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Sarah Logan


Also known as Crazy Mary Dobson, Mary Dobson, Sarah Dobson, Sarah Bridges, Sara Bridges

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113.11.2017Klabauter5.0Solides Wrestling aber eben auch auf gar keinen Fall mehr, oder irgendwie besonders. Was sie abliefert kann manch andere genau so gut, wenn nicht sogar in vielen Fällen besser. Bin gespannt wie WWE sie nach dem Classic nun einsetzt. Vorher lebte sie ja sehr stark von ihrem Gimmick, das man bei WWE wohl nicht bringen wird. Vermutlich werden da dann auch manchen die Augen aufgehen, dass sie eben gar nicht so die besonders tolle Wrestlerin ist, zu der sie von manchen gemacht wird. Eine gute Darstellerin eines Gimmicks ist sie wohl schon. 5 Punkte.
219.02.2019CashGrab8.0Solid Wrestler, Not the best, but way better than the worst, I think if ya gave her 20 Minutes with Asuka or Lynch, she'd blow ya out of the water.
307.05.2019Coop DEtat9.0Sarah Logan is about a solid of a female wrestler as he can get. Unfortunately, I feel that WWE is aware of her in-ring presence and she may be stuck putting people over, I kind of like Natalya. On the positive side, that means she'll probably have a job with WWE for years to come. Personally, I like her work quite a bit and she's someone that doesn't botch very often. She's someone that could handle having a title.
411.02.2018rjsbx114.0Making her names on the indies as Crazy Mary Dobson, Sarah Logan has always had an element of strength to her style and it compliments her well. She also had a tendency to pull some outlandish gimmicks and somehow make them work. In WWE, she's in a weird spot, she had two very bad and unintelligible promos, I'm not sure what her gimmick is other than stereotypically South and she hasn't gotten to show much in the ring. Hopefully, the Riott Squad can branch out after they've run their course.
508.07.2020JamesWackenhut5.0Logan is a young talent with early experience in Indy extreme matches. Not afraid to land on her own skull in order to give fans their money? s worth, she lives sold well, throws stiff shots, bumps theatrical and has great facials. Unfortunately, the facials she has mastered are the faces of a complete loser. In the annals of wrestling history, no wrestlers have been given a more ignominious send off when being fired for real than Sarah Logan in Feb 2020. After a year spent crouching, squatting, leaping and losing as a member of the Riott Squad (racking up a main roster record of 11-152 with no televised singles wins), she was subjected to a shameful send off at the hands of Bayzler. The Dale Wolfes and Steve Lombardis of the world were jobbed out hundreds of times but I do not recall anyone ever being forced to cry like a boy with an unusually low threshold for pain who just took a front-back kick to the satchel. Wins and losses matter, and The Riott Squad were the Washington Generals of the WWE. The cumulative efforts of all three were so lacking that they were not even a credible threat to a Natalya, a middle aged mid carder. In a ? real? sport, Logan could not be permitted compete in the ring as she was completely unable to defend herself. And the Riott Squads efforts at cheating always backfired, demonstrating how they were booked as being mentally deficient as they were physically weak. Why were they booked as being weak in body and mind? I think we have a good snapshot into how Vince views alternative lifestyle looking women who are outsiders and not cut from the mold he likes. He views such women as pathetic cretins, too foolish to comport themselves properly and improve their appearance, too puny to compete with their betters. If it is was worth Vince? s time, I? m surprised he didn? t book Logan to lose get squashed in the center of the ring by 12 year old beauty pageant winner. Perhaps a flying cross body where she crashed into the ground like a heap of garbage could serve as her lone high spot, driving home the point that she is being booked as an incompetent. After being overpowered, dominated and outsmarted by a more conventionally beautiful child, who could then spit in Logan? s face and slap her until she cried again, the fans could pelt Logan with rocks and garbage before before the child overpowered her once again, stuffed her into a garbage can and kicked it into the arena dumpster. That is not fantasy booking. This how weakly Logan was portrayed during her WWE. Sadly, this is her story until she has a chance to redeem herself. But it won? t be easy. WWE wrestling storylines may lack continuity but fans still have to view wrestlers as a credible threat. After a year of getting clowned, they will need a pretty good explanation as to why we need to take her seriously the second time around.
