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114.01.2021apicness4.0Athletic and a good look, at times sloppy in the ring and wooden on the microphone. Has the right name and some star quality to her, but comes across as uncharismatic as a heel and unlikeable as a face. Severely overrated by the WWE machine, which isn't her fault, but continuously pushing her into the spotlight exposes her weaknesses more and more.
313.01.2021TalhaKanar2.0Charlotte is good athlete. Her acting is okay. But that is it. She is as a performer: lame, corny, lazy, selfcentred, unreasonable, unnatural, uncharismatic, unsafe, unprofessional... People should stop saying that she is overpushed.... If someone is good, you should push him/her! She is OVERRATED! It's fine.. She is not first and will not be the last.
412.01.2021Grissom7.0Charlotte zählt als Gesamtpaket sicherlich zu den besseren im WWE Roster (die Messlatte ist ja nicht besonders hoch) und funktioniert oft wunderbar als Heel. Im Ring bei größeren Matches auch überzeugend, wenn die Gegnerin passt und das Match gut gebookt worden ist. Ist Charlotte die beste Frau der WWE, wie man es einem weiß machen will? Nein, definitiv nicht. Dafür hat sie dann doch einige Defizite und als Face ist Flair eine Fehlbesetzung. Ihren schlechten Moonsault (der eigentlich kein Moonsault ist, da man dabei nicht auf den Beinen landen soll) sollte sie lieber aus ihrem Repertoire streichen.
710.01.2021jchiofal10.0Something to remember about Charlotte, on NXT, she didn't have her father around constantly for her matches. While her family may have given her a lot more attention, it was her hard work, and great matches that brought her through developmental and on the roster. Charlotte is an incredibly athletic and talented woman, who uses her gymnastic background, along with her strength and height to put on great matches. She has a firm understanding on psychology, using moves to set up her finisher the figure 8. Targeting body parts for a finisher is a rarity today and Charlotte has that down to a perfect t. If there is any criticism I can give her, it's that her live promos aren't the strongest. She can cut a strong promo backstage to get legit heat, however, when she is faced with a hostile crowd, she stumbles in promos. Her backstage promos though are pretty great. The one that stands out to me is how she berated Dana Brooke on Raw recently. It was the kind of promo that had a crowd legit hating her. Most heels in the WWE have the crowd cheering them on for their entertaientrance factor. Charlotte legitimately has the crowd in the palm of her hand at this point, and doesn't need Ric Flair for her to get heat.
809.01.2021Samir2.0Flair is most overrated and over pushed wrestler on the company. Her character and appearance never changed since her debut. Her promos are cringeworthy. Her character and appearance rip off of her father. They literally handed her everything which is irritating.
907.01.2021inmydreams0.0I think Charlotte is the most overrated wrestler in the history of WWE. I don't understand what fans likes about her, she has horrible mic skills, can't act, horrible character, is overpushed and is nothing special in ring. I seriously can't remember a good match from her apart the triple threat in Wrestlemania 32. She has won a lot of titles just because WWE wants her to beat her daddy's title championship wins.
1328.12.2020math18231.0Horrible mic skills, horrible babyface, not a good heel, average in-ring, 0 character, hated by a large majority of the WWE fans but she is still pushed more than Cena in the late 2000s because her father is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time. 1 point for her match at Evolution against Lynch.
1522.12.2020pierreMinne2.0That woman is what I call an horrible wrestler. Decent in ring, horrible mic skills, no charisma, same gimmick as her father ( I love Ric by the way ), horrible face and very bad heel. Most overrated female wrestler in the history. She can't even do a Moonsault because the only thing she is if she is the queen is the queen of plastic.
