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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 4.38
CartoonCat wrote on 24.02.2021:
[0.0] "One of the worst wrestlers along with Mojo Rowley. One big boot and a bastard elbow drop with a run. No changes in body or charisma. Thank God they didn't put Bryan under him, the moment when the leadership gathered their thoughts."
HardcoreSquaredB2 wrote on 17.09.2020:
[0.0] "Your stereo-typical big man that had no charisma and was very limited in the ring. He let his personal demons be the downfall of his career. There is always a chance he can comeback and re-event himself but only time will tell with Big Cass."
Mr Nice Guy wrote on 17.09.2020:
[2.0] "Was not as good as the ratings would want to you to think. Big Cass was your normal limted moveset big man with nothing to make him stand out."
GhettoMilkMan wrote on 04.09.2020:
[6.0] "How I feel so bad for him. What he's gone through over the last couple of years were rough. He had a seizure, he hd mental issues and he had alcohol problems. No wonder why he got that bad attitude because of alcohol. He would have been big but his time in WWE was meh at best. At least he can talk and use his size into his advantage. I hope he gets out of Enzo's shadow that's what's bothering him."
Okaro143 wrote on 25.08.2020:
[3.0] "So boring so stale and absolutely no character. He was on the verge of getting a big push and he got injured. I feel bad that he was injured but it was good thing that he never got the spotlight."
hirsty97 wrote on 25.04.2020:
[2.0] "Big Cass could have been a major heel for a smaller promotion but in WWE where the roster is already stacked with superior talent, his stale promo delivery and basic moveset were never going to get him over in any capacity heel or face. What still baffles me is why they split Enzo and Cass after less than a year on the main roster, the duo were over and a license to sell merchandise."
JEK 1991 wrote on 07.02.2020:
[2.0] "big disappointment! Had the size and push and everything but did not met anything. Being with Enzo too long was a mistake. As a wrestler he is horrible."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 26.07.2019:
[3.0] "I'm sitting here trying to think of an upside with Big Cass, but I really can't come up with much. Along side Enzo, he worked as the muscle for that team. But without Enzo, he was a fish out of water. Generic as can be. He's someone who maybe should have stayed in developmental for longer looking for a character that was more than just a pretty tall guy."
Mahanx wrote on 20.11.2018:
[1.0] "Till now everything that i saw of him was very bad , this guy need learn many things then back to wwe :/ i don't know about his private things but wrestling , , , acting , , , promos , till now was awful :/"
Lexino73 wrote on 03.11.2018:
[1.0] ""Big kiss is a very, very dull run, which absolutely does not have the slightest charisma and understanding of his character. His stupid tandem with the idiot Enzo amore is something stupid and unimaginable, even if they had a popular catchphrase. In General, I was really hoping that Cass would somehow develop their skills in the ring, because after the collapse of the team SAWFT it worked quite well on the microphone. Alas, he was too lazy""
MJFJUNE wrote on 10.10.2018:
[1.0] "A charisma vacuum. He couldn't even put on a good match with Daniel Bryan. He's just not good. He was much better as the muscle for the Enzo & Cass tag team but we all saw how that went. I will say he was an ok seller so that's why I am giving him a 1 instead of a big fat 0."
RatingsMachine wrote on 07.10.2018:
[0.0] "Big Cass was not great or even good in the ring. He was just about adequate in the ring, and he wasn't entirely useless in that regard. But he gets a 0 for having a lousy attitude and for having a general lack of professionalism."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 26.09.2018:
[4.0] "Cass served well as the muscle for his tag team with Enzo Amore, and had the kind of size and look WWE loves. Once the team was split up, though, and Cass was left without a partner to play off of, his basic ring skill and lacking charisma were badly exposed. He ultimately had a somewhat unremarkable run as a midcard heel before being released for behavioral issues - time will tell if he's able to either make an impact on the independent scene or make his way back to the big time."
Anarchkitty wrote on 29.08.2018:
[3.0] "Big Cass was a good hot tag, but going solo really exposed him as a wrestler. He frequently looked lost in the ring and wouldn't perform his basic power moves all that well. He did mange to have an ok match with Daniel Bryan the second time around, but it was too little too late."
