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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.11
CanadianBadBoy wrote on 04.09.2020:
[6.0] "She was decent in the ring. She had the look and she had charisma. Not good at playing babyface but as a heel she excels in both roles. Her ring work was decent, but it still needs a little bit of work."
Okaro143 wrote on 25.08.2020:
[1.0] "I never even fully saw her in a full match. Summer Rae was well known but never because of wrestling. She started off as a great dance partner to Fandango and then a bit of valet work. She could pull out a decent character work but man I don't know if WWE ruined her or she had no talent for wrestling from the beginning."
JEK 1991 wrote on 09.02.2020:
[3.0] "never really excited me in the ring. She could do the splits. Nothing too memorable about her. She is hot though."
Frajagator wrote on 26.12.2019:
[8.0] "Pretty decent wrestler, PERFECT on the mic and gimmick, almost the full package, she need to polish her ring skills and we'll be one of the top women wrestlers in the business, so underrated, I wanted to see her more involved in the women's revolution, can you imagine her making BFF again? That would be amazing."
Damian wrote on 08.12.2019:
[3.0] "Not good at all. Decent look, but bad in every other way. Not surprising she hasn't done anything after being released from WWE."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 13.08.2019:
[2.0] "I don't think Summer really had the head for the business. Her over-acting was extraordinary. She was a bad replacement for Fandango's original dancer & never worked in that role. She was best in the early days of NXT, but she still never found her flow there. After the Fandango role ended, she was a ship without any direction."
bdj1977 wrote on 14.08.2018:
[1.0] "Summer Rae, despite an athletic frame, never moved well, couldn't run the ropes, and never executed cleanly and convincingly. Her acting was atrocious, she was annoying on the mic, and couldn't engage the audience in or out of the ring. She wasn't even attractive. Glad she is gone."
Dragon fighter 1997 wrote on 02.01.2018:
[2.0] "As a wrestler : not much, sloppy, boring. As a valet : she is better for sure. A missed opportunity that she could be a valet/manager for someone. She is tolerable on mic. Decent charisma, too. I have seen a couple of decent matches with sasha. That's it. Sadly, wwe hasn't had any ideas/storylines for her. So a 2 seems to be fair."
ferrante207 wrote on 18.10.2017:
[2.0] "Who the heck is dropping these ratings? Jeez. I would like to expect more objective ratings from cagematch. Seems to be some odd booster-ism with Summer Rae and I for one do not get it. Nothing to see here. No real charisma or charm, in ring work that'll have you fast forwarding or checking your phone, doesn't seem like a credible athlete. She has that "newborn baby giraffe" level of agility. Never understood how she stayed on the roster for this long."
Antimaster wrote on 02.08.2017:
[3.0] "Eigentlich ne ganz hotte und als Valet wirklich stark. Im Ring jedoch zum Vergessen. Mittlerweile seit nem Jahr nicht mehr im TV, wird wohl bald die Entlassung folgen und eine Karriere außerhalb des Wrestling Biz anfangen (Siehr die Kaitlyns und Eve Torres dieser Welt)."
marselfish wrote on 29.05.2017:
[4.0] "Hat den Look und gutes Heel-Charisma für einen Singles-Run oder Valet-Job, als Face-Valet reicht es aber auch dicke. Nur darf sie einfach nichts daraus machen. Im Ring ist sie immerhin solide, wenn sie auch klar zu den schwächeren Workern in der Division zählt. Ein gutes Gimmick könnte sie aber spielend tragen."
acutelock wrote on 18.04.2017:
[4.0] "Surprised to see her rating so high. I wasn't around for her earlier WWE days, so maybe I am missing something, but I've seen her wrestle plenty including multiple times in person and just don't see much there."
kukubra wrote on 12.01.2017:
[10.0] "Keine schlechte Wrestlerin und vor allem macht sie vieles durch ihre Ausstrahlung wieder gut. Finde sie spielt ihre Rolle sehr gut! ""
rjsbx11 wrote on 06.01.2017:
[6.0] "The term underrated is often misused when it comes to rating or evaluating a talent but Summer Rae is underrated. A often overlooked part in WWE's road to respectability in women's wrestling, Summer shined in NXT. Summer Rae isn't the best wrestler, in fact, she's great without needing a highly diverse skill set. The girl can wrestle, though. Simplicity is her game inside the ropes, she has a great Indian Deathlock, and performs all her moves with impact. Her character work is top notch. Facial expression, heel work, ring psychology is advanced. She's a female Miz more or less. She knows how to drive a match along, especially through character work. Hopefully, she bounces back from her current injuries, because RAW's women's division needs more definable character's outside of the three they have."