1622.12.2020cosmik debris8.0
1721.12.2020EthanWrestling5.0Charlotte is the most overrated wrestler in WWE history, for me Charlotte is the definition of average, average in the ring, robotic on the mic, she has a little charisma but just a little, HORRIBLE face and a decent heel. Charlotte does not inspire me at all. Just overrated
1821.12.2020Old ride long line10.0Ahh got to love people who try to have an insightful opinion on why somebody shouldn? t be as recognized as they are and then it basically boils down to he/she beat my favorite wrestler. There were more and more women, from 07-12 that kept showing fans and the WWE brass that the women could wrestle and the fans wanted to see them ? wrestle? . What WWE lacked was the perfect face to hinge the women? s revolution on. Insert Charlotte Flair. She could easily get by on just being the nature boys daughter but you take one look at her and you can clearly see she is 100 percent in the business. She is tall, shes built like a brick shit house, and she is very athletic. I? ll never understand people who can? t wrap there heads around that wrestling ? technique? only gets you so far. Grant it Charlotte along with randy orton, Ted dibiase , and Cody Rhodes, among others, come prepackaged with the perfect back story but the onus is on them to tie it all together and Charlotte and Randy Orton did it better than anyone. In order to be the ? man? you have to beat the ? man? . And Charlotte is the wo(man)!
1921.12.2020SmokeyV39.0Overrated? Yes, very. But she's still one of the best WWE female wrestlers and still deserves to be one of the main pilar of WWE's women's division.
2119.12.2020ChrisJericho4.0Mehr als 4 Punkte kann ich einfach nicht vergeben. Charlotte Flair ist unbestreibar eine gute Performerin, aber total overrated. Es gab Zeiten, da hat sie kurz nach dem Titelverlust den Titel erneut geholt. So kommt sie binnen 5 1/2 Jahre auf über 10 Regentschaften. Das ist entschieden too much. Selbst eine Alexa Bliss wurde nicht so heftig gepusht in der Zeit. Man merkt, dass hier der Name eine große Rolle spielt. Was seinerzeit in der WCW vor 20 Jahren mit David Flair nicht klappte, wird nun mit Charlotte Flair in der WWE umgesetzt. Man will auf Biegen und Brechen den Namen "Flair" melken, bis der letzte Cent aus den Fans geholt ist. Natürlich kann man niemanden die Schuld geben Kind eines berühmten Vaters zu sein, aber es wurde eben auch nie ein Hehl daraus gemacht wer sie ist, geschweige denn, dass sie sich nicht mit ihrem Namen schmückte, aber auch das ist wieder eine Sache, die in Zeiten des Internets schwerlich umsetzbar ist. Aber die Nachahmung der 4 Horsemen als 4 Horsewomen, die Übernahme des Entrances ihres Vaters usw.... Die WWE drückt es einem einfach so unglaublich aufs Auge, dass man es hier nicht mit Charlotte Flair, sondern mit der TOCHTER VON RIC FLAIR! EINSEINSEINSEINSELF zutun hat, dass ich zuweilen im Laufe der Jahre so manches Match von Charlotte Flair, egal wer die Gegnerin war, übersprang. Das sie nunmehr bereits seit einem halben Jahr verletztungsbedingt pausiert und daher nicht On-Air ist, finde ich zumindest dahingehend gut, dass nun auch mal andere Frauen ins Rampenlicht kommen, wenn auch der Umstand der Silikonvergiftung ihrer Brustimplantate nicht gerade die tollste Art ist verletzungsbedingt auszufallen. Ich hoffe, dass sie schnell wieder auf die Beine kommt, aber nicht mehr so heftig gepusht wird, wenn sie wieder in der WWE ist. In meinen Augen täte ein Schritt zurück in der "Flair" Marketingkampagne sehr gut und ein Auftritt wieder nur als "Charlotte" und nicht "Charlotte, die Tochter von Ric Flair" fände ich besser, denn damit steht sie für sich selbst. Es bleibt daher abzuwarten, wie es um Charlotte steht, wenn sie zurückkommt. Aber momentan kann ich aus den oben genannten Gründen nicht mehr als 4/10 geben.