KOR KOMBAT wrote on 21.08.2018:
[0.0] "Fuck this guy, absolutely terrible. Imagine playing SVR 2007 on your ps2, go to create a character and stretch him out to 7 feet tall, basic powerhouse moveset. There you go, you've got Big Cass. Can't cut a good promo, loves going into business for himself and likes hitting girls."
Sebastian V wrote on 06.06.2018:
[4.0] "Das perfekte Beispiel für einen Wreslter, der nur im Tag Team funktioniert, weil er da seine Stärken zeigen und Schwächen kaschieren kann. Das beginnt schon im Ring. Kann dort einige ganz gute Powermoves und funktioniert als Powerhouse, ist aber in seinem Moveset beschränkt, sodass es in Singles Matches eintönig wird und repetitiv. Als Singles Wrestler zieht er sogar Daniel Bryan runter und leider nicht mehr als 2 Punkte verdient, als Tag Team Wrestler grundsolide und daher 6 Punkte, was insgesamt 4 macht. Am Mic ebenfalls so lala. Hat manchmal ganz gute Momente, wirkt dann aber auch wieder hölzern und unsicher. Auch da 4 Punkte. Charisma ist ebenfalls nicht gar nicht vorhanden. Das merkt man zum Beispiel an den Casshole Chants. Das war es dann aber auch schon an Reaktionen für ihn , da seine Mimik und sein ganzes Auftreten immer eher blass wirken. Auch hier 4 Punkte und somit insgesamt 4 Punkte. Er ist einfach nicht mehr ausreichend."
Dissmaster1997 wrote on 15.05.2018:
[0.0] "This is supposed to be a big star? Oh My God. This is Test 2. 0 or A-Train 2. 0 He's bad. The guy does not show himself anything at all. His entire promotion is made for strength. Vince, go away. Bryan deserves more."
AJStylopz wrote on 13.05.2018:
[0.0] "BLEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He got fucking exposed as a singles competitor thats for sure. He can't do nothing interesting in the ring and besides that a big boot is his finisher OMFG. He is a very boring worker and I really hope WWE doesn't push this guy cuz he fuckin sucks ass! Not sure who is worse, this guy or Enzo? !"
SannRevall wrote on 30.04.2018:
[0.0] "Terrible wrestler! Not a single match goes by when he doesn't botch. He is terrible on the mic and is cringy to listen to. I really sincerally hope he won't win the world title, or even any title. He looks weird too"
TheLoudMouth wrote on 18.01.2018:
[6.0] "Grundsolider und halbwegs agiler Big Man, der nach seiner verletzungsbedingten Zwangspause hoffentlich wieder angreifen kann. Am Mic überzeugt er mich leider noch nicht, aber bei Big Cass ist zweifelsfrei Potential für einen ordentlichen Midcard-Run vorhanden. Für mehr sehe ich leider schwarz."
Dragon fighter 1997 wrote on 11.01.2018:
[1.0] "A 1 because of his look and being 7 feet tall. Other than that, he sucks. An absolute robot in the ring and on the mic. Just typical vince's wet dream. I would take strowman, even corbin over big cass and i am not surprised if vince and creative team push this guy as hard as they did with reigns."
Maxwell Delite wrote on 11.01.2018:
[2.0] "His work in tag team with Enzo was really good because Enzo carried the side of charisma on his own. But now when he is single competitor and he lack absolutely everything. His ring skills are average, promo and character skills are meh. He had the worst match of the 2017 with Big Show like this entire feud. The feud with Enzo is horrible too. Now he is injured and I don't missing him."
st1299 wrote on 01.12.2017:
[7.0] "I don't think Cass is bad at all, he's a good big guy and I honestly think when he comes back from injury it will be the making of him. Work on the mic a bit more and he could end up being a bit of a monster heel."