MusSan wrote on 08.11.2016:
[6.0] "Finde sie gut. So toll ist sie auch wieder nicht, aber ist auch nicht schlecht. Als sie aufstieg, hat man sie falsch eingesetzt."
nimo wrote on 14.08.2016:
[9.0] "Ich finde sie eigentlich in ordnung. Was mich stört sind diese sinnlosen fehden! Am mic hat sie sich verbessert ."
The Intellectual Savior wrote on 15.07.2016:
[3.0] "Als Valet gut (+1). Im Ring mangelhaft (2/10). Am Mic mangelhaft (2/10), Charisma nicht ausreichend (3/10), Ausstrahlung okay (5/10). Insgesamt sind das 3, 25 von 10 Punkten - "nicht ausreichend"."
AMHTP wrote on 22.06.2016:
[5.0] "Summer Rae is a better worker than people give her credit for, and a nasty and convincing villain. As far as I can tell, she could fill a Nikki Bella type role better than Nikki Bella herself. She does have a tendency to overact, but I suppose that can't be helped considering the awful storylines into which she has been placed. Summer has potential, though, and a better sense of ring psychology than most of the "Diva era" wrestlers in the company."
Brye wrote on 23.05.2016:
[8.0] "In the ring she has great ring psychology. She doesn't have a huge moveset but she uses what she has extremely well. Unfortunately WWE seems to give her the cold shoulder each and every chance they get. She has 3 career singles wins on Raw and one on Smackdown. Zero on PPV. I've never seen someone used so poorly. Her mic skills are at the very least top 3 of the women, at best the very top. She puts more emotion into her words than many on the roster. Her facial expressions and mannerisms are fantastic. She does all the little things and really seems to understand what makes wrestling fun. She is criminally underrated because most of her best work comes on Main Event and Superstars, which a lot of people skip."
MAG3197SWC wrote on 20.05.2016:
[5.0] "Summer can do a good job in the ring ! But she's not charismatic than all other divas! She look simple and basic , i hope that she can change a little bit ! Cause we've the impression to coryright Maryse over the attire. She can play correctly the baby face sure but i think that Eva Marie looks better !"
SpaceVacation wrote on 19.04.2016:
[6.0] "Decent worker. Pretty good talker. Hilarious personality. Summer is a good heel but I can't imagine her stepping out of her current spot. She works as the chicken-shit antagonist. Despite her being in what I think was the worst feud of 2015 (Ziggler/Rusev) she was often the only shade of levity. Also, legs."
Longa-46 wrote on 10.04.2016:
[3.0] "Gutes Aussehen und Charisma hat sie auch ein wenig. Jedoch ist sie im Ring eine Katastrophe und oft sehr unsauber. Am Mic ebenfalls überhaupt nicht zu gebrauchen. Insgesamt kann ich ihr aufgrund der Wrestlerischen Fähigkeiten nicht mehr als 3 Punkte geben."
oscargeorge1 wrote on 09.04.2016:
[1.0] "I cannot quite believe how highly this wrestler is rated. I have see nothing to suggest that she is anything more than a makeweight in the Women's Division. No desirable skills either as a wrestler or as a character. Her recent involvement in the Ziggler/Rusev/Lana storyline and her involvement with Tyler Breeze which practically destroyed any push he was receiving is proof in point that she represents the very worst that the Women's division has to offer. A walking advert for the vapidity of recent PG-Era WWE."
SteveTheBeast wrote on 08.04.2016:
[3.0] "Kann von allem was aber von allem nicht viel. Finde sie relativ unnötig, da die WWE in der Womens Division deutlich besseres zu bieten hat."
General Doom I wrote on 01.03.2016:
[2.0] "Schlecht und sehr unsauber im Ring, Unterdurchschnittlich am Micro, mittelmäßige Schauspielfähigkeiten, ausgestattet mit einem gewissen Charisma und gutem Aussehen. Ladies and Gentlemen: Das ist Summer Rae!"
joryman wrote on 25.01.2016:
[6.0] "In NXT she was a nice wrestler, she made a good work. In main roster, she is nothing, WWE uses Summer Rae like a ornament to Rusev or Breeze and by that way, she sucks."
