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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.85
arkhamoutlaw10 wrote on 07.11.2021:
[3.0] "I thought he could have been very good. Unfortunately, all of his New Japan Cup matches were bad and his tag team with Juice is embarrassing."
allurvibe wrote on 16.08.2021:
[4.0] "There have been just a couple times where I thought Finlay might start to turn the corner into something but his lack of charisma in personality and ring work seems to be insurmountable."
magic wrote on 18.05.2021:
[7.0] "I really think Finlay has potential to be an amazing fiery underdog as shown in his matches against Jay White and his match against Ospreay. He can sell his ass off, he has a fun moveset, he's very quick and snappy and still has some time to improve and hopefully develop as a better character. For now he's a 7 but as i said his potential to be a fiery underdog babyface is there."
ExcitingProWrestlin3 wrote on 05.05.2021:
[8.0] "He's 27 and has more years of development left until he hits his best years. He could be an amazing talent, just depends how hard he works his ass off."
Ma Stump Puller wrote on 23.03.2021:
[6.0] "Very much the definition of a low mid card talent: decent when placed into matches with astounding talent but really not anything exciting otherwise. Yes he had a better than average match with NJPW's top heel and Ospreay bumping around for him, but he's been extremely mediocre the last 5 years with barely any astounding matches to discuss and being the weaker side of his tag with Juice. Maybe he'll get better considering his relative youth and experience but for the son of Finlay I just don't see anything thus far."
marselfish wrote on 21.03.2021:
[5.0] "Hatte während des New Japan Cups 2021 so einen Breakout-Moment, aber so ganz klickt er bei mir nicht. Charisma im durchschnittlichen Bereich, ziemlich austauschbarer Look und insgesamt einfach zu generisch, um aufzufallen. Im Team mit FinJuice ganz gut, weil der halt hier und da bisschen over the top ist und es sich so ausgleicht. Ansonsten ist Finlay für mich ein passabler Wrestler mit Potenzial."
StrongStyle2020 wrote on 21.03.2021:
[7.0] "David Finlay is finally starting to show something, after years of seemingly be willing to coast. While Juice Robinson has the charisma, personality and strong promo ability in the team, Finlay has shown he can hold his own and be a very capable performer. His New Japan Cup run didn't quite have the star making performance it perhaps could have with the Jay White upset, and very good match with Will Ospreay, but there were highly encouraging signs. A great few weeks for Finlay."
BUIOOMEGA wrote on 19.03.2021:
[8.0] "At the moment, David Finlay is delivering in the New Japan Cup and he is a good representative for NJPW on Impact and AEW possibly."
Gonto03 wrote on 18.03.2021:
[4.0] "I just don't see anything interesting on Finlay. Most of his matches are boring and although he knows how to do the moves technically he doesn't attract any attention to himself, which is the last thing you want in wrestling. Even Juice stands out in the tag team and I don't like him either."
BlackWind wrote on 12.01.2021:
[5.0] "Nearly all of his Young Lion classmates has the starpower and they had important matches and they won important titles but David Finlay couldn't go with them. They gave him a Tag Title because he was unhappy how he was treated and they made him lose it in their first defense. I don't see future with him."
ItChEE40 wrote on 15.07.2020:
[8.0] "Was the MVP of the WTL 2019 final. Sold really really well for EVIL & SANADA and pulled off an awesome comeback for an emotional win. Has improved heaps from when he was a pure undercarder."
Damian wrote on 13.05.2020:
[4.0] "Basically his dad but worse in everything except the look department. He is still young tho, and he might improve in the future."
Wasserkocher wrote on 28.03.2020:
[4.0] "David Finlay, ähnlich wie Chase Owens sieht einfach nicht wie ein Sportler aus. Er hat auch nicht den Typ Körper von einem Kevin Owens, bei dem es passt, sondern er wirkt einfach untrainiert. Dazu ist der Rest vom Look auch nicht überzeugend. Ist seit Jahren in der Undercard und da auch gut aufgehoben. Hat immer seine Momente und kann gut jede Card füllen, aber das war es auch. Mit 26 natürlich noch nicht am Ende angekommen, aber eigentlich seit Jahren der gleiche Typ."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 09.03.2020:
[4.0] "An absolutely unremarkable worker in any way, shape or form, David Finlay's not bad but he gives off the distinct impression he has already reached his peak, which is the opening act. He has such a low ceiling pairing him with Juice Robinson almost killed the latter's momentum. With so many promising Young Lions around him, Finlay had better start to get his act together or he may soon find himself future endeavor'd."
