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Jessie Belle


Also known as Jessie Belle Smothers, Jessie Belle McCoy, Jessie Jones

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214.08.2018bdj19773.0Unoriginal, obnoxious and decades behind the times. As mentioned previously, Jessie plays (or actually is? ) trailer trash, disgusting confederate battle flag and all. Her ringwork is OK, but that's about as positive a review as I can give.
326.01.2018BITW444.0Super hot but a legit piece of trailer trash. Obnoxious voice and extremely average in the ring. A great jobber takes losses well and doesnt mind getting humiliated.
621.08.2016rustybridge6.0Decent wrestling skills and can be entertaining but not sure if her character is more southern belle or white trailer trash. Fortunately for her wrestling fans are generally more tolerant of the confederate battle flag symbol than most folks. It's a look that's been done many times before and several have done it better but her charisma is still better than a lot of female wrestlers. Has 11 reigns as OVW women's champ but about half have lasted from less than a day to a week long. Not sure what the deal is with this title changing hands so much the last couple of months but at least she has some gold to list on her wrestling resume. She's more of an old fashion brawler or throwback so definitely not WWE material but might fit in as a TNA KO if given the opportunity.
822.07.2016browndog9127.0solid women wrestler deserves credit for carrying the OVW women's division and becoming a record 8 time women's champion
1018.12.2015La Trina1.0A very mediocre wrestler, unimpressive promo worker and a flat character that's been done better a million times before. Jessie Belle's gimmick is overly outdated, her ring grappling is simply sub par and her look is pretty weak. One of the less talented independent women's wrestlers. Maybe I'm just not a fan.
1207.09.2015the greyspace8.0
1328.06.2015Crippler Crossface6.0
1404.03.2015Phenomenal918.0The complete package of women's wrestling. An old fashioned brawler, gorgeous, and also quite charismatic (a quality lacking in a lot of female wrestlers. ) She'd never make it as a Diva, but she's a fine throwback to women wrestlers of yesteryear. I hope she finds big time success soon.
1508.10.2014TheGrandInquisiteur6.0Guess Jessie's stick is she supposed to be a southern belle, based on her ring attire and the sometimes goofy look on her face. Also, she is from Kentucky. She has some size and not too bad at working the ring. She has some power but not enough to dominate girls her size. For the most part her matches can be entertaining but in terms of skill, they're only satisfactory.
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