LukeCage wrote on 21.11.2017:
[3.0] "Typischer 0815 Big Guy der ein Moveset von 3 hat. Sehe leider keine Zukunft für Cass, im Team mit Enzo hat das wohl geklappt, alleine aber eher nicht"
JokeyZockey wrote on 16.09.2017:
[5.0] "[Ursprünglicher Kommentar, 26. 07. 2016] This is Big Cass, he's seven feet tall, and you can't teach that! Schon die Catchphrase zeigts an: Der Typ ist groß! Für einen Mann seiner Größe jedoch (zumindest mittlerweile) eher ungewöhnlich: Er ist sowohl im Ring gut, am Mic sogar noch besser. Klar, an seinen Partner Enzo kommt er alleine nicht ran, aber zusammen bilden die beiden eine Super-Combo. Ich glaube und hoffe, dass die beiden noch einige Zeit zusammen bleiben, sollten sie sich irgendwann doch trennen, sehe ich für beide eine gute Zukunft. Da Vince ja so auf Big Men steht, sehe ich Cass sogar etwas wahrscheinlicher weiter oben. UPDATE, 16. 09. 2017: Nun haben sich Cass und Enzo gesplittet, und was soll man sagen? Das war wohl die schlechteste Entscheidung, die man hätte treffen können. Denn leider sehe ich nun für die Zukunft der beiden schwarz. Enzo hat sich mit seinen Backstage-Aktionen viel verbaut und Cass steht alleine nun doch auf verlorenem Posten. In Singles-Matches im Ring nicht annähernd so ''gut'' wie noch als Tag Wrestler, Mic-Work ist zwar noch OK, aber die neue Attitude passt mal so gar nicht, wodurch sich auch sein eigentlich ordentliches Charisma verflüchtigt zu haben scheint. Nun ist er auch noch zum denkbar schlechtesten Zeitpunkt verletzt, jedoch könnte sich dadurch auch eine Chance ergeben: Nämlich bei seiner Rückkehr ein neues Gimmick/einen neuen Charakter zu präsentieren. Wenn dieser dann einigermaßen anständig ist bzw. funktioniert, dann könnte Cass auf jeden Fall zu einem ordentlichen Mid-Carder werden."
Spring Stampede wrote on 21.08.2017:
[3.0] "He would certainly benefit if he improved his physique, as of now he looks flabby all around and having split with Enzo is really exposing him as nothing to write home about given that his offense is just blah, a swinging side slam; been there, done that, a jumping elbow drop that doesn't look like it hurts at all and a big boot that is a dime a dozen. The WWE has milked his run as Enzo's parrot dry and now he's the heel of the month. I hope this push brings the best out of Cass."
Antimaster wrote on 02.08.2017:
[3.0] "Wie bei vielen Big Mans seiner Art (Wie zB Doc Gallows oder Erick Rowan) wird bei ihm erst jetzt als Singles Wrestler deutlich, wie langweilig diser Typ eigentlich ist. Im Ring sehr mäßig, am Mic nicht viel besser. Als Bodyguard von Enzo war er über Jahre weg ganz gut, aber Enzo hat das Team ganz klar getragen, nun als Single wird es nur ne Frage der Zeit sein, bis er in die untere Midcard rutscht..."
32OrtonEdge32dh wrote on 25.07.2017:
[4.0] "He's big but that's it. Without Enzo to talk for him and give him a proxy connection to the crowd, without Enzo to reach out to for the hot tag, Cass has been further exposed than ever as a mediocre wrestler and a mediocre talker."
TooSweetPhil wrote on 14.07.2017:
[3.0] "Am Mikrofon vor allem durch seine körperliche Ausstrahlung und Stimme wirklich veritabel. Kann das Ganze mit ein Paar Cheesy One-Linern ganz gut machen, aber alles sonst bleibt verhalten. Im Ring höchstens Durchschnitt obwohl seine Moves sehr stark wirken. Insgesamt passt eine Beschreibung von "ausreichend" am Besten zu Ihm. In der Tieferen MidCard kann man ihn mal sehen, mehr definitiv nicht. ---EDIT: Ein Punkt weniger, gefällt mir noch weniger"
Wrestling Forever wrote on 28.05.2017:
[5.0] "Es ist ganz solide. In der WrestleMania Monday Doku hat er erzählt das ihm einer gesagt hat das er nur noch deshalb bei der WWE ist weil er so groß ist, das hat ihn sehr verletzt auch hat man ihn wie Enzo gesagt sie würden es nicht schaffen. Die Kritiker wurden was anderes belehrt. Ich sah ihn ihm eine Ähnlichkeit mit Edge wo er noch jünger war. Er hat ein wenig drauf und ist nicht schlecht aber in der Hauptshow soll schon mehr von ihn kommen."
