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120.05.2022eltetechori0.0A fraud for wrestling, leaving an insurmountable legacy for the women's division of an entire company like NWA, I do not understand how it has so much valuation, if it ended up loading the females before the revolution began in 2016, it is a shame that they made those bookeos and also is that it also had its controversies, it was not entirely legal.
228.04.2022OnlyHalfTheEffinShow2.0Her "contributions" to woman's wrestling included pimping out her contemporaries, when she wasn't burying them or holding the woman's title hostage. An utterly awful human being. She produced some "humorous" bits in the attitude era, because raunchy old lady automatically prints cash. Ughh, everything about Moolah makes my skin crawl.
407.04.2022DonovanPhenum2290.0She was one of the worst human being to have ever set foot in the wrestling industry (and that's saying something ) and a pretty mediocre wrestler too and a backstage politician she should absolutely not be rated over 3 that simply wrong to give some appreciation for this women she have nothing positve for her
519.03.2022Conquistador370.0Objectively? She's painfully mediocre AT BEST. Reality: She held down talent far greater than her using unethical & immoral "political" maneuvering (look at us being as kind as possible with our phrasing ). Anyone rating her over a 4 must be old enough to remember better times. *ahem* Anyone rating her over a 4 is lying to themselves because cheeses tap dancing cripes, NONE OF US HERE ARE *THAT* OLD. She's TERRIBLE! I triple dog dare you to invest an hour of your life to exclusive Moolah matches, no human could/would. 0.5 rounded up, because of her Leilani Kai and Judy Martin were given a push for a couple of months, even though she's also the reason they were fired...wait. 0.5 redacted. Z E R O
619.03.2022jenthewrestler0.0For the things she did she should have been in prison for years instead she was praised for years ... bad person and bad wrestler. she should be removed from the hall of fame! she has ruined the lives of dozens of girls and no one has ever done anything .... obviously Vince will never admit it....face of wrestling? Bah
719.02.2022Leth990.0Horrible wrestler, but my 0 is because she didn't bring anything good to the industry. She destroyed women's wrestling for at least 50+ years. She was worse than who precedeed her and who would come after her. Plus, she's nowhere near Mae Young's entertainment level. I would never give her more than 4 and after knowing what she has done to so many wrestlers a 0 is all I can give
824.10.2021RockLee0.0Would gave her a -10 for all the horrible things she has done. One of the big reasons womens wrestling could not evolve. While she hold the title hostage for over 800 days she made sure to retain that spot with her talentless boring style and then as a trainer the gave that style to other women when not abusing them.
1016.08.2021BlackWind0.0She was an horrible humanbeing and WWE knew that but they decided to dedicate a women's battle royal to a pimp. Now i understand how she kept the title for many many years. I think women's wrestling scene would be very good and important if she wasn't exist. Her wrestling skills are awful too. Doesn't deserve a place in HOF.
1128.06.2021thebigmilkman4.0Awful person who doesn't even have the good in ring background to help look past that. Her and Mae Young were awful but at least Mae Young was a better person
1208.05.2021booyakabooyaka6190.0A garbage human being who kept her place on the card by holding other women back. She wasn't a good wrestler anyways and exploited other women as a trainer. I've heard a lot of accounts about how she stunted the progress of women's wrestling and I would agree. If the women's battle royal were to continue at WM, they should name it after the Sensational Sherri.
1306.05.2021RuthlessAttitude2.0Tja, was wäre Women's Wrestling in Amerika ohne Moolah? Die Antwort lautet: Wesentlich weiter. Nun muss der Rückstand zum Standing, welches weibliche Workerinnen in z. B. Japan haben, aufgeholt werden.
1624.01.2021texasyosh0.0Talk about influence all you want, the way she kept her place on the card is because she's a massive piece of garbage. She held American women's wrestling back for multiple decades. She shouldn't be praised for her 'accomplishments', instead she should be remembered for the awful backstage practices she made to keep herself at the top.
1723.01.2021Brett19800.0Would have gone for a 4 before her death because of how long she was dominant. Well we all now know how she kept that dominance. A completely despicable excuse for a human being. She is the reason why women's professional wrestling is decades behind everything else, because she made sure of it. She was not even good in the ring at any point in history.
