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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 9.06
Vortex434 wrote on 17.06.2024:
[10.0] "There's been a lot of talk about certain people being the best wrestlers in the world and this man should be in that conversation he has star written all over in all caps no less, he's got the size, agility, moveset and just exudes charisma and yet he's still only 28 years old, I remember when he first turned heel in aew Don callis proclaimed him the best Japanese wrestler claiming that he was better than okada, tanahashi, mutoh and many others quite frankly I think when it's all said and done he might be mentioned in the same breath as them if not eclipse some of them. Everything this man does is pure gold his moveset isn't exactly the fanciest in the world but dammit he makes them look like they are! his arching German suplex is the best around without a doubt and he even makes you slightly believe that his blue thunder bombs could very much end a match just because of how beautiful they are despite how many times they've been kicked out of. If this year comes to an end without Takeshita as international champion then something is wrong with the world."
PositiveMirror11 wrote on 30.05.2024:
"Absolutely lethal. This guy has presence. It's crazy, because I know how great he is, but I have watched wrestling so long, I forget just how IT Takeshita is. But then you watch his matches and you, mid-match, remember just how damn good and threatening he is as an opponent to any champion. Sky's the limit for him. If he can just grasp basic English, or integrate Japanese into his promos and just talk, he'll have that brand in the palm of his hand. Immensely talented."
May11 wrote on 27.05.2024:
[9.0] "He is doing great work in both DDT and AEW. He is one of the best wrestler in the world right now. I dont know why AEW is not pushing him hard, he is better than half of their roster."
WrestlingGuru wrote on 26.05.2024:
[7.0] "A great in rign wrestlers, there's no denying how good Konosuke is inside the ring but I am hoping that being a aprt of the Don Callis famiyl really helps him connect to the American audience and he needs more than jsut being great in the ring to get ahead in the U.S. Rooting for him."
Rassle Fan wrote on 01.05.2024:
[9.0] "If there's anything holding him back it's the language barrier but since he's had Don Callis as a mouthpiece that's not a problem. Since he's come back to AEW he's been on a completely different level. I wish the booking was more favorable to him because he's in great match after great match but keeps losing them. Eventually he's going to need a big win to avoid fan apathy. As it stands, he's still one of the best active wrestlers anywhere."
Juanca1210 wrote on 09.04.2024:
[10.0] "One of my favorite wrestlers in the world, and a very underrated performer, the in ring level of Takeshita and his moveset puts him among the top 10 wrestlers in the world today. April 8 of 2024. I hope that Takeshita reaches his goals in his career. AEW has a rough diamond on his roster, in the american wrestling tv shows the charisma and mic skills are more appreciated than the ring style. But I would like to see Konosuke Takeshita be succesful."
JediSaiyanMaster1203 wrote on 31.03.2024:
[10.0] "No matter if he's in DDT Pro-Wrestling or All Elite Wrestling, Konosuke Takeshita is the man! He might just be the best wrestler under the age of 30, he's that good. Konosuke Takeshita is so fluent in the ring, he's so smooth with how he wrestles and moves around, the athelticism and strength he combines is amazing, how he can easily pull off moves like they're nothing never gets old to watch. He might even rival the likes of Bryan Danielson and Gunther for some of the best strikes currently, his flying knee looks so incredible everytime he hits it that I would totally be fine if he made it his finisher. I'm all fine with Don Callis being his manager, as long as he puts him over PROPERLY instead of just talking about himself. Anyways, it's nice to see Konosuke get around the language barrier and get over with the American audience, seriously, this guy is too good to be held back and not be pushed to the moon. If the cards are in his favor and with the right booking, him and Don Callis could be this generations The Great Muta & Gary Hart. Overall, incredible wrestler with amazing strength and skill, also has aura/charisma."
thewrestler1440 wrote on 31.03.2024:
[10.0] "Takeshita in the Ospreay and Omega matches was very good and I enjoy his style very much. Easily one of the best of modern times"
SagBelly wrote on 28.03.2024:
[9.0] "Awesome wrestler. Great technique, fast, so strong, it's going to be a joy to see how much higher he's going to go"
Cass93 wrote on 26.03.2024:
[10.0] "This guy has it all, charisma, size, in-ring ability, everything he does is great, he has to be pushed to the moon."