The Unforgiven 1916 wrote on 30.04.2017:
[4.0] "Hat halt seine 4-5 Moves und mehr nicht. Charisma oder Mic Skills hat er auch nicht wirklich. Zudem wirkt er im Ring oft total verloren. Er ist halt nur groß und mehr nicht. Als Tag Team Wrestler mit Enzo ganz nett anzusehen, aber als Singles Wrestler ist er nicht für mehr als die untere Midcard geeignet."
MusSan wrote on 22.03.2017:
[6.0] "Ich dachte, dass er ohne Enzo Amore verloren scheint. Als Einzerlwrestler könnte er es in der Midcard packen. Am Microfon ist er gut, im Ring nicht so, aber das ist in seinen Fall nicht so schlimm. Ich hoffe, dass er sich bald die Raw Tag Team Titel holt."
killowenskill wrote on 28.02.2017:
[4.0] "Disgusting wrestler who undeservedly gets attention. Cass incredibly bad in the ring, mumbles on the microphone, and has absolutely no charisma. I hope he will never make its way to the Main Event."
Owen wrote on 25.02.2017:
[6.0] "Cass confuses me. He can't wrestle, his Microphone skills are horrendous, and he has the charisma of lukewarm tapioca. But for some unknown reason he is very over with the crowd....."
TheWrestlingFan wrote on 23.02.2017:
[4.0] "All he has is his menacing physique and long hair. In the ring he's not good. He only has basic moveset that all wrestler who's not as big as him can do it even better. His promo work is below average, but he is being overhyped thanks to his partner's schtick."
MarkyMark0 wrote on 16.01.2017:
[6.0] "This guy has some great potential and you can obviously tell that he's getting groomed to become a fixture in the main event scene. He, along with Enzo Amore, are very over as a tag team in the WWE as of right now and I think they will eventually end up winning the Raw Tag Team Championship. The one thing that hurts Cass is he seems a bit nervous on the mic which shows when Enzo is doing the opening during their entrance and during promos while him and Cass are together. He relies on Enzo to basically carry him during the promos while he carries Enzo's during the matches. His in ring work is pretty average but I will say he gets around pretty well for how tall he is."
rjsbx11 wrote on 06.01.2017:
[6.0] "Colin Cassady is going to be a fixture on WWE TV, he's got the size and look that Vince McMahon has seemingly fawned over for year. In time though, Cass could become a fringe main event guy. Cass developed in NXT from silent heavy of the Enzo Amore to a personality in his own right. When he's not scripted Cass can be quite charismatic as shown by his NXT sing-off years ago. However, in WWE's high scripted environment he sounds robotic and unconvincing, especially next to a mic maestro like Enzo. In the ring, Cass is agile and has a good burst on his comeback moves but he's still rather basic in the ring. His mini solo push in Enzo's absence, showed how much he still needs Enzo to be the voice. Cass has the backing of Vince and if he can improve on the mic and in the ring, he'll find main event success."
arrancar wrote on 06.12.2016:
[5.0] "He works well on mic delivering cheap one-liner follow ups to the much more entertaining and charismatic Enzo Amore, but apart from that he really has no interesting personality. His size allows him to work well as the big protector of Enzo too, coming in for the hot tags to save the day and win the match for his team. His power moves are pretty impressive and he works well in executing tag team moves with Enzo, but he is still rather limited in terms of his other basic wrestling abilities. He works very well alongside Enzo, but I could also imagine him one day having a pretty good monster heel run, since he has the necessary intimidation factor to make him a credible threat. For now he is rather limited in use."
KingofKingsHHH wrote on 03.12.2016:
[6.0] "Big Cass ist ein grundsolider Wrestler. Im Tag Team mit Enzo Amore schlägt er sich recht gut, auch wenn sie manchmal etwas nervig sind. Man kann gut gespannt sein, wie er sich in seiner Karriere schlagen wird, aber man kann davon ausgehen, dass er noch großes vor sich hat. In Ring(5/10), Mic Work(8/10), Charisma(8/10), Persönliche Meinung(6/10)."
