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325.09.2021No One10.0
630.06.2021CFOS10.0I can't put under a 10 for a wrestler like her, She is perfect, she is probably the best Joshi wrestler of the modern era, His Red Belt reign was absolutely fantastic and when she is in the ring, she can't misses, After seeing the work she did before she retire, One day we need a return. A Living Legend
805.06.2021XIIV10.0Coming off seeing her at the Hana tribute show, I can't help but hope that she considers another run, but if she doesn't she still has had an incredible career and is of the best performers of her generation.
1024.05.2021Kung10.0I can't believe it's taken this long for me to rate Kagetsu. Depending on the day, she's either my favorite Stardom wrestler of all time or second to Mayu. Not only was she a superb wrestler, but she was also as charismatic as anyone I've ever watched in this sport. Stardom, and Joshi in general, hasn't been the same since she retired.
1518.04.2021axebombertsuruta10.0Flawless Final Boss of Joshi. Queen of Oedo Tai. Love how she works over opponents with excellent execution.
1607.04.2021Evito-X9.0There have been a few better workers than Kagetsu in her era, but none had the same aura, coolness and charisma. One of the modern greats.
1810.03.2021Suzukigun10.0The queen of Oedo Tai forever. She had a badass look, great charisma, was amazing in the ring and on promos too. She also didn't mind doing unorthodox things that 99% of others wouldn't do. It sucks that she's retired, but she's a legend, period, at least in my book.
2210.12.2020medouse10.0One of the most talented, charismatic and spectacular joshi wrestlers of her generation. For me, she was the best captain of Oedo-tai. Her looks, personality and great acrobatic skills is what makes her a full package. She always cut great promos, she had a kickass theme, cool entrance and she finished her opponents with 450 Splash. Personally, she is my favourite joshi wrestler of all time.
2708.08.2020ElPolloLoco8.0Fantastic wrestler with a few unneeded quirks (see her willingness for brawling in the crowd and doing hardcore stunts) who really helped close the gap after Stardom got mercilessly raided for talent, one can really say that put in a sink or swim situation Kagetsu became an Olympian in a matter of months. Probably my favorite Red Belt champion after io Shirai because her reign was absolutely fantastic. I don't know and don't want to know why she chose to retire but I'd be glad if the door to a return she left ajar would open one day soon.
3615.03.2020Crippler Crossface10.0
3824.02.2020Riggs10.0Kagetsu retires today with a match against Meiko Satomura (sp). She has amazing charisma and is an outstanding wrestler in the ring. She often worked hard to put others over and diminish herself. Joshi will miss an outstanding wrestler with her retirement. I wish her well in whatever she does from here on.
3916.02.2020Cheker9.0Kagetsu is legitimately one of the better women in Stardom. I hope to see her pop up elsewhere now that she's done with Stardom, but I fear that may not happen. EDIT: Bumped my previous rating from 8 to 9 as I felt 8 was a little conservative.
4131.01.2020cuervonegro8310.0Kagetsu, if there is a thing I love about her is the honor way she follows, and yeah she is going to do anything to win, like spit you in the face, but at the end she is going to shake your hand if you have done a good match and normally also at the beginning she is going to offer the shake, I always like that cause this kind of things give her an unique personality, in the end Kagetsu is a fighter with Honor. Of course she is probably one of the best mic in Japan and I also like her entrance music. But let's speak about her in ring abilty, Kagetsu is a pretty complete wrestler she can read her opponent style and do the best to show the best of each other, as example this month she face Konami, a great ground style wrestler, and after an explosive beginning they stay for 2 or 3 minutes doing this grapple style, not so popular but also important to understand the style of Konami and also of Kagetsu. Kagetsu is also a striker, a good grappler and also have some highflying moves, like her Oedo Coaster (450 splash) and the way she does the missile dropkick after jumping to the ropes. If she is not a 10 is just a feeling, I feel she is not a 10 yet. EDIT: I did this rating on august expecting to see Kagetsu for some more years, but before she retires I want to give her a 10 'cause she has done a lot for STARDOM being a great leader of Oedo Tai and showing great chemistry with any opponent, so Thank You Kagetsu.
4225.01.2020Edward Kozinski10.0
4626.12.2019arrancar7.0So, with Kagetsu announcing her retirement alongside Hazuki, I guess it's time to give her a rating as well. Kagetsu was very, very good from my close following of her work in 2019. She had a fantastic look, incredibly clean movement, near-flawless technique in terms of move execution and selling, and tonnes of charisma. In a company heavily focussed upon 'idol wrestlers', Kagetsu easily stood out. She was definitely the 'coolest' member of Stardom, and she totally deserved her run at the top of the company. She was one of the few Stardom wrestlers whose matches I would always go out of my way to watch, since she was so talented and experienced that she could always make any relatively insignificant match interesting. I guess I'm lucky to at least have a backlog of Kagetsu matches to check out, but I obviously would have preferred if Kagetsu continued to wrestle and continued to increase her skills.
4718.10.2019Black Mass With Love10.0
5401.08.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling8.0Kagetsu is a great asset for Stardom. She is solid in the ring & works well against other fan favorites such as Tam or Momo. She had a great long run with the red belt & I only wish Bea wasn't the one to take it from her.
5705.07.2019PunchInTheNuts8.0Very charismatic leader of Oedo Tai, she is certainly at ease on the mic. She can have strikes or submissions based matches without struggling, , she masters a lot of wrestling styles. The only thing that can really take her matches down is the brawling outside of the ring where I find her offense not always convincing. Interferences of her stablemates are not always interesting as well. Besides that she is a totally reliable wrestler.
8102.04.2018Malay Boy9.0
8215.03.2018Joy Black8.0
8713.11.2017AJ Seven10.0
8829.10.2017Penta Strong Zero M10.0Strike, high flying, technical, she's great in a microphone, good acting and selling, very charismatic. A superb wrestler very complete who deserve i think a single belt in the future. They are no many womens in the world of professionnal wrestling who have all the qualities as Kagestsu.
8915.10.2017DemonIngobernable9.0Great in-ring skills, great charisma and she's in a great stable. Kagetsu is making a name for herself. Along his stablemates Hana Kimura and Tam Nakano, she'll be sooner than later a top star in Stardom.
9024.09.2017Faelthas8.0Kagetsu is easily one of the very best things going in wrestling right now IMO. Since her return with her new look she has been on absolute fire. Her 450 is gorgeous.
9205.05.2017Hokuto in Winter8.0
9505.07.2016CJ Dusk8.0I liked Kagetsu from the first time I saw her back in 2014. Very solid wrestler and doing very well in tag teams. Shes come a long way and is moving up fast in the Joshi world. Satomura did a great job training her. Really like her new look and attitude. Maybe one day this little power house will get her hands on the JWP Openweight Championship?
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