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#DatePromotionMatch fixtureWONMatch TypeRatingVotes
104.08.2012Absolute Intense WrestlingHailey Hatred vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
228.07.2012CHIKARAEddie Kingston vs. Sara Del ReySingles8.0011
320.07.2012SHINE WrestlingJazz vs. Sara Del ReySingles7.835
420.05.2012CHIKARAMeiko Satomura vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
528.04.2012CHIKARAEl Generico vs. Sara Del ReySingles7.509
618.03.2012SHIMMER Women AthletesAllison Danger & Leva Bates vs. Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara vs. Courtney Rush & Sara Del Rey vs. Nicole Matthews & Portia PerezFour Way Elimination  
717.12.2011Carolina Wrestling Federation Mid-AtlanticMia Yim vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
803.12.2011CHIKARASara Del Rey vs. Tsubasa KuragakiSingles  
908.10.2011CHIKARAKana vs. Sara Del ReySingles8.2236
1002.10.2011SHIMMER Women AthletesAyako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara vs. Madison Eagles & Sara Del ReyTag Team  
1101.10.2011SHIMMER Women AthletesKana vs. Sara Del ReySingles8.4211
1231.07.2011CHIKARAClaudio Castagnoli vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
1301.04.2011Ring Of HonorAyumi Kurihara & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Sara Del Rey & Serena DeebTag Team  
1413.03.2011CHIKARASara Del Rey vs. Toshie UematsuSingles  
1523.10.2010CHIKARAAres, Claudio Castagnoli, Daizee Haze, Delirious, Pinkie Sanchez, Sara Del Rey, Tim Donst & Tursas vs. Eddie Kingston, Hallowicked, Icarus, Jigsaw, Larry Sweeney, Mike Quackenbush, STIGMA & UltraMantis BlackTorneo Cibernetico8.9327
1619.09.2010CHIKARAClaudio Castagnoli & Sara Del Rey vs. Manami Toyota & Mike QuackenbushTag Team8.8323
1712.09.2010SHIMMER Women AthletesAyako Hamada, Ayumi Kurihara, Cheerleader Melissa & Serena Deeb vs. Daizee Haze, Madison Eagles, Sara Del Rey & Tomoka NakagawaElimination Eight Man Tag Team  
1827.08.2010CHIKARADaizee Haze & Sara Del Rey vs. Jigsaw & Mike QuackenbushTag Team  
1925.07.2010CHIKARAAmazing Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Daizee Haze & Sara Del ReyTag Team  
2023.05.2010CHIKARADaizee Haze, Pinkie Sanchez, Sara Del Rey & Tursas vs. Dasher Hatfield, Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush & Sugar DunkertonEight Man Tag Team  
2123.04.2010CHIKARAAmasis, Ophidian & Sara Del Rey vs. Ares, Claudio Castagnoli & TursasSix Man Tag Team  
2210.04.2010SHIMMER Women AthletesSara Del Rey vs. Tenille TaylaSingles  
2321.03.2010CHIKARADaizee Haze, Sara Del Rey & Tim Donst vs. Fire Ant, Green Ant & Soldier AntSix Man Tag Team  
2420.03.2010CHIKARADaizee Haze & Sara Del Rey vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.Tag Team  
2528.02.2010CHIKARADaizee Haze & Sara Del Rey vs. Frightmare & HallowickedTag Team  
2631.01.2010CHIKARAAmasis & Ophidian vs. Daizee Haze & Sara Del ReyTag Team  
2708.11.2009SHIMMER Women AthletesAyako Hamada vs. Sara Del ReyNo Disqualification No Count Out7.505
2818.10.2009CHIKARABullfight Sora & Daizee Haze vs. La Malcriada & Sara Del ReyTag Team  
2913.09.2009CHIKARAAriel vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3002.05.2009SHIMMER Women AthletesMadison Eagles vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3126.04.2009CHIKARASara Del Rey vs. Shark GirlSingles  
3228.02.2009Ring Of HonorDaizee Haze vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3303.05.2008IWA Mid-SouthRachel Summerlyn vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3426.04.2008SHIMMER Women AthletesAllison Danger & Sara Del Rey vs. Cheerleader Melissa & MsChifTag Team8.257
3501.12.2007Ring Of HonorLacey vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3616.11.2007CHIKARAPortia Perez vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3713.10.2007SHIMMER Women AthletesAmazing Kong vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3811.08.2007Ring Of HonorLacey vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
3905.08.2007CHIKARADaizee Haze vs. Sara Del ReyBest Two Out Of Three Falls  
4001.07.2007SHIMMER Women AthletesLacey vs. Sara Del ReySingles7.387
4102.06.2007SHIMMER Women AthletesLacey vs. Sara Del ReySingles7.209
4207.04.2007SHIMMER Women AthletesCheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del ReySingles7.448
4303.03.2007Ring Of HonorAllison Danger vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4418.02.2007CHIKARADaizee Haze vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4522.10.2006SHIMMER Women AthletesNattie Neidhart vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4622.10.2006SHIMMER Women AthletesMercedes Martinez vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4727.05.2006CHIKARADaizee Haze vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4821.05.2006SHIMMER Women AthletesMercedes Martinez vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
4912.02.2006SHIMMER Women AthletesDaizee Haze vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
5012.02.2006SHIMMER Women AthletesRain vs. Sara Del ReySingles  
5106.11.2005SHIMMER Women AthletesDaizee Haze vs. Lacey vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Sara Del ReyFour Way Elimination  
5206.11.2005SHIMMER Women AthletesMercedes Martinez vs. Sara Del ReySingles8.1118
5313.09.2003Major Girl's Fighting AtoZBaby-A, Bolshoi Kid & Ofune vs. GAMI, LuFisto & Sara Del ReySix Man Tag Team  
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