Coop wrote on 13.11.2016:
[1.0] "Enzo Amore und Big Cass. Schwer zu sagen, wer mehr nervt, der tätowierte Brüllzwerg oder der Holzklotz. Eigentlich nur zu vergleichen mit dem nervtötenden Hüpfindianer Tatanka oder Doink the Clown. Dem guten Clown, nicht dem bösen, dessen Gimmick war genial. Fast noch schlimmer sind die Zuschauer, die alles nachplappern was ihnen vorgegeben wird. Ich weiß, es ist Entertainment und die Leute sollen sich ja auch unterhalten fühlen, aber das ist zum Fremdschämen. Zu ECW-Zeiten hätte man die beiden wahrscheinlich aus der Halle gejagt. Es bleibt nur zu hoffen, daß McMahon nie die Optionen ausgehen und er die beiden nicht höher einsetzt."
Astraeus wrote on 02.11.2016:
[6.0] "Alongside Enzo Amore, Big Cass has made enormous progress during the last few years. He's gone from the awkward, near-silent giant standing at Enzo's side to a confident performer in his own right. Sure, he's not nearly as charismatic as his partner, but who is? He's still a good talker and one of the most agile big men WWE has employed in a while. I wouldn't say Cass is a virtuoso in the ring; he essentially puts on one kind of match. If you've seen him tag in once, you've seen him tag in a hundred times. Still, he lays in his offense pretty well, and he carries himself with a star magnetism that outweighs his wrestling ability. I see Cass as an easy tag-team champion in the future; the only question is what happens if he ever splits off from Enzo and goes it on his own. At his currently level, I can't see such a move paying off, but Cass is still young and he's shown a great capacity for improvement. His in-ring skill and promo ability both continue to grow, and eventually he may be the singles star Vince McMahon sees in him. Watch this space."
jtsilver101 wrote on 13.10.2016:
[8.0] "Cass has improved so much since joining up with Enzo Amore it is insane to think that WWE was going to give up on this guy at one point. Sure the prefix "Big" is done to death but it works for him. Easily a future world champion if WWE can book him correctly, the perfect combo of skill, height, and charisma to carry himself as a star."
Longa-46 wrote on 28.08.2016:
[5.0] "Kann mich nicht wirklich überzeugen - sei es am Mic oder im Ring, das ist für mich einfach zu wenig. Als Big Men zu gebrauchen, aber mehr als einen Midcard Titel würde ich ihn auf keinen Fall geben. Im Tag Team mit Enzo okay, aber auch nicht wirklich gut. Vielleicht tut sich ja noch was, bisher sehe ich in diesem Kerl aber nicht mehr als 5 Punkte."
croatiantwat1950 wrote on 23.08.2016:
[8.0] "One of the best big men in years. Can be comedic and scary at the same time, has solid in-ring skills(damn he is also agile af), and improves eventually on the mic. A believable guy to be scared about and a huge potential. Don't screw this opportunity up, Vince. But he really needs some personality and gimmick after he is done with Enzo."
ErycK24 wrote on 23.08.2016:
[7.0] "Big Cass is a good in ring performer with decent mic skills. Cassady good be a big player in WWE for the future."
KASH wrote on 16.08.2016:
[6.0] "Bisher ein sehr solider Big Man. In Sachen aufstrebender Superstars von großer Statur muss an ihn zwangsläufig mit Corbin vergleichen und dort ist er ihm in allen Belangen überlegen. Ich sehe bei ihm im Ring und bei den Promos noch Luft nach oben, aber das muss er auch erstmal beweisen. Ein gewisses Charisma kann man ihm nicht absprechen, er muss nur lernen es auszuspielen."
The Chosen One wrote on 13.08.2016:
[8.0] "Cass is defiantly the best big man on the current roster. He can move very well and is very agile. His big boots are great and look really painful. While he isnt as good on the mic as his partner Enzo Amore, I think he is 10x better. I could defiantly see him having a steady singles career in a couple of years."
