jungle Boy instead."
LoloFares wrote on 07.04.2022:
[6.0] "I was almost liked him and nothing more than like him when he was in a heel character and even when he did a face turn I still like his work in the ring, but lately and with this Tay Conti's disgusting storyline, he's become the most cringey person in this industry."
Makoto92 wrote on 04.04.2022:
[0.0] "It's been awhile since I enjoyed Guevara's matches. In AEW's early days I saw potential in him as a high-flyer, but the more matches I see, the more disappointed I become in Sammy's work. He doesn't care about match making, doesn't care about his no-selling and, most important, doesn't care about his own personality. I don't know, what Tony Khan found in him (Adam Cole moment, maybe), but his two reigns as TNT champion are absolute cringey. I hope, he will be kept away from title races, because he is not a championship material, in my opinion. UPD: his tandem with Tay Conti is the most shameful thing in pro wrestling nowadays."
ThatsJustElDandy wrote on 26.03.2022:
[7.0] "Sammy Guevara embodied a lot of the problems with the modern wrestler. I don? t know if it? s lack of experience or confidence in his ability to evoke emotion from the audience, but on more than one occasion I have been completely taken out of a match because he feels the need to cram in these unnecessary spots that he miraculously recovers from. I wish someone would get in Sammy? s ear and say, dude, your wrestling is strong enough that you don? t need to do this dumb stuff. You can mention names like Sabu, Mick Foley, and Jeff Hardy who would take extreme risk to win a match. The difference is that risk often cost them matches and they were much stronger babyface characters. When I see Sammy crash and burn I don? t have sympathy for him, I just think, well that was stupid of him. Otherwise Sammy is very good. I just wish he? d cut out the nonsense."
mtorrealba99 wrote on 12.03.2022:
[9.0] "Awesome wrestler, I think the effort he puts in every single one of his matches is incredible, and I also think he's gonna keep improving."
GriffinX wrote on 17.02.2022:
[9.0] "Sammy has been a great young gun wrestler in AEW. Had a pretty good TNT title run and I am very excited to see what his 2nd reign does. Been a great part of the 2 stadium stampedes."
arrancar wrote on 14.02.2022:
[7.0] "One of the most exciting performers in AEW. Sammy is probably the 3rd best of AEW's "Four Young Pillars", but that's no knock on him or his skill level. I thought he was pretty generic in his earlier days in the company, but he's proven time and time again that he can easily run with the ball when given it, creating many memorable moments where he's pulled off some crazy stunts and taken some wild bumps. Making him the young guy in AEW World Champion Chris Jericho's 'Inner Circle' stable was a smart way to get Sammy acquainted with the TV audience, and he's since managed to branch out into having his own feuds separate from Jericho, even developing into him having his own, well-deserved titles reigns. His athleticism is very impressive, and off the top of my head I can't really remember him ever having a remotely significant botch. The only real issues I have with him are (1) his occasional lack of selling in his more spotfest-based matches (but that's usually excusable because his spots end up being so great), and (2) the rather forced way he gets pushed as a babyface. Sammy seems like he's probably a genuinely cool guy, but he's just got the confident aura and the face of a prick heel who is in love with himself because of all the cool stunts he can pull off, and I'd rather see that side of him. I can enjoy his babyface work when he comes off as one who is occasionally arrogant, aggressive, and cheap when his matches call for it, but I can't help feeling that he's better as the cocky villain who loves to brag about himself and destroy the fans' favourite wrestlers with his spectacular attacks. His promo abilities need a bit of work, but his body language is pretty good already. He's still quite young, so I hope to see him develop into a top star in the years to come as he sorts out those few issues in his game."
joshjackal wrote on 31.01.2022:
[9.0] "I originally ranked Guevara at 8 with this comment: "Guevara is solid in the ring and is great at playing the part of the cocky heel with a punchable face. I like him in the Inner Circle, but in the longer term I think he has a bigger future than playing second fiddle to Chris Jericho." Based on his last year or so, I'm bumping Guevara up to 9, both because he's had a bunch of excellent matches (especially the ladder match with Cody Rhodes, which was a classic) and because he's shown he's good as a babyface in addition to being a strong heel."
eltetechori wrote on 27.01.2022:
[8.0] "The Spanish God is undoubtedly a potential talent, does he have much left' Well, I wouldn't know what to say, in every fight he shows everything he's worth and I don't think there's not much left for people to consider him as a TOP of AEW."