2219.12.2020Black Liger9.0
2303.12.2020Lcrossin10.0I am making my rating 5his hogh due in part to offset some of the really low ratings. I think the claims that she just isn't the worker everyone makes her out to be is a case of people annoyed with how she's booked rather than a testament to her actual skill. Yes she is pushed ridiculously hard harder then she should be but she is genuinely one of the best performers on the planet and her importance as one of the four horse women and her role in the women's evolution should not be understated. Yes, I get it she's pushed to the detriment of other stars at time but there is a reason why she us pushed that hard.
2429.11.2020KingKlow0.0With all due respect to Charlotte and the importance she has had in the evolution of women's wrestling in WWE over the past decade, I just can't with her. I'm not one of those people who will say she got all her opportunities from her father (although that played a big part, let's be honest) because she's been working hard for years, but as a wrestler, she's zero. She's a great athlete all right, but she's a real robot who's incapable of innovation and is only regressing year after year. Where the other Four Horsewomen try to reinvent themselves every time despite their high status, Charlotte does the opposite by resting on her laurels and not even trying anymore. She knows that no matter what she does and no matter how involved she is in her matches/programs, WWE will not tell her because she is (unfortunately) indispensable to their women's division. And you can tell that because there's something really special about her, in the wrong sense of the word, you can tell that she doesn't care and that she's not trying to improve anymore. She takes her salary and is not even motivated to perform at the high level that she used to do a few years ago when she was the real boss of this division. Now she's far inferior to Banks, Bayley, Becky, Asuka, Io, Rhea and I go through a lot, she has to realize this and decide to put herself at their level rather than doing nothing. Because not only does she penalize herself, but also her opponents. Absolutely no one has ever come out strong of a match against Charlotte, and she has buried more talent (like Bianca and Rhea) than the other way around. She has repeated opportunities that are never justified, completely unforgettable reigns, tons of awful matches (except her matches against Sasha and her LMS against Becky), she's the worst seller in the business and she's really come down in my esteem these last two years. I'm just TIRED of her, and it's all her fault.
2812.11.2020KayfabeBuster883.0This girl is pure no talent. Like Ric, she has a last name everyone knows, after that, nothing. She's been handed titles and matches she had no business winning or competing in. She always needs to have the spotlight on her, but why? She has a last name we love, but we hate her attitude. She's been a champion because they want to say "Oh, look at that. Sh's as good as her father. " WHO GIVES A FLYING F*** ABOUT THAT? ! She is a carbon copy of Trish Stratus and doesn't ever show appreciation for her pedestal. She's like everything hated about Sable, Trish, Stephanie, Ric, and Hulk squished into a woman and she had to take time off for A BUSTED BREAST IMPLANT! So, her boobs aren't even real. GOAT? Don't kid yourself. DOAT (Dumbest of all time)? YES! YES! YES!
3031.10.2020YINCHAN8.0Not of the haters (whiny Becky fans) can really give a legit argument to rate her low. The bottom line is Charlotte was a workhorse until 2020, faced the best of the best in the U. S. and is a million times better than David Flair.
3225.10.2020rainmakerpunk9.0Daughter of one of the best ever, but she's more than that, she is legit one of the best heels WWE of the 2010s of any gender and she's damn good in the ring, can't blame them for pushing her to the moon she deserves it
3322.10.2020jp1114.0Mediocre. Over-rated, over-hyped and over-pushed. Robotic promos that are one note. She can only play a heel but cannot get over with the crowd no matter how hard the WWE pushes her. Excellent athlete but no wrestling toolbox. She has no idea how ring psychology is supposed to work. She is playing the equivalent of the over-powering giant in the women's division and the WWE expects you to no sell in that situation but Charlotte takes it to extremes. Any damage to her from submissions is immediately forgotten which just makes all of her matches lazy and one note and gives small opponents zero chance to look credible against her. She has no ability to change what she does to her opponent's strengths. Cool Moonsault though. If you like flippy wrestling, she's your gal.