TripleCrown wrote on 17.03.2024:
[8.0] "Very, very good. I would love to rate him higher but he's still fairly young and I feel he has a lot of room to grow and become an elite wrestler. The biggest thing that stands out is his size, he's not the typical Japanese wrestler, he's fairly big and he wrestles like somebody who is a Junior Heavyweight. I really feel like he has the potential to be a 10 rating in the future, I can't wait to see how he grows in AEW and hopefully he can do some stuff in NJPW. Takeshita in a G1 Climax would be so damn fun to watch and I think it would do him good to wrestle that many matches in a short amount of time, simply due to the fact it would give him more experience. Personally, I think he's a guy who will 100% be a heel, he doesn't really have the look that could help him thrive as a babyface, unless he becomes one of those "cool" babyfaces in the future."
SoaKas wrote on 14.03.2024:
[8.0] "Really good but I'm not seeing what everybody else sees. I don't know what it is but I can't compare him to a young Ibushi or even Okada as some people have done in the past. He's definitely a good act but he has yet to impress me. EDIT: His matches with Ospreay and MJF in particular have impressed me."
Wrest lingaddiction wrote on 19.02.2024:
[9.0] "This man is amazing, after following his career for the past 5 years I can safely say he deserves to be a world champion. Has had amazing matches with some of the top stars in the world and is the reason I got into DDT in the first place, Takeshi is the present and future of this business. The sky's the limit for this top tier athlete!"
edmondthecat7 wrote on 19.02.2024:
"Takeshita is a great technical wrestler. He has beat many top stars in AEW but for some reason, he has no momentum. He is great, but his booking is weak."
mxkami wrote on 11.02.2024:
[10.0] "If you're an AEW hater, I feel bad for ya holding that against Takeshita. I've enjoyed his work for years, where he was just a sexy guy who wrestled like a madman in DDT, to his first North American indie run where he killed it everywhere he went. Look, size, ability, moveset, in ring flow. I get it, if you take points due to him not talking a whole lot in North America. But that's why you give him a mouthpiece (even if it's currently Callous). He truly is an impressive young talent, who will continue to grow. I am terrified of what this man will be capable of when he actually hits his prime (which, during this generation of pro wrestling, seems like people don't hit until they're 37 or older)."
Blakeiok wrote on 10.02.2024:
[10.0] "This guy is insane! His whole AEW tenure has impressed me, especially his match with Darby Allin earlier this year and his match with Kenny Omega at All Out 2023. Amazing signing for AEW and I hope he gets a title soon."
BallOfYharnam wrote on 06.02.2024:
"Konosuke Takeshita is probably the most promising wrestler in the world under the age of 30. I have found his recent booking in AEW to be shocking, as theres no reason to waste his time with a faction that lost all relevancy months ago. An incredible in-ring talent and a natural babyface, Konosuke Takeshita is a world champion in the making. (9/10)"
anonymousgm wrote on 02.02.2024:
[9.0] "Konosuke is a future world champion. He has a great look, oozes natural charisma, and his moveset is top tier."
MichaelDavis wrote on 22.01.2024:
[9.0] "If all is right in the world, Konosuke Takeshita will be a world champion. The fact AEW has done little to nothing of note with him since he beat Omega twice is baffling."
UltimoMuta wrote on 18.01.2024:
[9.0] "My favorite match archetype right here. An underrated banger and a match I was personally waiting for all year after the Don Callis turning on Kenny Omega thing. Kenny Omega in a big match on a ppv? Consider the show stolen and give him match of the night every single time. This was a high octane match that felt like a G1 Climax encounter. Omega took some nasty bumps in this one. It's a stiff, explosive match full of high impact offense and it never slows down. Even the Don Callis interference was done well. Omega's unselfishness isn't talked about enough. Guy is always putting people over and making them look excellent while doing it. This was the biggest win of Takeshita's career and one of the best clean wins over a huge star in AEW's history. It's a shame Takeshita hasn't done much since."
danzitorock wrote on 06.01.2024:
[9.0] "Takeshita is a phenomenal athlete, the guy's ring-skill is pretty awesome, he can do it all. At a very young age, he has already shown incredible abilities, and established himself into one of the most gifted wrestlers around. The number of incredible matches he delivered at DDT is impressive."