killowenskill wrote on 27.01.2022:
[3.0] "I don't like this guy, and I don't like every wrestler who neglects selling in his matches. It seems to me that if you take a few random matches, and cut out moments with big moves that don't affect the course of the match and are absolutely not sold after, you will get a video for twenty minutes. Offhand: Sammy's match against Irie, where Guevara doesn't sell his leg; Stampede 2, where Guevara cheerfully stands on his feet a minute after hitting a chair on the head, and even make 630 senton; lack of rib selling in the match against Lethal; Losing match against Rhodes after several finishers, when he behaves as if he was caught on a successful roll-up; the last match against Rhodes, where he COMPLETELY IGNORED the Cross Rhodes from the ladder, and the subsequent Swanton Bomb, when he bounced off the stairs like a ping-pong ball. I don't believe a single match, because this terminator devalues literally every step of his opponent, he's like the Hulk Hogan of our time, but they forgot to tell everyone that he is really positioned that way. This flaw wouldn't look so disastrous if Sammy Guevara wasn't a completely in-ring product that can stand out only through matches, but he doesn't have a catchy character, he is a rather mediocre speaker, doesn't cling as a person, in view of the average charisma that reveals itself in the role of a disgusting guy infuriating the audience. But now every match is a test of my nerves, and the most interesting thing is that most users will definitely like the same last match against Cody, because there were a lot of spots that, of course, didn't cause any damage to our hero, but they ... they... They were so epic! I'll be glad if Guevara pulls himself together over time, but for now he's just terrible and unbearable."
Roodolph wrote on 16.01.2022:
[6.0] "Good talent but not very believable. He's lucky to be good and very agile in the ring but otherwise he's nothing special."
benny5bellys wrote on 13.01.2022:
[6.0] "I just do not get the hype for Sammy. He is a bang average wrestler who does not really excel at anything. People who care what he does in his private life are weird though."
dillonmatthews wrote on 30.12.2021:
[8.0] "Didn't think I could get to a point where I supported Sammy as a babyface. He doesn't naturally suit the position of garnering sympathy, but his in-ring performances can make you back him. His TNT title win vs Miro is one of my favourite AEW matches this year, and his reign was actually great, especially the defense against Jay Lethal. I don't like him being pushed as a company cornerstone this early, as he still has a long way to go as an AEW focal point."
CaptainCharisma1997 wrote on 19.12.2021:
[5.0] "I don't see it with this guy. He sucks on the mic and has basically no character to speak of + is difficult to portray as a good guy because of his incredibly punchable face. I feel like he lucked into the whole four pillars thing and his current push by happening to be a young guy who was with AEW from day one, because he really doesn't seem to be anything more than a good wrestler."
MrIslamy wrote on 19.11.2021:
[7.0] "In my opinion, Sammy is the worst of the 4 pillars. One of the reasons why is because it feels like he is just a part of the Inner Circle. It'd be nice to see him go solo sometime."
oDeadmanx wrote on 18.11.2021:
[9.0] "Überzeugend als Face, sowie als Heel. Tolle Ausstrahlung, im Ring sowie am Mic sehr überzeugend und sein Selling ist aller erste Sahne. Knapp an der 10 vorbei, aber er ist erst 28 und deshalb wird es für ihn hoffentlich noch weiter bergauf gehen"
Mr Mayhem wrote on 18.11.2021:
[9.0] "There is a reason Sammy is considered 1 of the 4 pillars of AEW. ---- His improvement since day 1 is evident, every week he gets great reactions from the crowd, deservedly won the TNT championship and he has the tools to be a World Champion one day. ----- His biggest weakness will probably be his promos but he has improved on the microphone, especially in the past few months, working with Jericho and the Inner Circle has done wonders to allow him to develop his weaknesses slowly over time without being exposed. ----- Also for being a 'smaller' guy compared to others in the main event scene, Sammy is freakishly strong and combined with his high flying style it makes his matches 'must-see'!"
MailmanMike wrote on 18.10.2021:
"9.0 Has truly stepped up in every way this year, seems comfortable standing among top level talent only to become one himself. Still enjoy his heel work more as he carries himself perfectly in that role"
Jack Outlaw wrote on 07.10.2021:
"Sammy has all the tools to be a top player for years to come. He's properly place in the upper mid card in AEW. I mean this as a compliment but the first time I saw him. I told my buddy. "He's everything we thought Alex Wright would eventually be.""
Lukasny wrote on 09.09.2021:
[8.0] "Für mich ist Sammy ein großer Name für die Zukunft. Im Ring ist er super, er hat auch diese freche Ausstrahlung und diesen gewissen Look. Kann einen guten Face, aber wahrscheinlich noch einen besseren Heel worken. Definitiv ein Star für die Zukunft."