1819.12.2020Black Liger6.0
1903.12.2020Lcrossin5.0This is really hard to rank, sure she's one of the most influential female wrestlers of all time, but it could be argued that her influence just led to female wrestlers who were trained in the slap and hairpulling style that was common place in the golden era. Watching her matches.... yeah there might be a lot of truth to that statement. She might have been the worst backstage politician and that's not including all the accusations after her death.
2113.09.2020stc130.0Moolah was the face of women's wrestling for decades. But her dominance over the industry held women's wrestling back to retain her spot, and by trained generations of wrestlers in her own limited style. For all she achieved, she held back women's wrestling in ways that shaped the entire industry for decades.
2328.07.2019Ice5.0Very influential and charismatic, but mediocre as a performer considering her lasting push and as Jim Cornette said: The 30 year long placeholder between Mildred Burke and Ronda Rousey. That's just it a, placeholder. Wendi Richter would have eclipsed her if it weren't for the politicking behind it all and it kept women's wrestling in North America in the irrelevant territory for decades.
2428.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling5.0A tough one to rate. She was the icon of women's wrestling for decades, but that's because of a lot of underhanded tactics behind the scenes. Though she was far from an in ring technician, she used a lot of dirty tricks to further her heel character. When most women at the time had no gimmick, Moolah excelled in that department. Reemerging in the Attitude Era, she was mostly a fun act to watch along side Mae. The fact that she held other women down for as long as she did does translate to the business & should be considered. But I also don't want to turn a blind eye when thinking of the entirety of her career with her in-front-of-camera act.
2528.05.2019JEK 199110.0The 0 ratings are bogus. She was excellent at her work. You could love her or hate her. I know she had issued back in the day with all the politics but I don't just look at that. Its a shame her name is now tarnished. She was an excellent wrestler and one of the best villainous women wrestlers of all time. It's incredible that she wrestled until she was 81 years old.
2708.09.2018cpatchj0.0I really and truly fail to see anything remotely redeemable about The Fabulous Moolah as a professional wrestler. Even without all of the accusations, even if none of those are true (which I don't believe), she kept a stranglehold on women's wrestling for decades that held its development back, and she was absolutely terrible in the ring.
2814.04.2018Gauntlet847.0I think she gets a lot of credit for being a huge star for decades well before it became mainstream. In the "prime time" era she was well past her prime but surprisingly mobile and strong for a woman her age. I don't think I'd have ever found myself cheering for her to win in any era.
2916.03.2018HoboDolphin0.0I think this rating goes without saying at this point. Recent events aside, I never particularly cared for her as an in-ring worker. Her style made a mockery out of the sport that the true female athletes were fighting for at the time, and it was a long time that she held people down politically (and worse). There would be no need for a "women's revolution" had it not been for this deplorable human being.
3128.02.2018Gravelord0.0The Fabulous Moolah was simultaneously a terrible wrestler, toxic influence on the wrestling industry, and a trash human being. Her matches were extremely basic, and her charisma was non-existent. Worse yet, due to her totalitarian control of women's wrestling in the U. S. , Moolah would regularly utilize her immense power to sabotage the careers of those she thought would pose a threat to her spot as top women's wrestler in the country. A spot, I may add, she held a stranglehold on well into her 60s. During this time Moolah operated a wrestling school for aspiring young female wrestlers looking to hone their craft and follow in the footsteps of Mildred Burke, June Byers, etc.. And yet, at Moolah's school they found themselves pimped out by Moolah and, unless they wanted to be barred from wrestling in the U. S. , a substantial amount of their booking fees stolen by Moolah. Furthermore, to ensure none of her trainees would eclipse her, Moolah would often train them to wrestle an extremely basic style. It should come as no surprise then that women's wrestling in America regressed so greatly in a post-Moolah industry, having once been considered a legitimate main event attraction during the years of Mildred Burke's dominance. A 0 is the only rating fitting for an individual as horrific as Moolah, and I can only imagine those who have given her 8s, 9s, and 10s in the past have done so in blissful ignorance, indoctrinated by WWE revisionist history which continues to venerate Moolah as the patron saint of women's wrestling, despite the company fully well knowing of her deplored acts in the past.