Mantafahrer wrote on 20.01.2016:
[3.0] "Die Tante hat für mich derzeit das Image der Aushelfs-Actrice, ständig positioniert in Rollen, die für andere Leute reine Zeitverschwendung sind. Wobei ihre Schauspielskills ziemlich dürftig sind, unabhängig von den grauenhaften Skripten, mit denen sie arbeiten muss. EDIT II: Okay, das ist lächerlich. Drei Accounts, alle drei mit Summer Rae und 10 Punkten als erste und einzige Bewertung, alle am selben Tag mit dem selben Schreibstil verfasst. Entweder ein guter Troll oder ein Kiddie mit Regelproblemen."
Josh76 wrote on 15.11.2015:
[5.0] "Looks are good, wrestling is bad, billeting is ok. Summer was much better in the BFFs. Alone with Breeze she is at least being used."
La Trina wrote on 11.11.2015:
[8.0] "Summer Rae is absolutely fabulous at what she does. Her charisma is through the roof, her mic work is always marvelous and her witchy look is a much needed change from the usual cookie cutter valets and female managers. In the ring, Summer gets her work done with simplicity, wearing down her opponents with a well done Indian Deathlock or her signature Roundhouse Kick. Overall, Summer's been a good addition to the Divas division, especially while accompanying fellow stars to the squared circle."
Klabauter wrote on 13.09.2015:
[4.0] "Eine eigentlich solide Diva, die ich so im Bereich zwischen 5 bis 6 ansiedeln würde. Allerdings wird sie aktuell als Valet eingesetzt und kann mich da eher weniger überzeugen. Im Gesamteindruck zieht sie die bescheidene Leistung als Valet im Vergleich zur solide Leistung als Wrestlerin leider runter auf Vier Punkte."
Mandzukic9 wrote on 13.09.2015:
[3.0] "Summer Rae´s Auftritte sind teilweise schrecklich! Dafür, dass sie im Ring eine Katastrophe ist, kann sie am Micro erstaunlich wenig. Naja, sie stammt eben aus der "Wir achten bei den weiblichen Verpflichtungen nur noch aufs Aussehen"-Generation. Die drei gibts nur, weil ich im Hinterkopf habe, dass ich beide Bellas mit zwei Punkten bewertet habe und selbst SR nicht soooo schlecht ist."
KingofKingsHHH wrote on 13.09.2015:
[4.0] "Im Ring ist sie ganz ok und sie besitzt auch etwas Ausstrahlung aber ihr Micwork ist sehr schlecht und es wirkt auch immer sehr unglaubwürdig."
Rick Nimble wrote on 07.09.2015:
[6.0] "Summer Rae from NXT was a great villain and without her we wouldn't have had The BFFs or maybe even The Boss; but Summer Rae from RAW is a different story entirely. She has been completely wasted, being used as nothing more than a valet for mid-carders and a jobber for more "important" Divas. She isn't the best talker and is by no mean amazing in the ring, but she's much better than how she's been portrayed."
HereComesThePain wrote on 30.07.2015:
[0.0] "Im Ring eine Katastrophe, das Gesicht ist total komisch, und ein Mic sollte man schnell einbetonieren bevor sie danach greift. Was mich am meisten stört ist ihr Tussi-Gehabe. Eine der nervigsten und schlechtesten "Divas" die es gibt. Und oh, sie ist wohl naturblond, denn dieser "1+1=2"-Blick bestätigt sich oft. Nein danke, gebt doch bitte den richtigen Diven eine Chance im Main Roaster. 0 Punkte deshalb, weil ich einer 6. 08 (überdurchschnittlich? ! ? ! ? ) stark entgegenwirken will. Das darf nicht sein."
Rikishi wrote on 17.07.2015:
[1.0] "Summer Rae ist einfach nur überflüssig. Im Ring schlecht, am Mikro nervig, allgemein nervig und ziemlich uncharismatisch, außerdem eine super schlechte Schauspielerin. Dazu ein hässliches (eigentlich überhaupt nicht meine Art, aber das Gesicht geht für mich gar nicht) Gesicht. Körper ist klasse, aber insgesamt ist Summer Rae schlecht, nervig und einfach überflüssig."