611.08.2016Bowlen7.0Kommt in ihrem Gimmick mit allen Antics hervorragend rüber und ist nicht umsonst eine der gefragtesten Indy-Wrestlerinnen zur Zeit - und das in diesem jungen Alter. Wenn sie sich nicht spontan für einen Weg außerhalb des Wrestlings entscheidet, wird man noch viel Freude an ihr haben. Sie ist zu sehr guten Matches in der Lage, neigt aber manchmal auch dazu, ihr Repertoire bloß abzuspulen. Dazu ist sie gut in Form und ein hübsches Mädel. Auch wenn WWE sie durch die vielen NXT-Gastspiele, in denen sie den Jobber mimen darf, auf dem Schirm hat, würde sie mMn besser zu den Women of Honor oder den Knockouts passen. Steigerungspotenzial ist noch immer vorhanden.
713.09.2019Kanato9.0I, like many others, slept on Sarah Logan for a long time, and man do I regret it. Her moves are not the most unique, but they're certainly very solid and she performs them quite well. I do think that with some more practice and working on mic skills, she might have a hug potential. Some people are mad that she was the first to defeat Ember Moon in the Main Roster and the one who eliminated Asuka in the Women's Battle Royal, but I'm glad it was Sarah the one who accomplished this, and not an overrated, less talented superstar.
804.01.2019Mahanx6.0I try update wrestlers rating every year , so i don't think about their past , i just think about their 1 last year , i know promotions can make wrestlers years worst or awesome too but it is what it is..... So at 2018 till now Sarah Logan was fine , but she need practice more about her in ring skill and promos.
925.03.2020Triple M95.0I think she is not impressive, her in-ring performance is mediocre and her mike skills are below that.
1010.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling6.0I like the Sarah Logan character more than the Crazy Mary one. But Sarah has been greatly misused since joining the main roster. She pretty much went straight from developmental to the main roster, so unfortunately she really did not get any significant time in NXT. The Riott Squad is terrible. I know the girls are friends in real life, but as far as television goes, they do not mesh well at all. I like Sarah with the sort of woodsy woman character, but WWE has not flushed that out whatsoever. Now she's stuck in the Catering Division with no signs of being used. She not my favorite, but she could be an asset to a thin women's division, but I'm not sure Vince will ever see her as a worthwhile investment.
1111.11.2015La Trina7.0I haven't seen much of Sarah Dobson, but what I've watched of hers is pretty good. She is a strong wrestler, and the fans absolutely adore her, it's her gimmick, however, that I just cannot get into. It's something different, and I don't doubt it's what got a lot of folks talking about "Crazy" Mary, it's her wrestling though, that I prefer.
1203.09.2018TheBrainlessRobot5.0I have no interest in her in ring work. He promo skills are bad and see no appeal to her character work.
1315.06.2018Thakrien5.0I enjoyed her matches when she has good opponents. I didn't enjoy her performances, when she is around not so good opponents and partners. Overall I Sarah Logan her as a solid performer that will neither screw things up nor elevate things into magic.
1429.07.2018TommyReinke19986.0I do feel Sarah could survive in WWE, but I doubt she can survive alone. From what I have seen, she and Liv Morgan are an odd-ball pair but it works. Keeping her with Logan or possibly having her work as a manager for the War Raiders if they're ever called up is a possibility. Her on her own wouldn't work.
1520.12.2016MusSan7.0Endlich hat sie es in der WWE geschaft. Schon bei den Indys lieferte sie gute Matches ab. Bei NXT wird sie gut aufgehoben sein. Sie wird der NXT Womens Division gut tun. Ich hoffe sie wird bei der WWE gut eingesetzt.
1612.09.2015TheGrandInquisiteur6.0Crazy Mary can certainly be that. However, most of the matches I've seen her in have been rather conventional in content. She is quite believable in the ring but by no means a top performer. She has all the skills and does sell the show.
1703.05.2020JBB143.0Alright wrestler but least interesting in riott squad. Character is cringe and the howling is bad. Shame she got released I would have like to have seen her with the Viking raiders. Hopefully she does well on the indys.
2203.03.2020Crippler Crossface9.0
3110.03.2020Danil Czar7.0
3611.10.2019Jasper Claret9.0
4717.12.2018Paul Heyman Guy7.0
5018.05.2018Ayrat Ganiev8.0
5219.02.2019wrestlingfan 0077.0
5420.10.2020Khalid Ace6.0
6226.06.2016Vacant 2110.0
7031.01.2020El Burrito7.0
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