SockyDocky8 wrote on 13.12.2023:
[7.0] "Takeshita is an average wrestler at best, no doubt he deserves to be in a top promotion but he lacks the charisma to be a great wrestler. He wrestling ability is decent but he could add a bit more to his arsenal. AEW kind of pushed him to the moon with him defeating Omega but havent done anything with him since."
skillgull wrote on 17.11.2023:
[8.0] "I haven't seen any of his DDT stuff, however based off his stuff in AEW he has been really good. In ring his amazing and is naturally charismatic and suave. I can't rate him higher because of poor booking and lack of DDT knowladge."
GoldLiger wrote on 09.09.2023:
[8.0] "In all honesty, I didn't quite see the hype for Takeshita in DDT. He clearly had the physical attributes to be a higher-card singles guy and he was a solid worker, but it felt like he wasn't matching the spot he was given by DDT as their ace to succeed the likes of HARASHIMA, Ibushi, & Omega. Outside of certain matches where he gelled with his opponent and told the right story, I found his work a little underwhelming, particularly in his very inconsistent limb selling and sometimes awkward match pacing, even in shorter tournament matches. His power offense is insane and always pops me when he pulls it off, but that can't be all you bring to the table. In AEW though, I think he's much more in his element. As a fresh face on the roster he was putting in some really great sprints on TV, and turning heel with Callis gave him something of substance to work with before being "guy who has good match on Dynamite" got too stale. His style matches the faster pace of AEW's TV-focused product that usually lacks filler barring a commercial break heat segment, and very few guys (outside of masters like Danielson who've made it work) will really expose that issue with limb selling he probably still has. I think he made the right call coming to AEW from DDT, and I can see him having a great run there before eventually returning to his home promotion a changed man."
crs285 wrote on 06.08.2023:
[8.0] "Takeshita is a really good talent. He had a really good run in DDT. Surprised none of the bigger Japanese companies got to him before AEW did as I think he could have been a main event player. In the ring he does everything right and I can't remember a Takeshita match I did not enjoy. He is still young and has a lot of potential. His run with Callis has been much better than his face run. Thinks he needs a manager in the US at this point in time."
deceivr wrote on 17.07.2023:
[8.0] "The amount of times I laughed at him because of his name before seeing him would make me feel like Satan; I wasn't laughing by the time I saw him kick ass in 2017. For starters, Takeshita was brought up as the next big thing right from the get-go despite him having the build of a hickory stick. As soon as he bulked up and started to adapt to the conditions that he was in, Takeshita was ready for the big time. His run in DDT is, arguably, the greatest in company history; his matches with the likes of Shuji Ishikawa, Jun Akiyama, Tetsuya Endo and Kota Ibushi are some of the greatest in company history. When he signed with AEW to a dual contract, I was 50/50; were they going to make him their Okada and put him in neat spots, or would they brick them down? Thus far, we still don't know; he still is literally fresh to the fullest extent and there is no rot in this man. Right now, it seems quite neat to state that he is still the future of the business, whether it be in a positive or negative is completely up to the hands of time."
bisho wrote on 24.06.2023:
[10.0] "The next big thing of Japanese wrestling of course. I can imagine him being a star like Tanahashi and Okada. He has the talent of wrestling which not many have. his matches are an example of what wrestling should be. don't know if he can cut good promos or not. but when he says those Japanese short sentences on Dynamite. he looks cool and badass af. Don Callis will take care of the segments and these things. but when it comes to the in-ring work. he is one of the best today"
incujoni wrote on 11.06.2023:
[9.0] "Takeshita is a very talented wrestler, charismatic and good at selling, as well as using his size advantage. He really is an allrounder since he also moves fast as hell and does some pretty impressive stunts. His recent heel turn is pretty intriguing so I expect to see some new tricks from him and I hope AEW doesn't mess this up. Really miss him in DDT though, he was one of the stars."