3612.10.2020Shooter10.0Ich muss wirklich eine 10er-Wertung für Charlotte Flair rechtfertigen? Come on Cagematch... Man kann sie mögen oder hassen, aber sie bringt wirklich alles mit, was es zum Top Star braucht, mehr als nur den großen Namen.
3806.10.2020Legend0038.0Ein komplettes Paket als Wresterin. Promos, In-Ring Work sind stark und auch ihre Matches enttäuschen eigentlich nie. Für mich zurecht eine der besten.
3904.10.2020Suzukigun8.0So here's the deal with Charlotte Flair. She's very good in the ring a lot of times, but also has her fair share of duds here and there. She's a terrible babyface, but a great heel. She's a bad promo, but that works to her advantage when she's cutting heel promos. She's been vastly overpushed, and that's why the ratings for her are usually polarizing. She's also very athletic. If not for that latter aspect, she would be a lot more appreciated by a lot of people. I'm not a big fan, but she's still worthy of an 8/10 in my opinion.
4004.10.2020MidwestMachete8.0Good character work, especially when she is a heel, can go in huge matches if need be, it is no secret as to why the WWE has a lot of faith in here. However, that seems to be her only fault, the booking specifically, as in my opinion, she can come off as a Triple H like character where you dread seeing her in title matches because you feel as if she'll win no matter what. I believe that the way she's booked has made people sour on her, specifically her recent NXT Women's Title run.
4128.09.2020Cleodoxa10.0Charlotte Flair is easily one of the best wrestlers in the world. She masters psychology in each of her matches. None of its performances are capable of disappointing. She gave us classics. She is fluid in the ring, fast and strong at the same time. She masters the tempo of a match, she never makes tons to make her match interesting. Beyond her athletic abilities in the ring, Charlotte is the most charismatic wrestler in the WWE. It can be as much detestable as it is admirable. It was played with the public is very few wrestlers are able to. Charlotte is already a legend, unfortunately this overexposure is a hindrance to her career. The WWE wanted to go too fast, while they have time to make her the greatest American wrestler. She deserves a reign worthy of the name !
4222.09.2020SSEighty77.0Good wrestler but vastly overrated in every aspect, both from promos and actually in-ring ability. She's the most over-pushed woman in history, and I feel like if she wasn't Ric Flair's daughter, she wouldn't be in that position. Not to say she isn't talented or doesn't have any classic matches, cause she is talented and does have them, but she's gotten enormous opportunities, enough for multiple women combined. She's a good heel, but often draws "go away" heat instead of legitimate booing. People change the channel when she's on cause they usually know the result. They also true to make her exactly like her father, when she doesn't have nearly the charisma and general swagger that Ric Flair had. As a face she's pretty generic, and has weirdly been booked like an underdog, even though everyone knows how naturally privileged she has been. The 7. 0 is mostly for her wrestling ability, cause even though she can talk, she's pretty boring. A drastic character change would probably do wonders for her.
4320.09.2020Coop DEtat9.0
4502.09.2020LucaGG182.0Probably the most over-used wrestler in WWE history. I don't see what some people like about her. Sure, she's very athletic (I can't deny that), but everything else is bad. Her character is exactly the same whether she's face or heel, and I find her really hateable. In short, an over-used wrestler, and I'm glad I don't see her in front of the screens anymore.
4729.08.2020Criss Axton7.0
5511.08.2020thericcy10.0Charlotte Flair may be the best female wrestler right now, there is almost no one as good as her. She is a great heel and uses it perfectly to reflect the negative reception she gets, such as her being called overrated. Did she have too many championships? Yes. But no woman is better than Charlotte. A few may be on the same level as her, but her being a Flair and the company's golden child helps her showing her talent. Iconic feuds: Nikki, Paige, Sasha, Bayley, Asuka, Ronda & Becky. She has had amazing matches (TLC Triple Threat, WM34, Evolution, WM32, against Nattie at TakeOver). She has very cool moves, like her "Diving Corkscrew Moonsault Plancha" or "Figure Eight", proving her great athleticism. Love her or hate her, Charlotte is (one of) the best.