PuroresuLover wrote on 16.05.2019:
[4.0] "Very poor worker, with an ok look but a flabby gut. David Finlay doesn't care about wrestling, he's just doing it because his father did in the past... and he failed too."
zephyr wrote on 03.11.2018:
[5.0] "Finlay is someone with great potential but it looks like it might be a couple of years until he really taps into it."
TheLoudMouth wrote on 08.01.2018:
[7.0] "Man merkt, aus welcher Familie er kommt. Bereits in jungen Jahren schon technisch versiert im Ring und man merkt ihm sichtlich an, wie gut ihm seine Zeit in Japan tut. Hat enormes Potential nach oben."
arrancar wrote on 04.05.2017:
[5.0] "Finlay was always my least favourite of the 2015 batch of young lions also including Tanaka, Komatsu, and White. But that's still quite an achievement. I always found his appearance to be weird, especially now that he has 'graduated' from being a young lion and rocks some really odd tights designs and guyliner. I guess he's just trying to figure out what his 'character' is, or its a midlife crisis. Either way, his appearance is a bit off-putting but his in-ring work was always solid. He would always add some charisma and energy to the undercard matches and did appear to have some nice impactful moves. I haven't seen anything that would indicate he could become some great wrestler in future and I'm not sure I see him progressing passed the midcard level, but he's a solid worker as of now."
TheWrestlingFan wrote on 11.03.2017:
[8.0] "I like the path that David is taking in his wrestling career by starting with New Japan. He has been developing so much in the ring since "graduated" as a young lion. His future is still long and he will be a great asset to New Japan if he gets built slowly and there's no better company than New Japan to do it."
Mathieu Virtuoso wrote on 06.01.2017:
[8.0] "Finlay has improved leaps and bounds since the start of 2016. Not only should he be a key member of the Junior division in 2017, but he may even be able to get himself a Jr title shot at some point. Future is looking up for Finlay as the Jr division in NJPW continues to thrive."
PistolPeteMatty wrote on 30.10.2016:
[8.0] "The first fourth generation superstar is certain to make an impact in the wrestling world, especially now that he's no longer a young lion and getting some exposure as part of the NEVER Openweight 6 man tag champions. He's got big shoes to fill, but I think he's got the potential to fill them nicely. He's proving to be a fine brawler, ."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 05.06.2016:
[8.0] "This young lion shows a fire about him that justs screams future star, is just as good a brawler as his daddy and his uppercuts are badass"
Antimaster wrote on 15.02.2016:
[5.0] "Solider Rookie, der uns in Japan absolut in Ordnung repräsentiert. Die Basics sitzen bei ihm schon sehr gut, und seine Uppercuts sind typsch europäisch hart. Was ihm jedoch noch fehlt ist ein guter look, er wirkt einfach wie der nette Abiturient von nebenan, und vielleicht noch ein bisschen Innovation. Aber hey, er ist noch so jung, er wird sich noch verbessern. In 3-5 Jahren traue ich ihm eine ähnliche Rolle wie Karl Anderson zu, Potenzial ist auf jeden Fall da!"
Micha1704 wrote on 20.07.2015:
[7.0] "Er ist ein wirklich ordentlicher bis guter Worker. Seine momentane Leistung ist für ein Rookie wirklich gut und er hat sich schon ordentlich entwickelt. Gerade im New Japan best of the Super Jr. Tournament fand ich ihn stark."
Obermacker wrote on 11.10.2014:
[6.0] "Hat sich gut seit seinem ersten Match entwickelt und da ist noch viel Luft nach oben. Mit den Connections seines Vaters ist es wohl nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis er sich seine Sporen in Japan verdient."
Charismatic Enigma wrote on 29.09.2014:
[7.0] "Die Entwicklung seit seinem Debüt ist mehr als ordentlich. Das vor zwei Jahren waren halt Exhibition Matches. Da sollte man die Messlatte noch nicht so hoch legen. Dazu die Aufregung, das erste Mal vor Publikum zu stehen. Seine Promo mit der Herausforderung (zu sehen auf wrestling24. de oder dem entsprechenden Youtube-Kanal) war kurz und knackig (deutlich besser als Al-Anis Antwort btw. ) Im Ring dann überzeugend in Technik und Interaktion mit dem Gegner. Go ahead Dave!"
djddt wrote on 19.03.2013:
[3.0] "So leid es mir tut, kann ich ihm derzeit noch keine bessere Wertung geben. Im Match gegen Walter hat so ziemlich garnichts gepasst. Im Tagteam mit seinem Vater dagegen war das Timing besser. Aber er muss es auch alleine besser hinbekommen. Da er aber noch ganz am Anfang steht, gebe ich ihm 3 Punkte anstatt 2, wie ich erst vorhatte."
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