F0ZZY wrote on 21.05.2023:
[8.0] "Takeshita is one of the best at his age IMO. He moves in such a versatile and quick manner that it is sometimes hard to keep up with him. He is the future of professional wrestling and should hold some kind of mid card title in the next year or two."
CoachW wrote on 17.05.2023:
[10.0] "I have a feeling we're going to look at Takeshita as one of the best in the world very soon. He's a powerhouse who moves around the ring like a lightning bolt, and he has a natural charisma that transcends the language barrier."
Leth99 wrote on 17.05.2023:
[7.0] "I like him, I don't think he's a 9 or an 8 though. He's a great wrestler that any company should keep close"
nizzyhizzy wrote on 10.03.2023:
[10.0] "Where do I start with Takeshita. The future of the business for sure, There's nothing bad I can say about him, he's one of my favorites right now."
ChrisPrattAsMario wrote on 04.03.2023:
[9.0] "He is the future of AEW. Amazing babyface, phenomenal worker, and a great moveset from Takeshita. I've only seen him in AEW and his one match against Higuchi but his run has been so great so far that it makes me want to go out and see his old stuff. My favorite match of his is against Kazusada Higuchi in DDT."
Daigotsu wrote on 15.01.2023:
[9.0] "Takeshita is something else. It's like watching a star in the making, a guy who has the feel of a future all-time great that you're getting to see in his prime. He's really top-tier; I would buy shows just to see Konosuke Takeshita wrestle in them. Promos? Characters? Couldn't care less. This dude is incredible in the ring and that's what I'm here to see."
Puro113 wrote on 15.01.2023:
[9.0] "Fantastic young wrestler with all the crucial tools needed to succeed. The former future Ace of DDT, Takeshita has made a big splash in AEW over the past year, having great matches with the likes of Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Mike Speedball Bailey, Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley and others. He has an electric in-ring presence and a special connection with the crowd. This kid is the future."
CoolKyle wrote on 12.01.2023:
[7.0] "Takeshita is a big deal because hes a Japanese heavyweight who is young and has a lot of time in ring already. He has some polish and technique but has not reached his full potential in many ways. Fans glob on to that. He also has an odd, relatable personality. Hes basically the next Okada in many US fans eyes, or at least should be. Takeshita always worked a very "go-go-go" style in DDT. It was normally frustrating to watch him dismiss the little things some of his opponents wanted to work into a match in order to get into a big trading spots sequence or go full steam ahead. I've liked his US work much more than his DDT work in the past 4 years or more. Dude has to tools to do anything he wants in a wrestling ring, I'm more than happy to see him wrestle different opponents and see what he ends up becoming in two or three years."
MDavis2001 wrote on 05.01.2023:
[9.0] "Takeshita is the future. Smooth as butter in the ring and has a natural star aura. The sooner western fans learn that wrestlers can have "I want to be the best" as their gimmick and that mic skills don't draw like they think they do, the better. When Omega and Takeshita inevitably collide, Cagematch will feel it."
Benwerder wrote on 01.01.2023:
[10.0] "Einer der besten Wrestler der Welt. Jetzt schon! Hoffe er wird ein Star bei AEW. Man muss jetzt nachdem Mox Match weiter machen."
mano007 wrote on 31.12.2022:
[6.0] "Good in ring talent and a star in the making. I see a young claudio in the making. Hopefully unlike claudio, he develops a promo."
texasyosh wrote on 23.12.2022:
[9.0] "In my initial rating I said that Konosuke was a star in the making. Well, he is an absolute star. Great size, great look, and a great sense in the ring. DDT and AEW have a fantastic talent."
KENTAfan wrote on 15.12.2022:
[10.0] "It? s preposterous how talented this guy is. I? m just blown wwwy by him every time I see him perform. His explosiveness, fire, facial expressions, charisma, and just all around in ring IQ is off the charts. He can put on a classic whenever he wants. Would love to see him get picked up by AEW at some point or at least get a title run as he? s done a remarkable job with them lately."