5922.07.2020martizzletae10.0Love to hate! When they don't make her try to be a copy of her dad, I say the Queen deserves just about everything they give her. The natural conference and skill and the ability to use her last name to acknowledge her spot is perfect.
6016.07.2020MrMack5.0She puts the 'A' in average. Same match every time. It's just long boring and her dominanting. How is that interesting? ! ? ! Gives very little and takes a lot. No one ever comes out better after feuding with her. Top star my ass!
6714.06.2020Khalid Ace7.0
6912.06.2020Okaro1439.0I wouldn't say she is the best female wrestler in the world but I truly believe that Charlotte Flair is the most decorated and the greatest female wrestler in the company's history. She has been consistently great and always delivers at any WrestleMania she is in. She has main evented ppvs including WrestleMania, TakeOver and both Raw and SmackDown. Her match with Asuka and Becky was really good and also her match with Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley at NXT elevated the Women's Division. She may be overpushed but I feel like she deserves it.
7011.06.2020JoCXo4.0Behind her overpush, I don't see Charlotte as a Allrounder, she's a wrestlee who tries to find her style but she can't. Whenever she's loosing a match, doesn't sell the moves and feel kinda flat line
7209.06.2020Booker C8.0
7508.06.2020Nulltarif7.0Charlotte zählt im RIng ohne Zweifel zu den besten Frauen der Welt. Dafür konnte sie noch nie wirklich durch ihre Promos überzeugen. Auch ihr Gimmick ist inzwischen furchtbar langweilig und immer das gleiche.
7703.06.2020ElPolloLoco5.0She's not bad and she's not good: she's pretty average. But due to her monster push some have cometo believe she is way better than she really is and others have taken to hate her guts, kinda like what happened to Roman Reigns before WWE launched "Operation Pity The Guy Who Looks Like A Greek God".
8222.05.2020AndreaCalo19975.0I'm not exactly a fan of women's wrestling, but in the wake of the relatively recent women's revolution I tried to watch it as much as I could. Charlotte's success through this era is one of those things that just goes beyond my comprehension. Since the very beginning I've found her boring and pretty uniteresting, both on the ring and on the mic. She's definitely decent, but has been overpushed to the moon just because of her last name.
8416.04.2020AdriNievas225.0Overrated and overpushed. The less talented out of the 4 horse-women, she's can be a good heel but she clearly can't work as a face.
8516.04.2020Alex Maeda8.0
8906.04.2020MJFJUNE9.0It is easy to say Charlotte is over pushed, overrated, or just pushed because of her last name but there is no denying she is ONE OF the best women's wrestlers WWE has ever had. She is great on the mic, can carry opponents when needed, and is technically gifted. I agree her last name definitely helped in getting her started but by now I think her talent speaks for itself.
9006.04.2020guysquiterio10.0the queen? Excellent fighter, charismatic, good at promo, legendary ... do want more? she is one of the only ones that can give a good match with almost everybody in the Women's division
9106.04.2020The Intellectual Savior9.0
9225.03.2020Triple M910.0Charlotte is a perfect wrestler, she got the performance, mic, character, and charisma. I know she had more title reigns than she should, but that's not her fault.
9503.03.2020Brye5.0Legitimately some of the worst mid-match selling I've ever seen, which is insane considering she's Ric Flair's daughter. She has a good look to her and against the right people can have good matches, but she is like 95% hype with very little substance, imo. Her promo work is pretty poor as well. And can't forget the unprofessional fits she's thrown on both Lacey Evans & Kairi Sane, stiffing them during matches. She's had a handful of very good matches but as an overall talent she would NEVER be where she is without her last name.
9602.03.2020Briefcase 19928.0
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