3225.02.2018Alessio0.0She may be one the worst human being to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. WWE's revisionist history makes it seem as she is a legend and seeing her rating here it's working. She ruined women wrestling twice, first time for 25-30 years and second time for around 10 years. The first one was when she won the women's title after Mildred Burke retired (who, by the way, is a true legend, drawing big crowds in main events) and buys the title. She then did everything she could to make sure she would stay on top of the industry, no matter how low the industry would fall. There are some awful stories about what she did during this period of time, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go check these. Ruining promising careers, because they would take her spot, with bullying, prostitution and paying talents a pittance while she was still making good money. She ruined it a second time when she finally lost the title to Wendi Richter, who I believe could have been as over as the biggest male wrestlers in the company, it was only to screw Wendi and end her career. The title became completely irrelevant again, only having a few moments were it would slightly matter. She was a monster, and if you think it is unfair to rate her on what she did outside the ring, it represents a big part of what made women wrestling being considered as a joke for so long. Plus she was nothing special as a wrestler and had a bad look. I would rate her 4 not considering her booking and training activities.
3314.01.2017HammertonWay2.0Fabulous Moolah will always be remembered for her input in female wrestling, both the good and the bad. No matter how much talent she had, the reveal of her mistreatment and exploitation over other female wrestlers has forever tainted her legacy.
3412.12.2016Glover0.0Few wrestlers are not just bad in the ring, not just bad people, but actually were personally responsible for harming the industry as a whole. Moolah is all of those things and worse. Moolah stole and pimped out many female wrestlers, politicked herself into strong positions in the industry, and actively sabotaged other wrestlers and was a major direct reason why women's wrestling in the west was practically dead and considered beneath men's wrestling for DECADES. There's not one thing to like about Moolah, and WWE still putting her over as a legend to this day, even after her death, is disgusting.
3513.10.2016Titansrevenger3.0Moolah was horrible in the ring and she literally stunk up the place. I was never impressed by her ring ability or lack thereof. She was also a horrible person outside the ring and ruined a lot of careers of more talented women like Wendi Richter for example. The only thing i'll give her is she was a good brawler but that's how limited she was. She should not have had the title as long as she did. A real disgrace to women's wrestling.
3620.09.2016ShooterMcShoot0.0I think it's important to be honest here. I mean, she was one of the most influential women in the history of wrestling, but beyond that longevity, what was she? Well, to be entirely honest, she couldn't work. She couldn't and wouldn't bump. She held down much more talented performers over several years, and for what? Why should just her longevity earn her a high score when she really did nothing to earn it? After awhile, she would only work with women whom she'd trained and were loyal to her. I'm sorry, but she did far more damage to women's wrestling than anything to help it succeed.
3719.09.2016Luv all wrestling0.0She has a terrible look, terrible matches, no moments that are worth remembering, and held down plenty of wrestlers to politic her way to a long title reign, killing us women's wrestling, while japan just established there amazing AJW promotion, and mexico probably had something better then this. The thing that really makes her a zero though are the allegations of pimping and drugging unsuspecting woman's wrestlers and taking most of their purse for their fights. Anyone who gives hr a high rating clearly only know her for being the longest reigning champ of all time.
4027.04.2016hybris0.0Of fabulous, nothing. She was a poor wrestler for I can see. Please, the Bruno Sammartino or Ric Flair of womens? She almost kill the womens wrestling in USA. Bad bad bad, you have to be joking to put a 50+ years old woman for champion or win every single match that she books herself and waits to make it credible. No, Thanks.
4218.12.2015Squared Circle10.0The Ric Flair of Ladies Wrestling. She single handedly kept a division alive that no one really cared about.
4420.07.2014Follow the Buzzards8.0
4530.01.2014Basket Case10.0Die längste amtierende Championess aller Zeiten war die Wegbereiter für die zukünftigen Diven. Im Zusammenspiel mit Mae Young zu späteren Zeit auch richtig unterhaltsam.
4621.07.2013Boris The Menace8.0
4827.02.2010Manu Adams8.0Ich bin zwar kein großer Fan des Damen Wrestlings, aber hat gegen Wendi Richter Anfang bis Mitte der 80iger klasse Matches auf die Beine gestellt. Alleine ihre 20 Jahre Titelregentschaft spricht für sich. Fand sie aber zuletzt in der WWE an der Seite neben Mae Young doch etwas nervig.