Enriquepollazzo wrote on 10.12.2022:
[8.0] "Good matches. Very good matches in fact. There are like 160 people here rating him 10/10. That's absurd. He can be better so how is he a 10/10? He needs some character work and maybe more impact and realism on his punches and kicks. Then he can be 10/10. He's been around a year and he's 10/10? What about when he gets way better? The same rating? You see."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 29.11.2022:
[9.0] "Einfach in der USA aktuell das heißeste Eisen unfassbar wie lange seine US Tour schon geht und wo er überall auftaucht. Inzwischen gibt es auch im AEW Shop ein T-Shirt von ihm. Bei DDT ist schon unfassbar stark. Edit 29.11.2022 Riesen Gewinn für AEW das er nun unter Vertrag ist und man wird ihn sicher auch weiterhin in vielen Indy Ligen sehen."
xnvius wrote on 27.11.2022:
[10.0] "Takeshita's a star in the making. only 27 years old. phenomenal in-ring work. one of the best young wrestlers from Japan. just recently signed an AEW contract. and he's wholesome as fuck. how can you not love him?"
No One wrote on 19.11.2022:
[10.0] "Konosuke Takeshita is this generation's Mitsuharu Misawa. Every time I watch Konosuke's matches and I see his poise, his seriousness, the way he carries himself, and his offensive moveset (such as the Elbows & the Flying Corkscrew Lariat), I am deeply reminded of Mitsuharu Misawa. There is nothing wrong with that as Misawa was The Man. I also see Konosuke in much the same light. Konosuke Takeshita is also The Man. He is definitely one of the best professional wrestlers under the age of 30 in the world today and he has to be the very best native born Japanese wrestler under the age of 30 as well. He is also a member of 37KAMIINA, which is the most dominant faction in DDT and they somewhat remind me of The Elite. When Konosuke's career comes to a close (which is sure to be decades away), he is bound to have a jaw dropping resume of great to instant classic matches and he will have achieved a true Hall of Fame career as well. UPDATED: To see Konosuke translate so well to North American Mainstream wrestling also makes me happy, and further cements why he really is The Man. I also realized that he does remind me of the legendary Jumbo Tsuruta as well. UPDATED x2: Dude, AEW signing Konosuke is a very, very big deal. My eyes widened reading it. As of right now he is perfect for the AEW All-Atlantic Title. AEW just acquired one of the Top 2 best wrestlers under the age of 30 (the other one is none other than Will Ospreay, what a dream match that is, BTW)."
DammitChrist wrote on 12.11.2022:
[10.0] "I guarantee that I'll be validated by giving this guy a ten already 5-7 years from now. I've seen at least a dozen of matches from Konosuke Takeshita over the past year (in AEW), and I can already tell that he's one of the best wrestlers in the industry (or at least HIGH up there atm). Takeshita isn't even 30 years old yet, and he's had minimal exposure to a major wrestling company like AEW or NJPW too. He's only going to continue getting even better as an overall performer, which is a mindblowing but yet exciting thought since he's already tremendous enough in the ring."
Spanky wrote on 26.10.2022:
[10.0] "Simply put I view Takeshita as the future Okada. I do not think many will argue with me on that. He has everything you could want in a wrestler he can cut fire promos in English!"
BESTBOUTBOY wrote on 12.10.2022:
[9.0] "takeshita is by far one of the most exciting wrestlers working today his recent stretch on the american indies have showcased a dynamic and charismatic performer who can have great matches with a variety of opponents such as "hangman" adam page, "taigastyle" lee moriarty and "speedball" mike bailey. on top of great fundamentals and a good moveset he also has an innate ability to get any crowd behind him. selfishly I hope that he stays in AEW and can become the star he seems destined to become at such a young age."
Kung wrote on 23.08.2022:
[10.0] "He's been a 9 for a long time, but his past few months have been as good as anyone in the world. He's not just one of the best wrestlers going today, but he's also only 27! An unreal talent who is only getting better."
eltetechori wrote on 07.08.2022:
[10.0] "Takeshita is a pure talent, a great fighter like the top of a pine tree, it is worth watching every fight of him because he always ends up showing off in his own way, I love the way he fights and I hope to see more of him in the USA in companies like AEW, he is a great one."
totallynotj wrote on 23.07.2022:
"This is a genuine star in the making here. His charisma is fresh, and almost every match of his has pretty much been a 3.5+ since coming to the US. AEW was my first introduction to this guy, and I'm beyond astonished of this guy."