Hypocrisy wrote on 06.08.2016:
[5.0] "16. 03. 2014: Big Cass hat die verletzungsbedingte Auszeit seines Partners Enzo Amore vor allem zur Interaktion mit dem Publikum genutzt. Mit Erfolg, denn Colin Cassidy ist derzeit einer der beliebtesten Männer vor der durchaus kritischen NXT-Crowd in der Full Sail University. Big Cass muss aber dringend hart an seinen Fähigkeiten im Ring arbeiten, denn für das Main Roster fehlt da fast noch alles. Update 06. 08. 2016: Typischer Big Men in der WWE, der jedoch gemeinsam mit Enzo Amore so was von Over ist. An seinen Fähigkeiten hat er in der Zwischenzeit hart gearbeitet; ein Edeltechniker wird er jedoch nie und das ist auch gar nicht notwendig!"
Micha1704 wrote on 29.07.2016:
[6.0] "Ein insgesamt absolut Solider Big Men. Er ist solide im Ring, Solide am Mic und hatte ein gewisses Charisma. Er ist aber im Team mit Enzo eher der Sidekick am Mic, während er im Ring der bessere der beiden ist und nach dem Hot Tag von Enzo gut aufräumt. Solide. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger."
ApexOfEvolution wrote on 19.07.2016:
[7.0] "Ist natürlich der etwas langweiligere Part in seinem Tag Team, aber er hat eine ganz gute Mimik und Ausstrahlung. technisch limitiert aber ein glaubwürdiges Powerhouse, auch wenn ich finde, dass die WWE ihn teilweise zu stark erscheinen lässt. Man sollte Big Cass etwas langsamer aufbauen."
AMHTP wrote on 21.06.2016:
[6.0] "Being pared with Enzo Amore was the best thing that ever happened to Big Cass. He provides Amore with the size and power needed to convincingly win matches, and Enzo has clearly rubbed off on him too. Cassidy's promos have improved vastly, though at first he didn't seem too confident on the mic, and he's developed his character far more too. You can tell he's less of an outgoing person than Enzo, and that "brash, loudmouthed trash-talker" isn't his natural mode. He's finally getting to the point where he can pull it off, though. Cassidy's pretty good in the ring, too, though I'm not terribly impressed by his relatively-formulaic hot tags. A little diversity wouldn't hurt the guy, nor would a bit more selling. As it is, Enzo and Cass can basically work only one kind of match -- and it's a good match, but they need a little more to rise up in my rankings."
NHJ2190 wrote on 19.06.2016:
[7.0] "Er und Enzo wirken sehr erfrischend für die Tag Team Divison. Mir gefällt vor allem der Entrance der beiden. Ansonsten ist er im Ring solide und hat nen glaubwürdigen Finishingmove. Ich sehe ihn und Enzo Amore als würdige Nachfolger von New Day als Tag Team Champs."
Carrot Junkie wrote on 06.06.2016:
[7.0] "Like Enzo, Cass is a very good tag team worker with fantastic chemistry with his partner. He's also a very impressive power guy in addition to having an immense physical presence. However, it's definitely clear that Enzo is the more charismatic of the two. Only time will tell how over he'll get without Enzo by his side."
Miyagi wrote on 21.05.2016:
[7.0] "Für mich ist Big Cass ein sympathischer Wrestler. Seine Performance am Mic sind schon ganz gut aber noch ausbesserungsfähig. Ich denke so leid es mir um Enzo tut und ich mag Enzo wirklich gerne, ist es für Big Cass jetzt die Chance aus dem "Schatten" hervorzutreten und etwas mehr Persönlichkeit aufzubauen."
Naruedyoh wrote on 28.01.2016:
[7.0] "I thinks he's a pretty good performer. He's as tall as a giant but he doesn't suffer the slowness most giants have when they reach this height. Not bad moveset and a more than decent mic skills when paired with Enzo Amore, still lacks form something that makes him special more than being obscenelly tall."