4917.08.2009The-Game917.0Dank ihr dürfen wir uns am heutigen Womens Wrestling erfreuen. Hatte in ihrer späteren Zeit keine TV- auftritte nötig doch zerstörte sich so ihr Auftreten.
5002.08.2009The Rated R Superstar EDGE10.0
5109.06.2009Fountain of Misinformation8.0
5619.10.2008Perry Cox9.0Ohne Sie würde es quasi kein "Womenswrestling" geben!
5922.06.2008ecw forever10.0Vor dieser Frau habe ich zich male mehr Respekt als vor diesen Nackten Frauen von heute. Sie hat es drauf und sie musste sich nicht ausziehen um ihr Talent zu zeigen, volle 10! Sie hat damals was bewegt.
6111.06.2008Unrated Superstar4.0An sich natürlich eine Legende und Vorreiterin des heutigen Frauen-Wrestlings. Hätte sich in den letzten Jahren jedoch vom Ring fern halten sollen, da ihre peinliche Auftritte mit Mae Young immer unterste Niveau-Schublade waren. Und sehen wollte ich so was ehrlich gesagt nie! Aber als Randy Orton ihr den RKO verpasst hat, das war nice... der hat gesessen! War zumindest eine kleine Quittung für diese ganzen unnötigen Auftritte!
6422.03.2008wrestler of the world8.0
6717.01.2008Sandman1610.0Die Persönlichkeit der Frauen im Wrestling schlechthin. Was sie geleistet hat über all die Jahre, ist einfach sensationell. Sicherlich hätten die sporadischen Auftritte mit Mae Young nicht sein müssen, aber das ändert an ihrem Legendenstatus nichts.
6904.01.2008Brahma Bull8.0
7124.12.2007Mr Wrestlemania10.0
7220.12.2007the Viper8.0
7312.12.2007Asgaroth 3366998.0
7410.12.2007Baszdmeg8.0Gegen Ende ihrer Karriere waren es wirklich zu viele und teilweise recht fragwürdige Auftritte, aber sie ist eine Legende und hat wohl für das Frauenwrestling so viel getan, wie nur sonst wenige.
7623.11.2007Hypocrisy10.0Sie war die Wegbereiterin des Women's Wrestling. Die letzten Jahre zusammen mit Mae Young waren sicherlich nicht jedermanns Geschmack; trotzdem konnte sie noch in hohem Alter unterhalten.
7905.11.2007Masterpiece10.0Eines der gößten Wrestlerinnen im Sport Entertainment überhaupt .... Rest In Peace!
8003.11.2007Metal Overlord8.0
8203.11.2007Damnmaster10.0Habe gerade gehört, das sie gestorben ist. R. I. P.
8501.10.2007Carlito Cena8.0Der weibliche Hulk Hogan. Früher sicher eine große Nummer, allerdings schaden die letzten peinlichen Auftritte dem Image der verwelkenden Legende. Aber dennoch: Hochachtung für die 20 Jahre als Titelträgerin.
9010.07.2007Ywain4.0Wrestlerisch natürlich eine Legende, aber inzwischen nur noch peinlich.
9128.06.2007Tobby10.0Sie WAR das Damen-wrestling schlechthin, und ihr Rekord wird wohl nie wieder gebrochen!
9224.06.2007LexLuger4ever8.0Die Wegbereiterin für alle Diven, die nach ihr kamen. Was wäre die Womens Division ohne sie? Zudem doppelt so lange Championesse mit einer Regentschaft wie alle anderen zusammen! Das ist verdammt beeindruckend!
9324.06.2007The Yeti10.0Mehr als 10. 000 Tage Championesse, beeindruckend. Wahrscheinlcih ein All-Time Rekord, nicht nur als Frau.
9624.06.2007jupp3658.0War die Frau eigentlich schon immer alt? Naja sie ist jedenfalls eine Ikone und zu ihrer Zeit gings nich nur um Möpse! Die zwei gibts allein schon für die Dauer ihrer Regentschaft!
9924.06.2007Rob the bob10.0
10024.06.2007Dynamite Kid8.0
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