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 12.05.2021:
[6.0] "I don't really see what's supposed to be the big deal with Sammy. He's a decent hand but he's had no "fantastic" or great matches, nothing special really. He's a pretty good high flyer but like, we've seen so much better at this point, and it's not like he's fantastic on the mic either, he's still quite stilted and while he works as a annoying young gun heel, his face work hasn't been so amazing thus far and I don't see anything about him that engages me character wise. Solid worker when he's with someone who can go with his pace without overdoing it but he has a long way to go before I can consider him anywhere close to a main eventer."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 23.01.2021:
[9.0] "Na gut Sammy ist jetzt echt nicht so einfach zu bewerten schließlich wird ihm das von 2020 noch zig Jahre begleiten aktuell ist es mal wieder ruhig. Im Ring spitze keine Frage, hat einen tollen YouTube Kanal seine Vlogs sind so eine Art wie Being The Elite wo auch viele AEW Wrestler auftauchen. Die Frage ist für mich wie lange geht das mit MJF und ihn noch gut. Er war einer der nicht wollte das MJF in den Inner Circle kam."
Brett1980 wrote on 21.01.2021:
[8.0] "Has really been good in AEW has charisma and can take sick looking bumps. Sometimes in AEW his push starts to gain momentum and then he disappears but that is hardly his fault."
Allout wrote on 29.12.2020:
[9.0] "Sammy is liked by everyone. He is really good in ring performer. Mic skills are good but not his special point and he is very funny. Currently he is using an egoistic gimmick but looks like he will be turned into a face that's good for him. I see very big things for him because he is young and ready to hit big scene."
RockinRobin wrote on 25.12.2020:
[8.0] "Sammy Guevara has had a solid 2020, with only a few misteps. After a great feud with Darby Allin, and taking some of the most brutal spots in the build up to Inner Circle vs. the Elite, Sammy's established his willingness to take his matches to another level. Even in the rough feud with Matt Hardy, they still carved out a solid Tables match and an eventual deletion match. Finally, AEW has primed Guevara for an amazing turn and eventual feud with MJF, which could turn his 2021 into a career defining year."
KoaalaKing wrote on 11.11.2020:
[10.0] "My favorite wrestler. An incredible high-flyer who's really come into his own as a character, and plays an incredible loudmouth, entitled heel, but has also shown himself as a strong fiery babyface antihero when given a chance to on the indies. Watching his rise from Texas indies in 2016 to Dynamite and the Inner Circle now has been incredible. Never a bad moment when Sammy's on the screen."
Hypocrisy wrote on 18.07.2020:
[7.0] "Sammy Guevara kommt mit seinem doch sehr schmächtigen Körperbau eher wie ein Jobber daher. Bei Lucha Underground hat er noch nicht so viel zeigen können oder dürfen. Bei AEW hingegen geht er als Kronprinz im Inner Circle regelrecht auf. Die Matches sind noch nicht durchgehend auf höchstem Niveau, aber der Junge macht sich wirklich. Der Spanish God sollte aber auch noch etwas an seinen Promos feilen. Bis dahin 7 Punkte und viel Potential nach oben. Schauen wir mal, ob er es verwirklichen kann..."
Leo Evans wrote on 23.06.2020:
[10.0] "Der gefällt doch schon ganz gut. Ist zwar etwas schmächtig, aber hat dennoch eine penetrante Art im Gedächtnis zu bleiben. Beherrscht im AEW-TV seinen Charakter und fällt durch viele gemeine oder arrogante Seitenhiebe und Frechheiten auf. Die Matches sind nichts besonderes. EDIT: Also der Junge ist einfach "sehr gut", geht im Inner Circle vollständig auf"
Tamermoga73 wrote on 21.05.2020:
[10.0] "Sammy has absolutely amazing talent, despite how young he is. Great in the indie scene and doing great in AEW. I really love his style of wrestling and he never fails to entertain."
darmody wrote on 18.05.2020:
[10.0] "Sammy has been the standout wrestler for me in 2020. He is one of the best high flyers in the world, style which he complements with impressive in-ring charisma for his age. I see big things for this kid, some might say it is too soon but in my mind he is a lock for climbing to the top of AEW by the end of this year."
jchiofal wrote on 12.11.2019:
[7.0] "The comment from Kuzmen434 is why cage match needs to have a feature to flag reviews. That is just stupid. A zero for being ugly? Jeez. Second, I'm a fan of Sammy. He has a lot of personality, and is so punchable. His cockiness is irritating in the best way, and he is a great flyer, with crisp clean lucha, and indie high flying moves being his main repertoire. He's young and has the potential to grow as a wrestler, and I hope to see more than the usual indie flippy stuff to help him stand out more"
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 10.08.2019:
[6.0] "Sammy Guevara is another young very athletic cruiserweight who prioritizes moves ahead of anything else. This kind of performer is a dime a dozen right now. So many of the lightweight 20-something year olds in the scene today were just getting into their training when TNA's X-division was taking off & they are clearly all heavily influence by that. What sets Sammy apart from the rest of the pack? I have not seen anything very memorable from him yet. Solid in the ring, but he needs something for people to latch onto & the only thing more cliche than being a fast paced flippy guy is doing the "I'm better than you" heel schtick."