Phenomenal91 wrote on 27.02.2015:
[6.0] "Pairing him with Enzo Amore was a smart decision, and the recipe for a tag team that will be legends on the main roster someday. Big Cass (I hope they officially change Cassady's name to that, because it's so much more fun) is a big monster, reminiscent of Matt Morgan. He's slowly catching up to Enzo Amore on the mic, but as long as they keep the big guy-smaller guy dynamic of their team at the forefront, they will have a bright future in the business."
Jack Slater wrote on 23.09.2014:
[4.0] "Er profitiert sehr stark von Enzo. Alleine würde er es leider nicht bringen - Er ist nicht gerade gut im Ring und selbst am Mic ist er nicht überzeugend - seine Catchphras ist gut, allerdings ist die auch nur bei der Crowd over weil sie von Enzo ist. Ich mag ihn, keine Frage und ich finde das Pairing der beiden auch gut aber er als Singles Wrestler ist leider maximal ausreichend."
HighlightHEEL wrote on 29.08.2014:
[5.0] ""Big Cass" hat jede Menge Charisma und ist, na ja, groß. Im Ring nicht schlecht, aber ohne besonders spezielle Moves. Am Mikro in Ordnung, Faninteraktion und Overness bei den NXT-Fans sind - vor allem zusammen mit Enzo - ziemlich stark. In diesem Team finde ich ihn auch ganz gut aufgehoben, ob das für das Hauptroster reichen kann, wird man abwarten müssen."
zackwoowoowooryder wrote on 29.06.2014:
[5.0] "Finde ihn für seine Größe ist er sehr athletisch. Er hat leider keine besonderen Moves drauf, halt nur das Standardkarm. Finde ihn alleine besser als im Team mit Enzo, denn da geht er richtig unter."
DieOffenbarung wrote on 13.06.2014:
[7.0] "Verbessert sich derzeit überall recht stark und interagiert gut mit der Crowd. Klar, um es ins Hauptroster zu schaffen, da fehlt noch einiges, aber er ist ja auch noch relativ jung."
L3NA wrote on 24.05.2014:
[6.0] "Great character and a somewhat unintentional hilarity from his facial expressions and movement. Could use some work in the ring, but that's why he's a developmental talent."
sopmac wrote on 16.03.2014:
[8.0] "It's as if Enzo Amore's injury helped him, when many thought it wouldn't. Many thought Enzo was the one carrying the team. While I personally can't wait for Enzo Amore's return I'm ready to see what Big Cass can do."
jchiofal wrote on 15.02.2014:
[7.0] "Cassady has improved A LOT since pairing with Amore. While he isn't the best wrestler still, he moves fairly well for such a large wrestler. In additiong to this, he can match the mic skills, and charisma of Enzo Amore which is an achievement in itself."
Jeffrey Nero Hardy wrote on 02.02.2014:
[7.0] "Im Ring zwar noch nicht sehr gut, dafür aber sehr unterhaltsam und charismatisch. Ich würde mich freuen wenn er und Enzo eines Tages im Main Roster wären."
TAWPTierJustin wrote on 31.05.2012:
[8.0] "I really like Colin Cassady! I like his look! Even though he looks like a 6' 10" version of Christopher Nowinski and doesn't look too intimidating, when you see his skills in the ring, he has a vicious mean streak and he can ground and pound his opponents in the ring and do it well! It truly goes to show you that looks can be incredibly deceiving! I've watched him a couple times over the past 8 months and only this week is when I started to finally get to know more about him other than his in-ring work! Thank god for that because now I'm seeing a whole new Colin Cassady that makes me wonder why this side of him was never revealed to me before! He can talk very well on the mic and do it in a variety of ways, he can talk like a paisan or he can talk in his normal American accent like mine and he can still nail his promos! Even in one homemade promo he did while he was backstage at FCW, he explained how not even anybody in WWE can touch him on the mic and he said that unlike everybody else, he used to interview people on the fly at Times Square and just from seeing firsthand how he cut that promo so well, I actually believe him when he said he used to interview people. But more than all that, what I see in him now is so much passion to want to be the top guy in WWE, and I hope he gets called up and becomes one of the top guys on the main stage! I really do! Colin Cassady, you have now gained a big fan in me, man! I support you 100%"
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