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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.58
ElPolloLoco wrote on 08.08.2020:
[7.0] "What I have always loved about Arisa Hoshiki are the little things, the little sketches in the ring or the way she delivered her post-match promos, and her amazing sense of humor: she was always so funny in a good way. I honestly cannot rank her any higher because her career was so short but in that brief time she was an absolute blast to watch and listen to."
CatPower wrote on 29.06.2020:
[10.0] "She was a great wrestler, sadly, her career end to early, her matches had a great intensity, she was still one of the best despite wrestle only for 4 years, I hope she can return one day for one mor match."
arrancar wrote on 20.05.2020:
[9.0] "Well, damn. Arisa is retiring. What a massive blow to Stardom and Joshi in general. Arisa was easily the best women's wrestler in the world in 2019, and also one of the best champions in all of Japan. She was an absolute all-rounder with an incredible offence. Many other joshi stars wrestle styles that, while very good, are occasionally too sloppy or weak-looking, but Arisa genuinely had one of the most crisp offences I've ever seen. Her beautiful variety of kicks and knees were of course her speciality, and not only did she clearly have a legit striking background, given her perfect technique, but she always got fantastic impact on every single strike. I knew she was using thigh-slap sound effects on the majority of these attacks, but she did so while very cleverly masking them by drawing attention to her other movements at the same time, making her attacks come across as completely convincing. If we don't want to focus on Arisa's offence, then let's focus on her selling, because she was also fantastic there. It's always difficult to pin down exactly why we connect with certain wrestlers and feel sympathy towards them when they sell, but for whatever reason I just found it ridiculously easy to believe that Arisa was truly in immense pain or totally exhausted whenever she seold the effects of her opponents' attacks. She had the perfect facial expressions to communicate those ideas, so it was super easy to get invested in her struggle and they get hyped for her vicious comebacks. Having had a truly great 2019 only to retire half-way through 2020, Arisa will easily go down as one of the most disappointing early retirements in wrestling history. I had hoped to see her eventually become the undisputed face of Stardom, and I don't doubt that she could have achieved that if these awful injuries didn't get in her way. Her return to wrestling may have only lasted a year, but it was a damn great year."
Riggs wrote on 24.02.2020:
[7.0] "She has a good look and is decent in the ring. Not too sloppy. Fairly good at bumping and selling. She has a great smile and is more expressive than most. However, she feels like many other upper mid-card Joshi. I enjoy her matches, but her level of quality is about the same as many other. The one exception is her feud with Tam Nakano. Her white belt match with Tam was one of the best of the year in 2019. If she can find the ability to put on matches with everyone like she did Tam, she will be outstanding."
20SaiDa19 wrote on 02.11.2019:
[9.0] "Arisa has all the potential to be one of Stardom's biggest stars going forward. Despite a rough start after her return last year, Arisa improved greatly throughout the spring and by the summer was putting on some of the best women's matches of the year. Her feud with Tam Nakano is also one of my personal favourites this year as it showed her range as a performer, with her being able to play either a serious or a goofy character very well."
TheGrandInquisiteur wrote on 11.08.2019:
[7.0] "Ms. Hoshiki has been at this a while and that experience shows in the ring. Cute, tough, resilient and ring ruthless. What isn't there to like? Well generally speaking when her are opponents are of similar size, nothing. But the problem (which isn't exclusive to her) comes in when she faces larger adversaries. She simply is too light to sell the show. Like it or not, in any fight size does matter. Not that smaller fighters don't beat bigger ones from time to time. But in the real world real fights have a weight in for a reason. We all know this and when the optics don't fit the show (or fight) there is going to be some skepticism about the performance. Not her fault, it's simply the acceptance of reality."
PunchInTheNuts wrote on 02.08.2019:
[8.0] "When she came back she was very rusty but she improved a lot since then and became a reliable talent and does a great job in every big match so far. She is a great athlete, her strikes look good, her selling (especially selling of the strikes) is very good and she can pull out some unique moves but above all she can put a lot of intensity and emotion in her matches. She makes a great champion and like almost every Stardom wrestlers she is still very young, so she has room to improve."
KyleEnjoysWrestling wrote on 26.07.2019:
[9.0] "Male or female, Arisa is one of the best kicker in the game today. I like Dakota Kai, but she has nothing on Arisa. Since she returned she has really stepped up all around in the ring & I think she can grow to be a leader in Stardom for years to come. As a pretty new fan to Stardom, her matches are always a highlight to see."
BigManJimbo wrote on 21.06.2019:
[9.0] "The queen is back babeyyyyyyy! Retired way way to early and finally returnedto Stardom last year , shes been on a tear since and her match with Konami from the Cinderella final is amazing. The future looks bright for her at only 23."
AlexLikesJoshi wrote on 20.06.2019:
[10.0] "Hoshiki has delivered big time in every big match so far. Her strikes are some of the cleanest in all of joshi and her kicks look awesome. She makes every match feel like a war and has not rested on her laurels. She could have easily been great with just her kicks but since her comeback she's added a sick running knee to her arsenal as well as a few other signature moves."
Aurtletheturtle wrote on 07.02.2019:
[9.0] "Arisa is super awesome. Finally back from a ridiculously early retirement, Hoshiki has everything needed to become the next big STARDOM main eventer, incredibly unique offense, good personality and able to get everything she does over. You might best know her from those gifs on twitter of poor innocent Joshi's getting their skulls caved in by Arisa's brazilian kicks. Hoshiki is so cool."
Nikkideamus Osyren wrote on 24.10.2014:
[9.0] "I have no idea why she hasn't blown up yet. She's got a huge moveset, and is very athletic. She has a very fun attitude, and a great style, that isn't the norm for Japanese women. She's pretty unpredictable in the ring, and is a lot of fun to watch. I think her matches always have a great chemistry; you know she's a good storyteller when I feel her emotions even though I can't speak her language. If you want a nice introduction into the Joshi world, I'd start by watching her."
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