Kanato wrote on 02.01.2019:
[10.0] "Sammy is one of the only independent wrestlers that I really pay attention to. He's extremely athletic, has nice mic skills and his "fuck you" boy gimmick makes him quite an interesting heel. Plus, his youtube channel is really entertaining, definitely worth watching."
Sebastian V wrote on 15.11.2018:
"Bei Sammy Guevara ist trotz seines jungen Alters wirklich schon alles auf gutem Niveau. Im Ring sicherlich einer der guten Highflyer in der Indyszene, der aber nicht nur fliegen kann sondern auch technisch einiges drauf hat. So ein bisschen fehlt ihm noch die Konstanz, da er hier und da unsauber ist aber dennoch ist das schon wirklich mehr als ordentlich und deshalb 8 Punkte. Charisma ist besonders als Heel schon wirklich groß. Kann Hallen gegen sich aufbringen. Auf der Faceseite muss er noch ein bisschen. Insgesamt auch in diesem Bereich 8 Punkte. Das Micwork ist ebenfalls bereits auf wirklich gutem Niveau. Die Promos sind gut im Charakter und sicher. Auch hier 8 Punkte und damit auch alles in Allem 8 Punkte für einen Wrestler, der ein wirklich großes Talent ist."
mdgeist wrote on 22.06.2018:
[7.0] "I can honestly say i've never come across a wrestler who I've seen about three matches of, and just know 100% that he will be a star. Sammy Guevara will be a superstar, and I'm surprised it's not happened quicker. Seems to belong in the same category as Aj styles and will ospreay, but seems to possess charisma way earlier. Absolute dead cert to be a top indy one day, and then in the 'big league's the sky is the limit depending on several more factors out of his control."
Malay Boy wrote on 19.06.2017:
[9.0] "This kid is pretty good. He already get himself booking in PWG and it say something. I don't know about his attitude but seems to me that he try motivate younger generation to be at least successful like him judge from his youtube video."
Lardo Parcel wrote on 15.03.2017:
[8.0] "The kid's pretty freaking good. I saw his matches a few times, both live and on Youtube, and he's got it all. I bet in time, he'll become a true star in wrestling, and as of right now, he's quickly gaining ranks in the Independent scene. I wish I could see him on TV soon!"
HeadCheese wrote on 12.02.2017:
[8.0] "The panda loving, flip giving, self proclaimed "Best Ever" Sammy Guevara is very good for his age and has a great charisma about him. This guy could have a very bright future in the pro wrestling. ."
Ajax wrote on 12.06.2016:
[8.0] "His talent is phenomenal and the vlogs he produces on YouTube are quite inspirational. It's looking good for him that he's in FIP now, and the companies he wrestles for have enough faith in him to put quite a few titles on him. And he's still young. He will undoubtedly be a star someday, but he seems kind of stagnant now. Does he have the drive to make it to the likes of WWE? I think so, but I'm not really sure."
HottRoddTX wrote on 13.01.2015:
[0.0] "Don't get me wrong, he's extremely talented. He has all the potential to even be in the WWE, TNA, ROH. But his attitude is holding him back, and on top of that he's a huge crybaby. He's extremely hated here in Texas after his disrespectful comments about a guy that passed away who was a dear friend of the wrestling promoter after he did a "SHOOT" at Inspire Pro. Not only did he SHOOT the promoter and his company, he quit. Now, I understand unfair treatment when u have the potential 2 b groomed into doing bigger things in the workplace, but he has nothing to complain about when he was holding two titles at once, getting the good matches, going up against top Texas Indy wrestlers and even defeated Homicide and Masada in the same match. So he has nothing to bitch about. Yes, he's a talented wrestler that can go really far in the business, but he gets no luv from me when he dissed a guy that suddenly passes away and did nothing wrong for Sammy to just say something that was extremely uncalled for. What's really fucked up bout this is him taking the coward way out. He bashed the promotion at another promotion and disrespected the deceased man over the internet which is the ultimate bitch move IMO. Once again, this guy has talent, but his attitude and personality is shit."