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17.11.2019 - todayPWE Consolidated Champion962 daysMatches
19.06.2016 - todaySCPW Canadian Hybrid Champion2208 daysMatches
28.09.2019 - todayBTPW Niagara Regional Champion (2x)1012 daysMatches
07.09.2019 - 09.02.2022NSPW Tag Team Champion (with Sebastian Suave and Tyson Dux as The Pillars)886 daysMatches
10.10.2021 - 26.11.2021Superkick'D Champion (2x)47 daysMatches
12.11.2021 - 12.11.2021PWE Heritage Champion (2x)<1 dayMatches
22.11.2019 - 31.12.2020Superkick'D Champion405 daysMatches
05.05.2019 - 13.10.2019PWE Tag Team Champion (with Tyson Dux as The Pillars)161 daysMatches
29.09.2018 - 29.06.2019BTPW Niagara Regional Champion273 daysMatches
26.08.2018 - 02.06.2019Smash Wrestling Champion280 daysMatches
13.10.2018 - 26.01.2019BW Three Pistols Champion (2x)105 daysMatches
16.02.2018 - 20.04.2018Superkick'D King Of The 6IX Champion63 daysMatches
05.02.2017 - 15.07.2017DFC Champion (2x)160 daysMatches
25.10.2015 - 14.08.2016DFC Champion294 daysMatches
18.06.2015 - 25.06.2016C4 Tag Team Champion (as Alex Vega; with John Greed as Cuts And Guts)373 daysMatches
xx.xx.xxxx - 07.05.2016BW Three Pistols Champion?Matches
08.08.2015 - 30.01.2016FPW Tag Team Champion (with Ben Ortmanns)175 daysMatches
12.04.2015 - 10.01.2016PWE Television Champion273 daysMatches
14.09.2014 - 14.09.2014UNION Northern Lights Cruiserweight Champion (2x) (as Alex Vega)<1 dayMatches
03.11.2013 - 16.02.2014SCW Tag Team Champion (as Alex Vega; with Johnny Wave)105 daysMatches
01.12.2013 - 12.01.2014A1 Zero Gravity Champion (as Alex Vega)42 daysMatches
07.07.2012 - 29.12.2013UNION Northern Lights Cruiserweight Champion (as Alex Vega)540 daysMatches
14.04.2012 - 14.04.2012UNION Cruiserweight Champion (as Alex Vega)<1 dayMatches
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