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John Morrison


Also known as Johnny Nitro, Johnny Blaze, Johnny Spade, Johnny Superstar, Nitro, Johnny Mundo, John Hennigan, Johnny Onyx, Johnny Impact, Johnny Religion, Johnny Blackcraft

27.02.2020 - todayWWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion (with The Miz)31 daysMatches
14.10.2018 - 28.04.2019Impact World Champion (as Johnny Impact)196 daysMatches
24.08.2018 - 05.04.2019Blackcraft Heavyweight Champion (as Johnny Blackcraft)224 daysMatches
23.06.2018 - 24.06.2018WSW Heavyweight Champion (as Johnny Impact)1 dayMatches
13.01.2016 - 08.02.20185 Star Champion757 daysMatches
19.03.2017 - 26.01.2018AAA Mega Champion (as Johnny Mundo)313 daysMatches
14.04.2015 - xx.xx.2017QPW Souq Waqif Champion?Matches
02.06.2017 - 01.12.2017PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Champion (as John Hennigan)182 daysMatches
19.03.2017 - 01.10.2017AAA World Cruiserweight Champion (as Johnny Mundo)196 daysMatches
28.08.2016 - 01.10.2017AAA Latin America Champion (as Johnny Mundo)399 daysMatches
10.04.2016 - 26.06.2016Lucha Underground Champion (as Johnny Mundo)77 daysMatches
25.06.2016 - 25.06.2016DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion (as Johnny Mundo)<1 dayMatches
19.03.2016 - 10.04.2016Gift Of The Gods Champion (as Johnny Mundo)22 daysMatches
17.01.2016 - 31.01.2016Lucha Underground Trios Champion (as Johnny Mundo; with Jack Evans and PJ Black)14 daysMatches
21.06.2013 - 11.03.2015FWE World Heavyweight Champion (as John Hennigan)628 daysMatches
04.08.2012 - 10.05.2014CWF United States Champion644 daysMatches
22.02.2013 - xx.xx.2013NGW World Champion?Matches
01.09.2009 - 13.12.2009WWE Intercontinental Champion (3x)103 daysMatches
13.12.2008 - 05.04.2009World Tag Team Champion (with The Miz)113 daysMatches
13.11.2007 - 20.07.2008WWE Tag Team Champion (4x) (with The Miz)250 daysMatches
24.06.2007 - 01.09.2007ECW Heavyweight Champion69 daysMatches
06.11.2006 - 13.11.2006Intercontinental Champion (2x) (as Johnny Nitro)7 daysMatches
25.06.2006 - 02.10.2006Intercontinental Champion (as Johnny Nitro)99 daysMatches
27.12.2005 - 21.05.2006WWE Tag Team Champion (3x) (as Nitro; with Mercury as MNM)145 daysMatches
25.10.2005 - 13.12.2005WWE Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Nitro; with Mercury as MNM)49 daysMatches
18.04.2005 - 24.07.2005WWE Tag Team Champion (as Nitro; with Mercury as MNM)97 daysMatches
13.11.2004 - 19.01.2005OVW Southern Tag Team Champion (as Johnny Nitro; with Joey Matthews as MNM)67 daysMatches
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