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Darth Vader wrote on 06.05.2019:
[7.0] "Air Paris reminds me a little of Ric Flair. Even though I find his over-selling a bit silly, the crowd eats it up. Even so, Flair was a much better technical wrestler than Air Paris was. At the same time, he never got the push that Flair got. The rumors are that he rejected a contract from WWF when they bought WCW, when he learned they were going to make him job. He could not connect with American or English audiences the same way he did with the Germans, though it undoubtedly boosted his career in the independent scene. Could not become more than a lower mid-carder. Had a similar career as Crash Holly."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 14.04.2019:
[5.0] "Paris was a solid high-flyer of the late '90s-early 2000s style, who primarily plied his trade in NWA Wildside and other Southeastern US indies. He had a brief run in WCW towards the end of that company's history in the Cruiserweight Tag Team division, which could easily have amounted to more had that company not gone under. With his in-ring career largely behind him, it seems he'll be best remembered as the answer to a trivia question as the partner of AJ Styles when they made their first national-level appearances in WCW; unfortunately, Paris wasn't able to follow his partner to greater heights."
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