KSupreme3 wrote on 21.07.2022:
[10.0] "This guy is a bonafide star. There? s a aura about Takeshita that? s hard to explain. One thing I highly respect about this man is his work ethic. One day he? s wrestling at a hole in a wall, next day he? s wrestling Jon Moxley on Dynamite. If he keeps it going, he? s well on his way to become a legend someday."
jamzell00 wrote on 17.07.2022:
[9.0] "Takeshita has always been great and everyone knows this but just seeing how big of a star he is in America makes me smile so much. The dude came back this year and has gotten over big in every single one of his matches. Hope this causes people to go watch his other work and just DDT as a whole"
JustDan wrote on 14.07.2022:
[10.0] "I? ve only seen him in AEW, and I get blown away a every time. He? s so good. The handful of matches hes had in AEW has made me interested and I? ll probably look out for his matches once he returns to Japan as well"
cmalien wrote on 09.07.2022:
[9.0] "Takeshita is just so great. Everything he does, the way he executes moves is so crisp and impactful. So far during his US excursion he lit the indie scene on fire and makes me go out of my way to catch his matches. I would love to see more character work from him but so far he has absolutely won me over."
Wright15 wrote on 28.06.2022:
[10.0] "During the five years after the departure of Omega and Ibushi from DDT, Konosuke Takeshita showed flashes of greatness and had a fair number of excellent matches, including a couple outstanding bouts. But it was not until 2021 that he really started to be awesome on a consistent basis. And by that, I mean performing at an elite level night after night, no matter where on the card he is. You might think that after his best year in 2021, he would regress a bit when on tour in America. But his campaign stateside has been even more productive than his work from last year. He is easily one of the ten best in the world today. If he were in New Japan, he would be winning the G1 and wrestling Okada in the dome. As is, he has the ability to expand DDT even further."
AnthoTheKID wrote on 23.06.2022:
[9.0] "Takeshita is indeed "The Future". 27 years old and he has everything. The look, the size, the charisma, the moves. A very solid 9 that can be a 10 soon or later. A diamond."
Rocky7 wrote on 19.05.2022:
[9.0] "One of the very best young wrestlers from Japan, but rather than coming through the traditional big company dojo routes, Konosuke Takeshita was inspired by and joined DDT, following in the footsteps of his idols Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega and El Generico. A multiple time KO-D Openweight Champion, he's done almost everything there is to do in DDT by the age of 26, and now he's starting a run in All Elite Wrestling, recently having great showings against Jay Lethal and Hangman Adam Page. He's got almost everything, great athleticism, he's tall, he's handsome, and he's already being compared to some Japanese legends. A great US run will only add to his legend."
GriffinX wrote on 12.02.2022:
[10.0] "An excellent work who is hitting that perfect stride. Still young he can a lot of things but now enough of a vet he knows when to save and when to fall back to something. DDT gets a bad rep just comedy. But Takeshita reminds us why it also has produced some excellent talent over the years. Frankly he just needs a big platform to show fans how good he is. Maybe he goes to AEW full time, maybe CyberFight moves him to NOAH or does more with DDT"
dillonmatthews wrote on 01.01.2022:
[10.0] "Of all the annointed aces in Japanese wrestling (Kiyomiya, Miyahara etc.), Konosuke is the most suited for the role. He's gotten so much bigger over the years, adding a power game to his agility and striking. His KO-D Tag Championship match vs Eruption was a great start to the year, but then he took off, winning three tournaments. Konosuke also had a great tag match at CyberFight, a random but good AEW appearance, and started a great KO-D Openweight Title run vs Akiyama, Brookes and Okabayashi. In most cases, people would hate one wrestler being so showered in achievement, but this is truly the age of Takeshita, and he's up to the challenge."
Grissom wrote on 22.11.2021:
[9.0] "Konosuke Takeshita hat sich langsam zu einen der besten Wrestlers seiner Generation gemausert. Er ist das ACE von DDT und mit 26 noch bei weitem nicht am Höhepunkt angelangt."
