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SmokeyV3 wrote on 05.11.2020:
[10.0] ""El Ídolo de los Niños" (The children's Idol), master of the lucha libre style and a Mexican icon since the 80s. The age hasn't affected him, he kept wrestling as in his first days until a couple of years ago. His match against Villano III back in 2000 is not just MOTY by WON, but it's also considered in Mexico as the best match ever happened in the country. Simply a true legend."
guysquiterio wrote on 06.04.2020:
[9.0] "Truly a legend, since 80s but he keep going until this era, bravo, the best match that i have seen of hims is against La Sombra"
Makai Club wrote on 28.05.2019:
[10.0] "Prime tecnico for most of his career, being a hero to all. From Arena México to Domo de la Feria is Guanajuato. Only a few times has Atlantis been a rudo, mainly in 2005 where the fans turned on him (during the Wagner Jr feud) and he joined Guerreros del Infiernio (Warriors of Hell). That's how popular he was. Atlantis is considered a legend by this point due to his consistency and big draw level matches, Vilano III for example which is one of the best matches ever, in my humble opinion. Long and storied career that isn't matched by many people."
ElPolloLoco wrote on 09.03.2019:
[8.0] "In many ways Atlantis is affected by the same curse as Triple H: it's impossible to say how many of his achievements are his own and how many the result of his family ties to Paco Alonso. While a very good wrestler by all accounts, and blessed by an extraordinary in-ring longevity (albeit his recent knee injury has been taking a heavy toll on his performances), many of his achievements have been controversial just like Triple H's: for example many questioned the idea of Atlantis winning Mano Negra's mask, since the latter at the time was arguably the more popular (and better) wrestler. And while I understand fully well the reasons for stripping La Sombra of his mask, I still feel Atlantis was not the right man to do so. Still he's an integral part of lucha libre for the past three decades, and like him or not he's long been a pleasure to watch in the ring and his alliance with Ultimo Guerrero was hugely popular among fans. These days he seems mostly content with making semi-regular appearances and helping his son breaking into the business: a well deserved semi-retirement and I wish his heir all the luck in the world."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 05.06.2016:
[10.0] "This mans Lucha des aspuatus record is legendary, has had matches with great emotion and unlike other wrestlers his age he still is just as good as day 1"
Mike09 wrote on 20.07.2014:
[10.0] "Great Mexican wrestler and also great legend. I can't understand why he hasn't a better rating due the weight of the mask he wears and due the name he portrays. He have had a really good matches around all his career and have won some masks of great level. I recognize his work in the differents rings around the world."
Hirnklops wrote on 24.10.2010:
[7.0] "Wenn man einer der besten Luchadores ist, sich die Leute aber nur an dich erinnern werden, weil seine Karriere daraus bestand, Mistico over zu bringen, was würde man da von sich denken?"
ShakDragoon wrote on 20.01.2010:
[8.0] "Guter Lucha Libre Veteran, der auch heute noch gute Leistungen für sein Alter zeigt."
VioletWarrior wrote on 03.11.2009:
[8.0] "Sehr guter Mann der CMLL. Würde ihn gern mal öfters in europäischen Ringen sehen!"
T-Wayne wrote on 17.07.2009:
[7.0] "Hab ihn bei Michinoku Pro gesehen und seine Leistung war eigentlich ziemlich gut."
AndyTNA wrote on 24.10.2008:
[8.0] "Guter Worker der mir bei CMLL aber etwas zu wenig gepusht wird würde ihn gerne in den US Indypenden Shows sehen."
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