Knoetsch wrote on 17.07.2015:
[3.0] "Irgendwie ist sie doch im Moment der Lückenfüller, wenn irgendwer was hübsches an seiner Seite braucht. Erst bei Mizdow jetzt bei Rusev. Gerade letzteres ist irgendwie total schwachsinnig. Da sie sich ja auch schon im Ring "versucht" hat, darf man ihre dort mangelhaften Leistungen wohl auch bewerten. Noch eine der "alten" NXT-Generation, von denen aber eher sowas, was Alexa Bliss heutzutage ist: Wenn man drauf steht wohl hübsch, aber wrestlerisch total schlecht."
PWC wrote on 19.06.2015:
[9.0] "Summer Rae catches my eye for being a breathtakingly gorgeous babe. Summer Rae is a relatively new Diva with being the valet to Fandango to eventually breaking out of her shell in November 2013 with becoming a active member of the roster to this day. I give Summer another year and hopefully in 2015-2016, we'll see all the potential in the world Summer can bring to the WWE audience."
FateBreaker46 wrote on 16.06.2015:
[6.0] "Summer has great character and promise, unfortunately she is one of many divas randomly lost in the shuffle. Her ring skills are not that bad but it is bland. I thought she was going to shoot up the ranks after returning from filming her movie, but that went nowhere."
Roman777 wrote on 26.04.2015:
[10.0] "One of the best Divas ever. Amazing wrestler, great mic work, good actress, and very beautiful girl."
Bowlen wrote on 14.04.2015:
[4.0] "Wrestlerisch und optisch schwimmt sie mit dem breiigen Strom mit, für mich persönlich ist also nichts dabei, was mich zu mehr als einem "ausreichend" bewegen könnte. Wirklich schlecht sind andere, wirklich gut aber erst recht - nur eben kaum im WWE-Damenroster."
Phenomenal91 wrote on 18.02.2015:
[6.0] "Charisma and mic skills have often been a weak point among female wrestlers. There are plenty who can walk the walk, but only a handful who can talk the talk. Summer Rae has charisma and mic skills like no other Diva working today. Not exactly the second coming of the Fabulous Moolah in terms of wrestling ability, but she's definitely better than a lot of the Divas on the roster now. I hope she gets involved in a storyline that brings her championship gold. She's the quintessential Diva for the WWE Network generation."
test85 wrote on 10.01.2015:
[6.0] "Optisch finde ich sie toll und spricht mich auch an. Besitzt einiges an Charisma. Auch kann sie sich im Ring gut bewegen. Leider ist sie im Ring noch nicht ganz so gut. Hoffe sie verbessert sich noch. Glaube aber nicht an eine große Karriere, da sie für WWE Diven Verhältnisse schon ziemlich alt ist. Optik und Charisma 8-9 in Ring Performance noch nicht so viel."
GabberGizmo wrote on 06.01.2015:
[9.0] "Sie sieht hübsch aus ! Sie kann sich sehr gut bewegen ! Sie wird auch im Ring immer besser ! Total Diva !"
ch14mx wrote on 03.12.2014:
[8.0] "Charismatic, solid wrestler, has an it factor similar to divas such as Melina and Maryse. Loads of potential here."
pezbawt wrote on 16.11.2014:
[8.0] "Summer Rae is one of the few complete packages of both wrestling skill and personality. She was getting over big during her feud with Layla in the middle of the year but for what ever reason has faded into obscurity. Hopefully 2015 can be the year that she finally breaks out and realizes her full potential."
zackwoowoowooryder wrote on 29.06.2014:
[4.0] "Hebt sich nicht von den anderen Diven ab, zu mindestens wenn man von den Ring-Skills spricht. Sollte doch lieber wieder als Ringsprecherin oder als Valet antreten. Fand sie in den Rollen bedeutend besser."
WrestlingFan1991 wrote on 19.06.2014:
[10.0] "Summer Rae in my opinion is somewhat underrated as a wrestler. She just has not been placed into a storyline that could potentially enhance her credibility as a wrestler. There is no doubt that she is athletic and skilled. Plus her height gives her the upper hand as well. As of now she is currently feuding with WWE veteran Layla. I hope this storyline gives her the "push" that she deserves with a title shot down the road as well. She looked very promising(and still is) while at NXT. She just needs the right magic to get it down. Overall in my honest opinion Summer Rae is a very good wrestler with height, strength and beauty to go with it."