Lalo Campos wrote on 12.11.2021:
[10.0] "The Ace of DDT and he is not The Future anymore, he is The Present, "BIG LEAGUES, please sign him..." he is already in the big leagues"
Wuzong Shen wrote on 25.10.2021:
[10.0] "A real genius, full of creation, always brings you surprises. The best Japanese wrestler under 30. Just think about it, he is only 26 and some of his matches have already been all-time classic. Yes, he doesn't have a charming gimmick, but you can always expect something new in his match, and he is still full of possibility."
BlakeFR37 wrote on 08.05.2021:
[10.0] "BIG LEAGUES, please sign him. Gave him a persona, gave him the Title, he will and he can carry a Company. Takeshita, I love you man."
axebombertsuruta wrote on 18.04.2021:
[9.0] "Phenomenal ring work, one of the best workers in the world right now. Always a great match, has great potential to get over in the west."
ExcitingProWrestlin3 wrote on 16.03.2021:
[10.0] "What really sells Konosuke Takeshita for me or a lot of people is just his sheer skill, talent, and ability at the age of 25. Sure he could use some work in terms of psychology in selling, but he's ended up forming an incredible legacy and again HE'S TWENTY-FIVE. He still has almost a decade until he hits his prime, he and Kiyomiya are ridiculously talented at such a young age, it makes me wonder how amazing they'll be in their prime, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Anything can happen in wrestling. We have to just wait and watch him grow."
TJPW is Legit wrote on 17.08.2020:
[10.0] "It'd be a little unfair to simply call him the Okada or Tanahashi of DDT, because Konosuke Takeshita has forged a niche all of his own. Seriously, he's one of the most brutal non-death match wrestlers in Japan, I thought he killed Tetsuya Endo no less then six or seven times when they wrestled at the Peter Pan event in 2019, and he was absolutely brutal to HARASHIMA in their recent title match. But it's not just his move set, it's his selling that makes him be able to switch from a brutal killer to a babyface I can root for. I've heard people complain about how he's over pushed, but I feel like he deserves every championship he wins for being DDT's steadfast ace."
Makai Club wrote on 12.10.2019:
[8.0] "As someone who struggled to consistently get me interested in him at first, he has improved strides. Improving from someone who was bereft of charisma and had a stretch of meandering matches into someone who has shown a bit of personality and is now an extremely consistent wrestler. Still has a way to go but you can't deny his quality matches now."
arrancar wrote on 21.04.2018:
[8.0] "I'm not someone who constantly follows DDT nor Takeshita, but every rare occasion that I watch him he always impresses the hell out of me. He's so young and already putting on such amazing performances. He occasionally has a few issues with long-term selling, but heck, what young wrestler doesn't? Everything else about him is fantastic. He has a great offence that mixes acrobatics and full-on power. I also think he displays his passion and determination extremely well. His real-time selling is also very good, since his facial expressions and bumps really do a great job showing how battered he can get, making him into a very sympathetic figure. I understand that Takeshita has quite a few detractors within the DDT audience, and I definitely see that in the sense that the crowd doesnt exactly go crazy over him atm. He's still so amazing for his age though, so I'm sure these such things will work themselves out with time and that he'll eventually win over the DDT fans entirely."
JDZ wrote on 08.03.2018:
[9.0] "Takeshita possesses super mat skills. He is charismatic. His character is developing. He is the present of DDT and he is the future of wrestling"
Tejas Cloverleaf wrote on 13.01.2017:
[9.0] "He had a break-out year last year, won the KO-D Openweight Title, and had some great match-ups with Miyamoto, Endo, and Ishikawa. He has such an explosive and unpredictable style in the ring and what he lacks in charisma, he more than makes up for in his execution."
HeadCheese wrote on 28.07.2016:
[8.0] "A good wrestler that is able to put on really good matches, I see him inprooving a lot in the future"
Matzinho wrote on 13.02.2014:
[7.0] "Behaltet den Jungen im Auge! Mit läppischen 18 Jahren hat der schon ein paar gute Matches auf dem Buckel. Besonders die Schlacht mit Nakajima hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich glaube, aus dem wird was. Hat auch für einen Japaner eine gute Größe und Körperbau."