AriesMark wrote on 16.02.2014:
[5.0] "Average at best. But for a WWE Diva, that's not necessarily a bad thing"
MMMLover wrote on 02.02.2014:
[4.0] "Könnte besser sein! Die WWE macht mit den Diven grundsätzlich was Falsch. Eine Runde NXT und schon in den Ring. Wo bleibt da noch der Respekt vor großen Namen, wie Lita, Molly Holly oder Victoria etc. Das sind Damen die auch Freude an der Sache haben, und ihre eigenen Moves mit in Spiel gebracht haben. Ein Gimmick auf ihre Basis erschaffen haben. Summer spielt eine Rolle, und noch nicht einmal die kann ihr hundert % abkaufen. Was nicht unbedingt ihr Schuld ist, in meinen Augen werden die Jetzigen Frauen zu schnell gepusht! Und in den A-Kader gesteckt. Lücken Füller, Männer Quote!"
jchiofal wrote on 30.01.2014:
[10.0] "I am pleasantly surprised with Summer Rae. She isn't too bad of a worker during NXt live events. She looks great, and has the charisma, and works as a great heel. My favorite thing about her is the fact that she sells moves far better than most of the Divas do. In addition to this, her recent match with Paige shows that she has something which most wrestlers (male or female) are lacking, and that is in-ring psychology. She knows how to target and work a body-part like a pianist can play the piano. Summer Rae definitely feels like a new Trish Stratus, and I cannot wait to see what she does in the future."
daniel cassidy wrote on 25.11.2013:
[8.0] "Summer Rae has a cheesy gimmick on the main roster, but an awesome chaotic heel persona in developmental. She is good in ring, but falls short of being great (clearly due to lack of experience). She has an incredibly irritating voice, but it adds to her character, and while not word-for-word the best at promos, she certainly engages the audience and has just about everyone listening to what she says. Summer Rae will be a very good women's wrestler one day, mark my words."
Kitanoyama wrote on 02.11.2013:
[7.0] "Sie gehört noch zu denjenigen, denen ich am ehesten einen dauerhaften Sprung ins Main Roster zutrauen würde. Dennoch wird sie momentan in den Hauptshows unter Wert verkauft da sie so gut wie nur mit Fandango abhängen darf. Bei NXT hat sie durchaus gezeigt das sie was drauf hat. Sie brauch größere Herausforderungen damit man sehen kann, ob sie es wert ist und ob sie auch in Zukunft zu den besseren gehören kann."
Smi-48 wrote on 29.10.2013:
[3.0] "Quietschendes und wrestlerisch so untalentiertes wie unglaubwürdiges Dünnchen auf der Suche nach der Lücke zum Ausbruch aus stereotypen Denkweisen. Die fiese Chickenshit-Blondine und den unwiderstehlich heissen Koffer haben McCool und Kelly Kelly schon besser gegeben. Findet sie ihren Spot, kann das als Valet noch was werden - ich weiss aber weder, ob ich das brauche, noch ob es mich interessieren würde. Natürlich trotz allem ein Blickfang, keine Frage."
DieOffenbarung wrote on 11.10.2013:
[2.0] "Fasse mich kurz! Im Ring kann Sie nix und am Mikro nur bedingt durchschnittlich. An sich bringt Ihr nur die Tatsache zwei Punkte, weil Sie Ihre Rolle nicht komplett fürchterlich spielt. An sich brauch die WWE die nicht und wir auch nicht."
ShowOFF wrote on 03.10.2013:
[9.0] "Finde sie im Ring klasse, und schauspielern kann sie ja sowieso. Hoffentlich wird Summer Rae mit Paige und Emma die Zukunft der Divas-Divsion in der WWE."
wwetnafangirl wrote on 01.05.2013:
[8.0] "Erinnert mich sehr an Maryse. Sie kann noch an ihrem Wrestling arbeiten, doch ich bin mir sicher das sie eine Zukunft bei WWE vor sich hat."
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 19.02.2013:
[6.0] "I may not be a fan of Summer Rae's character per se and I have not been a fan of how she has acted out her promos over the past year when she was the general manager of FCW, but I will give credit where credit is due. At least she never botched any promo that she has ever done on FCW and NXT, she has a good presentable look to her, and after seeing Summer wrestle for the first time last week on NXT after a whole year of just being a non-wrestling character on TV whether she was Abraham Washington's valet for a cup of coffee, a ring announcer, the general manager of FCW or what have you, she's actually pretty good in the ring and had a good showing against Paige surprisingly. So aside from me not being a fan of her character that much, at least she's impressing me with everything else she's doing and I think she does have potential to go far and be a successful diva in WWE."
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